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Salivating on the Ouija yawning with omens of sin   reflecting off polished nails as a shadow covets my skin silencing my pen With lips of moonlit tambourine and the rising of my joust   as dusk seeps through cracks   and the winged dracos appear   over rafters and dust In a dark space of loneliness a wretched place to be only love can overcome a preamble to the nave as we kiss      ...Read On


Sabbath Morning

Here you're just as likely to meet God as anyone else

" Sabbath Morning " (Raanana, January 6, 2018) Sabbath morning Rainwashed and sundazzled A day as fresh as any you'll ever find. Walking Daisy in the promised land, America still sleeps snugly under night. Here you're just as likely to meet God as anyone else Along the tree-arched paths (Just be careful not to look Him in the eyes). The cats in the courtyard form a minyan ...Read On



With a soliloquy of the wind's sonata In midnight's dawn hideaway Like reeds of oboes whispering Where mushrooms grow portobello Our heavenly bisque of dusk dew Stirring emotions of love In forest where unicorns fly Over fields in Shambala Where dreams echo In midnight's dawn hideaway  ...Read On



Morning Mist burning off Soulful sound of  loons in the distance. Two young friends, about to find love. Oars in the water, making ripples to the shore. Her brown eyes so bright, bouncing off the water. Water splashing her arms, balled up fists. As you laugh, your heart melts. Two friends, on their lake. Now two lovers, finding themselves. Falling madly in love.  ...Read On


Love Is Dark

Hearing you calling out my name I can hear you but I can't see you it's really not the same just a breeze howling    from your place in the loam But the moments linger as dawn rises over the stones and you touch my soul with a kiss as the door to tomorrow swings on hinges of your loneliness Welcoming me to your dark as the silence harmonize with a gesture of a smile and a sermon of love as...Read On


I'm Sorry

I’m sorry for the things I said, And for the things I couldn’t say, The things I didn’t tell you, Despite knowing that I should. I’m sorry for saying too much, I told you more than you wanted to know, Things you didn’t need to hear, I pushed on through knowing it was wrong. I’m sorry I pushed you away, I did it to ease my own mind, To settle my chaotic thoughts, Even though I knew it...Read On



What is eternal without an ending    nothing last forever in a vacuum when there is no poetic oxygen Although a globe of a rainbow may shine reflecting off an hourglass of sand as the tides of love caress your divine   Of angels and underlings on swings and seesaws with wings as we kiss   on a sunset moon of autumn's dew With tea from a glass podstakannik and handle of silver never to...Read On



A shadow in passing of the moonlight in sleep as you enter my dreams whispering sweet kisses with songs of love and counting to ten as I smile Holding you in nocturnal cradle in dreams of angels with wings obviously on satin sheets touching me in places on soft duvets    ...Read On


Land of Milk and Honey

In the Land of Milk and Honey.

Across the tracks, dusty homes line the streets. Zoey the ally cat, soaking up the July sun. Watching the fat robins, fly from fence to trees.   Day by day, turns to years. Scratch and scrap, scrape and scratch. Turning nickles to dimes. Old Glory waving, in the early morning. Gold star hanging. faded in the front window.   Old lonely Hank. bented shuffles off to work. First...Read On


A Wisconsin Poem

Another winter storm warning...sheesh...

It's winter in Wisconsin, And the gentle breezes blow, Seventy miles an hour, At thirty degrees below. Oh, how I love Wisconsin When the snow's up to your butt, You take a breath of winter air And your nose is frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around, I could never leave Wisconsin, 'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!  ...Read On



From the wings of a Pegasus seeing what he saw looking down on Shangri-La through eyes of endless time and the pendulum swung as the winds began to thaw In a valley of golden swings and rivers of ambrosia as the clouds rained sugar you smiled upon the tea with your lips honoring me in rapids of cascade Making love on a doily lace with my sweet angel face we kissed with dawn of dew on...Read On



It wasn’t that long ago A few years or so When mane of hair was thick and long And sparrows bowed to the peacock’s song.   The years slipped by but not the reign Skills and endowments still remain Impetuous youth replaced by grace No longer willing to run the race.   A mislead journey from here to there There turned out to be anywhere Leading the way with each tread All the...Read On



S is for Senual A is for Angel G is for Goddess A is for Always P is for Proud O is for Orginal you are the one  I turn to you are my  love and guide.   I Sagapo You....Read On


Hello, Toodaloo

In my iniquities, inking with pen    with omens of Sasquatch as I sin, from the depth of quicksand's sanity in my mind's firkin, as I log in. Crossing over the horizons where time has no boundaries, as my muse's tongue swings on my dangling preamble Hallowed be the window pane, morally corrupt is thy name, quipping with a raven's pinion in my mind's firkin, as I log in. Tucked between...Read On


Saying Good-bye

Not knowing how to say it

    How do you say good-bye to someone like her What do you tell her What can you say She was there when needed most She pulled you back from a certain end She woke up your soul and supported your return One of the two that kept you from taking that step   What do you say How can you tell her what she did for you Would she understand Would she think you daft Or maybe laugh it off...Read On


And Really All They Wanted

May we share

So tired as you approach the very end You roam inside with gentle wondering. Consider if you really want it all. To do it one more time, or even more. To do romantic things that fill your days, To love the ones you loved, and love some more To cry and kiss and kiss and cry with joy, To stumble and to fall, but rise anew. To whistle as you walk along your way, To gladly talk and laugh...Read On



In any relationship with another Should we seek to know the unvarnished truth; And if we did what would be the effect, On our feelings, even for a brother? Would the surface of our lives still be smooth Or would the disclosure of each defect In their character be so harrowing To create a rift beyond repairing? Wiser perhaps to gratefully accept That ignorance may be the better way, ...Read On



Life is not measured in time   Or the brier of one's remains For there is no mainspring What lies within the heart Life is a fantasy to be played With poetic oxygen And the puppeteer with strings  ...Read On



Shadows in my tea reflecting back on me Of memories in pekoe tied on a string With a ripple of echoes wafting scent As your breath caress my soul With spiritual wings and a gold halo   As my tears recall all the years Of memories in pekoe tied on a string  ...Read On


Forest Mist

behind the forest mist... living harmoniously together

Lush forest greenery Vines creeping over Under the big old trees Covered by the mystery Miles and miles of history Morning mist kisses the earth Dewdrops fell on fertile land Breeze caressing the leaves Freshwater falls and running wild Fishes dances into the river valley New plants begin to sprout Fruit bearing trees blooming Wild beast roams the mountain Gentle creatures grace...Read On


Pane Of Glass

In my indiscretions upon a night like shadows on a pane of glass dusk has fallen to a faint violet with words and wind songs Where have all the ghosts gone on a night painted with snow so silently my mind drifts of when we were but young lovers   As the condensation drips like ink from my well in a quorum of an old bard's tale   we kissed upon a heavenly swell And as the candle-moths dance...Read On


The Flower And The Bee

Spring is coming...

Come with me, my love. Your flower awaits. Let's wander In the anther and frolic In the sea of pollen. The time is fertile To taste the nectar Where the bees Collect the pollen Savoring the nectar That becomes the honey Stored in the honeycomb of the heart For the cold winds of winter....Read On

Recommended Read


Relentless. The undergrowth of beginning. The endless overgrowth without a finale. Twining and vining imperceptively, Yet, interlocking in a stranglehold for life. Creating its own atmosphere in a limitless terrarium. Providing sustenance while feeding upon itself. Nature in consort with planetary purpose. Adapting to each assault. Flexing but not breaking. Surviving even...Read On


Temperate Rainforest of Emotions

The fluidity of life and devotion flowed freely in the understory of young love



Good To The Last Drop

In dark shades behind my words of gauzy Tied up in omens wafting of caffeine With my soul wrapped in dusk's sorrows As my mind's drips of coming 'morrows Caressing a floozy as a Ouija board sings Of blue-winged ravens winking an eye Dripping obsidian twilight calling it dusk Dreaming in an ossuary of my shine In dark shades behind my words of gauzy With visions of laurels Tied up...Read On


Hashem Shaabani

I think I was six years old / When I held my father's hand in the suk / And saw my first hanging

" Hashem Shaabani " (Raanana, February 11, 2016) I think I was six years old When I held my father's hand in the suk And saw my first hanging, God is great. So was the heat of the sun The dust and the gnats, Praised be He. I asked my dad Why that man was dancing in the air, God is great. First he shushed me Then he said The man had waged a war against God, Praised be He. I asked my...Read On


Carnal Pain

Feeling the carnal pain of old men and the shadows that swim in my head perhaps the raptures are calling giving rise to my impending incubus Of the dreams that come to me at night so that you can awake me from my sleep in my naked coldness making me shudder   leading me to eternal bliss with a kiss Stealing me away from things sublime to tread where others have walked   as your lips seal...Read On


Witness Well

We are Adam or Eve reborn in every generation ...

  " Witness Well " (c) Mike Stone Raanana, February 3, 2019   Nothing in nature is hidden from us; It has no secrets. It is we who close our eyes Or look away And think it magic or unknowable, Unwilling to give up the comfort of our ignorance. When we walk in a forest lush With trees standing and fallen Beheld within the play of sun and shade We must not be daunted That...Read On



Only a shadow of the autumn hours and falling leaves whispering to me in the seasonal imbrication of my mind's felicity With a song and grinder's tea of love's poetic intoxication in merriment of glee      from nectar of wild wood flowers   Surrounded by a rainbow of hues and piccolo trees to fife our love   as willows bow like pendulum sticks with a wish seeding our tomorrow's  ...Read On


We Stand in Awe

We stand in awe of all these things

" We Stand in Awe " (c) Mike Stone (inspired by “A BRAVE AND STARTLING TRUTH” by Maya Angelou Raanana, February 21, 2019) The universe is not the miracle, The flaming suns are but cold-blooded things Nor is this Earth, an uncertain platform Of shifting surfaces underneath our feet And seas flooding our man-made works Or disappearing in distant mirages, Nor the mountains growing to...Read On