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You never know how one act of kindness can yield rewards.

She opened up the letter – read the words through teary eyes, another kind rejection, but it’s not a big surprise. She drops it in the basket on a pile of fifty more, a wasted application – not a single open door. She’d graduated college like her parents said she should, her path to a brighter future – but it wasn’t looking good. She’d borrowed lots of money in pursuit of education –...Read On

2020 The Year Of Covid

This year has proved to be chaotic It reminds me of a scientific movie The news makes you neurotic The world is basically gloomy This virus is a killer So many people have died Nothing makes this virus familiar The numbers have caused a landslide You have to wonder what is true Is the media telling some tales So many people have their views There are so many details Wearing a mask is the...Read On


You, Now

And it is now, while alone, that I see you, back in time, the young man you used to be, with tousled hair and a smile, your faded jeans and old jacket, covering your graceful limbs, marble-like skin of sweet scent that lingers in my memory still. And it is now, while alone, that your dear image I embrace and could not love you more.  ...Read On


Rose Petals

Rose petals just lost to the passing of years, to the tricks of memory, fading seconds and hours. Rose petals lost in books still keeping their perfume, scented with sweet loves, desire and old passions.  ...Read On



Sunset in the city, our city by a river, sunset in the city, our love still present in the old stones, in the new buildings, in the tall bridges smiling at our river...    ...Read On


An Affair

An affair hides the clocks of time under its brief encounters, hides the desperate prayer for desire to keep flowing. An affair defies time and death in its mad pursuit of pleasure, an affair refuses to become just dry rose petals between pages of some old book on a forgotten shelf.    ...Read On


Ashes From My Meerschaum

Frozen dark of dreams melting  on broken wings awaiting dawn  spinning like wild dervishes  tapping the pane of my insane dripping into a puddle of night ashes from my meerschaum pipe like a faucet with a pale scream  so satanic the nightmares curse   falling on my exposed heart   of bleeding rivers in my veins in my mind's stinging syringe clotting my next verse  on broken wings awaiting dawn....Read On


Forgotten woman

The limbs of a forgotten woman are like hands of a dead clock, trying to turn and signal the hours only to find stillness and silence. Desire flows through her body, only to find its object gone, tears of pain and solitary climaxes course her face erasing hope. The body of a forgotten woman, becomes a memory in itself, a trodden upon, well-known territory, owing no excuses to a...Read On



A likeness only, though my love be real  Since first I gazed upon her flawless face, This country maid who bids my heart to feel   Though time may pass, no blemish can conceal The perfect object of my life's desire, A likeness only, though my love be real   To share some space with her is my ideal And watch her breasts so gently rise and fall, This country maid who bids my heart...Read On



As I tootle-foot along the way  over costal dreams and streams through meadows of yesterday and marigolds of butterfly wings bubbling life's champagne  crickets fiddle fantasia's quadrille  over stepping stones and 'morrows where love covers every bough   hearing the piccolos fife over costal dreams and streams of sandcastles in the air as I tootle-foot along the way.   ...Read On


First Birthday

The first of many wonderful birthdays.

Ten forty-five they cut your cord, late evening in September. The miracle of childbirth, was a night that I'll remember.   You took a breath before you cried, a sound that gave me pleasure. I picked you up in swaddling cloth, my precious newborn treasure.   The first time you rolled over, you tried so hard to crawl. Now your feet have learned to walk, you've overcome it all.   ...Read On


Pyres Of Dawn

Silence on wings of brightly colored sparrows today and tomorrow in a forest of woods hearing the bellow of my own ghost so soon the everlasting calls before the pyres of dawn  scampering over rushing waters  splitting seams in my daydreams  of obsidian carolers  for my eyes have seen the glory  today and tomorrow in a forest of woods.     ...Read On


Barren Waste

Splendid light now growing dim  'neath twilight on moon's rim  over dark rivers of pale veins  of barren waste as we kiss throbbing to the veil  flooding earth tone bones  of the torrential night over dark rivers of pale veins.  ...Read On


Curmudgeon Crackers

Little curmudgeon crackers  bitter to the taste of my words   and disco lights of memories  swarming a corner of new life  warming my marigold seeds planting thee my troth   in a pocketful of shade  to keep the jackals from eating   little curmudgeon crackers  bitter to the taste of my words   speckled with love's powdered kisses.  ...Read On


The Fiddleback

In my mind's cabal, where I play with arcanery  a place where no one knows what is up there  but the ink drips with my typos  and my thoughts scroll a thunder. As the fiddleback chasuble pushes dusk poncho   of darkness screaming the Holy Communion in my mind's cabal, where I play with arcanery  and the clerics who heal my soul....Read On


If Only...

If you could see As far as you could see Would it look any different? Possibly.   If you could run As far as you could run Would you finally be there? Would you be done?   If you could hear Everything you wanted to hear Has it all been said? Not so, I fear.   If you could touch All you wanted to touch Would you be satisfied? Not so much.   If you could smell All there is...Read On


Scampering Over Saucers

Falling a twilight moon of wood sprites Rushing waters of silent earth   Scampering over saucers swinging in trees Bringing out katydids a midnight symphony  Letting the dusk be a bell ring  Of the owl's twilight swaying dance On a canvas of God's landscape   Rushing waters of silent earth   Scampering over saucers swinging in trees.  ...Read On


Gibbons Of Night

Addicted to the gibbons of night in a thick-walled womb of dark   from my mind's middle earth  with winds like a didgeridoo  listening to you cry  as I peel you a grape with sweetness of your touch ambushed by an angel addicted to the gibbons of night.  ...Read On


Wrist Tattoo

What does your wrist tattoo say

I don't know about you But I want to know everything Your hometown Your dreams and fears   I want to know What makes you smile What turns you on What makes your heart race   I want to know What sets your soul on fire What your makes you crazy I know You send my heart racing You are my passion I want to make your heart race As we are tangled up in the sheets   What does your...Read On


Ever Calls

So soon, the lasting of ever calls to God's meadows in winter green  with paisley rainbows and ambrosia  in séance with the breeze  so soft the bosom of my faith the grapes of heaven's vineyard  raining down Chardonnay with shadows painted of love  so soon, the lasting of ever calls.  ...Read On

Recommended Read


I have been here before Many times more A different face In a different place.   As each vessel dies Amidst loved one’s cries The spirit rises I return in guises.   Plato, Nero, Rembrandt and Bach Each return gives new paths to walk Embodied within A new life and new skin.   Creating a future from the past Lessons learned from knowledge amassed Life begets life endlessly driven...Read On



Twilight is now, wearing the shroud of night looking down on the souls of foggy sods  over dunes of freshly laid stones  fueled by decaying whores   through the darkness, they will pass  into the arms of embers born  laced in smoking corsets of bones  and wilted tattoos of death's potpourri.  ...Read On



Night pours from the showerhead as hills roll down to the soggy bottom and frogs leap into my grave with unquenchable thirst  to feast upon my bed that smell of their own head  as Achilles tendon of dawn breaks night pours from the showerhead.  ...Read On



If for an hour you do not fill my mind, I count the minutes wasted and am sad. This store of love for you I choose to find, In light of your disdain hath made me mad. For though my hopes remain earthbound and frail, And never can on gentle wings take flight. I fear my tissued dreams are marked to fail, Yet long for you to turn to me each night. Because your heart rests in another place,...Read On


From a Distance

The dark night of a soul

Her visage glimpsed above a balustrade And from a distance wonderment arose. Enchanting, pristine character most staid, Serenely dreaming, peaceful, at repose. Perhaps she is not tranquil deep inside, It might be true that passions roil within. Her face may not reflect all she may hide Repressed, unseen, proud fantasies therein.  The two of us might share supernal glee, Together we...Read On


Wings Come Sweeping

Peacefully sleeping, my wings come sweeping beneath the gleaming moon, doom creeping to lit upon your marble stone covering bones drawing closer, ever near, knuckles clicking  over your pale chest, your mortis weeping     sweet tympany of death, bustle hustling   in your chiming grave, the crowd cheering  with the music of "Auld Lang Syne," singing   in a bitter wind, dark and...Read On


Brightest Moon

Shaking the willows of my mind brightest moon, come Autumn   hanging low, touching memories  over the aspens of night beneath a cradle of God swung listening to the loneliness  coming out from the willows  brightest moon, come Autumn ...Read On


Fine Wine

Do you look back as I do, and think our teenage years were crazy?

Has it been twenty years? It doesn't seem that long. Since we got tattoos in Blackpool and danced to Rosie Gaines songs. Rollercoasters, bumper cars, it's all a little hazy. Do you look back as I do, and think our teenage years were crazy? Nights at Cafe de Paris, meals at Pizza Pomodoro. Elvis singing his heart out, to my shaking head and eye roll. Taxi cabs for takeout, too much wine...Read On



I'll see you in the Spring, winged butterflies  playing catch-up from the winter's past  from the dark's torch I have hidden   and now my eyes have seen the glory  the angels of Pieridae with brush-footed halos i'll see you in the Spring, winged butterflies ...Read On


Thus The Winds

The winds of lariat catching me a rainbow  sleeping in the charm of the noon-day sun   listening to the rain whisper your name   longing for breath in shadow of your death   as our kisses settle on a prayer... Am I thus the winds of a lariat.  ...Read On