Young Adult(3)


Night Streets-Chapter 2

      “Hey Andrew,” Jeremy began. “You know, when you said you had exams to study for, I thought you meant you were going to study for them after our little outing.” Andrew rolled his eyes. Sarvanez knew that they were friends, or at least, they knew each other already. It was she and Esperanza who were new to the group. “One of the people here,” said Andrew, as he opened the door to...Read On


Shadows and Streets-Chapter 1

A wealthy girl, with an unlikely team, sets out to find her fiancé in New York.

Sarvanez shifted in her chair. The corset pinched into her waist and it was every bit as uncomfortable as it looked. How do the women here wear these every single day? She thought to herself, feeling irritated. Still, in being a good visitor, she had agreed to wear one, along with a dress of hundreds-or what felt like hundreds- of layers of petticoats underneath beautiful yellow taffeta....Read On


The County Fair -Chapter 1

After being laid off from her job, Songul decides to join the county fair.

Songul’s head spun under the glare of the different colored lights. She had only been to a county fair one other time in her life, and that was when she was a kid. Still, after being laid off from a job she had worked at for a while, it was refreshing to feel like a kid again. She zipped up her sweater and started walking down the pathway, the locks of her purple hair contrasting against...Read On