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Topic: Quirky Stories
Posted: 12 Nov 2013 18:17

I recently launched a new website called quirky stories.com to feature short stories that I write.

The stories are appropriate for all ages.

I am interested in any and all feedback.

D. Benjamin

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To Kill a Fruit Fly

Just that morning, the assassin bug had thoughts about retiring. Not that he wasn’t doing great; he was at the top of his game. But he had this nagging feeling that he was beginning, just beginning, to lose his edge. And an assassin bug with no edge is in the wrong business. He hadn’t always worked the trade. Not too long ago he was flipping maggots in some greasy log, barely getting by....

Added 20 May 2016 | Category Humor | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,043 | 3 Comments

The Minotaur Settles a Score

The Minotaur had a score to settle. He was trapped in the center of the Labyrinth, spellbound so he could not leave. And who was the monster that cast the spell, imprisoning him thus? None other than his namesake, the evil King Minos. And Minos didn’t even have the decency to have plumbing installed. Day in and day out the Minotaur paced the Labyrinth’s center, his powerful feet wearing...

Added 30 Apr 2015 | Category General | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 929 | 3 Comments

Recommended Read The Ombudsant

The unsung hero of every ant colony is the butler. A butler in an ant colony? What does she do, you may ask, serve drinks? No, or at least that’s not what I do. Not that it stops wisecracking ants from yelling, “Hey, butler, fetch us a drink!” They think they’re so funny. If they even bothered to watch Masterpiece Theatre, they’d know a butler does a lot more than tend bar. Find a...

Added 21 Dec 2014 | Category Humor | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,213 | 3 Comments

Audio Story Sir Harold the Earless Wonder

Harold the rabbit had exceptionally small ears. They were so small, in fact, you could barely see them. All the other rabbits made fun of Harold. It didn’t matter to them that Harold could hop and nibble like the best of them. Or that he was smart. They simply could not get past his ears, small as they were. The rabbits had nicknames for Harold, such as “Stubby,” or when they were...

Added 15 Sep 2014 | Category Humor | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,921 | 3 Comments

Keeper of the Crackling Lights of Sudden Death

“Don’t do it,” said the moth to the mosquito. “Don’t fly into those lights.” The old moth was sitting on his perch next to the blue lights, trying to talk some sense into the mosquito. “Those lights will suck the life right out of you,” he warned the mosquito. But the mosquito flew into the lights anyhow. For once the blue lights got into their eyes there was no talking to them. And...

Added 18 Jun 2014 | Category General | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,142 | 2 Comments

Antonio and the Very Long Spaghetti

“What’s for lunch, Mamma?” asked Antonio. “Your favorite, dear – spaghetti!” she answered. “Bravo!” cried Antonio, clapping his hands. Antonio loved pasta, and most especially spaghetti. He sat at the table on the terrace, and his mother brought him a heaping plate of spaghetti. Antonio joyfully slurped the first piece of spaghetti, waiting for it to slap sauce against his cheek...

Added 04 May 2014 | Category General | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,597 | 3 Comments

Selwyn's Fine Signs

Selwyn decided it was time to sell his house. He had lived in it for many years and had grown tired of it. Besides, it was looking rather worn. There was hardly a spot on the façade of the little house where the paint was not peeling. So Selwyn went to his garage to make a “For Sale” sign. He crafted a perfectly square sign with a sturdy post. He painted the sign a warm yellow, and in...

Added 24 Mar 2014 | Category General | Votes 25 | Avg Score 3.91 | Views 1,004 | 4 Comments

Recommended Read Lucy's Secondhand Wand

Lucy found the magic wand at a garage sale. It was obviously used and the asking price was two dollars. “How do I know if it really works?” she asked the man behind the table. “You drive a hard bargain there, missy,” he replied. “I’ll give it to you for a dollar, but not a penny less.” For a dollar she figured she couldn’t go wrong, so she bought it. When Lucy got home she...

Added 24 Feb 2014 | Category Childrens | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.38 | Views 1,509 | 7 Comments

Flightless in Cleveland

The most recent convention of the Federation of Flightless Birds took place in Cleveland. There had been a lot of bickering about where the convention should take place. The emus and kiwis wanted New Zealand. The penguins pushed for Antarctica. The ostriches wanted Africa. And a particularly outspoken, and little, Inaccessible Island Rail insisted on the Inaccessible Island of the...

Added 21 Jan 2014 | Category Humor | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.25 | Views 1,365 | 3 Comments

Audio Story Editor's Pick Misadventures in the Royal Word Cellar

It happened on the very day Princess Poubelle was to meet her intended, the handsome Prince John Don Ron von Finkleshteen. She came down with a wicked case of ghoulish mouthus . This frightful illness made it so everything the princess said was ill-mannered, ill-spoken and just plain nasty. “I’ll never marry Prince Shtinklefiend!” shrieked the normally polite princess to her...

Added 02 Jan 2014 | Category Childrens | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 2,116 | 5 Comments

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