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Tent Of The Bedouins

As spirits of the hot lands and sirocco winds blow  Footprints in sands of the nomads And the papyrus across Libyan origins Feeling love in Benghazi as forest become deserts As our lips touched neath tent of the Bedouins And I suckling milk of your breast's seduction   While palms of the dunes whispered of cherubs And lines from Barry Manilow    ...Read On


Hungering For Otto

Like a metaphor, hungering for otto of a black rose. With lust of thorn and webs of petals, I am, what I am, a dark in prose. Like a metaphor, hungering for otto of a black rose. With kiss of Gothic neath the veil, I am, what I am, a dark in prose.  ...Read On


That Thing I Do

You know that thing I do...



Just A Dream

Written with Ghostreader

Am I just a dream Will I fade away Like the fog in the morning sun Or am I a lasting dream For many years to come How I want to be real Only for you Be more than a dream More than a foggy mist How I long to be real Real for you To make your wildest dreams Come true I'm sitting here quietly thinking How your sweet words have played their part Somehow I knew that they would When...Read On



Sweet little woman, I'm afraid your in a tragic trance. Even us humans, Can't be stuck in an endless dance.   Strings are stuck to your body, Like thread sew on a sheet. He makes you act like a zombie, Don't you feel incomplete?   The world watches for the outside, As you act like a porcelain puppet. And the truth is we should be horrified, That he treats like an endless budget.  ...Read On



I searched behind the harbor mist Where craving lips had once longed to kiss But fate was hiding one last twist That pillowed moment did not exist.   Dreams are meant to take you places Your mind unpacks familiar faces Grasping at the barest traces Against wakeful moments your body braces.   Each dusk begins the rushed elation To once again begin creation Head to pillow...Read On


Behind The Mask

Behind the mask, she a paradox of love, with a scent of the Cava Chardonnay    and a seductive stare of the banderillas, as we danced the Jota in the olive groves beneath a Castilian sunset dusk, not looking for a fault in a gift.    ...Read On


The Wait

Rolex don't lie.

Birds singing sun up nice bright you wait once again as before will it be by train once you did or shall you fly allow your heart to speak for you you must decide slow or fast steal a glance Rolex don't lie drink your coffee today go slow 7:15 to the city birds singing sun up warming you as you wait.    ...Read On


Dipping The Thorn

Dipping the thorn in the ink, with the ink of the rose, a petal from my lip's smiles as dew becomes the potion, the aflame of my prose. As curator of the garden voile looks down on our nakedness, in the aisles of the tiles while time dance on soil, of our briar woods. By taming my heart as we climb the trellis of love,   with the ink of the rose, carrying seeds of embryos, dipping the thorn...Read On


More than words

Taking my time cause only fools rush in...

We have been friends for years Meeting for the first time at my workplace Where you soon became a regular   We started talking day by day Our friendship grew And so did my feelings for you.   Now we talk regularly You know all about me and my life And are even head over heels about my children.   I can’t help but smile as my heart skips a beat When you come and surprise us ...Read On


For Her

Freckled maiden with the strawberry hair, Sparkles in her eyes that shine warmly. She's an angel on Earth That no one can compare.   Most loving mother of humanity, She transforms into the sun when she encounters Strangers and four-legged friends.   Love is her language that is universal, With soft eyes of Mother Earth. She, daughter of God and all that is good.  ...Read On


In Pillory

Vanquishing dark of the pen's brush, retreating from bowels of misogyny in post script of a bard's word. Caressing the verses of my crutch as stanzas take on poetic sensuality, a faintness of my regards. With a spiritual kiss upon my brow as I savor your taste of love, on shoals of scrolls in my mind. As your face take's form of Divine, shredding the chains of my arcane, reshaping...Read On



Presence, meaning, purpose,love, rain,air, happiness,beauty,smile, eyes, desire, life, dreams

Life would be meaningless without your love,  the sound of the whispering rain on fallen leaves  stirring up the fresh smell of air that has been scrubbed clean  wasted without your heart to share it with.  Because without you there is only the thought of you,  creating an all-consuming emptiness that demands to be pursued  to realize any semblance of happiness.  Without you, there may...Read On


Maybe If I Loved You More

Maybe if I loved you more I could take away sadness lost in childhood crevices, I could bring the familiar glow of love to your whole being, Caressing away the fear on your face, dissolve unshed tears. Sharing dreams I once thought too childish to share.   Maybe if I loved you more I could kiss away the anxious chatter of your loneliness, I could rouse in you new courage with my...Read On


Up The Flue

I touched her skin Like satin lay Brushing her lips Moist were they As I felt her pulse Heartbeat away From a kiss   No sympathy cries Closing green eyes On our futon With much ado My beautiful lulu Now bidding adieu Soaring up the flue A rector of love And shadow's specter...Read On



It was the brume that held me in it's grasp, as if the gray of my soul, in shadows it lay, playing my mind as if a squeeze box. Grinding me a song so I can dance, in the devil's soft bale-fire shoes, chained to the Hurdy Gurdy man. Cranking the handle of my past in bellicose of goats, my words, on the beaches of Hades, by the bay. And freed from my tonsillectomy, and the sins I fast...Read On


Sweet As Pomegranates

I heard the moon switch as it showed it's happy face, and the beams spawned a poem with clouds of lace, with an extension cord plugged into my mind   a rainbow of lights lit my shrine, as the calliope man played a tune. And a shower of stars felled on my gazebo where the ivy became a garland of gold,   while snow sprinkled, sweet as pomegranates and candy cones shoveled the snow, as...Read On


Music & Happiness

Music soothes the savage beast...

Music can soothe a broken heart Music can get you dancing with the one you love By yourself or even your best friend Two-step, tango or a waltz can create beautiful memories The right music Can help you fall in love It can be the soundtrack of your dreams Music speaks when you can't find the words You can lose yourself in the rhythm of the music   ...Read On


Similar To Edgar

It's not as if I am fussing or cussing, or beating a corpse before exhumed,   for my words are catalogued in script similar to Edgar, my friend, and his raven, pigeon...whatever. It just ain't fair! He got the accolades and barmaid, and I got to play second fiddle to a whatchamacallit fowl, and someone pounding at my door on a friggin' midnight dreary.    It just ain't fair!  ...Read On



Others it may seems...

Smoking his favorite cigar while Drinking bourbon every night As he always plays the blues Sitting alone by the bar lounge Caressing every key of the piano As he always plays the blues He can't see women sit with him He can't hear audience applause As he always plays the blues Every couple are dancing Every music lover are singing As he always plays the blues His feelings are transparent...Read On



Its time to relax

Today I’m tired I would love to close my eyes Slowly. Falling into a deep Dreamless sleep Without the help of counting sheep. I wish I was in bed Lying down being motionless Having all thoughts and emotions Leave my mind and body Pure total RELAXATION....Read On



We are waiting all our life for something...

Waiting all of our life For the nights to come For the bus to arrive For the ferry boat to dock For the airplanes to fly All of this, we waited patiently But what we thought is our Last ride going home May take us to a new journey Meeting new people Seeing new places Learning new things A much better place to go With another bus to ride A much enjoyable ferry ride With someone special...Read On



Here’s a poem I just wrote It doesn’t matter about what or who There’s nothing here for you to quote I just needed to get to 132.   I’m number 12 on the SS list And looking up Mysteria27’s (148) dress Then Adagio (173) and Fuzzy (176) can’t be missed Frogprince (187) keeps writing at his best.   Circle_Something (197) is number 7 in line With Maryruth (199) and Shotgun011 (230)...Read On


Row Of Ducks

Feeling in my dreams the ravages of my past, when I was a madman who screamed of ghost, and now that I sleep with things off my chest conversing with gnomes from my garden, as they dance and keep me in good stead when walking and talking in a row of ducks. Now that I congregate in gardens of roses, for potpourri and irises for scent, looking at gnomes, thinking they ducks, feeling as if I'm...Read On



I feel no need to squeeze a bottle of hooch as long as I have Capn' Crunch and waffles,  give me coffee intravenously with prose, draining my catheter and wipe my nose... Please. As I sail away on the good ship Lolly Pop, make sure my stint ain't bent   and give my ashes to the Big Mamou, before antacid gives me gas... Please.                  ...Read On

Crowded Hall

These halls feel crowded  Smothering me  So many voices  I need to feel free   Walking faster towards you  I know you’ll be there  Just give me a few more minutes  I’m coming I swear    The crowd seems to increase  Holding me away  I’m struggling to get past  Please just stay    I can see your door  The light is shining bright  I’m almost there  I will continue to fight   ...Read On


With Blini

Intoned as a rock is honed,    out of stone a monument born, planted in an orchard of grieve where bones will be ground, in my poetic ossuary.   Served with blini   and two fingers of gin, choired by nymphs with golden flutes, in their wild martinis....Read On


Another Egg

With you as chicken soup, My doodles will survive For another egg day, Sunny side up, With ketchup. As I scribble a roost Scrambling a omelet, In my pen's house Before my egg boast, As the chicken is tureen On my toast....Read On



Give your love to me. If you think I'm going to leave you are crazy. Give your love to me. I'll tuck you in bed kissing you. Holding you tight. Give your love to me. I adore but you. Think you going to lose. Don't be crazy. Give your love to me. I know we aren't easy. If you think I'm going to leave you are crazy. Give your love to me. I need only you. I Adore only you. I love only you....Read On


Dear Brother

This is for my brother who I have not seen in a long time. If you see this... I love and miss you.

I am enraged. Why must our lives be so difficult? Why must those who are supposed to love us, Hurt us? The idea of you hurting in any way pains me. It fills me with a burning hatred I have long forgotten. To know that you are being beaten down, And treated like dirt But still have the strength to put on a happy face and show no pain Completely breaks my heart. To know that every...Read On