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Recommended Read

The Letter

I think we've all wanted to send a letter like this at one time, and forgiveness is not always easy.

I poured out every thought upon the page, Filling it up with all the rage and anger, That you have instilled inside me. My pen literally quivered, As I held it in my sweaty hand, Yet the words flowed swiftly, As venomous as any snake, And almost as deadly. As I poured the last of the wine into my glass, I reviewed my handiwork. Three pages of anger. Three pages of hurt. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Prayer for Jane Doe

This poem dissects the complexity of spousal abuse from the POV of a third party friend

Prayer for Jane Doe Copyright ©2005 Don (This piece is especially dedicated to all women (Jane Doe) involved in abusive relationships, but feel helpless or unable to quit…..No one can put a stop to it but you.) ~~~0~~~ At this solemn moment My soul endures emotional torment Images flashing, one and then another Oh how I love you, but you love another I remember that...Read On

Recommended Read

The Girl With The Upside Down Heart

Is the love you take equal to the love you make?

‘Is this seat taken?’ asked a quietly spoken man whom Veronica had never seen before. She shook her head, ‘no, go ahead’. The elderly man took his seat and placed a shopping bag between his feet. His hands unfolded a newspaper in front of him as the train began to pull out of the station. He then began to ingest the day’s news. Veronica looked at the Paper’s headline from the corner of her...Read On

Recommended Read

Did I ever tell you?

To all my friends and family...I never tell you how much you've influenced me and enriched my life

Did I ever tell you how much I adore your mind, dear friend? A shard of cutting brilliance and delight It inspires me to be more than I am A dance between the two of us – one leading then the other Not a waltz, more a Charleston Maybe modern dance, perhaps? Did I ever tell you how much I adore your heart, my mother? Full of compassion and caring It inspires me to be more like you ...Read On

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Words come and go.The poetry muse dropped by at an inconvenient moment, and was sadly ignored.


Recommended Read

Welcome Home

It's not always easy coming home.

He grabbed his bag and stepped out of the cab, shutting the door behind him. Home. Finally home. He walked up the few stairs to the front door of his parent’s house. They had promised that his room would be the same, nothing touched. He turned the handle and opened the door. Complete silence, just how he remembered it. The scent of the old tapestry and the shoes in the hallway hadn’t changed....Read On

Recommended Read

The Girl in the Booth

I saw my reflection, through the windows and through a little girl.

She was just another kid, really. Another eight-year-old that amounted to excess baggage being carted around by a parent. A dead weight, a liability, something not to be fussed over, but to be looked after to prevent further inconvenient consequences. I probably pass a hundred kids just like her every week, but her expression was what yanked my attention to her as I walked by. Boredom,...Read On

Recommended Read


An ode to English grammar

Fragmented That title — what on Earth could it mean? Has another heart been torn asunder? No, it refers to phrases trimmed too lean, Sentences lacking substance and thunder. Fragments, as they are commonly known; Lines missing at least one vital part. Though unable to stand on their own, They oft appear in literary art. These snippets bear just part of the blame — What a minefield...Read On

Recommended Read

The Bridge

Strongest love survives

I think I used to know you a long time ago... you were a princess who lived high in a castle.. and I... was an ugly troll who lived under a bridge.. but I used to watch you.. the way the breeze would flow through your hair... the way you laughed.. the way your eyes would make everyone around you glad you were near... and I remember how happy I was... just to hear...Read On

Recommended Read

Forced to Earth

Crunching my way through the woods, I am surrounded by crisp silence... And then, close by, a sound...a whispered sob. When I find you, you are on the ground, shaking. When I move toward you, your fear and your exhaustion are at war. Your exhaustion wins out and you surrender to my hands. I hold you as if you were as delicate as you are, careful not to make any sudden movements. You...Read On

Recommended Read

Sexual Healing

Can love really conquer all? A love story...in every sense...originally posted under 67Goat...

I recall the evening as if it were yesterday, even though it's been over ten years. I stared down at the table and mindlessly picked at my food while my wife sat silently across from me. Nancy and I had been married almost 25 years at the time. We had been through so much together in those years, good times and bad. Of all that we had been through together, nothing was as tough as this. I...Read On