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The Walls

When the ivy is on the walls As the verdant ivy clings And the autumn fades A twilight glory With a farthing of a shadow Woven in poetic love A winter's scene twining With echos of angels When the ivy is on the walls  ...Read On


Party Games Near Newbury



Wings of a Peacock

Hearing tapping on the window-pane with wings of a peacock. I looked up and saw a shadow, as I envisioned my Romulus. Knowing it was a ghost in loneliness, crying in the rain of my despair, somewhere on the edge of time, as I felt wanton lips kiss. From my bedroom bordello in a dark shroud of lust, my pulse came back to you, as I envisioned my Romulus. But for a moment's grief, before...Read On



“Letters”   I wrote you a love letter. But it burned before you could read it. There, in the warmth of the sun That was in your eyes When you told me you loved me. I wrote you a love letter. But pieces were stolen in the wind Which kicked up to blow down The bridge of words we tried To use to reach each other. I wrote you a love letter. But it froze and wouldn’t thaw. It grew icicles as...Read On


Love & Affection Challenge - A Bibliophile's Sonnet

Is it love, affection, or a vital need

We walked a lane in Wales one morn in May Our eyes took note of blooms on shrubs quite near. We sniffed some sprigs near Hay on Wye that day, Each bush had scents and smells both clear and dear. A whiff was like old books on stands and racks,   Each big thick tome could match that scent so strong. And we had smelled a few in bins and stacks The smell was just the same, we were not wrong. ...Read On


Once There Were Gods

Now ghosts are the blessed ones Where once there were gods Along the Euphrates Now but sand dunes   Wearing shrouds of memories Of the breaths, we spoke On streets of gold Only the ghosts knew   Of the dark full green Rushing toward the Spring As young lovers, we played Where once there were gods Along the Euphrates Now ghosts are the blessed ones  ...Read On


Beyond Normal Living

Living Life Beyond Normal Living

My heart beats for a bright-eyed maiden. by loving example she teaches me the art of living. I will share a glimpse of her view, an experience she shares of how to exist beyond normal living: “While on a morning walk in nature, I saw the beautiful things I love: the birds, the flowers, and all God’s gifts to us. Their beauty my eyes sought out and my soul cherished. I was full, I thought,...Read On


Shadows Of Daffodils

In meadows and shadows of daffodils As they runneth over sweet nectar Of melodies and forever tomorrows As my spirit walks through light And angels choir of golden sunsets Like swans, we dance with arabesque A classical romance of love In valley high touching clouds As my heart swells In meadows and shadows of daffodils    ...Read On


Karmic Reflections


  One day we met We felt the connection Deeper, deeper, deeper It is a memory that has happened before A lesson needs to be learned for each of us We didn't understand  The lesson was to believe in each other Because you were broken you couldn't see me I wanted too much, but I had to walk away So we could both grow separately With this Karmic Reflection we will meet again for a...Read On


Love & Affection Challenge: Ruby

You could give me roses, the most beautiful of flowers...



My Norfolk Princess

I wrote this poem in local dialect for my friend Naomi, who lives in Norfolk, England.

Oi’ve met this gal from Norfolk Noamy is er name And if yew waz to meet er Yew’d never be the same   We kin hev a good ol’ mardle She on’t do yew no arm Once yew larn er lingo She’s really full o charm   Er friendship on’t corst yew much She won’ give yew jip at night Yu’ll av a tidy friend in er Long as yew treat er ryte   I never erd er slaver sorft A hoolly fine ald sossidge...Read On


Faded Memories

What is my state of mind in mime scribbling words that ease my soul as night falls and the crickets chirrup    assuming dark but put it to rest Feeling your breath touch me and knowing that you are there to comfort me night and day in love's prevail What is my state of mind in mime taking a seat as my mind levitates in this restful place of mine faded memories of past Fingers talking...Read On


Sonic Doom

A light hearted view of a very noisy night in the suburbs of a large city.

So tranquil in our bedroom, no noises in the room The silence in my lovers’ arms, is shattered far too soon   Annoying noises in the dark, avoidance can be hard Imposing on your privacy, with blatant disregard   Something always spoils our mood, it really drives me wild Dogs barking in the distance, or the crying of a child   Again I snuggle up to her, to escape the daily grind ...Read On


Gone But Not Forgotten

For those who have love and lost someone special



Here lay the broken glass of my life

Sharp chaos shattered  glass all around on a scared wooden floor. The brutal bull has left a mess. It stalks me still. Oh, how amused it must be. Another carupt vandal in my life. Now comes the loving hummingbird set to replace every shard. Out of innocence only, I ask am I a white knight on a silver steed? Why? Is it for guilded glory and wilted honor? A splinterd lance...Read On


Memories Of Now

Lighting a candle, seeing it glow Watching the flame dance Bringing back memories of now In shadows of my mind And the innocence of your lace Every thought of you is a poem Like a Swan dance in rhyme Bringing back memories of now For no man could love you more...Read On


And When The Morning Comes

When you reached out and touched

Do we know, can we see, will we feel what we've known, what we've seen, what we've felt. At the moments we knew, simply seeing, and feeling, that instant, most precious,  the most treasured point in our lives. For so quickly it seemed, all our times were as one,  but so short in the paths of the world.  Just a minute it took, that was all, then we knew, we could see what we were,...Read On


Tinged Of Snow

Walking the night wearing gloves trailing a veil of seductive lace so ebony's song of twilight As frost lay light as a feather   missing the touch of softness as strange as it may seem Yet your breath seduces me   as the shadows fall on the dark and deep scarlet of rising tides   Lusting in my veins for love so true of things that will haunt me forever walking the night wearing gloves...Read On


Shadows Play

As shadows play among broken stones And eyes piercing, empty stare The resting place of poets bygone I give to you my soul spoken True love beyond the portal With crimson red lips   In the moonlight of the autumn moon With my dark sacred charms   Loving you is preordained Burning within my lusting veins As shadows play among broken stones...Read On


Feeling Your Shadow

Feeling your shadow as you whisper The tenets of requited romance   With thimbles full of pheromones   Dark is for lovers and musical chairs Muted notes in my ear once upon a rhyme As the piccolo winds blow through your hair With a silence at the end of my prayer That you will still be there in a jubilee Feeling your shadow as you whisper Dark is for lovers and musical chairs In...Read On


Anticipating Everything And Nothing

A wise person once said that every relationship is good for two poems.



Put the Stars Down Goddess

Aren't they heavy and too bright to hold? They hover and twinkle in your eyes. What do they call from you lady?  Surely they burn too hot. How they burden you. Do you need them? Do they guide your way? These fireflies, sparks of creation. In your lion heart, where does the fire dim and the spark begin? ... I ask you, can you see her there? A goddess. A woman. She blazes. ...Read On


Before The Dawn Falls The Dew

Whispering, it was the age of reasoning, but who was I deceiving Alone without a prayer, a hymnal, or song to sing   As I stumbled to the microwave to heat last night's coffee On this Monday morning before the dawn falls the dew   I'd been a fool with my profane and liquored-down soul Swilling down the redeye as you gave me your love But all I ask is forgiveness for this old broken fool...Read On


Body And Soul

When in loneliness soloing blue Like sometimes I do As the moon's shadow falls on a rose In my lucidity free from the thorns And the vagabonds of dark    As we dance in dreams Body and soul on god's carousel And forty acres of Heaven   On cotton candy trails   As the moon's shadow falls on a rose When in loneliness soloing blue Skipping with my Lou...Read On


But! Oh, That Berry

    Into the winds of night Raining down tambourines Crickets bow a falsetto   Softly by the quay   Where we lay Shadowed by the mist With echoes of love As the stars unveil God's song for you With a chorus of "Tenderly" Into the winds of night Raining down tambourines Because wine is sweet with a kiss And Kool-Aid is only powder But! Oh, that berry...Read On



Let your eyes shed a tear If it makes you feel good Let your self cry out loud Let it wash away your sorrow The loneliness your heart feels Let go of that buried sadness Let your anguish pour out And soon dark cloud pass Let the light shine through Let there be a rainbow Over your dark clouds Let the colors make you smile Don't let the blues eat you up Color your world with red and...Read On





Cancer Be Damned

Cancer touches us all

I lost a friend today  She was a shining star She fought every day She really came far    She lost her mom today Who was loving and kind Her battle lasted years  Now her kids are in a bind   They lost their dad today He was a really great guy He thought he had it beat His kids just sit and cry   They lost their child today  As innocent as can be  She struggled every day  ...Read On



For Chiquita, my rose of the hacienda A sweeter rose never senda'   With petals that rustle In the hours of Spring Until the dawn awakens To the sounds of buzzing bees For Chiquita, on the mesa of love Neath the ponderosa pines...Read On