A Sam CroW 'Short Story From a Picture' Challenge

This was my entry in a friend's story challenge on another site long ago.

“Hey Rachelle!” Rachelle Wynberg, reporter for WBBK, NY, looked up quickly from the papers she had been lazily reading. She was at the moment bored to near tears. These last two weeks had been hell on her, having covered nothing more exciting than a domestic disturbance which, it turned out to be, a drunk old man lock out of his house. Sure he had been naked, but that was all. “What a...Read On



A Grand Day For Mr. Rabbit

A grand story of friends jammimg.

Mr. Rabbit had had a very tiring week, harvesting his bountiful garden. Now that that was done he was exhausted and in need of some quiet relaxation. And who better to spend a quiet day with, he thought, than with his good friend, Mr. Turtle. “Yes, a nice quiet day with my good friend Mr. Turtle would be just the thing I need,” Rabbit mused. “Especially as tomorrow is my birthday. I...Read On


Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker

Jack Vine PI case book

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Case Of The Missing Candlestick Maker “Jack be nimble Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candle stick.” It had been a couple months since Tiny and me cracked the caper of The Lost Little Lamb, and yes I was sort of seeing Mary on the side now. Her sister Terri, also a knock out, had fiery red hair, an hourglass...Read On


Gator Tales

A short story on friendship.

My name is Kodi, Kodi Gator. My dad tells me I’m a junior, but being's his name is Big Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s just a thing with him. Maybe someday I’ll look into that, but not today. Today, you see, is my birthday, and I finally get to go off on my own unsupervised by Mom. (Mom, you should know, is a little overprotective sometimes. Don’t tell her I said that though.) “Mom!” I...Read On


The Gingerbread House Caper

Fairy-tales, in the Jack Vine case books

From The Files  Of Jack And The Giant Private Investigators Case 17: The Gingerbread House Caper Beep! Beep! Beep! My eyes opened grudgingly to the sound of the annoying alarm clock. It was one of those windup ones manufactured in China by cheap labor earning a bowl of rice and a couple Yen a day. I promptly hurled it to the floor silencing it forever, thus doing my part to keep...Read On


The Great Muffet Caper

Jack Vine PI cases

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File The Great Muffet Caper “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. When along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.” I’m Jack, I’m a private eye and this was the lead story on the front page of this morning’s Meadow Gazette. It was being treated as a missing person...Read On



The Little Bird That Could

I thought I'd share this story as Dreamcatcher did with his wonderful Thrice Mice.

A strange thing happened today. While I was responding to a nice comment on one of my poems, I heard a thump on the window of my bedroom. Curiously I got out of bed and looked out. What I saw on the ground was the body of an adolescent Cardinal. I realized at once that the poor little bugger had inadvertently bashed into the unseen glass; probably on its maiden flight. The parents, I saw,...Read On



Stupid Is As stupid Does

An experience that may teach a lesson

I witnessed stupidity today, although some would have me use a nicer name. It was with a group of three youths from the college nearby talking at a local fast food chain. Each, I saw, were well dressed in somewhat expensive clothing, right down to the shoes they wore. By the way, those were those sneakers that these kids pay half a man's weekly salary for; certainly nothing I’d buy or even want....Read On



18 Lines Of The Common Cold

A funny rhyme on the common cold

A stomachache, runny nose and a pounding head. A sneeze and a wheeze, I wished I were dead. My forehead felt so red and so hot. They say it's a bug, that's what I have got. To bed I did go, with covers pulled up. Mom’s hot chicken soup, filling up my cup. Sleep I did seek, for a little relief. To end my discomfort, to end my grief. It was not to be, that night of peace. Of...Read On


A Cracked Case Solved

A Rocci Raccoon rhyme.

A Cracked Case Solved (A Rocci Raccoon File) Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, But was his fall an accident at all? It was said in hushed whispers, there was something that stunk, But that turned out to be Pepe La Pew; La Pew was a skunk. A howl too was heard, just moments before, Followed by the bang, of a slamming door. The police searched the crime scene, gathering evidence...Read On


A Dear Jane Letter

Breaking up can be very sad

(For Lady Jane) “Dear (Jane)…”, to my horror were the first words I read. It was the line that hit hardest, my heart it did dread. “I love you so much”, it went on to lie, The hurt magnified, I wished I would die. On I read, while the room spun around, My tears in a tissue, dropped onto the ground. “But I met someone else, we hit it off well.” The words there in ink had broken...Read On


A Different Lost

A Different Lost (For Mzhyper) They say I am strange, for the things I like best. I do things different, never following the rest. I am most happy, when I’m most lost. Of the things I discover, a dream but the cost. Wide is our world, so wild and free. My heart she savors, hear her call to me. Beauty is the grass there under my feet. Between garden blades, take I my seat....Read On


A Foxy Granny for Annie

A little orphan Annie rhyme just for fun.

Little orphan Annie, She had no real granny, And this made her very sad. So she wrote Santa a letter, To forgo any winter sweater, For a granny instead would be rad. Santa read what she said, And then scratched at his head, Wondering if a granny would fit in a box. He thus called all around, Yet no granny was to be found, So he sent her instead a red fox. Now, a red...Read On


A Gnome Rhyme

A Gnome Rhyme One day I thought I’d take a walk, so I went down to the park. I hoped to see a Robin or Wren, or even a Meadow Lark. When suddenly I saw someone, appear before my eyes. It was a Gnome all dressed in black; of this, I tell no lies. I asked where he was going, and this is what he said. He told me from his wedding, of which he now has fled. I then asked what had happened,...Read On


A Good Knight's Sleep

A poem I did for a friend

(For Astarte) There’s a sweet girl I know With woefully foes Her fears she does keep in a dream Of this I can see Of that it shall be To see her sad eyes turn to gleam The woes are her foes With red hair and a nose That we would all know as a clown Her fears give no peace As she sleeps there in Greece For I would rather see her smiling than frown Try as she might ...Read On


A Halloween Bash

A monster party on Halloween; what more can I say.

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, Jack O’lantern was looking quite slick. With a pumpkin head lit by candle light, He’s the coolest dude on Halloween night. His date, I see, is Wendy the witch, An interesting pair, like Lelo and stitch. To a party they all went, to Dracula’s pad. Drac wore a black tux, looking quite Rad. There were others guests there, like Wolfman Jack. He...Read On


A Rugged Man

A tough guy rhyme

A Rugged Man I’m a rugged man, And tough as nails. With a massive chest, And arms like rails. My face isn’t pretty, I’m no Hollywood gent. I consider bar time, Time well spent. Of my friends, there aren’t many. Likely the meanest you’ll see. You’ll never see us, In any joints sipp’n tea. I live in a shack. Yes it’s quite a raw dump. I bring in a Hooker, For a...Read On


A Walk In The Park

The best in life surround us like a blanket. With that in mind don't harp on how cold the room is.

I like to walk in the park, for the wondrous things to see. There are miracles that surround us all, for you to see and me. I saw me today a caterpillar and wondered by-and-by. What it would turn into, a moth or a butterfly. I turned and there was my lake, fed by a cold spring stream. As a lad I recalled sitting here contemplating a dream. Over there in the meadow I saw a rose,...Read On


A Wino's Parady

Just something that popped into my head one night

A Wino's Parody Wyndham and wine; whirlybird wings. Capped in the clouds; Giant Frost Kings. Swords of bronze, tipped with tears. Gangsters in time, Spinster, Minster, and fears. Dream world obscured, confusing in drink. I can not wake up; nose pickled and pink. Give me a nudge or a kick in the head. Check my pulse, for I may be dead. Nope! Not this time, for there stands...Read On


Baseball Or Blasphemy

Not sure what to say on this one as it is what it is.

Baseball Or Blasphemy Wandering souls in the gloom of the dawn, Seeking diamonds, yet they are gone. Cry a warm tear from velvety eyes, Broken hearts and sadness and shadowy lies. Titans tame time, in a rusting can. Giants sorrow, looking out for the man. Searching, seeking, making them mine. Feeble souls alone; parts of Frankenstein. Kiss of the spider, web of deceit, ...Read On


Bath Time

Bath time fun

I went into the bathroom, And jumped into the tub. I filled it up with hot water, Then added my rubber sub. To make it kind of interesting, I added bubbly soap. I imagined the bubbles were icebergs, At least that’s what I hoped. When all was set with my winter world, I took my sub to play. I traveled under the ice, As if an Arctic day. Suddenly my sub encountered, ...Read On



A poem on Beer

Beer, beer, a magical drink, The more I drink the less I think. If I drink a few, and that’s more than two, My mind slows down and I don’t think of you. It’s not that your leaving me has driven me to drink, Nor the fact that you're dating my ex-friend, the fink. If that were so, and I think I’d know, I’d probably punch him in the nose then go. But that’s not me, as you can see, ...Read On


Broccoli And Cake

a fun rhyme

Broccoli And Cake After a long day at play, I came in for a meal. On my plate was Broccoli, “Hey! What’s the deal?” “It’s good for you.” Mom said to me, and I’d better eat it now. My stomach didn’t want it though, and decided to have a cow. “Oh mom, I’m feeling sick;” to her I tried a lie. Hearing the fib she turned to me and gave me the ‘All-knowing eye’. She did not say a word to...Read On


Bumble, Bumble, Toil and tumble

brother sister time together

Bumble, Bumble, Toil and Tumble Bumble, Bumble, Toil and Tumble See me trip, see me stumble. Down to the ground I hit with a plop A thump to my noggin, hear it go Bop! My eyes go wide, they fill up with tears Written on my face, a great many fears. In sucks the air, my chest did fill In prep of a scream, I knew would be shrill. “Ouch!” I screamed as loud as I could My...Read On




I once thought I was a poor man, With barely enough to eat. The roof above my head it leaked, A dirty floor beneath my feet. One day I went out on a walkabout, I walked all around the town. I saw how others were living. Let me say, it was quite profound. You see, what I saw as poor, It did not even compare. And of one old man I met on my way, Said life for him was fair....Read On


Candy, Honey And Whipped Cream

A poem of lust and love

Coated in candy, honey and whipped cream Kindled fires of flesh, lost in a dream Of the act, the players came The stadium darkened, ready for the game She, a goblet, of clay or pure gold He, a bamboo straw, in boiled water turned cold Wild is the wolf; eager, the child But which is which and who will be defiled In the end, from the heated night The two ships part, in a...Read On


Captain Ahab’s Curse

Pirate curse

Captain Ahab’s Curse (Retold by Ishmael) Moby Ho! I seeks thy soul, Great white whale I see. Of me leg, 'tis a wooden peg, Me wrath I spit at thee. 'Tis time ta dance, and take me stance, For I gives the Devil his due. Ta gets me chance, and cast me lance, Ta draw last blood from you. Where the north winds blow, 'tis this I know, Me day of reckoning be here. Whether...Read On


Cookies And A Mothers Love

Good mom, good cookies equals a good memory

Cookies and a Mothers Love In the kitchen, mom is baking away While I am outside, happy at play. “Come in”, says she, a smile on her face “ Go to the table and take your place.” Warm from the oven appears a grand treat I rush to the table, quickly taking my seat. Here come the cookies, on a big plate. “Oh, please can I have one for I can not wait.” With love in my heart, and eyes...Read On


Dance Of The Daisies

A revised version of an earlier work.

Dance of the Daisies Golden sunlight touches the ground, A new day dawns, for all around. I see the dew glisten, off blades of grass, A morning’s kiss of nature’s mass The birds, they chirp, and sing all day, Then skyward, they fly away. The sounds of joy greet my ears, A glorious day, without fears. God, he speaks of wonders wise, In meadow fields a sight for my eyes. ...Read On



Death is death nothing more to say

Death To gaze inside the blackened tomb, through veiled, bleak and darkest gloom. Step inside if you dare. Fear no souls, eyeless stares. Ghosts of past departed lives, hopes and dreams cut out with knives. Intrepid are those who dare to pass. He, that is cloaked, will hold death's mass. With sickle in hands of ageless bone, he reaps all souls, each one alone. Your...Read On


Don't Piss On My Tree

Not sure what to say with this one, just laugh.

Don’t Piss On My Tree “Hey! Slum dog.” “Are you talking to me?” “Yes I am, For I can see.” “Quit holding your dork. Stop taking a pee. For what you’re peeing on, Is my prized peach tree.” “Sorry dude, As you are too late. My task is complete, Your tree first rate.” “That’s too bad for you. See this shotgun in my hands. It’s full of rock salt To now blast your...Read On


Drink Of The Fruit

This is a lyric I entered in a contest using one given line.

Drink Of The Fruit Outside the city where the pomegranates grow, In the fields of the everlasting mind. Shines the rays of enlightened warmth I seek, And the hopes of a new mankind. To taste the fruit of Gods and men, Is to embrace the immortal soul. Within the thoughts of modern men, Like the theory of the Monopole. From science to God and back again, From whence we...Read On


Dumb Ol' Frog

Sometimes being cocky can backfire.

Leap frog, leap frog, hopping high, right over the log. Across the grass, down to the lake, he leaps in the air right over the snake. “See ya suck'r!” He cries with a grin, landing with a plop, in a can made of tin. “What the..?” He utters, confused as can be. The snake swims over, smiling with glee. “Dumb ol' frog”, said the snake, climbing inside. “I'm going to eat you...Read On


Finding Love (a poem dedicated to Gypsy)

For the good in us all

Finding Love I met a girl and she said to me, “Would you like to join me under this tree?” Her hair was as gold, her lips cherry red, I lost my thoughts. What was that she said? “I'm sorry.” I stuttered, like a teenage boy. I blushed and she smiled, her eyes full of joy. She patted the ground, upon which she sat, Her eyes both sparkling like the Cheshire cat. My heart skipped...Read On


Fire In The Rain

A Sonnet on the four elements. It was a requirement used in a poem contest.

Fire In The Rain Flickering torch upon windowsill In turbulent air whirls the windmill Red heats the beads of mornings kiss Electrified volt of Terra’s abyss Illuminating glass separates the elements Neither shall embrace in remembrance. Ticks of time resonate the patter of drops Heard as I gaze past the swaying treetops Everlasting Earth, water, air and fire Reclaiming...Read On


Fly By Night

A mosquito's mistake

Fly By Night I am a mosquito, And I fly by night. I can fly very high, Higher than a kite. I can touch the moon. With its alluring blue glow Wait! That’s not the moon. OH NO! ZAP!...Read On


For Friendship Or Love

For Friendship or Love Pirate saw a little lamb, her fleece as dark as coal The hat she wore There in her door In heart so full of soul The question stands, to this old man, will lamb enjoy this rhyme A dove so sweet That I should meet A child out of time In days of old, or so I'm told, I'd bare my heart and soul For want of lamb for that I am To make my life her goal ...Read On


For Honor, For Pride, For Freedom

I wrote this a long time ago... Scary how accurate it is now.

“For Honor, For Pride, For Freedom” “Cometh the Darkness… Slayers of souls.” Soulless men devoid of Honor; hunger for power. Who are “We”, That have allowed such evil to take our very being. Who are “We”, That willingly place our arms out to be shackled, and smile doing so. For what possible reason can there be to forfeit all that has made us free men? A “Promise?” ...Read On


Fox, Rat And Cat

A way cool band

Fox, Rat, And Cat Now Felix was a cat, That hung out with a rat, The rats name, Scat Rat Lou. They formed a band duo, That was way out cool, And their fan base grew and grew. Felix, he played the skins, It was just for shits and grins, But man could he bang out a beat. While Scat Rat Lou, Always dressed in blue, His horn, a major cool treat. They needed a voice, Foxy Roxy,...Read On


Going Up, Going Down

A fun rhyme

Going Up, Going Down Ding-Dong! The doorbell rang; I wondered who it could be. I walk across the carpeted floor, to see what I would see. And so I opened the door, and gazed upon blue eyes, The bluest of blues there ever was, truly to mesmerize. “I’m sorry sir, but my tire's flat; can I use your phone? I don’t know how to fix it you see and I’m all alone.” She smiled at me, batting...Read On


Great White Spirit

Great White Spirit I recall a memory; it was a very long time ago. Deep in the Klondike’s of the north, Where the cold winds fiercely blow. Upon the frozen tundra, Roamed the mighty polar bear. Hair snow clad white, the baddest bear up here. I met one on a spirit trek, a question in my eye. Are you my spirit guide, I asked? Or is this my time to die? The bear stood twelve feet tall....Read On


I'm A Bad Boy

I’m A Bad Boy Mommy told me to make my bed, But I went outside to play instead. And when she found out, to me she beckoned, And spanked my little bottom, to red I reckoned So what will tomorrow bring for me? Could be another spanking: let’s see. [Chuckles]...Read On


King Kong

King Kong

King Kong They called me King Kong, Although I really don’t know why. I hadn't any kingdom; Just a very hairy guy. Yes, I lived on a nice island, As pretty as could be. There was no real rent involved, So I guess you could say it was free. Yet, it was no bed of roses, For others lived there too. They used to scream and shout at me, Which made me sad and blue. Still, I would...Read On


Let's Play Pirates

A different kind of pirate poem

“Let’s Play Pirates” “Arrr! Ya scallywag. Whot be ye up to?” (Hi Pete! How’s it going?) “Avast ye mate! We set sail fer the Spanish Main.” (You wanna play pirates?) “Here be me boat matey. Ship shape she is and ready ta sail the seven seas.” (Like the raft I built?) “She be manned with the finest Buccaneer crew in this here port.” (The guys want to play too.) “Put yer...Read On


Little Ninja

Little Ninja The little ninja quietly stepped into the room, Dressed all in black, like the darkened gloom. With sword in hand, he spots his prey. Silently he advances without delay. His victim, Emperor Rex, whose wrath all felt. Vengeance be done, by his hand, dealt. Closer he approached, upon the sleeping form, For justice, for honor; by his hand, perform. He raises...Read On


Lollipop, Lollipop

A memory from the past, present, and probably future.

Lollipop, Lollipop Lollipop, lollipop, sucker so sweet. Two do I have, I shall share with friend Pete. Sitting in the park, under the trees. Licking and sucking, never seeing the bees. With a buzz, buzz, buzz, we noticed the sound. Lifting our heads, we looked all around. And what did we see, with astonishing eyes. Swirling above, a swarm of great size. Jumping to our feet,...Read On


Mac Cool (an Irish myth)

Another poem/rhyme challenge

Mac Cool An Irish Myth Wizards and warlocks Steal clad knights Castles in the sands, Oh, what a site. On the beach, in the rain. Dragons bane, most insane. Goliath of beast, Brimstone and fire. Breath of flame, Tis a curse, hell-fire. On the beach, in the rain. Dragon’s bane, most insane. Our battle ensues Of beast and men. Demon spawn, Against the McDugan...Read On


My Mountain

A zen kind of thing

Breathe in deeply, the mountain’s air. My worries captured in the spider’s snare. The air, clean and cool; the grass covered in dew. The new rising sun, framed in a blue hue. I hear not a sound, for all are quiet. A contrast of the city, with its chaotic like riot. It is here, I realize, God intended us to be. Not caged in concrete towers, of this truth I do see. Although...Read On


Old No. 666

poem on death. Not my usual zone.

Old No. 666 Mournful whistle. A Hell bound train In the distant fog and the bitter cold rain Bearing down upon the track Billowing clouds from its black smoke stack Clang of the bell, demon from Hell Reddened Monster, I’m under its spell Thunder is its wheels roaring down the rail Passengers of the dead, ghostly, white and pail Beckons to me as I lay in my bed Call of...Read On


Pieces Of Eight

Just a fun pirate rhyme

Gold and silver be our plunder, Fit for kings, by shore and thunder. Weigh the anchor, we sail, mates, In search of treasure and pieces of eight. From Demon’s Gate, and beyond its bay, Two pillars like horns, that points the way. Head south by west as the seagull flies, With full sails north, where the white whale dies. Stove your tongue for the Kraken here dwells, 'Tis a...Read On


Teardrops In The Champagne

My entry in Andy an my poem/rhyme challenge.

Teardrops In TheChampagne Our place that we first met, Has closed and is no more. I enter what is left of it, Stepping through its shattered door. As I gaze upon the dust covered tables, And the paint peeling off the walls. I remember the day you proposed to me, And other memories that recalls. Now here I stand in the darkened gloom; I know not what to do. Those feelings...Read On


The Battle


“Open up; it’s yummy,” Mom lied to me. Her eyes held mirth, Of that I could see. I did what I could. I turned this way then that. But what I really could have used, Was a baseball bat. It was hopeless of course, Of that I could see. That’s when an idea, It came to me. I opened my mouth, And took it all in. And then turned my head towards mommy, With a most evil...Read On


The Best Day

The Best Day Oh boy! Here comes the ice-cream man. Such joy only he can bring. I raise up my dime, high in my hand. “Please give me a cold treat.” I sing. With a nod and a smile; he hands me a pop, Its color, red, white and blue. My mouth waters in anticipation. My hands knowing exactly what to do. I rip off the paper and gaze upon, Happiness on a stick. I could not wait any longer,...Read On


The Call of the Nightingale


An old man is wandering the path of his life Remembering his lovers lost in the past In his youth he was brash, in his youth he was bold A cocky young man, but that did not last He hears the call of the nightingale, its song is so sweet Would she draw him to his fate for that he does not know He fears its luring call, like the sirens of old That drew the poor sailors to their...Read On


The Case Of The Lady In Red

A kind of detective story done in rhyme.

My name is Smith, That’s Smith N. Wesson. I’m a licensed P I, And I carry a big ass gun. This case started on a Tuesday, When she walked into my life. The dame dressed in red, Probably some rich sap's wife. I asked her the usual questions, “OK sister; What’s the Caper?” She tossed a bundle on my desk, It was a first edition newspaper. I turned it around, And...Read On


The Letter

No, it isn't about any relationship of mine . LOL

The Letter (Sung to whatever tune fits your mood) Hello. How are you? I’m doing fine. I always start my letters to you with this same lame line. Then I go on with, “Is your family doing well? Or some other bullshit like that, Instead of wishing them in hell. Am I being bitter? No! I don’t think so. You took my heart and chewed it up, So how low can I really go? ...Read On


The Rat And Cat

A rat and cat enjoying a chase just for fun.

The Rat And Cat Jack Sprat’s cat, it chased a rat, For the rat had taken the cheese. While little Jack Horner rode his bike to the corner, Where he fell and scraped both knees. Past Jack ran the rat, followed closely by the cat, The cat and rat ran on. They left in a flash, or maybe a dash, By Horner they were thus bygone. Then along came Mary with nary a carry, Saw the...Read On


Through The Eyes Of A Child

The way you view life says a lot about you, and where your soul lies.

Through The Eyes Of A Child Through the eyes of innocents, the world is all new; And the littlest of tasks are wondrous to do. Beauty surrounds all, in a child’s small mind. Knowing nothing of the torments, imposed by mankind. Be the child when you can; seeing the world as all good. Through their eyes lies the answers, if only all would. The time can be now, our world at peace. ...Read On


Two Irish Poems Of Lore

A poem of Irish lore and love.

An Irish Poem 1 (I used two different stones so there are 2 poems) I have walked among the wee folk, merrily and with smile. Dazzled by the greenest eyes, of which I was beguiled. She, of lore, with lips of cherry; kissed me once to make me merrier. I kissed her back, to her surprise, she lost her heart within my eyes. Tales were told of The Cloch Labhrais, a stone I'd gone to view. ...Read On


Valentine Girl

Valentine girls

Here’s a little ditty about a Valentine girl. With flowing red hair and skin like pearl. Her eyes, baby blue, with a freckled nose, She was one hot tart, as a fantasy girl goes. When she looked at me, my jaw hit the floor. In this game we call love she knew the score. I sucked in my gut and tried to look cool. Who was I kidding, for I felt like a fool. Still, I decided to give...Read On


Watch The Spider

Watch The Spider I watch you creep across the floor, Little spider, I see. You, who's world is under my bed; Are you truly free? Spin your web, a net of silk, Beware all it will snare. From errant fly, or maybe moth, Do you even care? You, I watch and ponder, Of my own reason to be. Can you tell me little friend, Tell me what you see. Please tell me spider that I...Read On


What It Means To Be A Dad

For dads that are there for their kids.

I started with an old steel pipe, I cut it here and there. I welded it into a shape, Then stepped back with a critical stare. I then modified that shape a bit, Adding two wheels and a chain. I had to force a couple bolts, Man, were they a pain . It then came time to paint it, So I picked a shade of red. I then added a glossy finish to that. “Dam! That’s good,” I said. ...Read On


Willing Prisoner Of Love

A love poem

A Willing Prisoner Of Love I am your prisoner, as sure as there's love. Bound in a cage like a single white dove. To spread my wings with no place to fly; Will you set me free or watch me die. With a tear in your eye and sadness in your heart, You release my soul, tearing yours apart. I leap from my perch and out the door, to swoop on down, landing there on the floor. Up...Read On



Feeling The Music

A fum song to sing when up or down

Feeling The Music By Pirate60 Inspired By Mzhyper I hear a boom, boom, boom As the music fills the room It starts a beat, beat, beat That travels into my feet For the music is the magic, and magic is the beat It’s in my mind, it’s in my soul, a most harmonic treat And the joys that I’m feeling, of these I can not stop I’ll be move’n and groove‘n; and dancing till I drop On the...Read On


Me Tale Song

It is a sea song

I be a ruthless pirate, I sings me a jolly good rhyme. In every port and bar I go, I haves me a bloody good time, On the sea I be bad, At least I pretends ta be. Yet, instead of this tankard of swill I drink, I’d rather have a spot of tea. I be known as Black Beard, The scourge of the briny deep. But the tales of me be exaggerated some, Like the treasures I did reap. ...Read On

Young Adult(10)


Doctor Frank And The Monster

Victor Von Frankenstein wasn't expecting this.

“It is alive! It is alive! God help me, it is alive! Ah, ha, ha, ha.” “Uh, pardon me doc but a moment of your time please.” Victor Von Frankenstein, infamous doctor and locally known mad scientist; having been in the midst of a moment of self triumph quickly looked down at the creature laying upon the steel table before him. It was a masterly stitched together flea market of human...Read On


Frank And The Monster Ch2: The man in the monsters body

A humorous take off of a classic

“You ever hear of a man named Vladimir Dracula?” The creature asked, his eyes boring into those of the skinny scientists; watching to see what his reaction would be. Victor was pretty naive to be sure, not having any friends and all, but even he knew of Count Dracula. “The Vampire” he stammered, while jumping out of his chair and looking towards the door; his intent, to make a run for it. ...Read On


Frank And The Monster Ch3: Dracula's Past

Chapter 3 gives a bit on Dracula

Chapter 3 Dracula's Past Now in the castle's main room, the two sat before a warm fire, sipping at their drinks. “Sorry about the cooking wine.” Victor apologized. “But it was all I could find in the kitchen. My former assistant, Igor, must have taken every ounce of wine with him, when he took off. Even that so called hiding place he had with that noxious brew he was so fond of is...Read On


Frank And The Monster, Ch4 Victor's Past

A bit on Victor and what may be coming next.

Chapter 4 Victor's Past “What! Me?” Victor was actually stunned that someone, anyone, would want to hear anything he had to say. Even someone who used to be dead. “Um. Well my story isn't all that interesting, but I guess if you don't mind being bored to death, I could tell you.” Dracula chuckled, and Victor hesitated. “Sorry Doc. I wasn't laughing at you; I was laughing at what you...Read On


Frank And The Monster: Victor's Past

A retelling of an old Classic.

Chapter 4 Victor's Past “What! Me?” Victor was actually stunned that someone, anyone, would want to hear anything he had to say. Even someone who used to be dead. “Um. Well my story isn't all that interesting, but I guess if you don't mind being bored to death, I could tell you.” Dracula chuckled, and Victor hesitated. “Sorry Doc. I wasn't laughing at you; I was laughing at what you...Read On


Hickory, Dickory, Doc: Case Of The Missing Mouse

Another Javk Vine case file

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Hickory, Dickory, Doc: Case of the missing mouse “Hickory, Dickory, Doc. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one the mouse ran down. Hickory, Dickory, Doc.” It was a Tuesday, sometime in the middle of winter and it was cold; the kind of bone wrenching cold your dad told you about when he was a kid. You know...Read On

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Mary's Lost Little Lamb

Jack Vine of Jack and the beanstalk is all grown up and a PI at that.

From The Files Of Jack And The Giant Private Investigators Case 12: Mary’s lost little lamb “Mary had a little lamb; its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went that lamb was sure to go.” Now we've all heard this nursery rhyme before, but have you ever wondered what it all meant? I mean who was this Mary dame and what was it about her that this lamb found...Read On


Somewhere This Side Of The Rainbow

A Jack Vine PI case file

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Somewhere This Side Of The Rainbow “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” It was Saturday, the day of Gladice and Jack’s wedding. Mary and me were given the dubious honors of ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Best Man’ by the two happy lovebirds and thus standing by their sides. Jack,...Read On


The Case Of The Black Falcon

Another Jack Vine story; or the start anyways.

The Case Of The BlackFalcon “Morning Rocci; what’s up?” It was a Monday and I had been in the office for only an hour when the D.A. called. Rocci and me, I should mention, go way back to when we were kids. Now I have a detective agency and Rocci works for the city courts. Go figure. “Got an unusual case for you if you’re interested,” Rocci replied. “It’s a probable abduction with...Read On


The Farmer And The Troll

A take off on the Jack and Jill rhyme

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File The Farmer And The Troll “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.” It was Monday and I had just settled down at my desk, newspaper in one hand and a large cup of coffee in the other, my intent, to relax for a couple hours of...Read On