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Today is our thirtieth anniversary. For thirty years he has been my lover, my best friend, my rock. He has always been there for me. He picks me up when I’m down, makes me smile when I’m sad. I love him now more than ever. I don’t mind that he can’t buy me a big house, nice dresses or fine jewellery. He’ll never take me on that once in a lifetime holiday. He keeps me happy, and that’s all...Read On



Before the statue of the warrior, she weeps

Voldar knelt before the statue of the great warrior and wept. Around her were the ruins of the city she had once called home. Foes had swept over it weeks before. “How could you let this happen?” Voldar cried, “You swore to protect them.” But the statue remained silent stone. “My family, my friends, my lovers. They were all here. Now they are nothing.” Voldar rose and drew her blade. ...Read On


The Target

The assassin's target was more than he bargained for

The killer looks down the scope at his target. He neither knows nor cares why The Boss wants this woman dead. That is not the killer's problem. The woman is undressing. Her dress slips to the floor, then her underwear. The killer watches with delight. Then she pulls off her hair and turns to the window. Her eyes are solid black. Her mouth is studded with pointed teeth. “Fuck,” the...Read On



Cancer, the one word that put me off him. Cancer, a small word with so much meaning. That one word tells me I can’t invest any more time in him. Why waste my time when I know things won’t work out. It’s no good you judging me, telling me to grow up and accept him for who he is, I won’t. It’s his fault, five dates we had before he told me. It’s best to end it now, before it becomes too serious....Read On


My New Man

I’m going to tell my husband today. I’ve been putting it off for weeks. How do I tell the man I love that I’ve found someone else? I still love my husband, I really do. I’ve spent most of my adult life with him. In all that time we never argued. Well, we’ve had our disagreements, of course, nothing bad though. I made a vow to always love honour and obey him. I didn’t take that vow lightly....Read On


Growing Old

Oh my, as I put my makeup on, I don’t recognise the woman looking back at me. When did she get so old, when did her hair get so grey? Not like you Albert, you never seem to change. Your hair is still light brown, your eyes still sparkle like the first time we met. I really don’t know where all the time has gone. All the lipstick and eye shadow can’t hide my wrinkles. Who is that old lady in...Read On


Have We Met Before

Surely we know each other



The Hotel

My poor husband, it really wasn’t his day. It’s wrong to gloat, I know that. I just couldn’t help myself. Think of me what you will, but I was going to relish in his downfall. As he arrived at the hotel I was laughing. He’d lost everything, his final roll of the dice never paid off. I was overjoyed, his loss was my gain. You see, that was my hotel, I put it there. I don't often win at...Read On



Headache, that’s all he’s been saying all day. I can’t help him, this is his problem. How on earth am I supposed to find a solution? I’m not a doctor, it could be anything. “Headache!” he shouts, there he goes again, blooming headache. If he doesn’t stop he’ll be giving me a headache. And then, a moment of inspiration; I shout out, “Migraine, it’s migraine.” I can hear the excitement in...Read On


Never Lose the Dreams

Dreaming down the many lanes of life

Parallel lives in parallel worlds, dreamscapes existing within ourselves. Beginning with the achievement of consciousness and continuing as life goes on. Coming alive each sleep time. More than one landscape of surrealism to pass along as we trek down our pathways of existence. We have met in these worlds, many times. Going on as long as we go along. Because, you know, we love us so.  Have...Read On


Sunset city

Now is the time to make an announcement about the so-called "sunset city". This is the city that exists both in our dreams as well as it exists in our material future. The perfect combination of spirit and substance - that is it! Where are now the horizontal moving lifts of the giant city tower, only in our dreams and our future projects? No, they exist in the future, and with the help of...Read On


The Pinnacle

My eyes opened to chaos. People's mouths stretched with screams, yet my ears heard nothing. Even more odd, I felt no pain. Five years later... I stood, literally and figuratively, on top of the world. Stretching my fingertips upward, I believed I could almost touch God. An unforgettable, powerful energy enveloped me as I looked down at the Himalayas. Peace had finally  found me at...Read On


Philena - Everybody Gets High

She's not the best influence but what did you really expect?




  She saw him from far, he stood tall among men, circumstances, and life in general. He had always done so. The years had chiselled his features, there were no wrinkles, and his body seemed as lean and firm as ever. She looked at him, loving every cell in him, worshipping him from far. She was so pleased to see he was as beautiful as he had been the day she had met him. She followed...Read On


The Haunted Ghost

The vacant, old house at the end of the lane beckons me. They always do - the dilapidated and forgotten. There is an appeal others overlook. Unable to resist its quietness, I settle in, deciding to call this place home. The wind blows through the window cracks, but it doesn't bother me. Oddly, I feel comforted in the chilled corners of the room - a warm welcome of sorts. Dust adorns...Read On


A Perfect Holiday

The best vacation ever



Spring Will Always Come

Winter's alluring angel beckoned me, offering me freedom and comfort. I willingly went to her, my wants lay bare.  Strangely, the bitter cold did not sting. Her fingertips set my flesh ablaze. What was dormant now sprang to life. She enveloped me, whispering, "A new spring awaits. Do not fear."  I found sanctuary within her cradling arms. The snow melted on the ground beneath us,...Read On


Bobby's Place

Forty-six years ago, Bobby opened the doors and let us in. Battered and peeling even then, it was our sanctuary of truth. We learned fast to come and go in groups on its sketchy street and did we ever. The music was loud, the drinks cheap, and the light low enough to mantle the next morning's regret. Going to the ladies  was a euphemism you learned quickly and wasn't for the faint-hearted....Read On


How I Broke My Nose While Playing Chess At A Church Summer Camp

The inside story of how I managed to get my nose broken while playing chess at a church summer camp.

  Way back when, a friend and I were sitting behind the wired backstop to the church camp’s dusty softball field, playing chess on a small travel board, while waiting for the game in progress to end. We had cleverly positioned ourselves so both of us could watch the softball game while playing the grand game of chess.  Then it happened.  Later investigations revealed a misplayed softball...Read On


Sharing Passionate Journeys

Shall we travel together, hand in hand



The Proper Way to Eat Spaghetti in Edinburgh

Americans need training to dine out properly

Dining out in Edinburgh would not present an overwhelming challenge I did not think. We had left our hotel on Prince's Street and strolled down the hill towards the harbor. My lady was on my arm, a spring chill in the air, so we both wore long coats. Mine was a tan trenchcoat and matching Trilby. My wife wore a raincoat in anticipation of dampness from the evening skies. As we passed two...Read On


The Old Couple

An old couple meet at a coffee shop. “Harry! How are you doing?!” “Hilda! I’m doing well.” They hug and Harry pulls Hilda’s seat out for her, removing his hat and putting it on the table. “Can I get you something?” Hilda asks. “Just my usual two cents,” Harry smiles, the love obvious in his eyes. The old woman calls out for two coffees and a slice of bitter lemon cake for both of...Read On


The Monster Within

We seated ourselves on a bench. He scribbled away in his notebook, noting the Gothic architecture. Then the word "vampire" caught my eye. I chuckled at the absurdity of it all. The monster he was eager to create was seated next to him.  I glanced at the throbbing vein in his neck; my fangs descended. As if on cue, a heavy fog rolled in from the harbour with the veil of white mist offering...Read On



I stood there, gazing into that empty, yawning abyss. I felt a strange nostalgia. A melancholy that was both familiar and unnerving. I knew this place, long ago. Time began to slow. My tears began to flow. I have arrived. Goodbye....Read On


The Age of Innocence

So many times before, so many times again



It's not a Dystopian Nightmare

Reap what you sow!

If you could, you would see deserted streets, buildings, and whole towns.  Cars stopped and rusting along unused roads.  Nature was reclaiming the world, one that got a science lesson. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the lesson proved evolution to be true in the worst possible way.  One country developed a genetic weapon that targeted a certain group, one prevalent in a specific part...Read On


Behind the Image

Looking over your shoulder



My Grand

Generational appreciation is less common these days, but this story reads true.

I got my spontaneity from my grandmother. Every visit and every call, she inspired me. Her encouragement and her excitement in all I shared. She was my biggest fan. My picture drawings and photos plastered her refrigerator and walls. She was my role model. I read her journal entries, book referrals, and basked in her memories and photos. With her, it was not just tea parties and dolls, as...Read On


A Life Well Lived

Series: After The Happily Ever After

She sat in her chair ruminating over her life.

She smiled at many of her memories, including her childhood adventures even her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren only believed when they are very young.  Her brothers understood, since they shared those adventures, and often the three of them laughed about it. The wind blew the dormer window open suddenly, startling the old woman.  Then she chuckled at her reaction.  So much...Read On


The Dayroom

Do you know what I mean

The dayroom was open to personnel not on duty. The television was on. A few troops sat in open seats responding to questions on Jeopardy. The pool balls clicked softly. Two fellows talked quietly. One just back from 'Nam. "You spent a lot of time out in the field, sort of changing," said the Marine. "How's that?" asked the sailor.  "You decided you could do things. It was okay 'cause...Read On