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Here At This Place

Asking questions

I have come here. I have come here to ponder a question. I sit on the edge before the waves of dawn to learn this humble question. The sand is soft as I struggle in and out of my childhood memory. God? Are the waves speaking to me? Am I a wronged man? Here by the waves on the soft sand. God? Am I a mad man? Here on the edge. Did you give me a destiny? Can I learn my lessons and...Read On


Fresh Paint

Thirty years ago when grandma left  the house had fresh paint and the shutters were hung    but the birds were quiet   Grandpa was playing his fiddle with broken strings and grandma was dressed in calico as rain fell from heaven   But the birds were quiet as grandma was laid to rest in the field of stones as I cried as grandpa knelt and prayed   And now my wife of many years   ...Read On


O Amor Está No Ar

With innuendos of the wind our lips touch O amor está no ar, love is in the air Beneath the lemon tree piccolo In an arbor of our love's infatuation   With purple roses in your hair And Saturn rings in your eyes Under lanterns of twinkling stars Where red Mars glow Raining down on our umbrella O amor está no ar, love is in the air Of the otto and the rose Dancing to the bossa nova...Read On


26 Letters

26 letters are all it took A few words A couple of sentences Voila! You have a book.   26 letters make up the alphabet Soft and hard sounds Vowels and syllables Silent letters are a mystery yet   26 letters and a language is spoken Emotions are traded Hate and love emoted Hearts are broken   26 letters communicate your thoughts Typed on a screen or texted by phone Contact...Read On



Laughed at the Corporal

End of another warm summer. Puffs of cotton clouds. Warm breezes off the Channel. Cow bells clanging. Peace.   Dark clouds forming. Fear and Hate reclaimed. Stars sown. Synagogues lit the night. Still people went quiet. Fear.    Demi Gods spoke. "One cannot shoot with butter, But with guns." Swords rattled. Jack boots echoed. Hate.     Neighbors tired. Turned a blind eye....Read On



Moonlight color me the night of deep sable with stems of the acacia bearing thorns in my dark imaginations of ghostwriters dripping visions from the berries well From my mind's gunny sack accusing the vermouth rising the chills upon my pulsing chest running the tallow as the moth's arabesque fiddling the bow dressed in a tux Silently falls the steps of shadows at my door knocking at my...Read On


Must Have Been Fifty Pies

Fairy fay

Did you see me that day? Oh, my fairy fae. Beautiful, young, and strong Loving the virtual scandal. I suffered your laughter for the longest half an hour. I admired and longed knowing if I were married I'd have left hearth and home to have of your vim, a breath. I am not a religious man, but, oh the deals I would have made. Mezmorised, lady, thee superhuman.  You, giggles, and a lick...Read On


Tribute - Dirtymartini

On this day of memories and mourning, we should remember a beloved SS member and all he accomplished in his too-short life.  Below is a link to his respected and famous poem dedicated to the 911 event. Please take a moment to read and comment. On


Screaming Horses

Galloping hooves

Battle joined. Thunder. Smoke and grape. Galloping horses. Pride of France.   Wave upon wave. Silver blinding. They rode. Crasing upon Red sticks waiting in the sun.   Flashing steel. Rattle of musketry. Friends and foes. Tangled. In deaths throes.   As I wrote this. The sounds. The images. Screaming horses. Haunt me.  ...Read On


Sweet As Sorghum

By the grace of love and good omens with strings of melancholia's cello for the love of your puckered lips sweet as the sorghum on my grits   and your butter beans   Poetically entuned with my pen of muffins and piggy wiggly toes oozing sins of redeye gravy   with the roux of my soft, rising lusting gusto As you lay on the sheets so lean and neat tied up like a ham with a mischevious...Read On


Relics Of Words

Gathering the relics of my words of dust falling through cracks like beating my wings in autumn of ruffed grouse and memories and the warmth of your breasts as your lips fill my reverie In love in our enchanted forest reflecting of angels in the reeds as the maples run the sap of willows and fancy hats now tied in yellow strings in a shoebox with my spats Gathering the relics of my words...Read On


A Good Rapport

With a good rapport in silence of spiritual beings in the wind and harmonious melodies in the arbor of my love With strings of forget-me-nots as angels touch the ground in the narrows of my mind on wings of butterflies With lips of sweet juleps and lusting poetic wine of spiritual beings in the wind singing Auld Lang Syne With a good rapport in silence and valance of the orange moon born...Read On


In Absentia

In absentia of my flesh on the post bed as dreams weave across pillow's ottoman    over slippery stones of windblown I do bed with a breath of my kiss   and midnight's tallow dripping down of candles in fornication Salivating bliss for green almond eyes   of chatoyant sheen in a pantomime of ghost as we canoodle in dreams of orgasms   Confessing eternal love in absentia   as the...Read On



Down memory lane in dreams, keeping an eye out for as I tossed and turned, insomnia knocking at my door with eyes of my Eleanor and tears of ninety-four as if it were yesterday she slipped away from my arms Forevermore now beneath the ground's floor   but soon the lords of Thor will spore my bones that I might rest with my Eleanor playing leapfrog in my mind's fog As the spirits of winter...Read On


Fawning Twine

With a rose of twining vine about your spirit shining and memories of trellises with petals of gold and thorns of a kind, a scent so bold you are as beautiful as a flower With the dew of the dawn of the morning's fawning ravishing pine green eyes whispering echoes with thimbles of combs in your hair lusting I want to be with you forever As soft as the leaves in the cup my tea a distant...Read On


Dear Brother Part II: I'm sorry

If you ever see this... it is all I have been wanting to say that I could not. Please forgive me.

I love you- You know that right? Every time that I have told you no, I was hoping it was for your own good. You say you are no longer the same person, That he died long ago. I don't belive you. I will always see you as the strong, amazing, and most bravest person I've ever known. You are my other half. When you went away, A part of me did as well. I started listening to your...Read On


To Leila

She once meant the world to you, but is she still in the world?

What seek ye? What dreams do you chase? New latitudes, a new meridian? This daily life is too quotidian? So real that it turns out surreal? No midnight love shares your embrace? The king has masked his tyrant’s face. You put yourself in Hamlet’s place? Take it to the limit? And Beyond? Or instead, Could you be dead? Could it be you died one summer day? Summertime blue and sandy,...Read On


Poinsettia Moon

Intoxication with perfumery in a chapel of webs memories like a dark poinsettia moon and whispers at twilight   Before the edge of dawn as your breath awakes me with the snow of pollen and a ghostly kiss Intoxicated with perfumery as the willows bend low in an arabesque of our love in a chapel of webs memories Like a dark poinsettia moon on a quiet pond of loons echoing the past coming...Read On


Land Over

Drift by my window with an autumn's breeze a zephyr at the tail of midnight blue like a Stradivarius fined tuned shrouded in a cloud of mystical dew from the swing of the moon   Dripping a valance from your lips on a staircase of our love a balustrade of from above as God saves the oboes oboes of silence as we kiss Freestone from the vines the peach zest of our cider in the ambrosia of...Read On


Diamond In The Rough

Believe in your Future and forgive the past Laugh at yourself laugh in the moments And heck just laugh!   When things go wrong, and they often will And life feels like it's constantly uphill Try to forgive when other's get it wrong Perhaps they’re struggling to connect and belong   Sometimes the words being thought Aren’t what actually what gets said Those kindly meant, soft...Read On


Thinking Of Love

I was thinking of you today Thinking of how you made me laugh. How coming home to you put a smile on my face And that even in our hardest moments I never  alone Loving you taught me much I learnt to laugh at myself, love myself despite my faults You  made me want to be a better person I found myself looking at my days, thinking, what can I do for you to make your day happier In quiet...Read On



Endless nights ...

We used to talk a lot About anything every night A few hours with me Before starting your day After preparing for bed Ending my day with you Now I only have Intimate moments With the deafening Silence of the night And the nagging scream Inside my head A smirk pasted On the face of the moon Laughing at my expense Dancing around my aching heart Shining brightly down on me Mocking...Read On


Angels and Opportunities

Whatever you do Wherever you roam Try to make where you are Feel a little like home Search deep within your heart For a memory that's okay Cherish and hold it close to you Each night and every day Remember being loved Is a warm feeling inside So hold your head up high And walk tall, with pride Take a step forward Each day if you can You'll soon see changes happening If you make a life plan...Read On


Choose Love

You are my Angel

In my dreams. I am in your arms. Holding me. Quieting me. Saving me. Healing my broken heart. Teaching me. To love again. Your divine love. Humbles me. You are my Angel. Sent from above. I choose love.  ...Read On


Early Hours

Sometimes in the early hours When we cannot sleep Our thoughts may turn to things That make our eyes weep   Sometimes in those moments When thoughts run through our head We ponder on what happened Things done, thought and said   Perhaps we may have Somewhere deep inside Something that may feel broken Which we choose to hide   It's in the early hours That maybe we reflect ...Read On


Walking Away

When we both pass beyond regrets will all be gone

All of our regrets will be gone as soon as we have passed beyond. Beyond the aches, the sorrows, all will pass away. But the love will live, it simply will not die. Is this understood my precious, darling, friends and lovers? Is it understood, please, and thank you, my treasured gems of life and joy, am I not ever so polite? Do you recall the way we walked, the way we talked, the way...Read On


The Maze

The Maze

I haven't lost you I just got lost in a maze   There we were together Then one day you took a different direction And I couldn't find you You had found the end of the maze Walked your own path Chosen your own way   Oh I wish I'd seen the path you were walking Wish I'd been able to show you a different way   But sometimes alas That isn't our choice...   I'm lost in this maze ...Read On


Viranda Of A Rickshaw

With a brush of a zephyr, I kiss in a copse of the willow's well   beholding your body and soul with Saki's aphrodisiac   With footprints on a lily pad in a pond of golden koi with ripples of echoes expressing our love As the autumn moon dance and you with a lotus in your hair the fireflies in lanterns wink from the viranda of a rickshaw   Feeling the warmth of the hibachi in a copse of...Read On


Prince Of Rings

She calls me her laureate in my dreams Although distant, I feel her pulse As I whisper a prayer of evergreens With a tear dripping from the candlelight Like a star of emerald from her beautiful eyes Glowing like a halo of harps and strings. She calls me her laureate and Prince of Rings And as the dawn open its wings With a song of love, my maiden fair In my glorious vision of daylight...Read On


Widow's Dew

Weeping of the widow's dew of imagery in my mind a dark night just in spite as a breath of death flew Beneath the stone, I sleep feeling worms quadrille bound joy in my spell this virgin child of Hell Without a gospel or prayer on a long trail of despair beyond the veil to this forsaken soil And no marrow in my bones as my eyes of blue pale of cataracts and webs this virgin child of Hell...Read On