Flash Fiction(3)


Five minutes

Five minutes is all it took

Five minutes. That was all it had taken. Five minutes, to ruin his life, to rob him of his love, to turn his sweet dreams into acid rain. He had promised his girlfriend, that beautiful, sexy and lustfull woman, to bring home the big one from the poker-game one day. He had promised to buy her that wedding ring she always drooled over at Eddy's pawnshop, the one with the big pink diamond....Read On


Five minutes (2nd try)

Note: I reread my story Five Minutes and thought that it should have been different, so I decided to submit an adapted version. I'd love to hear, which one you prefer. Thanks. ---oo--- "911, where's the emergency?" "Uhm..., I want to report a fatal shooting" Smiling happily, he drove his car on to the bridge on his way to his fiancee. He had promised her, that beautifully sexy...Read On


Slow Motion

Slow motion. I can see that 9mm of lead traveling towards my face in slow motion. I know, that I should duck, or step aside, to let it travel past me, but I can't. As if I'm frozen. As if my body is caught in the same slow motion as that bullet coming my way. Only my brain seems to work at normal speed, the rest is slowed down, like the footage from a high speed camera.   Am I supposed to see...Read On



Superior Producer

hidden beauty

Some two decades ago I visited the bridge of the Superior Producer, a 164 ft freighter that sailed under the flag of Panama. "Nothing special", most of you would say, "We've been aboard ships too". I guess you're right, except for the fact, that the Superior Producer capsized and sank in 1977. It lies some 100 ft under water, just of the coast of the Carribean island of Curacao. The only way...Read On



It's immense, overwhelmingly immense. I'm in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere halfway between La Gomera and Tenerife, floating, with diving mask, snorkel and fins. Although I'm not alone in the water and there's a zodiac somewhere nearby, I feel small, insignificant, alone. The coast is far away, on both sides, the calm ocean all around and when I look down into the water there's nothing, only...Read On

Micro Fiction(1)

Christmas dinner

He wanted it with her....

He woke up ecstatic, he felt so wonderful! He wasn't going to have that same old boring Christmas dinner with his parents. No, he was going to buy HER, that beauty he brought home, a fancy dinner. Remembering last night, he turned around, seeking her eyes, next to him, on the pillow. An empty pillow! What the..! Caught by a sudden chill, he looked in the bathroom, in his tiny kitchen....Read On




Thanks to a couple of cops who recognized a soul in need this story didn't come to that final point

It hurts, every step I take hurts. Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I just fall asleep between steps, sometimes I see things -- my little boy telling me: "Papa, almost there." or my eldest son looking at me, pale-faced, worried, silent. When I look again they're gone, as if they were never there, I must be hallucinating. But they're so real. Almost 16 hours since that fight, since the...Read On


Thinking about Christmas

Thoughts I already posted on the forum, but still wanted to share

When I was growing up, Christmas used to be a magical time to me. I was raised a catholic and we went to church every Sunday. Christmas then however, was more than just religious. It was a true family celebration, and on Christmas day, our family of five, my parents, brother, sister and me, always expanded. My aunt who wasn't married would be there, and usually some colleague of my father,...Read On



The watch

Quickly but cautiously Jason made his way through the back-alley. He didn't want to be seen, so he slipped from shadow to shadow, until he reached his goal, a sturdy wooden garden door in a well maintained whitewashed fence. Carefully he tried the handle. Damn, it was locked! He swallowed. He had to get in there, he simply had to. Tonight was his one and only chance. They were out,...Read On



A lonely man's Valentine's Day

His wife left.....

I guess it will be A waste of good money To buy you those roses They will wither away You'll never come back to me So I'll just leave them And I'll buy me a bottle So the ghosts will not stay And maybe I'll sleep Once that I've seen the bottom And just maybe those dreams Will not haunt me tonight If they do I'll just buy me Another cheap whiskey Just to help me forget For I'm loosing this fight...Read On


About a flower

A dear friend challenged me to write about a specific flower. Here goes...

Witch's thimbles, Dead man's bells Sound like words from ancient spells Bloody fingers, Lady's glove Witches tend to like the stuff Fairy fingers, Fairy caps Things from fairytales perhaps Everywhere an other name Yet they all speak of the same Fairies love them, 's often said And like to use them as a hat Ointments, once by witches made Could make you hallucinate It...Read On


As The Day Ends

The treetops flame in golden light While the red sun sinks away Behind the houses and the trees So ends my lonely day So starts another lonely night Of longing and despair Of wishing there was someone near Who has some warmth to share Someone who holds me in her arms As I hold her in mine If only for the briefest time A second would be fine But as I watch the...Read On



Blanc  the paper Blanc  the mind Somehow I just Cannot find Words  to tell you What I feel Words to say   My choice is real Words  about my Endless love Words to say I'm dreaming of The times that I Was holding you When I knew  Words That did come through But now the  Words Evaporate As if they're trying To evade I...Read On



Familiar to many here

He's struggling hard to get outside He really does not want to hide But something keeps him out of sight Behind a concrete wall He's always trying to express And looks for words without success Each time he tries it's just a mess That makes no sense at all He looks for holes he can go through He's desperate to speak to you Yet caught inside without a clue He wants to run amok I wish that...Read On


Brewing trouble

I thought of witches and this bubbled up. Doubted about submitting, but here goes!

Steam and simmer, boil and bubble Fill my cauldron up with trouble Brew me some to make them fart Or maybe to stop their heart Tail of lizard, spiderbrain Seven drops of winter rain A drink to let them fall in love or to fall from high above Black cat's whiskers, wings of bats Add the hair of two black rats Cause their minds to overload Or become a slimy toad Scale of dragon, leeches gut...Read On



A few short ones, just to bug you

Bug one A tiny ant bit in my arse as I sat on the ground And asked me: "Will you lift that thing, for if I must go 'round" "I'll need a lunchbox, big enough, to last a day, or two" "And I just want to be home soon, so move, and let me through" --------------- Bug two A wasp once landed on my nose  and asked me: "Would it sting, If would simply settle here  and watched you...Read On


clicketyclick clicketyclack

inspired by a picture

clicketyclick clicketyclack iron wheels on an iron track rolling through the darkest night rolling her away from fright far away from the abuse the violence the words he'd use from broken vases broken bones from threats that sound in undertones she carries only what she wears and a few dollars but she cares no longer for such petty stake she only hears the wheels that take her far nowhere away...Read On


Cold Turkey

down, discovered an addiction down, a serious infliction down, there's something I can't get down, my palms begin to sweat down, my hands begin to shake down, my mind begins to flake down, don't know if I'll survive down, without it in my life down, it's hidden, far away down, and they have blocked my way down, that word will seal my fate down, I'm starting to feel hate down, so come on,...Read On



Impossible to ignore

My papa died My mama died Were carried off By men in white Scary men with masks I don't feel well But I must dwell In dust and dirt A lonely hell They see, but no-one asks They will not aid They are afraid That I'm the one To seal their fate With sickness they all fear I think they care But they don't dare To pick me up And bring me there Where medicine is near I hear them say Just let...Read On

Recommended Read

Eight hearts

Eight children she brought into this world and she's as beautiful as ever

Eight hearts began their journey Eight hearts started to beat Eight hearts that you have carried Eight hearts made us complete Eight hearts that we keep sheltered Eight hearts to shield from strife Eight hearts that we're preparing Eight hearts to take on life Eight hearts we show what love is Eight hearts we 'll always see Eight hearts that we...Read On



I hope...

The future ahead, damned be the past Yesterday sucked, make tomorrow a blast Make that day brighter than all days before Take back my heart, give our love an...Read On



You make me strong You make me weak You make me sure You let me seek You hold me tight You let me go You make me cold You let me glow You make me sing You rob my voice You are my silence You're my noise You are my soil You are my bling You are my world My ...Read On



Where the salmon run And the grizzlys hunt In the rivers, crystal clear Where the grey wolves run Under midnight sun And the winter's always near Where the woods are deep Ancient spirits sleep Caribou and elk still roam Since you're here for me That's the land I see Every time I think of home...Read On



You've filled my heart With hope again You told me that Perhaps we can Give us Another Try You've told me that You love me still I've told you that I always will My love Will never Die Our passion flared Again one night We almost did What felt so right But also Seemed so Wrong I know that if We try we can Rekindle what We had again Our bond still has not gone You say you need...Read On


How can I explain?

How can I explain to my kids Why their mommy is not here To celebrate my birthday Or Christmas, or New Year How can I tell my children Of the phase our lives are in That what we shared was dying That the bond was wearing thin How do you say you love them Just as mommy always will But that one of us is leaving How to serve that bitter pill I don't know how to convey this And still...Read On


If I could be a ghost

If I could be a ghost Without being dead Just could exit my body Leave it waiting in bed If I could be a ghost Where would I go Who whould I visit And.. would she know? If I could be a ghost I would find the place No matter how far And kiss her sweet face If I could be a ghost I think I'd be sad Even though I just kissed her Would she know that I had? If I could be a ghost I would wish...Read On



It is twisting, winding, grinding, utter chaos rules my brain All those thoughts run through eachother, they are driving me insane Will she, won't she, love me, hate me, keep me, leave me, run or stay Hoping, fearing, quiet, rearing, close, so close, but far away How I hate this cyberjungle, where you think you have, but don't Where true love, when it's your ruler, is so easily...Read On



Without it you can't see No living thing can be No plant would ever grow No river'd ever flow This planet would be bare Just stillness everywhere A dark and empty place With nothing to embrace No sorrow and no strife No warmth, no love, no life Without a shining sun It would not have begun Not one thing would be right If we did not have that...Read On


Little Bird

There's a tiny little bird singing loudly in my chest Singing songs about our friendship in the way that he knows best And he lifts his little head up just to open up his throat Spreading happiness throughout me with each loud and lovely...Read On



Pick up your guitar and pick up your pick Play me a melody, make it real slick I'll try to find words to make it a song To tell our girls that our love is so strong That it could make us fly without even one wing Yes, that is the song that I would like to sing...Read On



As the morning slowly brightens I sit and contemplate the silence And the darkness that surrounds me As a blanket, snug and tight Knowing I must let the day come Though reluctant, so I hold on For as long as I am able To the remnants of the...Read On


Mother and wife

A small tribute to those that were left behind

That her God always hears That is what she believes And that helps her and comforts her Because she grieves For the loss of her loved ones Both her husband and son Who had died in september of 2001 They were firemen  Rescuing folks from the towers And when they collapsed She had waited for hours She had prayed every minute But too soon it was clear That fate had...Read On


My Demon

one more demon from my past

There's a demon waiting in the dark To drag me down the pit Of desperation and despair He's there, I'm sure of it. He sits there, hiding out of sight But I can feel he's near. He waits for me to drop my guard, To feed upon my fear. To feast upon that shred of hope, That she will stay with me To eat away my will to live And then extinguish me. I'll fight you off, you ugly beast, I...Read On


My lump of clay

My lump of clay Told me: "I'm cat" I said okay I'll make you that Your head too large Your back too flat Your legs too small  Your tail too fat Still you're the best lump that I had You're beautiful 'cause you're my cat...Read On


My Poetry

It has to have rythm, it has to have rhyme It must be in sync like a clock ticking time It mostly is short, but at times it is long At times it's called powerful, sometimes... not so strong It is loneliness, fear, it is utter despair There are days, that it shows, I just no longer care It is hate and compassion and the things I dream of It is friendship and faith and the...Read On


My rose

for my love

Roses are red like the blood in my veins it is also the color of the feeling that reigns over all other feelings that I always feel and I know in my heart that it still is as real as the day I first kissed you held you close in my arms you will always be my flame and my being still warms when I sense you around me when I feel that you're close I will love you forever you're...Read On


Not what, but WHO

I hate labeling people

I don't care if you're black I don't care if you're white But I care if it scares you to turn off the light I don't care if you're straight I don't care if you're gay But I care if your heart is in pain every day I don't care about labels or the box that you're in It's the WHO I'm concerned with, that is where I...Read On



from my darker past

I wish I had a button, to stop my aching brain, Not shut down altogether, but halt to ease the pain. If I could just stop thinking, for just one single night, I might re-find the power, to climb back to the light. I wish I had a button, to silence all around, to make it all just vanish, to shut out every sound. If could just stop thinking, if only for a day, I might re-find the...Read On



Raising children means letting go bit by bit, but that's not always easy

Fifteen years now, time went fast Childhood almost in the past Almost woman, beauty too Imagine boys are chasing you Time is nearing, without doubt That you're wanting to go out A scary thought, my little girl Your beauty shining like a pearl Out there where I cannot protect I'll have to trust you, that's a fact It's hard to deal with, but I know I'll have to practice letting go We've tried...Read On



I have no inspiration just don't know what to write there isn't any poem that wants to come out right Yet I can not endure that I have to hold a pen and when it touches paper it starts to flow again just random thoughts and pictures and words, all roaming free I'm reaching out to grab them but they keep escaping me still, I have to go on writing of the sea or of the shore or shall I write...Read On



Another took her place

At his side, where she belongs That other woman lies And in her nightmares and her dreams That other woman dies More than a hundred different ways With bullets, poison, knives But in her nightmares and her dreams She has a thousand lives Yet when they meet she bows her head Afraid to show the hate That feeds her nightmares and her dreams And leads her to her fate Back...Read On



Hello my friend, you're getting old Your hair is turning grey You still don't show that in your stride In how you face the day You came to us, just skin and bones A shaking bag of fear You cowered down and hid away If anyone came near Your body marked with cigaret burns So faster you would start And win the race to make them rich But you never won their heart And when you slowed, could...Read On


Roses for him, roses for her

If you love him: Roses are red and daisies are white grab hold of your loved one and hold him real tight for time passes quicky so try not to miss any chance that you get for a hug or a kiss If you love her: Roses are red oh yes, roses are red let her know that you love her every chance that you get for your life rushes by father time does not care so savour those wonderful moments...Read On



I need you

Sleep where are you I need you now You elusive jerk Every time I close my eyes My brain starts work Neurons buzzing In my head Processing thought Unrelenting No intermission Never without I have to find you To silence my braincells Before I'm all messed Sleep where are you I need you now Grant me some rest...Read On



The slate grey clouds are running 'cross the sky While hail and rain bombard the ground below And lightning bolts illuminate the show As howling winds attempt to make me fly The cattle taking refuge where they can Wild creatures hide in shelter, yet they know That naught is safe from angry gusts that blow More forceful than the force controled by man Its unleashed fury forcing me to...Read On



All the years that you saw pass with clear brown eyes of shiny glass Sitting calmly on the bed Always smiling, never sad Never angry, never scared Kept the secrets that she shared Watched her dream and watched her sleep Heard her laughter, saw her weep All her loves and broken hearts Saw her rise and fall to shards Watched her find herself again Saw her lie down with her man You saw all...Read On


The mouse and the elephant

A small mouse and an elephant Went out to jog one day They ran along the countrylane And chatted all the way The pair then came upon an bridge That crossed a little brook And as they ran straight over it It rattled and it shook It bent and almost cracked And it made such an awfull noise That in the church six miles away The rev'rent raised his voice When mouse spoke to the elephant He...Read On


The parrot with no legs

Sometimes it's too hard to hang on

One day a married businessman Thought of everything he had There was only one thing missing and that was a lovely pet So he strolled down to the petshop Where a parrot caught his eye Without legs it still sat firmly And that made him wonder why When he asked the bird what held him Without legs upon that stick The smart parrot said: "My thingy wraps around and that's the trick" "And I'm...Read On


Three mice

There is always a braver mouse

Three mice were drinking cocktails And they began to boast About who was the bravest Which one of them dared most The first mouse said: "I'm bravest For if I see a trap I'll eat the cheese right from it without making it snap" The other two applauded And said that that was brave That eating from a mousetrap Was certainly not safe The second said: "I'm bolder When people eat their bread...Read On


to my ex-to-be

There's no need to fight, or apologize about what slowly died. There's no steering wheel on the way you feel- just a heart to tell what's right. When your heart must cheer, when you sense him near, there must be no guilt. In our given life, there should be no strife, just let your heart be filled. You will always be part of what made me into what I am today. ...Read On



our tomorrow

Children's voices sound out loud I hear their merry laughter 't sounds like they're running after Eachother while they shout They're playing hide and seek I see them hunt eachother Without having to bother About what comes next week They'll soon be called inside To wash and to be fed And then they're off to bed Where they'll be safe at night Let's keep them safe from sorrow For they...Read On



Inspired by someone I know

All her classmates say That she must be gay That she's strange and unadapted With her short black hair And the clothes she'll wear That she'll never be accepted That she had denied Every boy that tried That she would not let them near And that sealed her fate She just can't be straight Maybe even one to fear But her lifetime long They all have been wrong Though they fail to comprehend...Read On



The things I love

Sometimes it only takes a few words to tell it all. You! The song of a bird, a poem I heard, a flower, the ocean, a wood. Just a couple of things, of which my heart sings, and one of those, sweetheart, is you!...Read On


Yours to take

I choose for you, you're still the one The true love of my life I want, I wish with all my heart That we can end this strife I will regret that fateful night As long as I shall live And hope, with everything in me You're able to forgive That you'll once more accept my heart And know my love is true That you'll believe me when I say The one I choose is you There'll never be an other one...Read On

Science Fiction(1)



He was old. Older than anything he knew, except maybe that murderous sun and this planet, it was roasting. As far as he knew, he was the only living thing left, and his time was running out. The sun used to be hot when he was young too. But that was not the same kind of hot. It was nice then, to be on the surface of the cool water, feeling the rays of the sun pooring warmth into his body....Read On