billy sky eyes - darkness to light

Good spirits fighting evil warlocks

(1/7/13) His name was Billy Sky Eyes and he had taken a military hop from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, to Ellsworth AFB, 10 miles from Rapid City, South Dakota. There he rented a car to drive home to see his family after being away for four years in the Marine Corps, and also serving two tours of duty in Vietnam with his two friends who went in under the "buddy-buddy" system....Read On



don't be defined - stay proud

being catergorized

Do not let growing up in the streets define you as a person? You are older now and don’t need to talk the street talk and slangs. Educate yourself to what you can be, not what you was. I do not want to be defined as a street thug or a ghetto rat But as a person who has learned to talk properly and has Left the streets to the streets. Because I do not have a college...Read On



(To All Poets) Head In The Clouds

for love of words

My head was up in the clouds No daylight to be found. White and gray clouds covered my sight I could not see for my mind was in flight. I looked all around and all I could see Was the clouds covering me. I felt like I was in a plane And all the passengers seeing the same. So I know I’m not the only one Who feels this way Millions of people go through this From day to day. ...Read On


a house is not a home

while reaching for your goals you turn your back on everyone

(1/22/13) a house is not a home- but just a place to rest your head a house is not a home- when your heart and soul feels dead. you go to that empty house with no one to greet you at the door and with all the riches that you have-" you still feel poor". riches don't buy happiness or fills that empty heart it just makes you feel worse as it tears you apart. you look around at...Read On


afraid of getting old ?

(6/1/13) We are all getting old it doesn’t Matter what you’ve been told You go from your childhood to your teen years But you’re young and you have no fears. Now that the teen years have come and gone And to your teen years, you’re trying hold on. What will happen when you’ve gotten older? And your thoughts have gotten colder, and Your movements have slowed down ...Read On


all alone

letting time slip away

(4/18/13 I sit at home with nothing to do, I ‘m all alone and feeling blue Where did the time go? That it went so fast! I was looking at the future and now it’s my past. I chose to ignore love because I felt I had time. Why oh why? Was I so blind! Now I’m all alone with my heart in my hand With no one beside me who could understand. No one really wants to be on their own...Read On


all that i am

(5/29/13) All that I am, all that I can be Is because you came into me I felt a sensation, a shiver, and a chill I lost control, I lost my will. So many words rushing through my mind It was like I was out in space, and out of this time. The words flowed like a brook into the river Gathering everything in its path to a final destination Giving me peace, giving me gratification. ...Read On


Alone and Lonely

Surrounded by people yet alone

Surrounded by people laughing and joking But I stand alone, my heart is broken. Why is it that the lonely get so depressed And their emotions put to a test. Why is it that we stand alone And in our hearts no light is shone. Why do the lonely feel so out of place And their feelings show on their face. Why is it that we stand alone? We all have feelings, that is known. Alone...Read On


angels : do you believe

do you believe in angels

(10/3/14) It was the first thing put on GODS list So why do we question if angels exist? They are his soldiers the guardians of earth They have been here since humanities birth, And since the world began giving GOD a helping hand. Like everything in life it is a chain of command That all of us should understand. Not all who perish get their wings You had to...Read On


animal abusers

I had sensed the presence of someone near I looked around and there was no one there Then the feeling got stronger by the minute As I frantically looked around- then looked to the ground. There at my feet was the presence that I felt Of a puppy with cuts and welts. I could see the abuse as the tears rolled down my eyes As I started to scream and cry. “Who can abuse...Read On


avenue of love

searching for love

(9/24/12) Love is an avenue of which to explore Go to any shop and open the door Shops for every feeling known to man Walk in to understand. Shops for pain, sorrow , bitterness and heartbreak Shop around - it’s not to late. Shops for joy , happiness, contentment, devotion Shops for every emotion. Stop in - look around - feel every emotion That can be found. Shop...Read On


black female warriors

a nation joining together

(2/7/13) She was my black female warrior and she stood proud and tall And upon her shoulders her silk hair did fall A spear in one hand and an Axe in the other No one would mess with her, not even her brother. The strength of a lion searching for prey She would not let anything stand in her way. She knew where she lived – it was a jungle out there But she was strong...Read On


Body Is a Temple

the love within oneself

Body is a temple They say your body is a temple, and I found This to be true, for in my temple I found you. I felt your soul surround me like a mist On a foggy day, and right then I knew That in my heart forever you would stay. My body is a temple and You are the foundation you control my heart And every sensation. Now this temple had become a temple of two For it...Read On


broken home

getting away from abuse

Broken home she came from a broken home where the parents at each other would throw stones. every day they would argue, bicker and fight, all the way till the night. not realizing their Childs plight. the child to them in turn would scream but in the battle she was not seen. from her father she had sexual abuse fighting with him, was of no use. he forced himself upon her...Read On


Can You Picture Jesus

The final day

Can you picture JESUS (09/19/11) Can you picture the blood of JESUS lying on the ground While laying on this cross being nailed and bound The pain that was etched on his face As he prayed for the lord's grace. The nails being driven through his hands and feet Knowing soon that god he would meet. Yet he was forgiving his fellow man For they could not understand. That he...Read On


chanukah and christmas

two beliefs combined

(footnote) 2100 years ago a band of Jews defeated the Greek army And drove them off their land, reclaiming the holy temple In Jerusalem and rededicating it to the service of god. when they sought to light the temples menorah They found only a single cruse of olive oil that escaped contamination by the Greeks. Miraculously the one day supply lasted eight days. The...Read On


Child Called Jesus

Preaching child

Child called JESUS (2/11/13) Blood, sweat, and tears he would shed On the path that lay ahead. Imagine a child preaching the word of GOD When even the adults had found it hard. Can you picture him walking into town? And his followers sitting on the ground Listening to what he had to say Their hands clasped together as they prayed. Can you picture him in your mind? ...Read On


Children's Christmas Story

Christmas workshop

12/05/10 Santa's workshop is as busy as can be All the elves working frantically. Christmas day is almost here, and the toys Must be ready for the Christmas cheer. The elves have but one thing in mind And that’s to get the toys made in time. All year long they are making these toys And they play like all girls and boys. For every 500 toys they make They could swim in...Read On


Christmas Baby JESUS

giving praise

How do we not know what Christmas is all about When we create so many excuses and doubts. God had given us his only begotten son ... Given to Mary , for she was the chosen one. He came to this earth with one objective in mind And that was to save all of mankind. Over two thousand years and Christianity still lives How much more could he give? The word Christmas is self explanatory Christ-...Read On


christmas child

A child's tears

this is a new one (12/22/12) It was Christmas eve and last minute Shoppers were running frantically. As I walked out my front door What to my astonishment and surprise A little boy sitting with a puppy in his lap Looking up to the sky. I asked : "Are you o.k.?" He replied : "No! Not really!" Every year I find a spot to sit down and look around Of how free will can be put...Read On


christmas spirit

this is one of my favs that i've written Christmas spirit (11/4/12) I hear the birds up in the tree tops sing I hear the bells in the church steeples ring I see the squirrels run around with delight OH MY GOD ! What a beautiful sight. I see the first snow starting to cover the ground I hear the old familiar sounds I see the clouds a silver grey I see the sun trying to...Read On


christmas star of Bethlehem

looking for that star

(12/13/12) Underneath the moonless sky, the Christmas Star caught my eye. Every year it comes into plain sight At the stroke of midnight. To remind us of the birth of his son The one and only one. He was sent to earth to take away the sins of man For humanity needed a helping hand. He was born in a manger in Bethlehem When the star first shone then. It lit up the sky...Read On


christmas story tellers

the telling of stories

All the Christmas stories the children are learning As the Christmas candle is burning. The stories are being told by grandparents and parents alike Sitting by the candle light. Oh so many stories that must be told Stories that never gets old. Stories of different places and unfamiliar faces Like stories of Uncle Scrooge and how the people s kindness he abused And...Read On


controversial 60's

recalling the 60's

It was the early 60’s where rock and roll was Taking over the land, and ELVIS was on tour with his band. Where rock and roll was stories being told And the teen life was starting to unfold. We had race riots in the southern states And black rights were up for debate. An era of KENNEDY and KING where peaceful Solutions they would try to bring. Both assassinated at a...Read On


don't be put down

people who love to intimidate others

Some say I’m over weight- while some say I’m fat. I say I’m big boned - my doctor told me that. What does weight matter? - does it mean I can’t love? I was made this way - by GOD up above. My brother is tall and thin- they say he’s bones and skin. Why does weight matter? Can any of us ever win ! They say when we walk down the street We look like ABBOTT and COSTELLO He looks...Read On


don't text and drive

(5/28/13) She lost her life while texting that day And never got to finish what she had to say “I will meet” were the last words she said As everyone wondered “what went thru her head”. Was the message more important than her life? She was an only child, a mother, a wife. Because of a “text” family and friends mourn her today. She should have waited to tell them what she had to say. ...Read On


dying soldiers wish

(8/18/12) We were soldiers young and brave Now we lay here in our grave Does anyone remember me when I lived And that I had so much to give. I wanted all the things that everyone else did But my thoughts I had hid. Knowing that I was going to war To a far and distant shore. I gave my life defending this land I’m sure you understand that when duty calls You are there...Read On


equality love

a sharing of love

(1/10/13) what I want is a woman like you, who can share the same dream our whole life thru. who wants to feel " love" every waking hour and feel loves strength and its power. a woman who can feel our every need and emotion and still support our mistakes with complete devotion. a woman that with each step she has found that she will not be beaten to the ground. one who has...Read On


father to a daughter

for the love of a daughter

She is as fine as vintage wine and as sweet as a Georgia peach She was picked at the moment of perfection under the Watchful eye and God's direction. Then she was sent here to earth, given to me by natural birth. He said: this is my gift to you -she will be with you your whole life through She is more precious than diamonds and gold And your love for her will never grow old and will...Read On


female soldiers

giving credit where credit is due

Female Soldiers they are soldiers fighting a war across the ocean, but their hearts are at home seeking love and devotion. love from our country, devotion from their family. that is all that they need. they joined the military to fight for what they believe to defend from foes, seen and unseen in their hearts we are the greatest nation from the farmlands to...Read On


finding myself

(3/30/13) I had written about my heavy heart and how you Had become such a big part. So with these thoughts going thru my head I will lay my fears to rest. There is so much beauty on this site, that it Fills my heart with strength and might. There are so many of us going thru aches and pains That to abandon you would be a crying shame. There is so much hope in...Read On

From Darkness to Light

light- the new found hope

she was kidnapped from her bedroom on a dark dreary night by a civilization known as grangers who feared the daylight. they lived in caves way below the ground where only darkness ruled - no light to be found. they had human form from the waist to the feet but from the waist up it was pure raw meat. any light would burn them and they would scream in pain so they would always...Read On


her beauty in winter

finding love

I saw her on a cold winter night Her beauty made my heart take to flight The loveliest woman my eyes had ever seen She was my beauty – she was my queen. Her eyes shone like the reflection off of the water Blinding , hypnotic, putting me in a trance All of this at first glance. Her hair flowing in the wind Like the beauty of an eagles wings in flight Covering the...Read On


homeless helping homeless

homeless people and animals on the streets

(1/24/13) there are more homeless dogs than there are homeless people on the streets. but a bond is created when the two of them meet they look out for each other and feel each others pains and with this unique bond there is so much to gain. a bond of friendship , a bond of trust between man and man s best friend- it becomes something that never ends. many live in...Read On


hospice - end of life

Hospice is the rest stop between heaven and earth They care for you for all your worth They are with you in your final days Taking care of you in so many ways. Relieving many burdens, and helping family and friends Consoling them till the end. The care givers are with them thru their pains And they don’t do it for fortune or fame. Finding care at the end of life ...Read On


how beautiful is pregnancy

we are nothing without them

(9/27/12) A man is so glad to know- that inside you His child grows. The most beautiful thing on this earth Is a woman giving birth. As her stomach starts to grow And her soft caressing hands begin to show You’ll see her face take on a radiating glow. She will see life in a different way As her motherly instincts come into play. her body which she had taken for...Read On


Into Black and White

needs for communicating

Into black and white I often wonder if our voices are actually heard. If people read our every word! Or is it like life where you skim through it to get to the end Never realizing that you might lose a friend. We don’t stop to see and admire the picture as a whole And “that beauty” will never unfold. You know! I also wonder! That GOD could have made this world, humanity ...Read On


is suicide the answer

the contemplation of suicide

A cut above, a cut below- suicide can be very slow Peer pressures are getting to you- is this the only thing that you can do? For your family and friends now come the burdens and tears Not knowing you had those fears. How do you think your family and friends will survive? Not knowing your life was on the line. You see the blood draining from your wrists Asking yourself: why did I do...Read On


love and death battle

love conquers all

(3/8/13) I found myself swirling in deaths eyes When I heard your voice in a far distant cry “Do not leave me; do not go away, I need you Beside me, I need you to stay” The current as strong as it pulled me down But to your love – I was earth bound. There is a story that you and I must write Of how love grew wings, and then took to flight. Battling the under...Read On


love letters

for people who no longer write but use emails

She held a pack of love letters tied with ribbons and bows. these were the love letters that she would never show. Every one of them was dated first to last These were the letters that held a life past. Times may pass and things may change But memories stay the same. The writing of love letters had slowly disappeared But she held on to them from year to year. She sat with...Read On


love made in heaven

finding true love

(3/8/13) The angels gathered in heaven to witness our wedding day For this was a match made in heaven as they came together to pray Long before our births-GOD had made this plan And he had all the angels give a helping hand. Both of us was born with a half filled heart For the other half “was completely torn apart”. He showed us the aches and pains of how love can be ...Read On


love upon a mountaintop

(the story of a destined love) 4/3/13 The castle stood on a mountain so high, that its tips touched the sky And as she ran across the field, every fiber of her being she could feel. The excitement building up in her like a thunder storm cloud Ready to explode “ and her love would begin to unfold.” Struggling to climb up that steep hill, with just her determination and her will. ...Read On


Merry Go Round of Love

Love is in the air

First you must take away the sun, the stars, and the moon above Then you could take away my love. Take away the rivers, the streams, and everything in between So that my love cannot be seen. Take away the birds in the skies, for they carry my love on high Or take away their voices that sing, of how you became my everything. For I am in you and you are in me- this is the...Read On


midnight dream

where dreams of hope are found

midnight dream I awoke from a midnight dream, where love, hope , and faith, was the only thing seen where people gathered as a people under one god, one world and children sang the praises of god above explaining about peace and love.  where all you saw was their spirits rising high into the sky. showing us all reason and whys. ... where the elderly walked hand in hand giving thanks...Read On


mothers addiction sons conviction

becoming drug free

she was hooked on drugs part of her life but has a son to help her fight in life we never know the road we may take but changing the course is never too late. he had taken the same road as she main lining and pills was all he could see addiction is a hard price to pay but something happened that changed his way. I know the lifestyle all too well for ten years my brother was...Read On


must laugh at getting old

(4/2/13) The sun is out and the wind is blowing my way I’m here in the park with my grandson today There are some kids with which he found to play But it was for a short time, for their mothers took them away. So with him I played a game or two of tag, football and “Steal the old man’s bacon” – he would run and I would just fake it. We walked over to the exercise course,...Read On


no such thing as handicapped

breaking barriers

(9/23/14) Born deaf and not a sound to be heard Sign language was her only words Longing to hear any sound at all, even the bouncing of a ball To know what it would be like to hear a robin sing And the sounds of early spring. She learned to read lips and could feel the vibrations of musical sounds. The sensitivity in her fingers had gotten so good That the music...Read On


praying hands

a simle prayer and a dream

Praying Hands I had a dream with my lord CHRIST He touched my head, not once but twice. I felt my body jump up in bed I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled. I felt the power of his healing hands He showed it to me so I could understand. With faith in our hearts he will heal And his hands you will feel. I awoke that morning with the spirit inside Those praying hands I had...Read On


praying hands

this is about answered prayers

Praying hands I had a dream with my lord CHRIST He touched my head , not once but twice. I felt my body jump up in bed I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled. I felt the power of his healing hands He showed it to me so I could understand. With faith in our hearts he will heal And his hands you will feel. I awoke that morning with the spirit inside Those praying hands...Read On



I sit here with so many thoughts going thru my head I just want to close my eyes and go to bed. How many times have you felt the pressure taking its toll? And you want something concrete that you can hold. You daydream of the way you would like things to be But you come back to reality You know that you must strive to achieve your goals And not let anything stand in your...Read On


rain in my heart

Losing your love of your life

(4/11/13) I am walking in the rain as so many people do Letting the rain refresh me as I thought of you The rain erasing all doubts from my mind Knowing you’re one of a kind. Your love like a pearl in an oyster shell Is worth more than man can tell. GIRL! Your love became like an eternal fire Filling all my heart’s desires. I am giving in – can’t take it any more ...Read On


rape victims violent crimes

(1/23/13) when it comes to rape - I agree for this was something that she did not foresee she wanted to have a normal life, fall in love and become a wife. to have children if and when she decided, and not be afraid or to hide it. she had been raped - body , mind , and soul and she feels she no longer has control. now this is what a rapist has in mind, and wants to be in control...Read On


rise and fall of the poet

Although he did not know it It was the rise and fall of this poet. Words are a universal language all by itself It could take you to heaven, or bring you down to hell. Words are like rivers, streams and oceans Moving freely with emotion. The slightest ripple is a creation Of love, joy, sadness and devastation. Everyone is different from each other Opening poets...Read On


sandy hook and gun laws

political view re: assault weapons

(1/18/13) gone are the mom and pop stores that I once knew candy stores , malt shops, newspaper and magazine stands too. life was so much simpler then, you knew your neighbors and had a lot of friends. schools were for learning, and where kids could go to play now you don't see that on any given day. teachers and adults were respected and a sense of pride in the air "nowadays...Read On


searching for a dream

follow your dream

(3/7/13) Searching for a dream that had become undone Searching for a dream that I knew would never come Searching for that dream in my later years No more perseverance, just a lot of fears. Time is now against me – no longer will it bend Time is against me – it’s no longer my companion or my friend. This dream that I had will be a memory in my past This dream that I...Read On


She held my hand

a guiding hand

(5/20/13) It is a lucky man who gets to hold her hand As she takes you far beyond the Promised Land She will take you on a trip that you’ve never been before As she opens up every door. She will take you through the doors of dreams The doors of hope, and teach you how to cope. She will let you peak in doors of anger, doors of fear But will not allow you to get too near. ...Read On


Single father's child taken

Exact revenge or leave it to the Lord?

louis rams · 1 day ago pick the ending- 1 or 2 and any comments standing at the bus stop chilled to the bone just now realizing he was all alone everything in his life had been destroyed when he lost his little boy. a father who is single trying to make it in this life no family members and no wife. his son's life had been taken by a drunk driver that day when he sped through a red...Read On


sometimes love hurts

(6/8/12) Some time love hurts to a point you want to cry You feel as if everything in you has begun to die You try to fill it, but it's like shoveling sand against the tide . I recall when I first saw you standing under the street light My mind started jumping and my heart took flight. I walked over to you and asked you your name I didn't feel guilty and felt no shame. Life is...Read On


stories of hope - the trapper family

finding faith

Living in poverty- the trapper and family Born high in the mountains of Tennessee With no running water, or electricity. Living in rags that her father found in the woods Was her only salvation, her only goods. They put her in pampers that they had found Dirty and filthy and pulled from the ground. A rock stove and firewood They would eat when they could. He did fishing...Read On


stories of hope series -the light #2

never give up hope

He traveled all night anxious to get home He heard the familiar ring and picked up his phone With tears in his eyes he covered his face For it was his wife--Samantha--Samantha grace. Her doctor had told her that she was dying And seeing this specialist was worth trying. So she packed up her bags and was waiting for him But the doctor had said her prognosis was mighty grim. ...Read On


the deceiver

deceived by the word love

(4/12/13) She sat in the bedroom window with tears in her eyes How could she have believed all his lies? He told her he loved her, he told her he cared And her life he wanted to share. He held her, and kissed her as her passions grew At exactly the right moment he knew what to do. As his hands traveled up and down her spine He said not to worry – everything would be fine ...Read On


the escape

finding love

I was so tired and stressed and needed a vacation so badly So I went home and held you in my arms, and looked into your eyes And floated into the depths of your soul Losing all thoughts and control. Your soul as endless as the universe and as beautiful as can be And my heart was set free. As I floated in the depths of your soul I saw the brightness of every star, the...Read On


the hug

love lost and found

 it was a simple hug that she had received to make her heart start to believe. a little hug and three little words added to it " I LOVE YOU' brought back feelings that she thought she had lost for all eternity, and that love for her could never be. that little hug so warm and caring, and with her he was sharing. a hug that made her feel secure and safe and she did not want...Read On


the orange sky above

natures beauties

(12/12/12) I woke up this morning and it was as Beautiful as can be- a sunlit orange sky Staring down at me. The sky was all orange with patches Of light and dark blue I felt like I was in a pumpkin patch MY ! What a glorious view. The breeze started moving the clouds ever so fast OH ! How I wished this morning would last. As the morning wore on it turned a baby light blue ...Read On


the rapist - she fought back

louis rams · May 9, 2012 the RAPIST she fought back (5/9/12) I was coming home late from a date, and did not look To see if anyone was around or was following me. When out of the darkness he jumped out And put his hand on my mouth. Then put a knife to my throat and told me “don’t be stupid if you want to live To me your body you will give.” She was always told : “don’t put your life...Read On


the rose

finding peace after a death

The rose (love story) She was only 21-when her fiancés life Was taken with a gun. They had three years together And life was getting so much better. They had plans for a wedding in June But it ended much too soon. He had given her a long stem rose Then he fell to one knee, and did propose. She took the rose and with loving tender care With her diary she would share. ...Read On


the ultimate christmas

12/01/10 new Children around the world waiting for Christmas day So many letters to Santa, with so many things to say. Asking for every toy ever known to man And all his little elves giving a helping hand. It is no longer dolls, wooden soldiers, and rubber balls That they ask for today. It is computers and computer games, Nintendo’s and wii”s That on TVs. you could see...Read On


the unsung heros

It does not matter!!! For every soldier living or dead Is a hero in my head. It doesn’t matter whether they was on the front lines Fighting the war- or in the back lines working at S-4 (supplies) They all contributed in some way To keep our freedom safe from day to day. The army, air force, navy, marines In our battles they are seen. Men, women, both alike...Read On


the weeping nation

let us not forget the twenty angels

(12/15/12) As the nation weeps today for the twenty Angels which were taken away We also weep for their families and friends For this pain will never end. Sitting in their classrooms with thoughts And hopes and dreams of the holidays In came a sick person to wipe their dreams away. We will never know what went thru his mind that day To take away innocent lives in such a...Read On


two thousand years later

the birth of a son

Two Thousand Years Later I am over 2000 years old, and I am still honored today  People still call me as they kneel down to pray.  I have not changed in all that time  I can still cure the sick, the lame, the blind.  Faith can go a very long way, and I will listen when you pray.  When you think that the Devils got a hold on you  I’ll be there, I know just what to do.  Everyone has a...Read On


unborn child's cry

Let me live

(1/14/13) the unborn child still in the womb hoping to come out real soon it senses its mother is thinking to abort then its existence would have been much too short. it tries to scream to its mother: I know that I'm not fully developed and that you can not see how beautiful with me your life will be. I can not understand as why a gift from God you would want to end is...Read On


what i'm trying to say

living life to the fullest

There are lessons to be learned at every step and every turn The greatest teacher is called LIFE It will take you through struggles and strife. Every sensation, feeling and thought Through life it is taught. Every pain known to man- it will teach you to understand. You learn about sorrow, bitterness and hate Then about happiness, love and faith. Life gives us a...Read On