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We all need more time

We all watch time as it drags as it slips we are not the master of time at a young age count the time till your 16 then 21 time walking down the aisle the sound of your child at birth time happy and sad good with the bad walking together hand in crippled hand toward your setting sun time holding his hand pleading don't leave we aren't finished we just need more time.    ...Read On

The Rabbit Hole

She climbs out of her dark chamber  Searching for warmth and light Tired of the cold and darkness  Ready for a brand new sight    Inching her way onwards Determined to find freedom  She sheds her old skins  Yet remembers where she’s from    Facing the days and nights alone  Fearing only herself again  Will she continue to conquer her mountains  Or has she finally reached hell’s...Read On


It starts with a kiss

Whatever honey  drips from my lips  would taste infinitely sweeter  if pressed into a kiss So kiss me with abandon  and hear the song my heartstrings play  that I might hold you tight  and let the beat take our breath away Until I can finally wake  to your beautiful face pull you tight  into my embrace  Look at you  through eyes unwaveringly adoring  kiss you deeply  and bid you good...Read On


Kiss from a rose

I receive a kiss from a rose

A kiss from a rose, On a beautiful sunset night As the sun casts down, It’s golden rays of light. Upon the cotton candy clouds, Turning them bright red; fire red As they dip into the sea, Disappearing over the horizon. As the waves crashing, Upon the cliffs  Breaking the silence, As my English Rose kissed me. As we held each other, In a lovers embrace Locking lips as we kissed, Sealing...Read On


Every little thing

  You've touched my heart  to my very soul. You came into my life  and made me whole.  I wish I could lie down beside you  when each day is done,  and wake up to your face  in the soft light of the rising sun. I've held you tight in my arms and kissed your lips in a dream, I'll love you from morning till night  and every fraction of a second in between. It's not because you're...Read On


Will You Wait For Me

Will you wait

Will you wait for me. It was the question Spoken in a whisper in the dark. The answer was yes, I'll wait for you, No matter how long I'll wait. She dried her tears after the call Telling her the news. She knew. He was gone. Before the call She felt her heart slowly breaking. But she smiled Through the pain Recalling the special memories. The nights of love, The passion they shared. ...Read On



  I picture you dressed all in white a veil on your head  and unspoiled  as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat, As I gaze at your ethereal silhouette through the Vaseline glaze of tears in my eyes. Frozen in place  and not daring to move. Afraid I might wake and find everything has vanished from this dream place. Dare I tempt my heart  with these images? Stoke...Read On

Reaching The End

How does one know when it’s time to face eternity.  Do you feel a tug deep within your soul. Is there a feeling that reaches beyond sensitivity. That tells you, that you’ve reach the end of the road.   Will the angels sing your heartbeats song.  Tugging at every nerve within. Brightly letting your soul shine past the fog. As your heart  feels it’s own end.   Do you see the world...Read On


In My End Is My Beginning

In the days of my hedonistic youth I set my sails to cross the wine dark seas To find the lands of the lotus eaters, There to sate my sybaritic desires On the luscious fruits just waiting for me To pluck and gorge in a carnal orgy Of untrammelled depravity and lust, Living only for each new sweet climax. For a decade or more I spent my life In search of yielding luscious bodies To conquer...Read On


This Moment

Her faith is all she has left...

The tears stream down her face  as she remembers the detailed news  The doctor gave to her  She lays on the bed Curled up tightly into a ball  Her knees hugged to her chest.  As she begins dealing with her nightmare  The memories of her past flash before her eyes  And she realizes she has never been as alone as She feels right now, in this instance.  Her family are all too caught up in...Read On


To The Eternity

We regret, repent and remorse only when we have lost exhaustively.

I gaze at you taciturnly all of a sudden. Expecting to see the geniality eyes again with which makes me feel so warm. The day before we reunite in the endless journey, I will evermore cherish the memory of you. The reminiscence of the difficulties we had gone through together. That was faded away gradually. I just remember the laughter which was caused by you majority. Only if the...Read On


Holding hands

Sunrise or sunset, blue skies or rain one thing will always be true I simply want to be able  to hold hands with you There will always be time for passionate kisses and gazing deep into your eyes but nothing can replace the intimacy of walking hand-in-hand, together through our lives It's not quite holding you close but it certainly strengthens our connection our fingers laced together...Read On


Music Amongst The Ruins

Music and love can rise from the ruins

If there were no love in the world Would we all erect a dwelling Sound proofing it's walls Deadening the music Maybe furnishing it with darkened rooms Lined with tarnished fixtures So bleeding hearts can blend and disappear unnoticed A place where fresh scars cannot be seen A refuge where agonizing screams are silenced outwardly On the outside showing a facade resembling paradise ...Read On


His Kiss

A kiss means more than just a kiss

He left today without a kiss He was running late It is but a kiss you say But now I'm in dismay Why? You ask, It’s just a kiss But it's his kiss that starts my day, Without it I am empty  And now I’ve lost my way Maybe he doesn’t realize  how important his kiss may be I try to continue on my way But I’ve surly lost my day I move around the house,  lost in total disrray When suddenly...Read On


Risen from the Ashes

She has risen from the ashes

There was a girl, So perfect and sweet So very beautiful, With beauty that  Shines so bright. She grew stronger, Day by day Finding a place  Where she could grow To withstand everything, That was thrown her way.   She withstood the fiercest storms The thunder, the hail, the snow She was much stronger Than before, blossoming Into a beautiful rose. How could she possibly survive, She opened...Read On



It was your nature. Walking to the edge. Lifting your foot into temptation. Always pulling back at the last minute. This time was different. Stepping forward instead of back. The rush of excitement. The exhilaration of taking a chance. Too late the danger recognized. Falling. Unable to halt the descent. The darkness swallowing you. Tumbling into the endless blackness. ...Read On



Mercy isn't just for God

Do you hear her scratching?  As you rest upon your bed? Do you hear her whining? As your nightly dreams descend? She rises on her hind legs,  Pawing at your door. Lonely and forgotten,  Unknowing why she is ignored. Did you throw her ball today? Or did you watch the set? She loves you all the same, you know, So why do you neglect? She is just dog, you say, She will be just fine. What...Read On


Morning Drug

Wake to my drug next to me  close reach out first touch my drug stirs as I inhale my drug smiles soft kisses as I taste my drug coffee brewing breakfast tray to serve my drug to have one's drug beside you on your journey  ...Read On


This Place

There is this place. Magical. Mythical. Legendary. A place where, The breeze is warm. Where the scent of lavender fills the air. A place where, When you close your eyes, Only the hum of bees, And the chirping of birds is heard. There is this place. Where troubles are cast aside. Where pain is forbidden. Where anger and hate is denied. A place where laughter is your only response....Read On


Lightning Bugs

Love should be more than a flash in the dark.

Like Fire Flies dancing in the night, Desperate lovers flit about,  finding each other in random glory.    Two become one, merging their luminescence Into a brilliant flash of radiant bliss,  Bravo, to them I say,  filled with joy that they've found their mate.   But all too soon their lightning dims  and they part again,  Dancing in the dark until a new pair  meet and glow anew.  ...Read On

Recommended Read

When Shall We Wake?

An ode to a departed friend and poets everywhere

When shall we wake?  Shall we wait, wringing our hands, Until our last child smiles no more? Shall we wait until he’s gone to war?  Shall we wait, with a self-righteous tear,  as last he feels his mother's love, And ends his life  in the streets of our City’s  empty heart? When shall we wake? Shall we wait, clicking our tongues  as the newsman tells of the old woman who suffered in the...Read On

His princess

Heat rushing to my face He said yes My dear god  He actually said yes   After so many years No being repeatedly  Sent my way  But now I am entranced   I can’t move  I can’t breathe  My knees begin to shake  My heart in a rhythmless dance   Tears of joy flowing  Down my face  Onto my neck  Beyond my breast    Yes ... he answered Am I dreaming  Have I finally awaken  ...Read On


My love is over pouring  Into my hands  Like oil  From an alabaster box   Knees so weak  From traveling  Long, rocky roads  To this point in our lives   My feet are scarred From jagged edges  Broken pieces  From trials and failures   But we held on  Never giving up A love so strong  We couldn’t let go   I am so full of your love Drowning in bliss Thankful of the years ...Read On




ILLUMINATI TESLA AUTOMATON  One day, through the window of his mind's inner eye, He will dive in and fight the final fight. But, it won’t be a game for the lighthearted thrill-seekers It will be an indulgence for the truly battle-worn. The tested soldier is what this is about. For If the ideas were supposed to stick in a man’s mind; If a man was to make his way back to mankind From...Read On


Nobody’s perfect

I dedicate this poem (and confession) to Cara

There's lots of things I love you for And many things I don’t You tell me that you’ll try to change I realise that you won’t   I love your long brown shiny hair Each strand is oh so fine As I pull them out the shower drain I know that they’re not mine   The shower fairy comes each day Wet towels hang on the door She cleans up all your footprints Where you pad across the floor  ...Read On


Creek Stones

In state of being contrary to morality Ripples of my mind reflect your kiss Like a prism's stream over an idyllic rainbow As my head rest against cypress knees Stretched out on plews near creek stones  With memories confined to our illicitly As sins of the labyrinth twist And aura of your silhouette caress With the eloquence of your speak  In words of poetic evolution Tucked in my mental...Read On


Distance Dream continues 3 set

Till his Queen calls

The old warrior returns to his dream Erin sits with her tea watches over him. As the steamer rounded the Cape on its final leg to India.  The veterans looked out over the sea, packing their pipes for a morning smoke. Some thought of home or who they left back behind.  Sean thought of his new bride. Her button nose, curve of her waist and green eyes more beautiful than the isle from which...Read On


Date night

Every evening with the one you love

I would love to kiss your lips when they're moist with wine  and painted red with desire.  Gaze into your eyes where your love smolders  glowing with passions fire. Feel your bodies warm alabaster flesh  burn against mine in a romantic embrace  imaging strands of your hair tangled and enmeshed  veiling desperate kisses all over my face. Not for me the cold calm kiss  of a virgin's...Read On


Love And War

There is a battle raging inside you, It’s beating you down, Until you forget which side you’re on, You punish me with your internal war. The war, The constant tug-of-war, Causing endless battles, All between yourself, And I’m caught in the middle. The Middle, Tearing you apart, Tearing me down, Tearing us apart. The battle of do I stay or do I go? Go, Going, gone, Such a small but...Read On



Need your voice Need your smile Need your touch Need your hand Need your heart Need your soul Need your scent Need your all Wait Phone Text Letter No more Need YOU now    ...Read On