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We are but lanterns burning with limited fuel amidst  the darkness   To burn illuminate  slowly fade and die   Leaving nothing  but darkness in our wake once more ...Read On


Past the Dust

Before you, blues were just blues, And love was just love. Flowers were just flowers, And the sun was just light, And the ice, just crystals Weighing down the mighty boughs. Bodies were just bodies, Molded from mud of telluric ash, Returning as dust, At the journey’s end. Before you, love was just love. And in the morn, ahead of the moon, The heavens would spread its gold. And the ice...Read On


The Gulls

High above

Again, another V-shaped formation one after the other and as the sun sets there is that one last rush before silence descends.   In the east the last lingering afterglows of the sunset brighten the horizon as another squadron crosses the sky.   And a lone gull following behind and above the others joined by another flying their own way like us.  ...Read On


On the frontier

Sturdy Jake harnessed

I packed my kilt away. Hung my trusty bess, on the wall. Drank deep from the well. Sturdy Jake harnessed, Joe, loyal Joe by my side. Thirty acres wait. Wheat to wave in the wind, Corn to give cover. Work to be done, on God's beautiful earth.   ...Read On



At the sight of you I falter, My facade slips I clench my jaw so my tongue doesn't push  The string of hollow words from between my lips. Stifling the sharp letter, I feel them slashing, Punishment for keeping them silent. Clawing at my throat in a need to escape  The place that holds no light. They pierce my heart with their jagged edges In the last feeble attempt to be set free....Read On


Forgive This Poem

Sometimes it’s not what you think.

This poem will start with an “I’m sorry” But it will not be meant  Because yes it hears the birds chirping And sees the flowers sway in the warmed breeze The sun is shining upon its face But the same sun burns and ages the skin   The heart of this poem does not sing Its words are darker than just blue It sees the storm as it approaches This poem welcomes the rain Tonight the moon...Read On


Tender Leaves

Divine darkness in my keep from my cold coffin's oblivion,   inside looking out. Feasting in my dreams as the dusk awaits, in reflections I swoon. From the shadow of thorns, and sins of my father lusting petals of virgins. As their innonence moans, thirsting for my demons   neath the velveteen moon. From my cold coffin's oblivion,   and the shiny tea quarters, forever, my vampire love. As...Read On


Amongst the Arabian sands

Love is a treasure that is so great to find

There was a love worth finding Amongst the vast Arabian desert  Hidden in the warm golden sands A gold rush worthy of being chased A treasure so rich to find More than a carat of diamond To have won over my heart When I found you, my love. In the heart of nowhere evermore To have walked a thousand miles barefoot  On sands, hot like embers on a fire With the wood crackles and sparks Like...Read On


Inglorious Window Pane

Inglorious window pane Raining down condensation With a brume of breath As the crickets fiddle A smitten eye host As warmth of the hearth Tickles my innards Lusting of the midnight hour For your sourdough biscuits   Over charcoal briquettes Sipping from the flagon In peaceful delight In love with my Emily As you fill my pipe with weed Inglorious window pane    ...Read On


I hate and I love

How can this paradox be?

The poet wrote "Odi et amo." I love and I hate, the paradox, that love involves hate, the twins conjoined.   The torment came, and he understood nothing, just his pain which spewed out  in immortal verse setting in stone the passing emotion.   Did it pass, could it? That jealousy across millennia speaking now to hearts aflame with love, and yet insecure and vulnerable.   For...Read On


Songs of Seasons from the Past

It is singing in our senses

Hear the melodies of seasons from the past Hum along the verdant pathways in my mind Subtle tempers of the years That may echo with a chanting With ballades of gentle cooing in my ears  Warbling Purring with seduction in my ears Like the insects  They are chirping They are whirring As I listen As I hear Heeding all the soothing calling They are offering An oblation Expiation Of the music  ...Read On


Tongue Of Song

  This the season of query, eventide of the moon's shadow composing tomes of forgotten bones of poets past, lusting for thirst of the blue veins with a wicking flame of tallow in suet of dark refrain. As my muse gently digest with her head upon my chest     in memories of dusk as the sun rest,   as I sip the sweet Madeira, and the tides of nights feed my quest. And as the lord's of lore...Read On


Desolation Row

Decay and not decay

If there were shops selling postcards of the hanging, they are closed.   Past the fire station, a shell like the library and the shiny new police station.   The vicarage stands in that row it, too, a shadow of past glories. Ozymandias.   Onto the temple of magnificence where we are saved but for what?   Numbered, processed stripped, gowned the posters exhort us.   Be...Read On


Meadows And Golden Rye

With a whisper calling me silently as if a breath of soul quietly, touching my conscious being because that's the way it remained. In blue heaven without a name, just forget-me-nots with a kiss, in a garden of our Gethsemane as the winds blew God's calliope. Singing a song as dew drops rained over meadows and golden rye,    on the sweet bye and bye   with a smile in my eye. That's the way...Read On


Le Point Vierge

Still, small point

In the darkness shrouded, stranded out on its vast ocean alone but for    my thoughts, which swirl then dwindle like water as it leaves the shower,   washed clean, stripped of all but you as the night closes in on me.   Nothingness is still it seems some thing like a billion points of light conjoining.   At that point the dark begins the shift to light the virgin point  ...Read On


The lidless eyes

Insomnia strikes

Across night's wastelands my lidless eyes survey the endless expanses while sleep is a distant memory.   The world around me sleeps but my eyes are lidless my brain whirring and the urge foreign.   I have forgotten how to sleep or even feign it as it drifts away and the slow night ebbs   towards the point the light begins to change imperceptibly, slowly then unmistakeably.  ...Read On


Veranda Of A Rickshaw Hauling

On God's veranda of a rickshaw hauling Neath an umbrella of sweetening snow falling Like a warm feeling on a summer night Shimmering like a leaf on a tree With Zephyr of a breeze touching my lips From behind a gossamer's shade And electrifying fingers that breathe With earth's potpourri of petals and dew Neath an umbrella of sweetening snow falling With the essence of ambrosia in your scent...Read On


Love calls you by your name

The gaps

And what then? The end of the flight, the life led, the things done and thought, of these naught is said.   Did they not matter? To whom did they not matter? Did She not tell Luke or did Luke not pay it any mind?   So too, the silences between times we meet and love, and the way love grows in them, and we with it grow too.   It is not always the talking or the telling, it is...Read On



Dark seance of winter's frost speaking with the dead while holding hands feeling knuckles of the bones, daddy's going to buy you a Jack-in-the-Box, with windup spring that sings. And if that Jack-in-the-Box don't sing, daddy going to buy angel wings.  While holding hands feeling knuckles of the bones daddy's going to buy you a new cellphone, and if that phone don't ring, daddy will buy...Read On




Where is safe? Whence our journey? With slaughter upon us flight is needful; but where?   We cannot know why they chose Egypt once a place of peril as their refuge.   But needing refuge  I found in the actions  of love, my route and also my guide.   We know nothing but they went and returned, as though  the intervening time  was as naught.   In refuge, I found not only...Read On



Dark has seized my insomnia of withering night shades, confessing of past doggerels with chilly-boos and my pen. While sipping a wee bit of cider in deep purple among the hemlock, as the glockenspiel seizes, and the keys go belly up. And as my words of gloom flounder with a voucher of old men rising, furloughed from the house of chagrin, with cataracts on my pen.   In conversation...Read On



the journey

A hard coming they had of it just the worst time of the year the poet said which is why they made it.   They could not have known that, they knew only the star and had faith it meant something and so it is with us.   We have faith that the journey is worth making we see the star and a hard time we had of it.   Just the worst times of all, so many perils and landslides and...Read On


Neptune's Glider

In the aquarium of my mind's keep hearing echoes from the sea, and you whispering to comfort me,   collecting seashells by the sea. With the tides of dawn cresting to the edge of the deep waters, and the lords of blue aqua pipe with seashells of poetic flutes. In silence of the dark abyss floating to tunes of lunar moons, drifting in dreams on my horizon, as if Neptune's glider in my sleep. ...Read On



My life began in decades passed Nearly seven if I’m not mistaken My head was bowed and my eyes downcast My future I thought forsaken   My crying eyes ran out of tears Fists clenched in open defiance No longer would I be controlled by my fears It was up to my own self-reliance   Changes made came without tribute Nor did I lay claim to rewards As years flew by I became more astute...Read On


Loss And Gain?

Never glad confident morning

For the sake of her brown eyes, you left me, For the arch of the brows on her face, For the curve of her breasts, For the thrill of the chase, For the adrenaline rush And the call of the new. But adrenaline rushes, The new becomes old And who then my love Will you have and hold? And should you return With reality dawning, It can never be Glad confident morning again. Gold does not...Read On


Mr. Grim

Out on the rooftop the reaper was peeping with blood on his mind. While down the chimney fall the mice were sleeping dreaming of cheese, and Roquefort dressing. Every night was Christmas for Mr. Grim, and his eight tiny curmudgeons. Awakening and rising sitting straight-up in bed feeling the shakes of the frigid gloom. Perhaps it was just... Quicker than a flicker with a finger...Read On


My Lover Desires Me

A love story whose origin is the Marshes of Glynn

Of sweet tea and southern charm, With honeysuckle and red clay, As peaches ripen in the Georgia sun, My lover desires me. As catfish nibble an empty hook, In a hole 'neath a rusting bridge, As young men ripen in the Georgia sun, My lover desires me. As her charm soothes my savagery, With sweet tea upon her breath, As her womb ripens in the Georgia sun, My lover desires me. The Marshes...Read On


When the sea and shingle meet

When lovers meet love

Across the shingle beach the flints and pebbles cause  my feet to slip, and the oyster catcher’s cry ripples the dawn sky.   My feet tread with care, the path to the sea, with the dogs running on boisterously through the puddles and the mud.   Of a sudden, the path slides to the sea, which tosses the shingle up the beach, before dragging it noisily back down.   And across...Read On


Day After

Christmas is over Hip-hip-hooray! Now burn down the tree Put the wrappings away!   Now everyone get outta my home You ate all my food and drank all my booze I try and be nice, it’s not easy for me And now I’m a bomb with a very short fuse   The house is a mess with scraps all over The same ol’ tie and the same ol’ cologne We could skip this day if it was up to me Now it’s time...Read On


So Many Lies

What's to be done when we are one

So many secrets, so many lies, So many times we hid from their eyes. Something about you, elegant grace, Drew me to try to light up your face.  When will you seek me, when will you come. When may we speak up, stop playing mum. Watching the finches, flutter and feed Outside my window, filling their need. Think of tomorrow, what it may bring, Winter's upon us, far from our spring. Just...Read On