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If Only

If only, my dream wasn't loneliness, and the stars were chandeliers, if only, visions of you in my teacup of dreams, if only, for a moment, please.   But dark is a lonely demon, if only, left to fester without psalms, for the truth is in the Good Book, if only, you would come upstairs. If only, in my memory you not age, and my mind doesn't grow cold, if only,   up with the dawn of you in...Read On


Deep in my Heart

reliving a beginning

So deep within my heart When did that implant begin? That haunting smile On lips of such promise? Or the subtle depths Of those laughing dark brown eyes So sensual when the time was right? Maybe your mobility caught the eye   The lilt and the sway. Of hip and thigh. Then add delicate gentility of touch When fingers first intertwined. While that lustrous raven black hair Swayed...Read On


Brigadoon By The Sea

In all my dreams of sleeping You will be there next to me In our Wee Willie Winkie Of Brigadoon by the sea   A shadow's twilight Beneath the sovereign oaks In the hallowed woods Of a lovely meadow green In your arms of open alms Of Brigadoon by the sea  ...Read On


Beneath The Coo Coo

Soft and sweet they are, your lips of crimson for a kissable at midnight in the land of holly by the sea of blue tides, the color of your eyes     as your breath takes me away beneath the stars In flew the coo-coo of our happiness   From a jar of golden moonbeams a distant far   on clouds of dreams of woodwind harps   and love letters in the sand dated 1979 For a kissable at midnight in...Read On


Meg's New Sonnet

The odor of love fills the air

Her natural scent imbues him with a need, As blooming flowers in the fields of May Intoxicate his mind and heart, indeed, Refreshing, craving on a summer day. His natural scent creates a homey clime It make his body feel so safe and warm. Aromas linger from their pillow time At night, in dreams, she's safe within his arm.  Addictive passion rises to new heights. Fierce love, desires to...Read On


Scots Greys Forward

Wake to fire and thunder. As the earth trembles. Coffee and hardtack. Light blowing rain. Bugles calling. Rattle of drums.   Orders barked. Mighty mounts. Hoofs pawing. Saddles await. Cheering troopers. Look to the sergeants.   Shakos pulled down. Power kept dry. Sabres flashing. Horses at the walk. Greys wheel right. Churning mud.   Sound of battle. Time to be joined....Read On


Worth His Salt

Sleepless nights of sins, angels fanning winds, as I lay awake with shadows in dreams, perhaps in the bowels of hell, I dwell, whispering, dark rivers of my heart. In narrows of my mind running through veins, of a chatoyant moon lusting for green eyes, without shame into the despair of vassals, Tragedy her name, deep as the oceans. With passions risings in the ink of my well, Tragedy rocks...Read On


The Lies

When every time ... whatever ...

Miss you Every moment that I'm with you Happiness lights up my heart The daily smile and laughter That I used to fake becomes real Adore you Giving out sweetness all the time Receiving words of care from you Grows within my romantic soul With a smile every night as I sleep Love you The lonely tears I used to shed Dried up from your loving words The insecurities I used to have  Vanished...Read On


My Love For You Is True

True love

My love for you is deep my love for you is strong my love will keep you going to the place where you belong   My love for you will never fail my love for you will uplift my love will keep you satisfied never lost or alone or cast adrift   My love for you will keep you my love for you will save you my love will keep you safe and warm my love for you is true   My love for you...Read On


Until, You Are Warm Again

The night was chilled against your pale skin of midnight calling feeling your breath a deeper shade of lust in my veins as my fingers slipped between your folds The moon was yellow like an old cur dog as rime ice hung on the pumpkins of vines all in a row like ducks with a widow's veil of winter's frost   Feeling your breath like tentacles caressing conjuring promises of promiscuity atop...Read On


A Comedy

Sometimes life...

When I was young and loved humor Comedy was a movie that I knew  Where I would be laughing out loud While watching with glee the whole time Growing up, that belief had changed Comedy was a funny stage play Where you could watch people act While the ending was comically tragic Life has been sometimes like that It started with laughter and smiles But the ending was now so painful Even...Read On


Light in my hand

Are the fireflies dead? I have not seen them since I was a child. Are they wounded? Are they leaving us like the butterflies? Do you think they are fallen angels or faeries? Oh, how they danced for me weaving living lightly through my fingers. Like the butterflies do they weave chaos in the afterglow of the Aurora Borealis? Have you watched two dance in a jar? What joy they brought me...Read On


She Waves At Trains

What's not to love

My lady is so naive she still waves at trains whenever they pass by just hoping that the engineers might see and someday, perhaps, to make her day they'll pull the whistle loudly just for her. Just for her. So shy is she in normal ways but those fellows are quite far away, so she feels free, so free to be the funny young girl she'll always be. She'll never change. She rattles on about...Read On


You have to know why first

In sorrow we pay our deepest respect. There is tragedy in joy. Numb in endless ways. Find solace in bright stars. Find as the shaman say the face of your buda. The cost with out is one bright penny. Some play at humanity some ride the light. Tumble with me. See hope shine. Walk with these few words. Do a kind deed, perhaps. I know time holds us like a straight jacket. The earth...Read On


Sweet Sunrise

Eastern Skies

  Sweet Sunrise of the Eastern Skies my heart beats fast for your sweet sighs   I long for you but you wont hear me time and place keeps me far away   Your beautiful eyes your wonderful body as you dance and sing for the world to see   I am smitten by you I wont ever hold you or look into your eyes but in my dreams I will   Each time I see you my heart beats faster and...Read On



Remembering the days, fleur-de-lis, when the winds of October whistled, and leaves turned to brown before touching the ground. Turning to mulch to keep you warm, as you sleep in a garden of stones, with winter peas, as green as your eyes, but the lily is still there. The one with petals that made you smile, as we made love beneath the blue skies, and the Milky Way is now your...Read On


Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice for two

She was perplexed and in pain she had spent a great deal of time writing a love story to her man and he had said nothing about it   She was waiting on the terrace in her pretty white frilly lace dress sure to please him when he arrived home from work that day   Her heart was filled with fire deep desire and passion and he seemed oblivious to that but she hoped things would change ...Read On


The Ghostly Mist

White Mist

I wrote this before but now its more real more real than ever before the white mist came by one night and scared me right to the core   I gulped hard and fear gripped me as the mist went to and fro and before it changed direction I ducked down way below   I looked back up to see it go and then flip around and come back the hairs on my neck stood out outside the night so black  ...Read On


The rains at fall

The rain in furry.  I am solotude. All I do is count the drops as they wind and fall. Lightning and thunder command the sky. I witness the ribbons of wind as they lash the sleeping trees. I am at a place of inner concentration that I can not share but wish to. There is no rage but the coal burns. I am focused. Hands clean my soul hurts and weeps. You see no blood in the storm. I am...Read On


Take from me this poetry

It is meritocracy It is cumbersome. It demands too much of my blood. I don't care about these words any more, nor does anyone. It grinds out like shards of cheese. I cant. I don't want to. All I do is whine and hurt. Drugs are better. ... Perhaps death has one more poem to be written on my gravestone "Here lay pauper and a poet - he loved being nither."    ...Read On

The Dark Web

A place where it's dark Nobody knows how to find Information can be marked Criminals lurk behind There's no way to check How do you get there It's really quite high tech All we are is quite aware Sinister people buying information Stealing our identities Causing lots of aggravation They're our number one enemies The dark web is scary Is your information there We're all very wary The dark...Read On


It's The Twilight, Stupid

It's twilight that brings me pain, embalmed next to whatsername, with a splash of thunder in the rain. In the darkness, I'm so vain, six feet from spade to ponder, all alone in the yonder. In a mahogany box of sinful wood, with moths and dried earth, and a case of acid reflux. Dressed in a tux with a boutonnière, embalmed next to whatsername, but she never looked so blue. Because she...Read On


Taste Of Oreos

When silence is nearing the ground, like falling leaves of a glider, swaying in a cradle of love, suspended on strings. With a brush of breath touching,   from the dew of your lips, in the Winter of our Spring, a taste of Oreos....Read On


Raising The Hairs

Embracing desires cold shivers of winter's born, in the darkness of my mind like splintered wood, kindling fires with a Pinocchio nose. Here lies the voice of green eyes in the shade, with a broken heart of permafrost on the pane, of cold fears in my lies. Between dreams, and candle shells of pale, of freezing rain with angel wings, as love never fails. Slowly a shadow departs floating in...Read On


Spooky Night

Black cat hissing

Full Moon Crisp fall night Leaves swirling Jack-O-Lantern Eerie grinning Owl hooting Black cat hissing Goblins and Ghosts Cowboys and Princesses Laughter and wonderment Kit Kats Baby Ruth's Peanut Butter cups Dragging bags of treats Door to door Children screaming Trick or Treat      ...Read On


The Sacred Words

In the Twilight hours I struggle with my words So wanting to scream them out and let them know what I need to do to live.   Those words are part of me a part of who I am  closing those doors brings pain as those words they need to be   Shutting down that part of me is tearing me apart the part of me that wants to live and never more depart   I am not allowed to write those words...Read On


A Baby to Love

A baby is a special blessing

A baby to fill your hearts with joy Whether it may be a girl or boy    A baby for you to cuddle and love Little one sent to you from above    Bottles and diapers and so much more With little eyes you know you'll adore    Laughter and crying and sleepy at night Morning smiles that will make it alright   A life you hold in the palm of your hand That helps make your own life so grand ...Read On


Silence Of Chloroform

In our dark place of silence, where ravens don't dare, she calls me.   Calls me to the window, of eternal moors and spirits,   whispering with a face of no name.   In gothic shades of pale, and midnight blue, the moon looks down on her loveliness. In the silence of our Chloroform, laying down to sleep in our tureen, waiting for life to begin. In closed-caption of lullabies, where...Read On



Sometimes life...

People are just like clouds That float above the sky Without real direction But beauteous from afar Winds can push us forward And then may push us back Might even be the ones That scatter us apart Sometimes they blow gently To make us into one Other times much stronger Thus breaking us in twain Sometimes there is darkness It makes it hard to see Even light in slivers Can barely...Read On


Sassy and Sweet

  Some people did not know what to call her she was a mixture of sweet sixteen and a touch of incredible maturity No one knew where she came from but they knew when she left   No one could explain her appearance and her generous sunshine smile willing to be  a help in all ways no matter the time of day or the cost and never asking for things in return   She was a bit sassy and...Read On