Micro Fiction(2)


Table for Two

Whole new dining experience

We sat at our favourite table by the window. I’m not the jealous type, but I know what I saw last night! There you were, with a smug grin on your face. Shamelessly, licking your lips like a brazen hussy. The same lips that I thought were reserved for me? You tried to act nonchalant as the waiter cleared the table, you knew exactly what you were doing! You always get your own way! ...Read On


The Chair

Today, it was my turn in ‘the chair.’

I remember there were two of them, a man and a woman. They both wore masks? First, they sat me in the chair, then shone a bright light in my face. The man shuffled behind me and began to question my plans for the weekend? I couldn't reply because the woman was busy stuffing something into my mouth. It was horrible! I closed my eyes, I just wanted it to be over. Next thing I remember,...Read On



Computer Jargon

Frustration of computer language!

Is there anybody out there, who finds it hard like me, To understand computers, each time I press a key?   It asks me silly questions, like would I like to sync? Or would I like to clear my cache? If so, then click the link.   Can anybody tell me, what is a terabyte? Is it something that will bite me? It sounds as though it might.   Every time I go online while waiting to connect. ...Read On