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When You Spoke My Name

Say my name.

You said my name, it felt so intimate as if you spread some jam upon my lips and then you licked it off. The loving way you said my name had felt as if you'd kissed my center of deep sensuality. As if the simple act of naming me had been seductive, lustful, and unleashed. And all the time it came so naturally, no pretense, clean and true, just giving me completely of your heart and...Read On



They have to leave the house, the house painted so lovingly, they carry their cat with them, they already placed their dog In a kennel, till they find a place, they don´t complain, they go on, just seeing all is taken care of. And the child follows them, shaken for a minute at first, at their rapidly changing station, comforted then at their new one. They would change hotels,...Read On


Just Me

Kinda stream of consciousness, kinda not. I dunno, it's my first poem in almost two years y'all



Notes From The Greenhouse Diary

My mind is filled with poisons      hemlock cork-stopped knackered bottles      snakeroot each filled with words that burn      mandrake and smother and sharply bite       foxglove what once was pure and live      monkshood that's dying now between us      belladonna as sure as my garden grows      ...Read On


Even If...

Even if our shaken world crumbles into nothingness life goes on in the Universe. Even if the generous sun does not find us tomorrow light goes on in the Ether. Even if we cease to be our energy circles other orbs and blends into Time and Space.  ...Read On


Computer Jargon

Frustration of computer language!

Is there anybody out there, who finds it hard like me, To understand computers, each time I press a key?   It asks me silly questions, like would I like to sync? Or would I like to clear my cache? If so, then click the link.   Can anybody tell me, what is a terabyte? Is it something that will bite me? It sounds as though it might.   Every time I go online while waiting to connect. ...Read On


In Memory of Tot

Losing your best friend.

When we got him as a puppy, he was angry and afraid – a little mutt with attitude that didn’t make the grade. He wasn’t born with papers, didn’t have a pedigree, refused to follow orders – wouldn’t go outside to pee. Rescued from the system – being passed from hand to hand he needed a forever home – a final place to land. It took some time to settle in – to learn his way around, to revel...Read On


Us, now.

Bound to schedules and shifting hours, in an ever-changing background, grinding minutes for all they are worth In a shaking world of multiple duties, struggling to reach now-not-so-clear goals falling into some devouring marshes we had always managed to overlook, we go on, holding onto scraps of reality, those pitiful reminders of the life we knew.    ...Read On


Had I known

Funny how I come back to poetry to sort my thoughts

Had I known your friendship had conditions I would not have been your friend. Had I known you would not ever try to listen I would not have put effort to speak. Had I known you would use every excuse  I would not have expected more from you You want to say I lead you on You want to say I used you You want to say I'm wrong You want to say that I should talk to you And yet all I...Read On


Stay At Home Mum

light hearted view of myself

I should have seen it coming, when work began to slow. A downturn in the market, so they had to let me go.   I’ve hung up all my work clothes, embraced my new career. My new job’s sort of different, I’m a domestic engineer.   In charge of child development, on duty day and night. With my Ph.D. in tantrums, I always get it right.   The pay is non-existent and the hours can be long....Read On



The perennial rhythm of the waters, the swift gliding of birds in flight, the bright light of mid-mornings giving days some eerie insight, the lingering scent of love stories pervading the nostalgia of twilight, the lush shade of evergreen gardens, and the mysteries of clouded nights, the grinning Time switching roles just to render our dreams almost real, our small story stored in...Read On


It's Only Make-Believe

But it's only make-believe

It may be only make-believe but real enough for us until the season's sighs can drift and melt our dreams' reality. A time for us to touch. Caressing bliss with every cat-like purr of vibrant trust. We move along the patterns of the grid that maps our place, our home within this world that lives expands and grows with every smile. It's only make-believe but still, it makes us free. Enough...Read On


Diamond Ring

Does he love me, or am I just a friend?

When your friend Gives you a Diamond ring, You wonder, “Does he love Me or is he  Just being nice?” You decide not To ask, and Just find out By yourself.   After a while, You realize he Loves you so You received the Diamond ring out Of love, you Used to say, “You can't buy Love with money."   The diamond ring Was his grandmother's And now you Feel like a  Member of the...Read On



It's summer, new season, new life.

Summer is a time For new changes For new chances   Then, after a while You realize you want To spend your life With someone New, even though He's older and  You've only really Known him for  A few years.   But, summer is a time For new changes For new chances  ...Read On


Only Now Do I See

It was a time I should remember well

It is a time I should remember well, the feelings special still when I recall. It may be true the thoughts of you are spread across the years and visions do not come to me as I would wish that they might do. If you should ever pass me by I'd know that you were one so pure, so precious in my life both then and now. A magic truth that will not leave my mind and still goes on remaining in my...Read On



Just lost in nuances in busy corners of the mind and tricks of elusive memory, feeling feeble fragments   of some hidden reality,   lost in a thick dark fog,   in an already crumbling world,   holding onto some figments   of a menacing dimension,   falling into a spiralling vortex   caved into the shifting sands   of the trembling Psyche.  ...Read On


To Purge

With grief comes trauma and then the purge

  Shock rushes through your very bones   To rise and fall like waves of a restless sea   Plunging your heart deep into the cavity of an abyss   Where all those go – that are amiss   You succumb to feeling numb   The present now out of place   No trace   No hint   Not a single glint   From what once felt so real   A tangible being   To touch   To smell   To hear   … Now you feel   As...Read On


Perpetual Beauty

In those desperate moments, it takes another to see the beauty in ourselves

Gentle gaze Amazed - I seek your wisdom   Your ways of thinking I am drinking up your wondrous light Yet you sit silently bleeding Intent on believing - Your light has faded Left you jaded But all I see Looking at me Is a radiant ray of perpetual beauty  ...Read On


A Letter to Love

For who is Love? My heart knows not, I write to you to plea; Dear Love, I want to meet you now, Please grace my life with thee.   You see, I fell for Lust's disguise, and Lonely tricked me too; A fevered kiss was not enough, For nothing found was you.   I quiver when his hand holds hers, love's in his gentle kiss; He whispers you with chosen words, I ache to feel her bliss.   ...Read On


My Enemy

Anger is never your friend.

I have seen the enemy My foe, my cause to stop They are evil, no doubt irrational violence unending Their acts are heinous My anger hot as magma desirous of apoplectic revenge blackening my heart I cannot mirror their hatred Condemning my own soul Patience is my providence I will not mirror their evil Moving against my nemesis Determination as my sword The enemy is vanquished My...Read On


Deathly Love

Sometimes love is death

My heart slumbers in chains Which leave out the light- And suck in all the night     Dark and dismal   Let it be   ... can I ever be free?   Rising from ash   I crawl and grip the green earth   Savaged and beaten   I plead to be heard     Desperate to see   A little light for me   ... can I ever be free?      Challenging my own strength I am hell-bent on not giving up I’ll free myself...Read On



I once bought a bag of chips A big ol’ bag all bright and yellow I opened the bag with a pair of snips So little inside I was one unhappy fellow.   I saw a pie I really wanted A nice big box to hold it all I ripped it open completely undaunted And found a pie so pathetically small.   I ordered a tool from an online shop It took forever to come in the mail What I got made my jaw drop...Read On


Just Live in Fairyland

Seek the land of Fairies

She lives there in your Fairyland of Dreams.  She'll be there when you seek her, never fear. Don't worry, you are playing love's sweet games, the ones that keep you living life's pure joy. We realize the trust we give to those we love returns to us in manifold degrees. So keep the partnerships we have sincerely touching in communion now. No doubt we understand the differing hopes out...Read On


If You Ever...

If you ever remember our story, just don´t look for me in any place we shared, don´t try to find me again in sunlit flowery gardens, don´t hope to see me in the human tides of avenues. It is no use looking for me, I waited for you too long a time, kept the torches burning in a temple you had forsaken and I was left to see crumbling. Still, there are traces of myself in the...Read On


Prairie Suite

Let the wind lift you up on your dreaming wings

Eyes open slowly, the horizon spreading out. Awaken with joy. Bird songs whistle and fill our ears triumphantly. The prairie is alive. Blue skies above us, scarlets and ambers blending. Blossoms have appeared. Viewing the landscape as we share the atmosphere. Breathing perfumed air.  Hands entwined warmly feeling the moisture mixing. Sharing our heartbeats. Breezes carry notes; winds...Read On


Journey of the Heart Through the Loom of Life

A poem of love for Emma - my wife and companion through the years...

It began at sunrise On that Cretan Isle Playful seductive glances From the very first moment By sunset I was caught forever In the weave of your silken net My wild, gorgeous temptress   Captured by mischievous eyes Deep sumptuous pools That reeled me in and Fiendishly stole my heart Snared, I never had a chance You chose me, and I was yours My crazy, delightful girl   That...Read On


Giving Up

I don’t see colors anymore. Everything is black or grey. I don’t hear music or laughter as before. There is no difference between night or day.   The air I breathe Seems heavy and thick. And now I believe It was all just a trick.   They held the carrot just out of reach. Always running and never gaining. Sculptures washed away in the sandy beach. Endless winters constantly raining....Read On



Your warm hello hid the memory of countless goodbyes, your charming smile hid the tears you caused along your cool way, your beloved carefree manner hid the sadly shuffled steps of those you coldly discarded. and at some odd meeting point lust and desire crumbled swiftly, a castle built on shifting sands, leaving only the pale memory of a rose-scented love affair, laced with...Read On



Just pack the least, there's a long way to go. Just grab your diary, your pen, your E-reader, your mobile and sack. Your journey is long, your soles are used to dust. Do not say goodbye, you are not leaving me, I left you before in silence it was my journey in the dark.                ...Read On


Forever Kitten

She has always been my kitten

The fact that she is here with me is grand and now I call her what she has become because it simply is the way I think about her now as we grow closer still.  It may not be the way I chose to call her once upon a time but now I find that this is how I'll always see her face, eternal kitten in my thoughts and dreams. Endearing words can bring her joy I know from seeing how her eyes will...Read On