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In Shadows Of The Moonlight

  In shadows of the moonlight Nell'ombra del chiaro di luna We danced all night to acolytes In hours of the belfry rung As doves of summer cooed   Where apostles now rest In shadows of the moonlight Nell'ombra del chiaro di luna Making love neath an olive tree In gifted hours of the night Kissing at daybreak Baciare all'alba...Read On


Of Gods

Of gods, goss and evening tidings On the banks of the Euphrates As angels sail an August moon On wings of a zephyr's kite For whom the spirits sent   In the veins of the sand With an idyllic kiss With gypsum fair and locks of gold And lips of scented crimson Beneath the chameleon dusk Of gods, goss and evening tidings And night songs of the wold Making love in Babylon On the river Euphrates...Read On


Virapo Vol. I - The Fourth

Virapo Vol. I is a collection of 20 poems that touch upon themes of love, loss, rage, and depression

Like mosquitoes they hover, Buzzing hither and thither. Preying on flesh, Partaking of blood, Spreading their disease. Not to live but to thrive, Not for good but to feast, Not to help but to destroy.   They call themselves not the foe, But the liberator. Stretch out your arm, Resist not the freedom, Fight not the temptation, Accept your fate.   Do as asked, Feel the...Read On


Sinful Woods

In sinful woods of forest green, where berries are sweet and pine cones scent, of butterscotch. In sinful woods of our habitat we pull love out of a hat,    making whoopee in sinful woods, on God's Ponderosa. In sinful woods of winter's spent where frost turns to gold, we kiss neath leaves of gabardine, and we sleep....Read On


Virapo Vol. I - The Third

Virapo Vol. I is a collection of 20 poems that touch upon themes of love, loss, rage, and depression

Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Buy for yourself. Live for yourself. Earn for yourself. Smile wide for all to see. This is the motto.   A material and individualistic lifestyle is the norm. No acts of goodness are tolerated. Freedom for all, Terms and conditions apply. Contact a professional for a free consultation.   Act alone, not with others. Think of yourself,...Read On


Virapo Vol. I - The Second

Virapo Vol. I is a collection of 20 poems that touch upon themes of love, loss, rage, and depression

A seething rage engulfs me. Anger, hate and spite consume me. I shake in fury, And tremble wildly.   No fairness will grace me. No justice awaits me. I stand alone, with goodness in my hand. Outstretched it went unnoticed. Withdrawn it spawned distaste. To what end is such disdain?   For ages I lived among you. Forlorn I have become. An outsider here, a stranger there. No...Read On


Forever And Ever

Whispering kisses in silence of the winds Quilted neath patches of woolen kind In our dreams of the snow-laden pines Of crystals the gods have sent As the embers hearth warm the soul And your lips fetch me your love In essence of hot brandied tea And yet, in silence of the winds Hearing the wind blow the campanelles In our dreams of the snow-laden pines Of crystals the gods have sent...Read On


Virapo Vol. I - The First

Virapo Vol. I is a collection of 20 poems that touch upon themes of love, loss, rage, and depression

You may not like what I have to say, In my story so bitter sweet, In a story filled with truth, In a book with words of rage, And a message of no regret.   You think it garbage? You think it boring? You see the idiot before you, Prostrated for your pleasure, To prick, point and disregard. His words are nothing, His talent nil. Our values attacked? Our beliefs questioned? ...Read On


Harpsichord Alluring

Watching you sleep in deep lagoon Deep lagoon of your dreams In metamorphosis of a butterfly   As I whisper to you all my love Masturbating on a prayer   As dark falls and my shadow lingers In the silhouette of a stringed marionette Neath the boughs of a weeping beech With a choir of a harpsichord alluring As my fingers in silence touch Touch your breast and gilded wings As I regurgitate a...Read On


Enthusiasm or Experience?

Perhaps a future honky tonk song

I was sittin’ by myself in a dusty little bar, Halfway ‘tween the jukebox and my broke-down car. A 20-something brunette was a drinkin’ all alone When in walked Blondie and my flesh turned to bone.   Blondie was a looker, dressed up real fine; Brownie wore glasses, was about twenty-nine. Blondie’d been around the block a time or two; Brownie wore a heart-shaped red tattoo.   Here I...Read On


Five Ways to Inner Peace

Spires of Holiness Burst beams through clouds Crisp air Refreshes my Soul   Harps and Lyres Gruntled melody through din Tympanic sound Refreshes my Soul   Incense and myrrh Invigorated scents through smoke Melded aromas Refreshes my Soul   Chocolate and peppermint Indulgence through sharpness Combining flavors Refreshes my Soul   Corduroy and suede Roughed through processes...Read On


One Moment From Gone

Don't be deceived by the dark In darkness there is shade One moment from gone In dreams of unicorns With gilded horns Forever in love's ratatouille As I suckle your breasts Resting on peacock corvets In God's eternal corral   Your sweet honey whey One moment from gone Until the dark opens my eyes    ...Read On


Shadow Of Scots Pine

When a winter's vine lay upon the fallen snow, and I in my sleepy-time hearing the wisteria calling my name in pantomime of winter's vine, in shadows of the Scots Pine. With icy fingers like boughs of the muted bark, creeping of midnight's cold garnet solstice with a valance of sweet lips of the rind, in shadows of the Scots Pine. As a mellow wind of November blows a kiss on a pane...Read On


First Kiss

all only saw an old man, but you saw so much more.

  From the first, You captured me. Placing a love hex, Around this old heart. First night, As you gave. Making my heart sing, As never before. First kiss, Needing so much more, From that first kiss. Bringing us together. After that kiss, We both knew. Our love shall never end.  ...Read On


My Gentle Lark

Forever falling the leaves of Autumn borne by breath of the seasons, like patches of quilts with wings. As fettle boughs dance in my dreams, in whey of the clouds our love brings, mon doux alouette, my gentle lark....Read On


Moon's Eye Brow

So fine the gossamer strings as specters choir an arabesque, softly the cello sings, as phantoms kiss. In silhouette as dusk blooms, shadowed by petals of dark brocade behind clouds of a moon's eyebrow, as the purple orchid winks. And softly the cello sings, the haunting of the bow of falling resin like snow, as specters choir an arabesque. In woods of spiritual love with words of...Read On


Atropos (Fate)

With the modern age, the Greek Gods returned to Mount Olympus. From time to time they still interfered with our daily lives. This is but one.   Atropos As the day starts. Mortals stumble awake. As their day starts. Fresh coffee dripping. Fast kiss and off they go. Atropos looks down, With mischief in her heart. Who shall I play with today? Shall it be Steve's thread, Or young...Read On


All In The Rain

In willow arms as my shade at peace on the mossy dew, so fair my host, dreamy, in shadow la fée verte. As the green fairy kissed me in silhouette of my view, with eyes of lover's haze,   poetically enshrined. In willow arms as my shade at peace on the mossy dew, for it's all in the rain, when the storms have passed....Read On


Wild Sorrel

Feeling under the spell of the wild sorrel And a poet's misnomer of the night On ice of my candle and ink's well As moths wear chesterfields Cultivating before morn in your arms Fingers etching in dew's condensation   As my breath blow upon your petals   In fertilization planting my seed Feeling under the spell of the wild sorrel  ...Read On

Online Princess

Just a little thought about those in online romances...

When you’re little  You never think You’ll find a prince Across a screen    You dream of castles In the sky  Riding rainbows  Learning to fly   You find a telescope And see the stars Not thinking about  Broken hearts    You hear promises In your ear  Hoping your soul mate  Will be near    How does one  Explain a miracle  In a situation so Hysterical    Is it a...Read On



With the sound of distnce hueys

Lambs As the news from today, Sink into my soul. Sound of Hueys to the west, Bring back memories. Hot August day so long ago. New green lambs, stumble out all of 19. Look at this latest batch. As you spit, Thinking one thought. Lambs for slaught. Returning to task at hand, Clean, oil and reload. As Hueys settle, No time to ask. Take a lamb with you. Store your thoughts trooper,...Read On



Reading a book from cover to cover....

  Seeing the cover of the book  Impressed by the title she read  As the top page introduce to her  The blushes and the shy smiles  Chapter by chapter of opening up  Reading her chocolates and roses  Getting closer and closer every day  Started with laughter and a touch  Excitement builds up as she licks  Her fingers to touch and caress  The turning page of her heart  To the new chapter of...Read On


The Story of Us

He strolled into her life from out of the Blue One sweet drunken text later “Take my hand baby, I got enough love for two.” She took it and slowly two hands became one  A sassybunny with a cheeky grin She captured the heart of the man of Sin Always a picture from head to toe  Even her boots are off now, you know  He slapped her ass With a cheeky grin “Keep it up and you’ll get...Read On



  In this dusk of the Cyclops moon Ringing down beams of a lantern Feeling breath of specter's shade Touching me with lip's scent This hour of proverb and tranquility Of all the words I have composed With my brazen pen of ecstasy A chorus of angels unfold Upon the dust of a resin snow As the lords in Heaven bow In Renaissance of pensive quill In motif of a ballet's grace   As I...Read On


I Glean

In meadows of amber as I glean, patters of a bouquet for Justine, with colors of a rainbow shower, cascading over a prism's light of effervescent for Justine. With the harbinger of a butterfly, and new fall pollen of snow, in slender it grace splendor of mondegreen, in my ear for Justine, and poetic ratatouille with my serendipity. Of holy sights, of my mind's chestnut rings, as a halo...Read On



Laurie, Laurie, lay your locks down low, (and smother me with cream soda kisses). Let us skip away the day, wearing only an August sunset, and dance on the Lilly pads. We’ll make love to the harvest moon, for life, is beautiful.   Laurie, Laurie, gather seeds to sow, (and get me drunk with amaretto kisses). Let us build a bonfire that burns deep, and scream each other's name into...Read On


Did You See Me Part Five

Did you see me, As I walked numb though life? I saw you. Did you see me, While the world spun out of control? I saw you. Did you see me, Sitting at my desk slumped form? I saw you. Did you see me, As the cool steel of my 45 came up? I saw you. Did you see me, As at the right moment, the phone rang? I saw you. Did you see me, As my angel talked quietly? I saw you. Did you...Read On


Breakfast In Bed

With this morning, wishing so hard it is true

The smell of toasted garlic wakes me up Opening my eyes to the sound of your voice A country love song you are singing along A smile on my lips automatically alight my face Singing again while you cook in the kitchen As I stretch my naked body in bed you came in Holding a tray of my favorite breakfast in hand Coffee, orange juice, bacon, sunny side up, Fried rice with the toasted garlic on...Read On


Cold Kegger

With icy fingers of a marauder like a pagan from hell, and the chill of a vicar's staff, as if a cold kegger of ale. My pen feigns a hector's ghost as words fertile a Gomorrah, into the eye of my inamorata, of pillars I wrote. With lusting lips playing host, up and down yearning vibes with her jacking-cough, in the night of the locust. As her carafe cradles my cock, with wings of a...Read On


To My Daughter

My hands are large, and yours are small I forget sometimes, how unsure they are In a home for adults, you make your way There are times I get angry, when you spill drink on the floor Sometimes I’m impatient, when your strides don’t match mine Hurry up, don’t spill that, are words I often say Then I remember, you’re trying your best You find wonder in the strangest things You remind me...Read On