Afternoon Prayer

Confinement, sunshine, and self-love

What am I anticipating? A knocking at my door. Chance for some prevaricating: I'm naked on the floor. Random bits of scintillating Chit-chat from above: Floating hyperventilating Moans of making love. The stranger coming to my gate Will knock and pass on by; I will not move nor soon nor late Till I'm on wing to fly. My finger knows its ready dance; I dance and bop for one. ...Read On


Kandi Girl

An ode of desire on the rave's dancefloor

You’ll play these maidens for fools, Dancer dear, Cropped hair atomic pink, steel stud shining In your bottom lip, a bank your tongue overflows When you giggle. Look at you: baby blue UFO pants, rainbow Piping, your silly little bump and grinding; Kandi-coated arms flail like tipsy windmills, Funky Dutch style. Soon you’ll need to pop that paci inside Your mouth, you’re so...Read On


Lucy Rises

The grave cannot chill the desire of the undead

I thought they buried you in the snow Last winter-- but, pray, was that me? Curious, how I’ve nowhere to go, But pace the graves at half past three: Mysterious ‘tis, where goes my mind These bleary days since I spied you last; It seems I’m cloistered from my kind, Lost, amazed, in the winding past. But look at you! As snowflakes white, Trellised atop the gravestone’s perch! How does...Read On


Spice Dream

Just chillin' with the band

I woke this morning from a dream I was Having a slumber-party with the Spice Girls. They were sitting on the bed (some Gargantuan construction I Never slept in) and I was Fiddling with a boom-box Beside the bed, playing Their third album, the one That kinda flopped, relatively Speaking. It was playing “Holler” softly, but The music wasn’t “Holler”, it was Something else, in that...Read On


The New Jane

New look, new possibilities

Jane, slender short and plain enough, in a teal room, bay window, daybed, cream primrose cotton blanket, antiqued mirror, Monet print on the wall (morning light, pale autumn, the City), hardbound Pelican Shakespeare on the oak chair, open to a page of Cymbeline Until her aunt (by marriage) arrived, back from Europe, bearing among her rich spoils to be distributed, with unstinting...Read On