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i am known as poetlou and i write stories in rhyme and verse

writing poetry and stories
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gangster movies with Bogey, Cagney, Edward g. robinson
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rock and roll from the 50 s & 60 s, country, and gospel


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Topic: Poetry: What is your favorite type?
Posted: 09 Dec 2012 11:22

what kind of poetry do you enjoy most ! love, faith, trials and tribulations.sadness , love pains, etc.hello2

Topic: Three Word Story
Posted: 09 Dec 2012 07:59

love poetry readingshello1

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christmas story tellers

All the Christmas stories the children are learning As the Christmas candle is burning. The stories are being told by grandparents and parents alike Sitting by the candle light. Oh so many stories that must be told Stories that never gets old. Stories of different places and unfamiliar faces Like stories of Uncle Scrooge and how the people s kindness he abused And...

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what i'm trying to say

There are lessons to be learned at every step and every turn The greatest teacher is called LIFE It will take you through struggles and strife. Every sensation, feeling and thought Through life it is taught. Every pain known to man- it will teach you to understand. You learn about sorrow, bitterness and hate Then about happiness, love and faith. Life gives us a...

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don't be defined - stay proud

Do not let growing up in the streets define you as a person? You are older now and don’t need to talk the street talk and slangs. Educate yourself to what you can be, not what you was. I do not want to be defined as a street thug or a ghetto rat But as a person who has learned to talk properly and has Left the streets to the streets. Because I do not have a college...

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angels : do you believe

(10/3/14) It was the first thing put on GODS list So why do we question if angels exist? They are his soldiers the guardians of earth They have been here since humanities birth, And since the world began giving GOD a helping hand. Like everything in life it is a chain of command That all of us should understand. Not all who perish get their wings You had to...

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no such thing as handicapped

(9/23/14) Born deaf and not a sound to be heard Sign language was her only words Longing to hear any sound at all, even the bouncing of a ball To know what it would be like to hear a robin sing And the sounds of early spring. She learned to read lips and could feel the vibrations of musical sounds. The sensitivity in her fingers had gotten so good That the music...

Added 23 Sep 2014 | Category Poetry | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 969 | 1 Comment

praying hands

Praying Hands I had a dream with my lord CHRIST He touched my head, not once but twice. I felt my body jump up in bed I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled. I felt the power of his healing hands He showed it to me so I could understand. With faith in our hearts he will heal And his hands you will feel. I awoke that morning with the spirit inside Those praying hands I had...

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father to a daughter

She is as fine as vintage wine and as sweet as a Georgia peach She was picked at the moment of perfection under the Watchful eye and God's direction. Then she was sent here to earth, given to me by natural birth. He said: this is my gift to you -she will be with you your whole life through She is more precious than diamonds and gold And your love for her will never grow old and will...

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is suicide the answer

A cut above, a cut below- suicide can be very slow Peer pressures are getting to you- is this the only thing that you can do? For your family and friends now come the burdens and tears Not knowing you had those fears. How do you think your family and friends will survive? Not knowing your life was on the line. You see the blood draining from your wrists Asking yourself: why did I do...

Added 19 Sep 2014 | Category Poetry | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 914 | 3 Comments

animal abusers

I had sensed the presence of someone near I looked around and there was no one there Then the feeling got stronger by the minute As I frantically looked around- then looked to the ground. There at my feet was the presence that I felt Of a puppy with cuts and welts. I could see the abuse as the tears rolled down my eyes As I started to scream and cry. “Who can abuse...

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controversial 60's

It was the early 60’s where rock and roll was Taking over the land, and ELVIS was on tour with his band. Where rock and roll was stories being told And the teen life was starting to unfold. We had race riots in the southern states And black rights were up for debate. An era of KENNEDY and KING where peaceful Solutions they would try to bring. Both assassinated at a...

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30 Dec 2013 12:09
Hey Lou...Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming New Year...
25 Dec 2013 00:10
31 Oct 2013 16:11
hope you enjoy Sidney and Sabia

07 Feb 2013 14:22
Happy Holiday Cheer to my Stories Space friends, and their families from DirtyMartini...
22 Dec 2012 19:33
21 Dec 2012 12:34
happy holidays

19 Dec 2012 11:40
Just read your blog.... yes we all here fairly good bunch of people ..give us the chance to let you know and be thier with you in your darkest times and happy times! and yes a place to write your heart fearlessly!

02 Dec 2012 23:12
Thanks for the comments, and keep writing...it's not just your legacy to family and friends...it's your legacy to the world...
29 Nov 2012 14:21
27 Nov 2012 07:52
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