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Deepest Dreams-with Gwendoline

Into the sails of twilight Over and beyond dreams With a kiss on the horizon Sweet silence of the breeze Adrift in docile slumber Two hearts bewitched as one Transfixed within a spectral gaze They put to bed the sun Evermore across the bow Of the wide-wending seascape With a new glory crowning midnight Fathoms deep in sleep Transcending- ever bending time Souls rise in tidal waves Then...Read On


Night Of The Jugular

A thousand years or more sweet to the tongue the jugular...  silencing the lutes of the nightingales as another shadow passes... upon the stairs but no one is there  just quotes...   a lame poet am I  hairy and horrid  eyes hollow of madness...  ...Read On


Deathly Love

Sometimes love is death

My heart slumbers in chains Which leave out the light- And suck in all the night     Dark and dismal   Let it be   ... can I ever be free?   Rising from ash   I crawl and grip the green earth   Savaged and beaten   I plead to be heard     Desperate to see   A little light for me   ... can I ever be free?      Challenging my own strength I am hell-bent on not giving up I’ll free myself...Read On


Insomnia's Twilight

In uncharted darkness of my mind's demons and insomnia's twilight dripping...  through a veil of osmosis  of ghostly translucent withering in the maze  screaming... the origin of the species  adrift in my cup hanging by a string  steeping... with varicose veins of tentacles grasping inking the night squeezing......Read On



I once bought a bag of chips A big ol’ bag all bright and yellow I opened the bag with a pair of snips So little inside I was one unhappy fellow.   I saw a pie I really wanted A nice big box to hold it all I ripped it open completely undaunted And found a pie so pathetically small.   I ordered a tool from an online shop It took forever to come in the mail What I got made my jaw drop...Read On


Just Live in Fairyland

Seek the land of Fairies

She lives there in your Fairyland of Dreams.  She'll be there when you seek her, never fear. Don't worry, you are playing love's sweet games, the ones that keep you living life's pure joy. We realize the trust we give to those we love returns to us in manifold degrees. So keep the partnerships we have sincerely touching in communion now. No doubt we understand the differing hopes out...Read On


Now and Then

What was now is  now and then a dream... a collection of candles burning at both ends with no clock... just your hairpin and a golden lock  now and then...  of trippers and slippers  a wafting tea  in shadows of evermore...  ...Read On


If You Ever...

If you ever remember our story, just don´t look for me in any place we shared, don´t try to find me again in sunlit flowery gardens, don´t hope to see me in the human tides of avenues. It is no use looking for me, I waited for you too long a time, kept the torches burning in a temple you had forsaken and I was left to see crumbling. Still, there are traces of myself in the...Read On


On The Shelf

On the shelf of my mind's memories   of dust and petticoats in shadows     like wainscoting in my dreams  my beautiful Mohogany  of yesterday's crimson wood sweet to the grain lost in time and soft as satin  on the shelf of my mind's memories   ...Read On


Prairie Suite

Let the wind lift you up on your dreaming wings

Eyes open slowly, the horizon spreading out. Awaken with joy. Bird songs whistle and fill our ears triumphantly. The prairie is alive. Blue skies above us, scarlets and ambers blending. Blossoms have appeared. Viewing the landscape as we share the atmosphere. Breathing perfumed air.  Hands entwined warmly feeling the moisture mixing. Sharing our heartbeats. Breezes carry notes; winds...Read On


Journey of the Heart Through the Loom of Life

A poem of love for Emma - my wife and companion through the years...

It began at sunrise On that Cretan Isle Playful seductive glances From the very first moment By sunset I was caught forever In the weave of your silken net My wild, gorgeous temptress   Captured by mischievous eyes Deep sumptuous pools That reeled me in and Fiendishly stole my heart Snared, I never had a chance You chose me, and I was yours My crazy, delightful girl   That...Read On


A Good Life

Silence me a rainbow  of its breath infinity  on top of the pillow  and golden laurel for your hair  scented of the dawn  of yesterday's tomorrow  wearing a smile.  ...Read On


Giving Up

I don’t see colors anymore. Everything is black or grey. I don’t hear music or laughter as before. There is no difference between night or day.   The air I breathe Seems heavy and thick. And now I believe It was all just a trick.   They held the carrot just out of reach. Always running and never gaining. Sculptures washed away in the sandy beach. Endless winters constantly raining....Read On



Your warm hello hid the memory of countless goodbyes, your charming smile hid the tears you caused along your cool way, your beloved carefree manner hid the sadly shuffled steps of those you coldly discarded. and at some odd meeting point lust and desire crumbled swiftly, a castle built on shifting sands, leaving only the pale memory of a rose-scented love affair, laced with...Read On


The Dodo

Look beyond the treetops for God's salvation  and the kit and caboodle  in life's Penny Arcade as madmen play charades  in their life of twinkie and the dodo...      ...Read On



Just pack the least, there's a long way to go. Just grab your diary, your pen, your E-reader, your mobile and sack. Your journey is long, your soles are used to dust. Do not say goodbye, you are not leaving me, I left you before in silence it was my journey in the dark.                ...Read On


Life Is...

...teapot spoons to stir imagination and dreams   life's luscious crumpets...        ...Read On


Forever Kitten

She has always been my kitten

The fact that she is here with me is grand and now I call her what she has become because it simply is the way I think about her now as we grow closer still.  It may not be the way I chose to call her once upon a time but now I find that this is how I'll always see her face, eternal kitten in my thoughts and dreams. Endearing words can bring her joy I know from seeing how her eyes will...Read On


Sisters Found

A short poem for my newly discovered cousins who have welcomed me into their lives

Amazing and beautiful sisters I’ve found. Cross generations and continents abound.   Newly found kin from yesterday and today. Welcome and comfort in a heartfelt way.   Voices bringing sisters back to the light. Gone but not forgotten makes the journey feel right.   Gathering mixed emotions along the new way. Sadness for the missed, joy for my sisters who play.   Though divided...Read On


My Valentine

Even if other arms claim you in lust, even if the trace of your passions still lingers in other beds, other rooms, in cities lost in labyrinths of memory... Even it the portals of your playful heart have opened to multiple affections, stories fueled by pain and also desire, even if the caresses of unforgiving Time slowly cover your once worshipped body, wrapping your limbs in...Read On



In death, there is a breath of decay with silence in this wood corral  from the Yippee-ki-yay man  returning to dust without Maybelline  high-up on the hill as twilight settles   with silence in this wood corral     ...Read On


The Truth About Guilt

A poem written for a friend feeling guilty after a night out

There you go - feeling guilty again, fearing what you may have said or done.   Guilt is nothing more than a sign of a beauty within, for only beautiful people suffer the burden of guilt.   Only the kind possess it. Only the thoughtful carry it. Only the caring bear responsibility for it, and only the compassionate feel it.   Don’t shy away from guilt, embrace it, for it only...Read On


The Mouse's Pulse

...the Autumn moon hung a clock as night hung a midnight lace dripping its cream cheese of the mouse's pulse  feeling it's Roquefort  and you're to blame...     ...Read On


For Betsy

A short birthday poem for my recently acquainted cousin.

For Betsy   We are strangers, but remarkably familiar. We are separated, but strangely connected. We are parallel lives, that once were as one. Finally reconnected after wasted years apart.     In all that time, nothing more than a photo. A beautiful young lady, her sweet smile shining through. Even as a young child, held close to my heart. Never forgotten but sadly never known.   ...Read On


In Twilight Time

The time grows short but love will never die

The days grow short, your time runs out but love will never die. You simply must accept that it has come to you once more. Accept the way you have so many times before.  You know that it is true; just look at them and realize the honesty they smile. They smile at you with winning eyes and sighs as both of you join arms and dance again. You dance, ignoring twilight falling soon. Your...Read On


Some Difference

He was all she ever wanted, she was another one on his list, he was her North and guide, she was just a stop on his way, he was her dear beloved, she was some accepted supply, he was her joy and desire, she was just an object he owned. And so, he stopped talking to her, she never stopped asking why. He just gave elegant excuses, and all of a sudden, she saw it all. She kindly...Read On


It’s Not My Betrayal

Karma can be slow, but I’m as patient as I am petty.

I don’t understand how you sleep  How your heart doesn’t pound out of your chest How your palms don’t sweat  While your fingertips clutch at nothing.  I don’t understand how your throat Isn’t a barren desert How your barbed tongue forms words When it should crumble to dust.  I don’t understand how your eyes  can be so vacant and far  When the mirror shows you the Truth of your character  ...Read On



No one knew about their story, no one knew when it started, no one knew it would live, branded in their souls forever. No one knew anything about it, they just kept their secret safe. Only the river and the old bridge were their trusted friends. Their ways parted one day, as those of star crossed lovers do, Still, there´s a ripple in the waters that spells their names in the air,...Read On


I Don't Want to Wait For Love



Aging With Ink

...following shadow's fingerprints through Goya's mind with the fear of getting old and growing mad   feeling the darkness of death in my solitude of a deaf man   devouring my son   on canvas   a mural of my soul...    ...Read On