Close to me

I want you as close to me as possible...  Where I can turn my head...and your lips touch mine ones so silky smooth! To be able to watch your eyes close as you fall into a dreamful sleep. To see you sleep so peaceful with a cute smile on your face.  To be close to me in bare nothing but warm tender skin brushed up against one another... You being close to me in every possible way...  To...Read On



One's love can only stretch so far... but my heart has been stretched so far it doesn't want to come back... There is no ending! My heart has been filled with love and the kind I want always! That kind of love will never drain from my heart cause my love for you won't vanish its always in the present! My love in return is powerful and strong it knows no boundaries! It will do anything...Read On



I'm hurting inside...I need to break FREE...  I'm torn inside...  Permanently damaged... trying to fly away, release all my hurt and pain... But all I do is fall flat... My soul drowning... barely hanging on I pray to be alone... Don't do this...bottling up inside...  Sometimes I just can't take it! I lash out on myself... My pain is resolved once more...for now! My pain to...Read On