Flash Fiction(3)


Just Punishment

flash fiction satire about obsession in frivolous trends

“This is insanely bogus. Craziness. I’m NOT giving them my cell phone; they can pry it out of my cold dead hands.”  Wilson knew this was coming, Brittany had not listened, nor heeded any of his suggestions and now the court had handed down its verdict. He thought the verdict seemed a little harsh for a third time offender, but Brittany was still young at forty-seven and the court could...Read On


Sage Advice

Even an experienced adventurer can encounter hiccups along the way

The tropical island's wharf suddenly jumped to life as the long strides of the seasoned pilot sounded on it's sodden planks. A young port officer hesitantly approached the advancing aviator. "I've got time for everything else kid, but I don't have time for subtlety, and I sure as hell don't have time for eloquent prose," the tall ex air force captain stated while pushing past the younger...Read On


The Power of Invisibility

flash fiction about how private obsessions can manipulate one's life

You wouldn’t pay any attention to her because she was one of the unattractive invisible. But that was exactly her thing. A woman of the common masses. She didn’t party, didn’t go to church, didn’t rock and roll. She wore her coarse dark hair braided and left it unwashed. She balanced thick, clear-rimmed glasses on the pinched bridge of her nose. Across her narrow sloped shoulders she hung...Read On



At the Fair

Retired postal worker goes to county fair to relax, but finds something amiss.

Gus attended the county fair for some well earned leisure time and an afternoon filled with relaxed thoughts. He was a recent retiree from his career as a U.S. Postoffice mail sorter. He had spent long, painstaking hours accurately sorting mail, and packages into slots and trains of canvas-bags. He took personal pride getting every address precisely sorted to expedite delivery. He once got...Read On

Science Fiction(1)



A monastery witnesses a senseless battle between earth and aliens.

Hail and lightning weren’t the only clandestine storm elements to worry about. Fragments of long ago collided planets and man-made satellites showered down upon a myopic world, proving even intelligent design could crumble. The night skies had turned to searing tracers of flame and red light while the days were chaotic with the sounds and movement of heavy war machinery. The only things...Read On