Alone, forever alone, I shall now be, sailing lonesome across a stormy sea, until angry waves flood my boat, and all that's left are the words I wrote....Read On


Amalfi Sunset

Beyond the shore, the sun descends and paints the sky in fuchsia blends with passion fruit and tangerine and clouds a-blush with peachy sheen magenta ribbons flirt with blue as day departs in royal adieu a spectral thrall, a final boast to brush the warm Amalfi Coast the spritely sea consumes the light as waters burn for coming night and sand glows rose in lovers’ heat there on the beach,...Read On


Amber and Gold

A haze of amber flecked with gold the nightly spell of Rome takes hold its citrine light gleams from our hair and our footsteps float as if on air The ancient mischief of ancient lanes dilates our eyes, infects our brains the domes and columns coalesce to wink us, nudge us, urge us, 'yes' With impish looks, our hands entwine our faces flushed with golden wine coy laughter rolls in...Read On


Another Era Ends

Sometimes you have to part ways with those you care about

We walked a path together Through the sunshine and the shade Over mountain tops and valleys Through the forest and the glade. At times the path was easy And warm rays lit our tracks Laughter flowed like music The wind pushed upon our backs. Other times were much harder Storms and blizzards slowed our way But worse, our own mistakes Including my own Near drowned us in dismay. But we marched...Read On


Dark Liquid Silk

The oar blades dip into the dappled glass-like water Beneath the sighs of weeping willows, the boat glides forward Sending gentle ripples fanning across the river, shoreward To slosh softly against the bank Across the boat, she looks back at me Her blonde hair dances with mottled golden rays And on her face, glows a smile that says, there's more than the sun's warmth between us I lean back...Read On


Down, but not out

You've torn me, ripped me, and hit me I bleed from the wounds on my skin You've floored me, kicked me, and slit me But you've not broken the spirit within My tank is depleted, not empty I rise back, glowing with sweat Fight? Oh yes, I've got plenty Your smugness will turn to regret  ...Read On



Break ups can be difficult

Your face says it all, you are going I plead like I'm sent to the noose No combination of begs I find working Tears gush through a wide-open sluice Joy pours away, I am leaking Dread fills the vacuum inside I see my love and my joy and my passion Retreat like the draw of the tides. Goodbye slips through my fingers Hope flows away like a stream I am left grey, cold and empty A skin devoid of...Read On


I am the sea

Oneness with the ocean

As I sit upon the ancient sand With the faithful sun above My eyes relax in hypnotic calm As the sea laps with eternal love Swashing waves of tenderness Push up the satin shore Gentle hands of massage Which glide down again once more Comfort's sigh infuses As the sea does glint and dance With salt-air in my nostrils I merge into a trance No reflection of past or future Intrudes my supine...Read On


I can

Oh yes I can... and so can you!

In a fog of dread, I'm cast away To drift unnoticed through the bay Of timid flame, and fight forgot I clutch the mast of “I cannot” But deep inside, the embers burn With trial and error, I slowly learn A thousand thoughts, a journey long To build a furnace oh so strong Then my spark, I'll re-ignite Out shall pour my blinding light Ablaze inside, I'll be that man Who stands up tall and...Read On


If I Had One Wish, I'd Be A Fish

If I had one wish I'd be a fish I'd swim the sea and make a splish If I had one other I'd make a brother We'd splish around With one another If a third would come I'd make a mum To make us smile When we were glum If a fourth were had I'd make a dad To keep us safe From all that's bad Then out we'd set, and swim all four Skimming above the ocean floor From coast to kelp to shell to shore...Read On


In Ocean Air

The gull sails aloft white-crested ocean as smooth as silk, in perfect motion eyes scan the surf for silver glimmers to harvest crops of scaly dinners A glint, a meal, a hunger real an upward swoop with deft and zeal one turn, a hover, then a plunge sharp golden beak in deathly lunge Quick splash, a grab, wings pumping rough spraying surf, jaw clenching tough sprat writhing in a fatal...Read On


Like a rising ball of magma

Few can see it coming But oh yes it will come Like a rising ball of magma As hot as the burning sun Through the rock it is pushing Building, rising every day Maybe you cannot see it Maybe you hope it will go away But oh yes it is coming See the fissures in the land Boiling clefts of dissent Talk of which is banned Whispers, quiet whispers Hush now, the powers come “Stop the wicked...Read On


Masterful Tony Rode A Masterful Pony

What foul deeds will old Mrs Bunyons get up to this time?

Masterful Tony rode a masterful pony Through the streets of the small village fayre It neighed and it brayed And clip-cloppity swayed Without worry, nor hurry, nor care. Then old Mrs Bunyons, grabbed her sack of onions And threw it on Tony's young back The pony cried and it tried to maintain its fair stride But collapsed down to earth with a smack. Said Masterful Tony, “You stupid old...Read On


One Night on the South Bank

A thousand jewels in soft array brush moonlit waters in sweet ballet vibrant lights from red to gold enchant the river of London old Through the night, St Paul's commands a ship of white, atop the lands casting awe from bridge to hall splashing life in silver thrall Blackfriars Bridge in calm repose Oxo Tower glows like a rose twisting lamps climb from the stands Thames Clippers sail in...Read On


Purple Darkness

Unabashed blood rainbow hues Tossed in a sea of whittled news A whiplash current, a greedy bear Eats its fill within its lair. Stomping fields of calves and thighs Prance around with filtered eyes One princess calls monks to her fold Blue eyes flash, 'Do as you're told.' Humping, whooping, the highest heels Before her, a sallow beggar kneels She bellows out false truths of starkness...Read On


The Embers of Tranquillity

As I sit upon the meadow, a dreamlike world at ease, the rushes, elms, and grasses, caressed by lazy evening breeze. The sunset glows on honeyed towers, the gentle river flows behind, if only this could last forever, if only nothing preyed upon my mind. But I know they're coming, soon a rabble through the gate, vicious thugs come to smite me, and condemn me to my fate. I spoke truth to...Read On


The Wang-wang-pede

If you go down to the beach today, you're in for a big surprise...

A wang-wang-pede rose from 'neath the sea And sclobbered towards the beach On seven and twenty tenticlaws With a retching craw-craw screech He flared his squinty nostrils Then snapped his clack-clack beak His tenticlaws grabbed man and child And he slapped his glob-glob cheeks Soldiers came with their woof-woof guns Fired shots to schlump him dead But they should have shot his flub-flub...Read On


These walls

these walls defend the seed that grows as root and stem extend their throws no angry mob, no crippling gale can cause the seedling spread to fail these walls allow the plant to think to find it's own internal sync to see the sky and see the ground and weave the two in lace profound these walls rebound the tempting call of those who'd see the progress stall as flowers bloom and scent...Read On


Translucent Excuses

We huddle silently Draped in a quilt of innocent friendship The warmth of our arms mingling As we sit side-by-side in the dark room Our faces flicker with multi-colored splashes Dolled out by my bulky old TV Showing our private 'movie-night' movie Bathing us in translucent excuses She's glowing tonight Even more so than usual Her clothes are a little tighter Her make-up more carefully...Read On


Yes Man

An unwilling 'yes man' gets his revenge

You taught me to be a 'yes man' You ground me down like salt I once was full of questions Now I ignore every fault You taught me to be a 'yes man' You hated to hear 'no' So if you walk towards a cliff I'll just smile and let you go...Read On