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In patches on the moon of shadows, hosting shadows of maria, lava. Black like a dark star of raven hair, gilded by beams of sensuality, And eyes of obsidian coal like a sensual Stratovarius With gossamer strings of teeth. Tuned to the pale of sorrows in the laurels of my agnóstica With the quiver of my pen beholds, ripples to my soul's philosophy. Of the ink and the thorn bound by...Read On



Leave the dog! We have only seven seconds!

"Shebi" Three in the morning It was half-time and she was a cheerleader. All eyes were on her, but especially Those of the team captain. Suddenly she was at the prom Dressed in white like Cinderella When her husband’s voice intruded rudely. “Shebi! Wake up,” he shouted, pulling her up. “It’s another Code Red – run to Yuval’s room!” He was already running to their living room. ...Read On



Me? I died with Omar.

"Jameela" Three in the morning The shuffle of Rezek’s feet wake her from her thoughts, Not that she was really sleeping. Who can sleep with so much to worry about? Her husband’s pillow is empty. Soon Yousef will come to visit us, My husband’s friend from madrasa. These days Yousef is a big-time commander in Hamas. He will ask about Rezek. Why isn’t he in madrasa like the other...Read On


Natures muse

Wanderlust trips erratic rambles Blazes me forward without any thought Brooks effuse productive gurgles Splishing down the bump'ety walk   My soul is petted by the forest Soothing silence, natures' seductive caress Thought is washed from every crevice Vacuums of blankness, my perfect bliss   Lying still, birdsong slowly fades The crickets begin their symphonies measure ...Read On


Verdant Green

Feeling spirits of Shiloh, as I walk the fields of battle Now verdant green with shadows and a stone Beneath you lay as the stone grows cold On the banks of a river as kids, we played Now God has carried you away but your soul remains Yet the peace in the valley comes with autumn's frost Of the love of my life, that I have lost And the tears that give me pain As I hear you, six feet...Read On



... And the fires flickered on his father’s face.

"Yuval" Three in the morning A soft blue light emanated under the blanket. His father stared into the darkness at the tell-tale light And whispered, “Aren’t you asleep yet?” “Wait! I’m fighting the Klaxons,” Yuval whispered back. The twelve-year-old jinxed left and downward Avoiding a thorg and racked up survival points Passing safely through an asteroid belt When the sirens...Read On



Rezek has no time for dreams

"Rezek" Three in the morning Jupiter stares through a crack in the ceiling And Rezek has no time for dreams. He gets out of bed fully dressed And walks barefoot to the porch Where his father pours him a small cup Of scalding bittersweet coffee Which he blows on and sips quickly Slips on his shoes and runs through the night To his uncle’s bakery. Rezek works the furnace and...Read On



And there we went beyond heaven, somewhere somewhere in my dreams as we kissed in deep shadows behind the blinds  and reminisce of our wedding chimes  many a pekoe ago of autumn bliss when the leaves turned to rainbows simply reds and golds falling from trees pressed like petals of memories somewhere in my dreams as we kissed as the tallow bled poetic love  of bluewing butterflies...Read On


Dreams Of Reflections

Farewell the illusions from the cups past in dreams of reflections on my mind, winds of night laying gentle at my breast As the dew crystalizes like emeralds in your eyes with your beautiful grace at sunset's Tierra    walking upstairs   On God's golden trove of your hair in swing in dreams of reflections    on my mind, winds of night and memories of picket fences   ...Read On


Running Deep

With a wattle of winds from the acacia and flowers with roots running deep as chimes bind our love's verse so choir the angels as we kiss sweet strings from the shrubs hiding thorns of its beauty blessing our thirst of perennials with a wattle of winds from the acacia  ...Read On


I am here for you

I will try and always be there for you Forever and ever, whenever you may need me Because you’re my lover and my friend May I offer, you my broad shoulders  And be that pillow when needed May my ears, be there to listen When you need, something of your chest. You’re my lover, that I’ll do anything for Because I’d travel vast distances bare foot Across the great Saharan desert With sands,...Read On


Winds Sworn Happy

In sins of the breeze of winds sworn happy we kiss at dusk with nary a whisper Wiping away the blues of dark's melancholia with the ink of the thorn in love's verse In shadows of northern lights of winds sworn happy on a quilt of God's heavenly coat   with buttons in your hair As falling leaves choir of angels   of earthenware wings we kiss at dusk with nary a whisper...Read On


Dowager's Slippers

Forever is not such a long time when dreaming of liquid crystal reflecting your almond eyes echoing eternal love and prune danish Pulsing in ripples of my heart silently with thoughts of you touching my soul's portmanteau with lips of mondegreen lusting for a weeping widow Making forever come true cascading over a rainbow as the bells toll of love when dreaming of liquid crystal and...Read On


We Shall Have No Fear

There is no reason to be afraid of love

You welcomed me, allowed me in so unafraid of love. You simply realized once more how right it is to love. To garner love and share it as often as you may. To say it, often, now and then before you lose your way. To never be ashamed of it, ashamed to say you've loved. To say that you have loved once more and will be loved as well. Loving as you live your life, with arms encompassing. ...Read On


A Mate To My Soul

A poem written long ago that I share with you today. Originally written as a song.

Look, I know you are someone else’s Valentine For the rest of the year, can I imagine you are mine?   We both decided, we will try and fight it Scared to risk it, but just as scared to miss it We’ll be pretending we’re fine – hoping we will be in time.   Midnight belongs to us, an ending and beginning all at once I miss your voice, your imagination Wishing we had another...Read On


Thimbles Be

If my fingers, thimbles be on a shadow of your dust in the moonlight of minute so silent the footfalls on a carpet of cloth of you smiling For love of the pen and sweet ink of quinine for gins and tonics and verses of love as we toast with lust of harlequins and ghost Touching in cross-stitch your lips of red cayenne as my fingers tingle on your photograph buzzing in your ear if my...Read On


The Chimes

It's not the absence of light stilling my heart or whispers of incense behind the walls with the chimes of glockenspiels and little spotted puppies And the essence of a shadow as we kiss   filling my cup with your loving ambrosia    on god's carousel playing softly like doves in a nest of golden shorn   Flowing gently in your hair of Auburn in the autumn breeze of mahogany leaves crowning...Read On


Missing you

I miss you more than ever Your wisdom and your love I hope that you can see me Watching from above The love we share still warms me I guess it always will No one can replace you Nothing fits the bill Every day I think of you The memories we both had I hope that you can hear me I really love you dad Amy x  ...Read On


I Got My Wings Today

Though you cannot hold me, I'm with you anyway; God had special plans for me, I got my wings today.   I did not want to leave you, but no longer could I stay; My time on Earth was over and I had to go away.   I'll be watching over you, do not be dismayed; I'm safely up in Heaven, I got my wings today.   I love you very dearly, in so very many ways; We'll be reunited when you get...Read On


Slow Burn

Hope seems to flee with time missing pages of life I linger on a myth of love's forever in faded ink of masks   Masks of wizards and ghost verses of a slow burn forged in fires of lust as I hold your photograph Now weeping azure tears from my eyes of all fears escaping into a bottle feeling your fingers near With talons of nails held in my limbo with your scarlet lips laying with me on...Read On


I'm Here With You

I love you, Mom, don't shed a tear, Please know that I am always near.   I'm never farther than a thought away, I'm with you every night and day.   I am the kiss of the morning dew, I am God's creature that watches you.   I am the flicker of the lightning bug, And the evening breeze? That is my hug.   I am the twinkle of every star, To remind you that I'm never far.   So when...Read On


In Between

I move through the interstitial layers, I smoke in the basement, I write in the margins, and grow in the cracks I'm lost and I'm looking, all around the edges, and I'll never find more than a crumb because it's designed that way They say I've lost thirty-percent of my mind, but not the main part I'm only seen when there aren't many people around, I'm only heard by accident I don't...Read On


But Twice

The silence creeps open with a thud not once but twice with a shove hovering over my night like a cloud over my blanket's maddening shroud Bypassing and leaping over the bed to wind the pendulum of the clock and the withers of once our wed this night better off dead Knowing that love pulsed my blue as our lips passed from view from ashes to dust and back to infinity If I knew death could...Read On


The Dancer

  The Dancer   Dancing for dollars over whistles and hollers, showing skin from her head to her toes – she was Friday night’s rage on a drab smoky stage, tucking bills in the band of her hose. The job was no treasure and it brought her no pleasure, only tips and some offers for trade, a tender for sin from lascivious men – but alas, there were bills to be paid. Departure was swift at...Read On


The Hoopoe’s Call

I will carry you on my back, wrapped in a dream.

The Hoopoe’s Call (Harken!) He heard a call from the branches of a tree Somewhere in the woods along the path he walked, Stick in hand to steady his steps Like a shepherd’s staff. But where? He looked around to see Who or what had made that call, Almost child-like, but not quite. (Come!) It called again. He squinted his eyes toward the dappling shadows The trees made with their leaves...Read On


Remembrance of Things to Come

Traveling into the future; creating new memories

Memories Of the past The present The future Walking out into a winter landscape The freedom The crispness So fresh Ice between tiny toes will chill  And a little ballerina paw lifts Pick up the pup Hold him close Protectively Completely sure he is safe Within your loving arms One more memory Takes its place A chilly morning above the lake In a camper with her Very same...Read On


Cold Garnet Solstice

Creeping of the moon's cold garnet solstice And crystals of blue ice frosting   When winter fingers lay upon the fallen snow And I in sleepy-time hearing night winds blow With sweet lips of the maple's bark Melting my heart in the gunny sack With a valance of shadow turning to dust In pantomime of spirits, we kiss On a pane of condensation In silent winds of November As the switch...Read On


I let her go

When I look back upon that day All those many years ago And think of what may have been When I laid my eyes upon her That day in the college canteen. As I looked at her from afar My heart started to beat faster I could not help but stare At the beauty before me And wonder if she was an angel from above. My eyes looked her up and down The beautiful feminine figure Slowly I looked up her...Read On


Love Reborn

My dearest wife, it has been such a long winter, Hard and bitter, draining the heart and soul of hope. It has been doubly hard for you, so much sadness, Almost too much to bear, with the illness of friends, And frozen pipes, and the children's difficulties,   Such a long catalogue of woes, you look so tired,   New lines of care on your face, and fresh streaks of grey   Staining the golden...Read On



Of ivory roses in your raven hair and a maiden's breath so fair with flames of embers in your eyes so rare of crimson lips enchanté, bewitched Silently as a touch of spring dew upon the velvet spread as fingers trace my melancholia   in a forest of love's Abbey of sing-songs blue As a shadow falls on twilight in trust, my soul follows a polyester chained to my heart   in a fantasy of a...Read On