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  Drinking my coffee, trying to remember. ... your voice ... your touch ... your laughter. As I sit, looking out our window. You come back to me. Deep from my heart. You gave me a squeeze. ... why ... why Have you left me. Drinking my coffee, looking out our window. Still I am looking, for answers. ... why ... why Have you gone?  ...Read On


Spirits Swing

As gossamer's ink thread our needle with a thimble's shadow as we weave,   and spirits swing in Gods wood trees wearing nothing but Prada shoes, and we in dreams of homily, making love on cue.   On satin sheets whispering sweets sipping tea in woods of tweedle song, as we kiss beneath the lantern moon and spirits swing in Gods wood trees, wearing nothing but Prada shoes, as we shmooze.  ...Read On

Autumnal Greetings

Autumn greetings for you and yours, As chimneys smoke and the smell of wood burning, may they add a feast for your senses.  Autumn now rules with garnet and pumpkin orange leaves, amongst similar and other shades.  Cool weather and foggy mornings repeat as frost carpets the grass and crystalizes the windshield.  May you enjoy the cornucopia of warm beverages and soups or stews or what...Read On


No Glory

In honour of my Great Grandfather

No glory, only pride You played your part in a theatre where so many died On foreign soil, a strange language Memories of the old country in your heart Again and again you took to the air I can barely imagine your bravery The noise, the engines, guns If you were afraid, I understand Then to return to find your best friend gave his life The hollow victory, the pain Then the end came...Read On


Wake Up

Wake Up Wake Up Open your eyes .. Do you see ..A dirty face ..A hungry belly A child in need .. Do you care? Wake Up Wake Up Open your heart .. ..Show a smile ..Hold the door Allow love to bloom .. Do you take the time Wake Up Wake Up Become better .. ..Think of others ..Not only for the holidays Wake Up Wake Up ...Read On


Rucksack Of Memories

In my rucksack of memories Crossing over to new horizons From the darkness, I have dwelled   Of echoes from the inkwell Peering through my mind's keyhole And your shadow, my love    Giving comfort in my loneliness From drowning in the inkwell As you touch my very soul   With lips of deep magenta Of what is it to be, Floyd A new life and forge Or screaming from the inkwell   From the...Read On


The Revolutions Began

The true warp of time

As time passed It could be truly dull and grating tediousness It was the same The same over and over again The world lived and was  Life lived and died It passed in deliberate inertia As did this simple race called human Until The warping of time truly began with the revolutions Of science Of method Of freedom Of vision Of industry All fused and warped until time could...Read On

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We lived and died on Flanders fields.

Sun-dried mud on youthful faces. Waiting for the shrill sound of whistles. Rolling thunder, foot by foot. Sending earth tossed to heaven. Drips of crimson foam splash mates, along the trench lines. Orders barked with the shrill whistles. "Over the top boys!" Being met with rat a tat from the bloody Hun guns. O what a grand sight as the Black Watch moved. Once more the youth of...Read On



The sands of time ... my crazy mind is thinking again

A crystal hourglass As the sands Flow inside makes That every second That every minute That every hour That every day Wasted precious time A measuring time By the hourglass, That contain tiny Grain of sands. Dictates your time Will have control Over your life What will happen If it runs Out on you? That you base Making a precious Life and dreams. Stopping the time As impossible as Sun...Read On


Ghostly Arms

Approaching time of autumn sonnets as the summer time slips away with wilting time of intense silence, dark is the time's inquisitor as I kiss the maiden of the woods, but not tasting the mistletoe, of the devil's fuge. As time rains like a banjo's string with the depth of an oboe's reed, in time with the withering trees     as the lords of the time  blow,   with frost of lace on my window,...Read On


Under Mesa Skies

Under the dark mesa skies Sleek as silken obsidian   Kicking up dust in my winks Like stars in a purple jar Just me and my doggy With puppy eyes Like a carousel of Saturn rings Neath the midnight trees Playing a zephyr's reed Sleek as silken obsidian Just me and my doggy With puppy eyes  ...Read On


A Veil Of Netting

Waking from sleep neath a veil of netting the moon was wetting a rain of autumn, a chill came over the hearth sheets from the devil's patchwork quilting.  As a dripping frost suckled at my bones of the phantom looking back at me from the reflecting glass of epitome, with eyes of the red coyote. Of a piper with a pronged fife and a devil's claw of an appetite, of burned toast and...Read On


Spooky People

A celebration of my favorite night of the year



Metamorphosis Of Angels

And as I lay me down in my sleep before the dawn has spawned,     a butterfly such as I in dreams. Metamorphosis of angels bring, bring sundown in flower pans as I listen to Chopin. In fields of golden wheat as the Sandman sprinkle my eyes, with love in bloom of autumn's moon....Read On


Devil's Dare

As the winds sing a psalm of choral     Come fly with me in fields of sky As ghost are embraced with laurels And carnal knowledge In ectoplasm dreams As vines twine in your hair Would you be mine? As poets write in wooded sorrels Of angels with aquamarine wings Dusk sleeps among omens on murals   And carnal knowledge As vines twine in your hair Would you be mine On a devil's dare? ...Read On


Glow Of Our Fro

There is no transparency if one is blinded by shades The shades of dark in my poetic spoons I ladle Of my sensuality for shadows a-rising And your lips of sweet ginseng tea With an afterglow of our fro   Shaking the moon's tree of the winter solstice As a veil of leaves fall on my refrain And my inkwell's sarcophagus With stories of the crow, "That don't fly in the night"...Read On



The Fear Cometh

Climbing the bed-post as fear awakens my eyes of shaking slats and the devil's welcome mat  and used cars with a GPS and transfer tokens  to points south in the land of Hades and something that I ate encouraging dreams never have I had this kind of fear take me and hold me in its vice like grip, like the three ghosts of christmas, past, present and future. My fear becomes a tangible force...Read On


Roll in the Hay

Audience appreciation (giggles)



Ain't No Spirits

Ain't no spirits talking to my bones As I lay here cold and alone Neath the fields of Antietam, Where I see ghost of long past, Now but memories in text books. Of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." "Hurrah! Hurrah! " As I lay here cold and alone. Ain't no spirits talking to my bones, Now but green grass and a stone....Read On



I am not mad... I am just hurting...

It was indeed A whirlwind between us  It's been so quick Like a tornado In just forty winks  It was gone Coming into my lonely life  When I was feeling vulnerable Made me laugh  Made it feel good to forget I was sad Then it all started  I felt unimportant  Unworthy That is how you have Made me feel About myself When all I want Is to be accepted And to be loved The love you declared...Read On



On bowed knee, eyes raised to the heavens. Heart deeply filled, with love and respect Searching darken skies, for glimpses of angels. One’s heart softens, due to love in one’s heart. Invisible walls crumble, to the sound of singing angels. Returning to the abbey, filled with knowing. Love brought by, angels in darken skies.   ...Read On



Learn to enjoy the life you lead

      Chaos strikes without a warning Decisions made were silently storming Lost house, car, and job in a single morning So I cast my bootstraps on without glee Time to prove I'm still alive, still me Discovering myself on a rebuilding spree And this is the home I've made, for better or worse Have I set myself free or cast my own curse I became full of joy and endless wonder She was...Read On


Graham Cracker Wrapper

In my sweet sensual words tied in a bow Sending to you in a graham cracker wrapper Stacked neat with poetic prose With spice from butterfly knees And sealed with honey from a bee's nest Of bees wearing sun bonnets While humming with Keebler elves Sending to you in a graham cracker wrapper   Because I'm out of Oreos...Read On


Quotes From A Samurai

I get my ideas from dreams and whispers  Quotes from a samurai chicken And whispers from the bedpost host   As I sleep in my ink pot's tale Where spirits sail in my fantasies Fantasies of pecan pralines And apricot brandy 'fore dawn plate's wakes With a moon-pie sky And quotes from a samurai chicken                  ...Read On


Last weeks flower

She knew it made no sense, but it felt so right, He told her not to question it, just to hold him tight. The feelings came fast, too fast some would say, To meet and start falling for, all on the same day. They met and they talked, neither wanted to leave, She always knew she wore her heart on her sleeve. He made her smile; he made her heart sing, She lowered her defenses, she...Read On

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My dad fought in World War II Joined up at nineteen, fresh out of school. From the ranks of the ROTC And into the Royal Artillery. His dad before him had been a gunner So selecting that military branch was no stunner.  He fought in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and such But never talked about it very much. He had a big scar on his shin. His 'war wound' he'd call it, with a grin. It was not...Read On


Shutter The Winds

Barren of thoughts with my pen with a fuddle of the time, and no ghost to shutter winds, leaving in caravans.   As my ink has gone to dust with the way of my mind, and seance with the tarot, in conversation with my muse.   With my muse snuggled against me thoughts wander with the fuddle of time, my pen lays silently collecting dust, as I explore the musk of my muse.   With a fuddle of the...Read On



When you appeared, as a vision of beauty. That hot summer day of 75, did either of us know? Our first meeting, you captured me with your beauty. Your deep brown eyes, stirred lust in my loins. Your body to worship, to explore and hold tight. As I questioned, my worthiness. I walked that night, and listenened to my inner voice. This lost soul found, angels singing pure love. ...Read On


Itty Bits

Itty bits of darkness crept through our window As the sun fell over the horizon in itty bits And the moon rose as if an orange mitten   With itty bits of stars twinkling like chandeliers And as the eyes of autumn leaves spawned Itty bits of dew caressed the lawn And the moon rose as if an orange mitten As we made love in itty bits before the dawn  ...Read On


And Swizzle Sticks

As ticking of the clock echoed a staccato,    I in my nightshirt up to my lips in cups   in conversation with gins inebriation, and swizzle sticks. While specters toast my longevity and visions of night promenade,   a who's who in my mind's parade, as Old Nick rocked and rolled.   As ticking of the clock echoed a staccato, and as my lust turned to robust, I heard the humming of bush-hogs as...Read On