love is truly ageless

He's seventy five and she's seventy two both widowers, she doesn't remember as well as she use to. From my doorway I witness their love everyday in the way he helps her to get ready for bed, the way he picks out her clothes and washes her hair, the little sounds and faces he makes just to hear her giggle. When I pass by their room they are laid up together inseparable she nestled tightly in...Read On


Widows tale

life sometimes brings us great change, and change is painful.

Everyone has a story to tell. This is but a small portion of mine that I normally keep private because telling it causes me to relive the pain within it. I once had dreams of being an artist. Instead of following my dream I got married, choosing normal when I was anything but that. Sifting through the remains of my former existence and preparing to start my life over, I am overwhelmed...Read On



Aphrodite's recipe

the gods recipe for the makings of loves game

Forever A fated whisper between two lovers A dream dreamed a thousand times Until the gods noticed Aphrodite took pity Her son shot his bow Loves arrow pierced both lovers hearts through and through A spark was kindled Aphrodite pulled her son on her lap Waiting for the lovers to take their chance She wished them joy but its their choice She could only ignite the flame,...Read On


beauty of life

pondering what life has to offer and the choices it gives us

Sitting on my porch  Moon full and bright I ponder all that is life The dreams we have The hopes we carry The loves we win The loves we lose Its up to us to choose Joy Happiness Hate Love Pain Regret A endless list Are we really that blind to the mysteries of life She spreads her table and invites us all to feast We jockey and jostle for a better seat Only...Read On

Belle of the ball

the first picture prompt

Music softly playing Shes sits hidden in plain sight Unremarkable to the random eye The cotillion swirls with a riot of color Long skirts rustle like leaves in the fall She sits in the corner watching No one notices the sparkle in her eye Her smile undetected by those who pass by She becomes invisible blending into the wall She longs to join the laughter going on She...Read On

Book of dreams

the second picture because the dusky bramble field woods and the haunting blue of my dreams

Eye lids flutter Her nightmare begins Tossing and turning like flotsam on the sea Chased by something without a face She clutches the book to her breasts, its pages tattered and torn Her book of dreams It pages written in her hearts blood Her hopes and promises to her self found in its worn depths Five keys to unlock her dreams Two she holds, three she must win She...Read On



Finding your happiness is sometimes not as hard as it seems, just a bit of magic and belief

My hand rest between his ribs measuring the rise and fall of his breath Fingertips trace the contours of his face Every line put to memory for if its a dream I never want to wake I lay my head upon his chest The steady thump of his heart like thunder in the rain Sheets rustle arms pull me close lips touch mine A kiss explodes Graze of his lips racing like lightning through my veins...Read On


Dancing with the thunder

my dance with thunder and rain enjoying a moment complete wild abandonment.

The thunder boomed the lighting cracked I sat up in bed The air was electric My pulse pounded My heart sped Chills danced up and down my arms Opening the door I stepped outside The sky's dark The rain beating down Then a flash and the world lit up Everything shown in a monochrome of black and white It was like a sirens song this storm in the dead of the night In a trance...Read On


dreaming of love

dreaming of true love

I fall sleep dreaming of a prince, I smile sweetly as he greets me with a kiss sighing softly as he holds me tightly such a delight as he brushes my hair back I tremble as he whispers to me of love laughing softly as he takes me in his arms and whirls me on a make believe dance floor his eyes only on me. he presses his body close to mine as we dance a dance older then time ...Read On



What breaking up feels like

I hear his voice whisper "I've met someone else, you see" And my heart gave a lurch and my body jerked and tears fell like rain It is always the same this sweet little stabbing pain This twisted little knife that love welded So he cut the tether that held us together, Set me adrift in a sea with no end Where storm clouds of loneliness loom and the thunder of I wonder who, And...Read On


Eagle and the raven

for a old medicine man friend of mine who taught me how to fly

Once there was a raven who forgot how to fly Her misery hung on her like a dark cloud in the sky Her wings weren't broken but she had lost her heart In a storm she got lost The wind pushed her The rain drenched her The thunder teased her The lighting frightened her She began to fall She knew her flight would end in a tailspin of destruction So she closed her eyes and just...Read On



Feeling the emptiness of your life

I sit in the dark as the rain starts a steady down beat just like my heart. Wishing for something that is just out of my reach. The rain blows in against my face mixing with the tears falling down my cheeks. I sit in awe while the rain sings me a soft lullaby, as the events of my life pass behind my eyes. I look at them like some old movie in black and white, reliving my past...Read On


Fairytale flight

sometimes life does give you a fairytale and a dream

How was I to know When I boarded that big metal bird My happiness would soar on wings that roared Leap of faith that left me breathless and wanting more A weightless rush of joy  I fell down my own rabbit hole Adrenalin kick for sure as I rode dorothy's twister north My yellow brick road paved gold floating on cloud filled skies Heart in my throat as those wings gave a jerk ...Read On


Field of wildflowers

peaceful place a special friend made for me.

A dream so real, my eyes shed tears A field of wildflowers in hues of sapphires and sky blues Such a glorious riot of color The smell of heaven floating in the atmosphere Sun shining down in a soft vermilion haze The breeze brushed my skin A gentle breath A soft caress I stood transfixed looking for him A light touch Warm hand in mine He was there His finger tips...Read On


If i had a son

on july 4th i lost my young son in law through a tragic turn of events.this is my eulogy to him.

He was a golden boy A handsome lad A good son A fearless father A stanch friend Loving brother If I had a son he would have been like you Full of laughter and light  A country boys swagger and snappy comebacks Not my son in blood but the one of my heart Yes a good son indeed You wandered this world fearless Meeting life head on with a twinkle of mayhem in your smile ...Read On


Loves paladin

love is a battle sometimes

Her pain, her armor Her shield, her heart Her love, her lance Her tears, her war paint Armor old and tarnished Her whole life's story written in every seam and crease Her shield welded stitched and belted Her lance broken and mended She takes a blow and her heart's blood flows She falls only to rise again Her shield held ready Her lance leveled Armor ready to take a...Read On


Loves rapture

crazy way love makes you feel..

What is the feeling inside me So strange This silly smile plastered to my face I am deaf to all but his voice Ringing through my mind like wind through the trees I am struck dumb No words can I utter Just sit in wonder No conscious thought Just a rapturous glow Basking in the divine Sitting here on cloud nine The world seen through new eyes Everything a kaleidoscope...Read On


memory box

missing someone you lost and the memories the holiday brings

Second holiday without him No smell of coffee when I woke this morning No dogs barking No smell of his holiday surprise cooking No daughter to ease my memories She is off on her own journey The house is as silent and quiet as my thoughts I shuffle into the kitchen set the pot to brew Walk to that porch and light up my smoke Turn the music up I brace my self A chore of...Read On


Mountain of dreams

For d.c., whose wisdom and strength and caring I cannot do without.

Lost and alone Held prisoner by the fears in my own mind No escape could I find I wandered searching for answers but none could be found I was about to shut down Then salvation came to me in a rich melody I stood and looked at a mountain that seemed so high, a sheer face of hard stone came to my mind Undaunted, I knew I had to be strong, for this journey would be long, The...Read On


My muse

Looking inside yourself when maybe you shouldn't

Its a blue kinda day Lost in that dark lonely place The outside wears a smile while I cry from the inside My muse rides me hard this morning I fight the pain from that door that is opening, that place that whispers to me It is no shade of grey Words dance in my mind My steps are slow, listening to that inner voice First thought is to flee from this place where my memory's roam ...Read On


Ole bear

This is for you dc may your voice never stay silent .

I know a ole bear Furious and proud Protective of what he deems his Pushes and pulls and shares your dreams Delightful in his great rumbling growl His wit and humor know no bounds Careful when trespassing on his hunting grounds He knows how to rend with the power of the pen With rhythm and rhyme his wisdom dances across the page I count my lucky stars to be his friend If...Read On


Open heart

the beauty of life and love will leave its scars.

Between one broken beat and the thunder of the next Her heart swings wide like a old door on rusted hinges A peek inside reveals a crisscross network of scars half healed wounds and the faint trace of tomorrow's tears Soft warm throbbing testament to a life lived Scars on top of scars like lines drawn on a map Telling a tale of a battlefield littered with hope and despair Echos...Read On


Prince Charming

Prince Charming doesn't have be a legend

No explanation for how my prince charming makes me feel He's not ten feet tall like the storybook tales No stampeding white horse No shining armor does he wear Behind a pitted shield Hides a beating heart bruised and scarred My own heartaches were indelibly inscribed on stone ramparts built high He laid siege and scaled my castle walls Threw a rope Cast a spell Rescuing...Read On


Ravens cry

a flight of self discovery can be a scary thing...thank you fuzzy for the strong shoulder

She once knew who she was She once had a heart She once had a life She always hid behind a smile She was an enigma even unto herself She never had peace of mind Always searching for the key to life Through storms and heartache and a sea of misery she flew Till her burden got to hard to bear Her strength at an end No more tears to shed Just a vast emptiness set in ...Read On


Restless spirit

that restless spirit that is inside us all..

She's as free as the wind She roams where she wishes An equal mixture of dark and light Always dancing on the edge of life Searching for answers to the divine questions Why do we breath ? Why do we love? Why are we who we are? Why are we here? Seeking something undefined One riddle answered with another question why Why does life hurt? Why does love hurt? Why do we...Read On



tale told to entertain a lady on a cold winter's night by an old warrior - this one is for you fuzzy

Old warrior searching for sanctuary It was foretold A candle burning in a north facing window to light the way A fair maiden to end his madness So it was written when time was an infant Sword and shield pitted and scarred Battle ax rusted and dull Spirit and soul weary from war His path long and winding hard from toil An old warrior still proud and bold Wishing to find...Read On


search of solitude

Looking deep within your self to find your self, for sometimes we must become blind before we see.

She sits in solitude Looking deep into her heart Looking for the source of what makes her hurt Looking for that split that just wont mend That hollow ache that just will not abate Her search of a life time Her holy grail Herself She sits in a mystical light looking at the cracks of herself Draws a deep breath and peers in In slow contemplation she pry's those cracks open ...Read On


Shades of blue

how i see a special person in my life

Cool shades of blue I see you Cerulean Cobalt Sapphire Indigo Cool shades of blue Blue sky on a summers day A reflection of a sunset sea A pounding surf at dawn washing over me A sudden summer storm Night sky filled with a thousand brilliant stars All swirling around me in shades of you Soothing balm to my chaotic mind All these pieces that are you Jagged and broken ...Read On



dream i keep having of new beginnings or new sorrows.

Recurring dream invades my sleep for weeks Womans silhouette in a window seen Head bowed in sorrow it would seem Outside the window a dusty night time scene Shadowy tree limbs shrouded in mist Dew covered grass cast a dull glow Even the stars have a tarnished gleam She sits still in her high backed chair as I enter the room Quietly I stand in the gloom At her feet torn...Read On


Southern maiden

fairytale for a dream.

There was a southern maiden  Everytime she dipped her foot in the well of love she drowned Brick by brick she built a wall High as the skies where nothing but clouds floated by Where none may enter Stout oaken door Iron key forged Heart shaped lock Retreating from the world outside the door She dreamed her dreams waiting on love She would have her desire or none at all ...Read On



power of love

Battered and bruised Stitched and glued Patched and skewed kicked out of tune Where love consumes Her flame still blooms All it took was one I love you...Read On


the edge

almost giving up.

High I stood On the edge I danced My wounds mighty My spirit almost broken Down below the water raged One step closer, one more leap and all this pain would dissipate The fall would be great One deep breath and in sweet oblivion I would rest,not a trace of misery left One final leap was all it would take,one splash and I would be released. The water teased and offered...Read On


The language of the soul

is finding the one a game of chance or ordained.

Two bodies Both descendants of the sun One male one female forged to be as one In a divine tragedy In an eternity of time the split was done A joke on us all who search for that one Through untold ages this travesty unfolds Through irruptions of time we catch a glimmer of our other selves Hearing the angels laughter as they watch us on our quest Their ears deaf to our prayers...Read On


the midnight dance

A lady's wish.

Her hair midnight blue, her skin alabaster white under the moons soft light. In a place where the breeze whispers to the trees, and the fire fly's dance in the night. You will see her standing there, Waiting for a lover that never appears, listening to a music only she can hear. The world goes quiet as she lifts her skirt and bows to a lover only she can see. The moon holds its breath...Read On


The prophecy

sometimes our fate is already written for us

High on a rocky outcrop of stone Where earth meets the sky and the gods are forgotten ghosts He stands his ground on a mountaintop in a far off land A self imposed exile cut off from man Vigilant gaze sweeping the valley floor He waits for the one prophesied to come Given this task when his heart was young His duty to guard from harm the one who is to come Last of his kind he sits...Read On


The ring

A gift from the past, a promise of hope for the future.

Nothing striking in its look a simple sliver knotted band a yellow triangle cut citron stone sits high in the middle. Passed from great grandmother, to grandmother, to mother, to oldest daughter worn on the middle finger of my left hand A gift from three generations of mothers. I often wonder what kind of things that small simple ring has seen It was given in love, worn in...Read On


The trench

Inspired by a piece of military art I received as a gift. It spoke to me. This is what it said.

Young man far from home In a unkind land fighting a war he doesn't understand The night blooms with mortar rounds thundering in the distance  Beat of his heart a ragged staccato against his ribcage Pinpricks of gunfire like fireflies in the gloom Rumble and jingle of war's machinery grate against his nerves Boyhood friend beside him cold, silent and stiff Eyes staring to a...Read On


The truth of him

Learning to trust and take a chance

In touch so divine his lips brushed mine, He whispers, you are mine, Such a delightful thrill that sweet little whisper instilled. As he drew me near my body shook with a bit of fear as his finger  Traced every curve and wiped away a tear. Don't be frightened my dear I will wipe away your fears Just look in my eyes and the truth will shine just let your heart speak to mine We...Read On


The Unseen Heart

the divine search for the one.

She's a creature of the night She's the wind and the rain She's the twilight, she's the dawn. She slips unseen in between men's dreams. Her steps light as the breeze that ripples thru the leaves. If you look in her eyes you can see the stars and her countless untold dreams, and her restless search for another's heartbeat. The owls haunting call in the dead of the night echos...Read On


To capture a ravens heart

trying to capture a reluctant heart

there once was a man who use to watch a raven fly day by day he watched her climb he watched as she dipped her wings way up high once he even heard her cry once she flew close enough for him to see the colors in her eyes and he begin to ponder why she cried because in his eyes her spirit shined so day by day he watched her fly till he begin to hear the loneliness in her cry's...Read On


Twilight's beauty

hidden beauty is everywhere

Twilight her favorite time of day  She chooses her spot with care and listens to the sigh of the day's end the honeysuckle sweet on the evening air All is quiet as the twilight deepens,and the shadows begin to fall She loosens her hair lets it fall free its luster darker then the shadows of the trees She sits barely breathing  waiting for the magic to begin She cocks her head...Read On


what is love

what love does

love is joy, it is pain, it is hurt, it is hate, it is death, it is thunder and lighting, it is the rain, it is one of the things that makes life so great. love can make you feel small or ten feet tall, it will make your heart sing or leave it laying in a sling. it is the sweet music that leads us flying into the unknown not giving a damn where you land. love is a drug a sweet addiction...Read On


Wishing tree

this is for every one who every had a wish, or wanted one to come true

Beautiful red maple Moonlight silhouette Initials in the trunk A single figure sits underneath A wish forms Thrown in the air Holding her breath Waiting Hoping Wondering Will her wish arrive? Shooting stars A halo in the sky Big dipper shines The constellations swirl in her eyes The stars sing a single melody as they twinkle way up high A simple symphony beats...Read On

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Promise Kept

Today is going to be tough on me as I collect Marcie's clothes. All of my local friends say it's time, and I keep telling myself to donate so others will get needed clothes and coats. They asked if I needed friends to help, but foolish me said, "No, I'm good." Really, I'm good?? Starting in our upstairs bedroom, yes ours. Opening her dresser. Stacking clothes on the bed. Our bed. Casper...Read On