Flash Fiction(3)


Chanoya's nightmare

Chanoya walked through the door into her large, high-ceiling, open living room. When she looked into the middle of the room, she dropped all of her stuff and screamed bloody murder. For that is what was in the middle of the floor. A man hanging from her ceiling with many stab wounds. She looked up at the face and screamed again for the man was smiling. He gurgled out, “You’re next!” When he...Read On


Death has Found Me

based off the second picture

She slowly walks into the dark forest wiping the tears from her eyes. The tree tops filter the moonlight casting an eerie glow through the branches. The brambles from the vines at the base of the trees are ripping at the bottom of her dress. She hears something a few feet away, fear causes her heart to flutter, but she doesn't see anything. She spins around looking for the source of the...Read On

Hide and Seek

Based off the first picture.

I run into the bright forest with the leaves fluttering down. I look over my shoulder, laughing, to see if my friend follows me. When I turn my head to look forward, I run into a wall. Wait, not a wall, but a very tall thin man, wearing a suit and tie, with a blank face. He reaches down and gives me a hand and helps me up. He bends down to me, after I am on my feet and hands me a single...Read On

Micro Fiction(2)



Our love will never die.

I love you. I have loved you from the start. I will love you forever. I may not be the best. I may not be the prettiest. I may not be the smartest. I may not be the most stable. But nobody will ever love you like I love you. Forever and always my love. I love you to infinity and beyond...Read On


Why I Do What I Do

I have heard that some do it because it makes them feel better. I used to be like that, so naive. Though now I do it for another reason. I do it for punishment. I do it for all the mistakes I have made. I do it for all the people I have hurt. I do it for all the mistakes I will make. This is why I take my dull scissors from under my pillow and slide them hard over my arms. For I deserve...Read On

Young Adult(2)


Carrot Boy: Prologue

This is only the beginning.

***Hey guys this is my first story so please be honest with me. Tell me if it sucks (I think it does) or if it's good. But don't act all writer god on me. Also I would like to thank Cal (frogprince) and Gwen(Rebellious_Soul) for giving me the courage to put this story up here.*** SMACK! "DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID, NO FOOD!"  SMACK! I whimper and whisper, "I'm sorry, sir." George grabs me...Read On


The Carrot Boy: Chapter 1

Finally free!

My name is Amanda Fitzgerald. I lived with my foster parents George and Stacy Smith. What happened to my parents you ask? My mom died giving birth to me and when I was 5 my dad died in a car accident. A drunk driver hit him and he died upon impact. He was an amazing dad. He treated me like I was a princess. George and Stacy have beaten and abused me in every possible way for as long as I...Read On