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Memories Of Now

Lighting a candle, seeing it glow Watching the flame dance Bringing back memories of now In shadows of my mind And the innocence of your lace Every thought of you is a poem Like a Swan dance in rhyme Bringing back memories of now For no man could love you more...Read On


And When The Morning Comes

When you reached out and touched

Do we know, can we see, will we feel what we've known, what we've seen, what we've felt. At the moments we knew, simply seeing, and feeling, that instant, most precious,  the most treasured point in our lives. For so quickly it seemed, all our times were as one,  but so short in the paths of the world.  Just a minute it took, that was all, then we knew, we could see what we were,...Read On


Tinged Of Snow

Walking the night wearing gloves trailing a veil of seductive lace so ebony's song of twilight As frost lay light as a feather   missing the touch of softness as strange as it may seem Yet your breath seduces me   as the shadows fall on the dark and deep scarlet of rising tides   Lusting in my veins for love so true of things that will haunt me forever walking the night wearing gloves...Read On


Shadows Play

As shadows play among broken stones And eyes piercing, empty stare The resting place of poets bygone I give to you my soul spoken True love beyond the portal With crimson red lips   In the moonlight of the autumn moon With my dark sacred charms   Loving you is preordained Burning within my lusting veins As shadows play among broken stones...Read On


Feeling Your Shadow

Feeling your shadow as you whisper The tenets of requited romance   With thimbles full of pheromones   Dark is for lovers and musical chairs Muted notes in my ear once upon a rhyme As the piccolo winds blow through your hair With a silence at the end of my prayer That you will still be there in a jubilee Feeling your shadow as you whisper Dark is for lovers and musical chairs In...Read On


Anticipating Everything And Nothing

A wise person once said that every relationship is good for two poems.



Put the Stars Down Goddess

Aren't they heavy and too bright to hold? They hover and twinkle in your eyes. What do they call from you lady?  Surely they burn too hot. How they burden you. Do you need them? Do they guide your way? These fireflies, sparks of creation. In your lion heart, where does the fire dim and the spark begin? ... I ask you, can you see her there? A goddess. A woman. She blazes. ...Read On


Before The Dawn Falls The Dew

Whispering, it was the age of reasoning, but who was I deceiving Alone without a prayer, a hymnal, or song to sing   As I stumbled to the microwave to heat last night's coffee On this Monday morning before the dawn falls the dew   I'd been a fool with my profane and liquored-down soul Swilling down the redeye as you gave me your love But all I ask is forgiveness for this old broken fool...Read On


Body And Soul

When in loneliness soloing blue Like sometimes I do As the moon's shadow falls on a rose In my lucidity free from the thorns And the vagabonds of dark    As we dance in dreams Body and soul on god's carousel And forty acres of Heaven   On cotton candy trails   As the moon's shadow falls on a rose When in loneliness soloing blue Skipping with my Lou...Read On


But! Oh, That Berry

    Into the winds of night Raining down tambourines Crickets bow a falsetto   Softly by the quay   Where we lay Shadowed by the mist With echoes of love As the stars unveil God's song for you With a chorus of "Tenderly" Into the winds of night Raining down tambourines Because wine is sweet with a kiss And Kool-Aid is only powder But! Oh, that berry...Read On



Let your eyes shed a tear If it makes you feel good Let your self cry out loud Let it wash away your sorrow The loneliness your heart feels Let go of that buried sadness Let your anguish pour out And soon dark cloud pass Let the light shine through Let there be a rainbow Over your dark clouds Let the colors make you smile Don't let the blues eat you up Color your world with red and...Read On





Cancer Be Damned

Cancer touches us all

I lost a friend today  She was a shining star She fought every day She really came far    She lost her mom today Who was loving and kind Her battle lasted years  Now her kids are in a bind   They lost their dad today He was a really great guy He thought he had it beat His kids just sit and cry   They lost their child today  As innocent as can be  She struggled every day  ...Read On



For Chiquita, my rose of the hacienda A sweeter rose never senda'   With petals that rustle In the hours of Spring Until the dawn awakens To the sounds of buzzing bees For Chiquita, on the mesa of love Neath the ponderosa pines...Read On





Always Know the Context! These are NOT “dirty” Christmas Limericks!

My annual Christmas contribution. Know the complete story before you judge something!

Santa gave out a big a whack right after an elf squeezed his sack! The elf had no reason but it’s Christmas season so Santa just cut him some slack. (He squeezed Santa’s toy sack. Delicate, breakable stuff in there. But Santa was a good egg about it.) Santa loves flying his sleigh but misses his wife when away. When Christmas is over he calls her right over and gives her a big Christmas...Read On


Don't Play Tootsie

Of winter's frost on stones all in a row neath the pale sky and breathless air listening to winds Ghosting the ground with aneurism of pain nevermore to speak again now sleeping in sin But don't play tootsie because of winter's snow pray along with a song of the love we know...Read On


Absinthe Without Leave

Shadows and myths of Absinthe in a maze of my mysterious but all the world is a shadow knowing you are there When men do what they do for we all are creatures of a different kind   sparing no dimes Some mellow in the night with La Fée Verte the green fairy of Absinthe in a maze of my mysterious With a kiss faking an orgasm coming in from the mist of shadows on the wall Absinthe without leave...Read On


Here I am at this place

I have come here to stand between the sand and the sky, where reason lies. I have come to the edge of eternity to ponder a question. As the waves crash I have come to learn a humble lesson. The sand is soft as a childs memory. God? Do the waves speak to me? Do you? Am I damaged goods? Am I a wronged man? Here, God,  I am by the waves and the soft sand. God? Am I a mad man? I ask...Read On


Avalon burning

She was the final sorrow before Avalon fell. Yet indeed Avalon fell. Oh! Queen of childhood dreams how shall my honor renew. Oh. Innocence buried. Rotten crow feast and rusted armor cannot defend your brilliant crown. I scream to God it is she who wears the halo of thorns. As I suck air from the rip of the spear of destiny as it weaves fate into my twisting guts. Only a lost for you now....Read On


From A Rocking Chair

Home is where my inkwell stood on the promenade of my desk with its echoes of the past and dark roses in her hair of memories we shared so silently from a rocking chair So silently, would you be there? if I closed my eyes in dreams as the dawn awakes with a song from heaven's blue sky in the dew of the mist and rainbows of love With its echoes of the past and perfume in the breeze a brocade...Read On


The Optimist

Optimism isn’t always impractical

A misfit character,   A misunderstood hero,   ' All is well ' was never his motto. Sadness never abstained from him.   Bitterness was a frequent flyer.  The biting sting of heartbreak,   Drenched often in his pool of thought. Cynicism was obvious,   He chose a smile instead. Perspective helped. With death he realized,  Came the value of existence. Mind traversed in new dimensions, ...Read On


The Fun And Glorious Chocolate

Whose chocolate is that? I think I know. Its owner is quite happy though. Full of joy like a vivid rainbow, I watch her laugh. I cry hello. She gives her chocolate a shake, And laughs until her belly aches. The only other sound's the break, Of distant waves and birds awake. The chocolate is fun, glorious and deep, But she has promises to keep, After cake and lots of sleep. Sweet dreams...Read On


The Boogie Woogie In My Gin

Clinging to me as darkness falls, with a clatter of echoes, as a shadow crosses your eyes, like a prism on a carousel. For it's just the twilight, of angels calling with sweet tea, brought to you, by Heaven Inc., or the boogie-woogie in my gin. With love's harmony and kisses, beneath cherry blossoms of Spring,   and butterflies with wings of gold, forever in my arms, I hold. For it's...Read On


Let's Go Liners

Once a Liner Always a Liner

Twas the night before the big game  And all through the town  All the people were cheering For their team to win the crown   Which side of the river  Will be the big winner  Whose gonna go home  For the best tasting dinner    Rovers of Easton   Black and red to the end Will the trophy go with them  Or will they be on the mend   The Liners of Pburg  Bleed garnet and gray ...Read On


An unbroken bottle

I found a note in a bottle. It must have floated halfway across the sky. Who knows the wonder in such a journey. I have been alone all my life. Try to understand how my hands trembled as I uncrumpled the edges. Return to sender was all it said. It was agony to realize it was my handwriting. One thing kept me from going insane. My signature was...tier stained    ...Read On


Butterfly Tattoo

Now in my ink of suede black where my lusting mind bellows and angels dress in denim like a mademoiselle with a chignon With razor-sharp creases and high heel stilettos with a butterfly tattoo on the inside of an ankle As a scent rises of Christian Dior like almonds and wintergreen as we kiss the night away on the dark side of heaven Before giving in to religion going to heaven's cotilion...Read On


All That Matters

It's really all that matters, don't you know

"I adore you" The words were spoken heard and accepted with gratitude and delight Not always offered aloud in the past even when understood within the trust of a heart in need The adoration of a chorus of friends and lovers from life that passed sincerely revealed The latest to be tendered this approbation in words as the solace of destined sublimity and jubilant embrace The embrace...Read On


What I see in people

I see an old man who does not speak. I wonder what vampire stole his voice. Is his breath next? I bet he was a poet once. Who is to tell, not he nor I.  I see a young lady with the mind of a child. I have no idea if she is cursed or blessed. I have nothing but charity for her. I see a soulless one who has no grace. What can I think of him; save only God knows. Then borrowed deep...Read On


Dressed In Johnny Coat

I'm so sorry, but the morgue is closed, but send in the twilight so that I can see, where has the bouquet of pine cones gone, by way of the cadavers in the breeze. As I lay here on a slab of marble, waiting for a formaldehyde needle, all dressed up in my johnny coat, with a tag on my toes, "Oh Tweedle Dee!" Because I'm decomposing from within, this decor depresses me so, open the...Read On