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My Savannah

If my poetry were Spanish doubloons I would be a rich man of the muskeg With a box full strings and a mandolin And sing you a song neath bayou moon In cane grass for my sweet Savannah As the herons spread their wings Touching your wedding dress While shadows dance in cane grass For my Savannah of the hanging moss...Read On


Darker Than Mango

Dawn sang a silhouette of forest trees Darker than mango of autumn leaves As wind-chimes rung hosanna Of the wooded oak as we danced And crickets in knee pants fiddled Soliloquy with a lover's riddle With quadrilles do-si-do Among the stars of Mallomars On heaven's carpet as angel's trumpet Darker than mango of autumn leaves As the tea brews essence of love  ...Read On


So Say The Lord's Of Dark

So say the lord's of dark, gazing upon my shoulder bare as my lover harvest a kiss. While Wolf's bane flowers, breath of mist, sensuality, from the dormer up above. Scent of eroticism in my lair with a tongue upon my nape, as my pen prose raptures. While hobblers curse, in her addle thirst, so say the lord's of dark. In my quest to be a poet before the cuckoo unwinds, ringing,...Read On


Dark Grail

Faith moves my compass In search of the dark grail Of poetry and fornication As my words seek synonyms And prose is my creator Covering the base of an apse Lusting for the confession flue In shadows of the censer's spent As my love covet the shrew When devils are in the hen house With my tongue of roux...Read On


The Bluebirds In My Heart

How the bluebirds came to roost

  “There’s a bluebird in my heart that Wants to get out, But I’m too tough for him, I say, stay in there, I’m not going To let anyone see You” Charles Bukowski     When loneliness became a part of me In such a way that others could not see. My heart forgot to feel, it hurt so much, And locked itself up tight against a touch.   The bluebirds came to...Read On


What if...

What if you hadn’t been there, if we hadn’t met that day, what if when I’d looked at you, you’d looked the other way? What if I had been older, would you have found a way to stay, what if we hadn’t parted, each going our separate way? Would our lives have been different, would we have made it last? Would we have stayed together or remained in each other’s past? What if we hadn’t...Read On


Frescoes Of A Gray-Grisaille

In a spirit's breath, of a moon so pale As leaves of autumn turn red palmetto Forever our love taking wind of the sail   On  the distance in the horizon's pail   And the gracious wings of our songs   On a chariot to heaven in the sky   In adoration of hosanna's psalms   As we grasp the rail of eternal swell   And my poetry falling on to braille   In frescoes of a gray-grisaille...Read On


Thimble Weeds

For you, my love in the thimbleweeds And the laurel greens of alpine woods With bubbly brooks and flat stones Echoing from the moon's beams As we dance to the winds calliope On a landscape of the lords And the laurel greens of alpine woods Of oil paints with virtual reality In earth tones of the pine cones  ...Read On


Dark Laureate

With words my prose grows twilight So says my cups of vermouth Returning of the dark laureate   In my soliloquy of sensuality Not yet free of my ghost From my closet's ebony As your shadow caress in pantomime Love from my soul's portmanteau In ecstasy of the tear-drops With a breath of the wind chimes And fingers of port wine From my mind's lean-to    ...Read On



To become spring, one needs to risk winter. To become summer, one needs to embrace spring. To become fall, one needs to revel summer. To become winter, one needs to cuddle fall....Read On


Other Side Of Tinted Glass

Sweet as the dark of bittersweet As a breath of love touch my soul In correspondence with spirits On the other side of tinted glass In dreams of our mystic mirror With shadows of the incense Beneath the moon's gazebo And a carafe of falling rain As winds pipe a harmony On the other side of tinted glass  ...Read On



First kiss

A kiss so pure So chaste So innocent and true Breath catches Heart hammers Pulse deafens me Not sure what to do Where to hold What's allowed Want to go fast But maybe we should take it slow What do you want? Never felt such soft  Beautiful lips Tasted such wonder...Read On


Cries Within

Symbiotic acceptance of surroundings Within a walkabout of my precursory life No longer hindered by foolish intention Yet buoyed by new relevance Witnessed not with eyes But with humility   Majestic trees of the forest Tall spirits they stand Whispering unknown melodies As the boughs transcend Leaves caressing my soul As my ink compose Like moaning cellos forgot Hearing...Read On


Kneading The Stromboli

In seance with a dream of amorous and tea From the other side of a glass bottle And a Ouija board as Jack Daniel's rest As an angel kneads the Stromboli   Lips descend to my ego with a essence of pekoe By way of a dark amethyst night with a shadow A shadow of your smile with a slice of woo As the spirit of dawn awakens my eyes To the rooster's symphony In seance with a dream of...Read On


Thumbling Kilt Shin

A paragon of most excellence nigh As the tincture-sable sky wink Coming from the wild rye A mellow night as we snuggle Yous hips rise, meeting my pulse As sighs echo a stratum's vein Under my tumbling kilt's shin While the crickets minuet on dew's frost In fantasia as mushrooms toss caps And star-gate opens with your crown   On your hair of raven-blue bound Swooning to my...Read On


My Soul

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploratio

I guess it’s in me somewhere, hovering, waiting, perhaps between heartbeats, or underneath my breath, hiding where it can’t be seen, but wanting to escape with me, go somewhere, perhaps over the rainbow where bluebirds fly.   Sometimes, I wonder if it’s really there, or just a notion I’m supposed to believe like Santa Claus. Sometimes, I want it to speak to me, tell me it's there,...Read On


Two Lovers

As everything does, so does love. Brick by brick. That wintry day, you came into my life. Conquered my soul, as you won my love. With one short sentence, you layed my heart asunder. Life became good, spring through fall. Two grew becoming one, love in full bloom. Waiting hand in hand, two tickets for the next train. With a pen, he writes, on the brick floor. Kansas City to...Read On


Words From The Glades

Deep within my shadow's soul, words from the glades Of dawn's crotchet as you smooth the beast of my pen With your lips of the bayou's mysteria As we kiss beneath cypress and Spanish moss Feeling the pulse of the midnight moon And the sentinels of Mother Nature As your breath lay comfort on my vanity With a metamorphosis of the cicada's octave Deep within my shadow's soul, words from...Read On


Ferry Me A Rainbow

Ferrying me a rainbow across the dawn And the warm ripples of your heart With your lips as the emissary As the lotus awakes with tea of dew With petals of love over the pekoe And September's floss of your eyes Making love in a tree house of a bonsai Ferrying me a rainbow across the dawn With the way of the Shinto The flux of our vessels Fusing seamlessly in rapture While...Read On


My Intuition Speaks to Me

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

  Listen to me when I speak to you, tells you what you need to hear, whispers in your ear when others tell you what to do and you’re uncertain, on the fence, bewildered.   Close your eyes and listen to me with your heart; trust me more than you trust yourself; know I’m your dearest friend, dearer than your wife, now ex, although she listened to hers more than you do, I’ll know...Read On


My Mind

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

Sometimes I’m in a jungle tripping over vines, shoving my way through bushes, looking for a path, wondering if there is one and asking with every breath where am I?   Other times my mind is an eagle high above the trees and mountains, soaring over lakes, my heart filled with sky, my eyes searching for the nourishment I need, wanting to dive deep into the pools inside.   So...Read On


Perfection Complete

My dancing paramour

It's a holiday in Corfu When her arms encircle me. And the pulsing of her bloodstream Sending trembles through my flesh, She's perfection most complete. There's a pause, I see her smiling With a twisting of her head, Like a virtuoso's oboe in an Albinoni piece, She's perfection most complete.  Are my paramour's dreams singing, Are they sketching far away, Does she know that with her...Read On


Sweet Love Train

The speakers crackled as the booming female voice announced, “Sweet Love Train leaving in five minutes.” The doors clacked open As the conductor stepped outside.   “All Aboard!” he bellowed in his deepest baritone. I watched as the passengers lined up to board. I stood helplessly without a ticket, As each handed him their golden pass and boarded.   Young couples. Older couples....Read On


The Pond's Platter

Chattering in the woods among the wildflowers And the wind setting the tone of these hours As day turns to a dark magenta Dancing in shadows of the Milky Way And your throne of the mushroom chair With an essence of stars as potpourri Echoing off the pond's platter We made love in woods of lord's bungalow Sipping ginseng tea on a bed of aloe Reflecting in your crimson eyes, so rare   ...Read On


Birthdays Suck

Birthdays come and go ever so quickly now I sit and ponder my age And wonder when I will be under the plow   Every year I dread the day I can’t believe its here again I am thrilled knowing it is not here to stay   Why do we have to have a day to remember our birth I never asked to be here anyway Can’t we skip over the memory of giving our mothers girth   I am sure our moms...Read On


The Unexplainable

a poem of exploration from my collection Geography of the Mind

I haven't got a clue where the first waves began, the ones I'm walking through on this amazing day, and wish I knew how the sky became so blue, how these palm trees grew from seeds that came from who knows where, or why I love to rhyme, make music with my words, say what's on my mind and breathe the air, feel the breeze my eyes can't see, loving how it comes and kisses me, soothes my skin,...Read On


During the Day

Why I work nights

It's so noisy during the day When all the humans are out with their planes and their trains, trucks, guns, and boats How do you think during the day when all the humans are out playing music, sky-diving, motorcycle riding,  talking real loud through surround sound How do you sleep during the day when all the humans are out  power-washing windows and building new roads, yelling...Read On


Talisman Brush

In face of the coming dusk that I find sensual As the winds whistle, blowing through the trees  A ballad of songs as the leaves arabesque In October shade of Winter's Aconites With a scent of sangria and autumn peach Alone in our cozy beneath the harvester moon And as your jade green eyes luminesce Corn stalks promenade as we kiss Before the frost paints the landscape With a talisman brush...Read On



I used to read books once It had a beginning, a middle, and an end Now I just type a bunch of letters Then hit send.   I used to carry photos They made my wallet fat Now I just slide back and forth on my phone I guess that takes care of that.   I used to have lots of change And hunt for phone booths to call Now I just call wherever I’m at I don’t have to have change at all.   ...Read On


My Mind Is Like A River

from my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

Sometimes, the stars and moon and nighttime air are so perfect that being there in those moments is like being blessed, and I breathe them in as fully as I can and hold them in my heart and mind as a precious time, a sacred time when I feel the universe within, but then my thoughts get invaded by mundane  thoughts that come like uninvited guests to remind me to buy dish detergent, ...Read On