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In Sync

You say the words,  Even as they teeter  At the edge of my tongue.   You give voice to thoughts Not yet fully formed In my mind.  You articulate my opinions, So I better understand My own heart. I know your reaction  Well before you give it. I know your passions, What ignites and stokes them. In sync, but unpredictable; Familiar, never dull. Still you surprise me, Astound me, amaze me. ...Read On


I can

Oh yes I can... and so can you!

In a fog of dread, I'm cast away To drift unnoticed through the bay Of timid flame, and fight forgot I clutch the mast of “I cannot” But deep inside, the embers burn With trial and error, I slowly learn A thousand thoughts, a journey long To build a furnace oh so strong Then my spark, I'll re-ignite Out shall pour my blinding light Ablaze inside, I'll be that man Who stands up tall and...Read On



In melancholia with scented sticks  of the winter gardens nostalgia in poetic solitude of nothingness   God bless eternity, listing to crickets beneath the tender leaves  of brocaded memories and snow    ...Read On


By My Side

After a very long road trip I question my mind

I am trying but three days in a car make my progress seem very far Thankfully the sea has come to my rescue again. Salt air, endless ocean views are friends Patience you continue to show mile after mile day after day Eventually helping me find my way I question again and again Why am I so different, so bent Maybe that's why you were sent When others around me laugh and enjoy good times...Read On


Poison Into Medicine

Worn down, Worn out, Day after day, Until unspilled tears Burn With the doubt. “Respect” is just a word, Not understood Nor valued. The more given, The more pain When not received. Quit! Then what? Places, faces change; Poison lingers. Failure Is just as painful. Dig deeper, persevere; Determine, again. No one said Human Revolution Would be easy. No one else can do it. Inner...Read On


Twilight Burning

Diddling with my crazies, phantoms, twilight burning,  on the edge of my infirmity. Trying to hold on to my soul,  scratching with my fingers,  the weevils in this deep hole.  Damn! this place is like sloe gin,  feeling the stretch marks, wearing Old Nick's socks. Dark like an old harlot's tongue, with tits that fit my mitt, phantoms, twilight burning.  Now late for my borscht, ...Read On



Alone, forever alone, I shall now be, sailing lonesome across a stormy sea, until angry waves flood my boat, and all that's left are the words I wrote....Read On


Way Past The Tacos

Being zero dark thirty, way past the tacos as insomnia runs amok in my asinine rhymes of indigestion as I regurgitate my ghost   chained to Audacity's petticoat   and the salsa of my somber as she plays nickels and dimes on my corpse with the chuckling of toads crawling shutting off the lights of my eyes as the wheels of the hearse go spinning being zero dark thirty, way past the tacos...Read On



Break ups can be difficult

Your face says it all, you are going I plead like I'm sent to the noose No combination of begs I find working Tears gush through a wide-open sluice Joy pours away, I am leaking Dread fills the vacuum inside I see my love and my joy and my passion Retreat like the draw of the tides. Goodbye slips through my fingers Hope flows away like a stream I am left grey, cold and empty A skin devoid of...Read On


Dark Zinfandel

Dark Zinfandel, dripping exotic notes  sweet of your nectar, my lips parched   by the winds in the fields of your inferno's ecstasy  for I am your magician  dipping into your flute  dark Zinfandel, dripping exotic notes   ...Read On


The Wang-wang-pede

If you go down to the beach today, you're in for a big surprise...

A wang-wang-pede rose from 'neath the sea And sclobbered towards the beach On seven and twenty tenticlaws With a retching craw-craw screech He flared his squinty nostrils Then snapped his clack-clack beak His tenticlaws grabbed man and child And he slapped his glob-glob cheeks Soldiers came with their woof-woof guns Fired shots to schlump him dead But they should have shot his flub-flub...Read On


Dark Is At My Elbow

Dark is at my elbow pushing life aside  as I play hermit to my verses loosening screws to your inner sanctum in the silence of the dripping tallow and the moth's fanning wings   of my mind's chimney sweep in death's game of Tic-Tac-Toe of your breath marking the spot and your blood's lactation today's marrow, tomorrow's stone and pale crocus of pussy willow bones of sweet nectar for my...Read On


Another Era Ends

Sometimes you have to part ways with those you care about

We walked a path together Through the sunshine and the shade Over mountain tops and valleys Through the forest and the glade. At times the path was easy And warm rays lit our tracks Laughter flowed like music The wind pushed upon our backs. Other times were much harder Storms and blizzards slowed our way But worse, our own mistakes Including my own Near drowned us in dismay. But we marched...Read On


Auntie's Etcetera

In my mind's repertoire of darkness with a catheter and piss-pot and my dear old auntie's etcetera strychnine that could kill a horse a collection of poetic literature from my inkwell and thesaurus collaborating with a dark angel in an autonomous zone in Seattle with 911 tattooed on her tits in my mind's repertoire of darkness and my dear old auntie's etcetera  ...Read On


I am the sea

Oneness with the ocean

As I sit upon the ancient sand With the faithful sun above My eyes relax in hypnotic calm As the sea laps with eternal love Swashing waves of tenderness Push up the satin shore Gentle hands of massage Which glide down again once more Comfort's sigh infuses As the sea does glint and dance With salt-air in my nostrils I merge into a trance No reflection of past or future Intrudes my supine...Read On


Love Is

Love is the strings of my dark verses sweet the melancholia of romantic wings soft as a waltz of my gray ghost breathing in the sky blue wonder   and the clouds of snow-white tapioca laying my hands on your granite stone...Read On


What Do You Want?

What do you want in this life

What do you want from this life So many crazy things going on in the world today Hard to know what is right and what is wrong But so many good things to balance it all Dreams that become reality Forever love Finding the one that completes you A passion that sets the world on fire We all want unending loyalty Long slow kisses that lead to more Sweet tender moments that make us melt Finding...Read On


Masterful Tony Rode A Masterful Pony

What foul deeds will old Mrs Bunyons get up to this time?

Masterful Tony rode a masterful pony Through the streets of the small village fayre It neighed and it brayed And clip-cloppity swayed Without worry, nor hurry, nor care. Then old Mrs Bunyons, grabbed her sack of onions And threw it on Tony's young back The pony cried and it tried to maintain its fair stride But collapsed down to earth with a smack. Said Masterful Tony, “You stupid old...Read On


Time Echoing

In my dreams, I can feel the love feel your breath touch my soul seeing reflections in your eyes eyes of stones gazing at me   From a garden of gnomes with hanging ivy of green on the banks of the Euphrates near our Babylon And as the butterfly with wings dance on a sirocco, wind chimes I see reflections in your eyes happy tears made of pearls With tides and love in the sands where angels...Read On


Hearing The Whispers Of Gandhi

Hearing the whispers of Gandhi but people would not listen now its spread to our shores and hatred is contagious like a plague of locust   looting and burning Shouting "no more guns" yet they produce violent movies and paint graffiti on churches in the name of peace as they throw bricks at cops creating a new state, Chaz I am a white man, a brown man also I am American who has sinned yet...Read On



Stillness is an art, a challenge, a marathon, An elusive quality to strive for. Life’s distractions are simpler, Busy-ness, activities, filling the diary, Padding the mind with the next thing to do. The white noise of chatter Externalises focus, Like the buzz of traffic, A sea crammed with boats, The skies packed with planes. So, in this threatening, frightening, enforced stillness, It...Read On


Something Blue

From your pale, something blue taken away by a nocturnal gale now an angel with gossamer wings so frail as winter winds blow sweet ashes of your potpourri from your pale, something blue  ...Read On


Day 73

My impression of being in lock down

At first it was scary, Dunkirk spirit and all that. But at least there was the saving grace of novelty, Walking for an hour a day, my daily exercise with the dog on a lead, suddenly I knew how she feels Then there were the mile long queues at Tesco, the empty aisles and barren shelves, Suddenly the staples were like gold dust - toilet rolls, bread and milk. And plain flour - that's a joke!...Read On


Lost and Found

A young ladybug named Barry Was lost on an African prairie Choking on dust He thought that he must Never again follow that lying canary. He heard of a race being held First prize was a trip to Hartfeld A village near home Where no lions roam If he won, his woes would be quelled. At registration, he met a flamingo Who introduced herself as Jingo. She was quite the force Having designed...Read On


Heaven's Scent

I caught a breath of you crossing paths on the way to Nirvana as the sky opens like an ampoule and down fell Heaven's scent like a latte of foaming milk on a cold winter's night as we kissed...Read On


Elmer Fudd Can't Have His Gun Anymore

Elmer Fudd can't have his gun anymore, but you can have bricks, methamphetamines, and dyn-o-mite to blow smithereens.   Along the way in a peaceful caravan, leaving prints in the sand of pickem-up trucks, carrying hammers and baseball bats.   Can I hear a Hallelujah Amen,   for a bogus twenty dollar bill, and a bucket of gray matter.   "Shh. Be vewy vewy quiet."  ...Read On


Letting The Good Times Rolls

The end of the beginning, who is there to sweep up when anarchy rules, who will bury the corpses or scatter the ashes, when there is no bye and bye, just evil, letting the good times roll, when anarchy rules....Read On


The Only Thing New Is You

Are you waiting for me? Waiting for me to step aside, To bow out gracefully, All for you to have what’s mine. I’ve watched you slinking around, Sneaking in behind the scenes, Planting seeds and little blooms, Hoping she will tend them. She has a gentle touch, It’s delicate but strong, Oh, the things she does, And she does them to me. Do you want what I have? The love we share, All the...Read On


Quintessential Omens

In the night of autumn calm quiet of the fallen leaves yet with love in your eyes with quintessential omens As the silence is magic to my ears with a renaissance in the forest of the oaks and spawning of the acorns As your breath touch my lips with quintessential omens and flutes of the meadowlark with golden wings Like an angel in flight   a mythical dream so beautiful in the night of...Read On


Songs I Have Sung

With incense of lust and molten semen like tallow, my manhood diddled    in obsidian blood of poetic ashes burning feeling the pain of songs I have sung in my long tooth, the anatomy of a whore with the ink of the macabre as I fiddled her thingamabob  ...Read On