Stories by rune



Have you ever fallen in love?

That love that feels like you're drunk That beating heart makes you dizzy Stimulated to do the dumbest thing But it always makes you feel fuddled That everything around is blooming That fast-beating heart did happen That butterflies indeed keep flying Chaotic dance inside your stomach But it always makes you feel elated That everything is full rainbow colors That flowery day would come to...Read On



As we wander ... a love story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Queen who gave birth to a handsome prince. He was pampered by his mother Queen. One day he said, "Mother, someday I want to be like you. I will be a beautiful Queen." He was born to be a king and as the year passed by he chose to enjoy living life as a Queen and loving every prince on her way. One day she met a King whom she falls in love but he...Read On


Underneath The Universe

Watching everything from the window..

The smiling couple, animatedly talked while walking towards the direction of the garden. They sat down together on a bench near a tree under the crescent moon and the twinkling stars. The girl rested her head on the guy's shoulder. They are wearing a uniformed hospital gown with a blissfully smile on their faces. "Wait for me at the crossroad. Where there stands a long white bench beside...Read On



Let your eyes shed a tear If it makes you feel good Let your self cry out loud Let it wash away your sorrow The loneliness your heart feels Let go of that buried sadness Let your anguish pour out And soon dark cloud pass Let the light shine through Let there be a rainbow Over your dark clouds Let the colors make you smile Don't let the blues eat you up Color your world with red and...Read On


In The Beginning

A life experience that will happen only in my dreams ...

Fifteen to two hundred million of them swim every time. Only the strongest amongst them will survive to reach their peak destination. Their three days lifespan is spent looking for their one and only life partner that only lives for forty-eight hours till it may be reborn again the following month of their life cycle. If they get lucky they meet and join together. The union of two...Read On


Scorpion Grass

Time may past ...

  His dark sleep-deprived tired eyes were focused looking on a bunch of beautiful blooming little flowers. The flowers are small, measuring 6mm. in width. Each radially symmetrical bloom has a fused corolla that opens into five rounded lobes. The flower is powder-blue with a conspicuous, bright yellow center. Flowers are arranged in tightly coiled, rounded clusters that unfurl as the...Read On


The Lies

When every time ... whatever ...

Miss you Every moment that I'm with you Happiness lights up my heart The daily smile and laughter That I used to fake becomes real Adore you Giving out sweetness all the time Receiving words of care from you Grows within my romantic soul With a smile every night as I sleep Love you The lonely tears I used to shed Dried up from your loving words The insecurities I used to have  Vanished...Read On


A Comedy

Sometimes life...

When I was young and loved humor Comedy was a movie that I knew  Where I would be laughing out loud While watching with glee the whole time Growing up, that belief had changed Comedy was a funny stage play Where you could watch people act While the ending was comically tragic Life has been sometimes like that It started with laughter and smiles But the ending was now so painful Even...Read On



Sometimes life...

People are just like clouds That float above the sky Without real direction But beauteous from afar Winds can push us forward And then may push us back Might even be the ones That scatter us apart Sometimes they blow gently To make us into one Other times much stronger Thus breaking us in twain Sometimes there is darkness It makes it hard to see Even light in slivers Can barely...Read On


In My Dream

a series of images...

In my dreams, surrounded by luscious green big old forest trees. A light passing through in each every gap of the leaves from a bright full moon above. Flickering lights from fireflies everywhere below. A crow squawking from somewhere afar. A lake in the middle of the forest, covered by a thick mist with cold still air. A snake with its tongue out hissing while slowly crawling into the...Read On



Endless nights ...

We used to talk a lot About anything every night A few hours with me Before starting your day After preparing for bed Ending my day with you Now I only have Intimate moments With the deafening Silence of the night And the nagging scream Inside my head A smirk pasted On the face of the moon Laughing at my expense Dancing around my aching heart Shining brightly down on me Mocking...Read On



in every strokes ...

In every pencil that I have used to draw lines, with different colors and with a different hue,  different it may be but what a beautiful combination they are when together in one. In every watercolor I have used to draw, when I was young. The canvas got messy and looks useless. When they dried up they come alive, and it becomes a new life. In every brush strokes of colors that touch my...Read On


Where Are You?

Missing a dearest friend...

Where are you? Been away for quite some time now Hope everything is fine with you Missing our coffee dates The morning cups you refilled To my evening's many cups Are you well? Haven't seen you around lately Making me worry about you You're not in trouble, are you? Having no one to laugh with Or even a reason to smile Want to ask you about something It's about your chili recipe Lost my...Read On


How Are You?

It's been one hundred and sixty seven days ...

How are you? It's been months since we last talked I miss you calling me sometimes The way you pop up messages out of the blue Happy Anniversary Hope you are celebrating where you are too. We miss you laughing with us The way you make us feel happy Happy Mother's Day Hope you visit us sometimes I love you, so sorry if I didn't say it more often But I know deep in your heart you knew Hope...Read On



That time, feeling lost with the pain ...

Panic starts to cripple my mind as the realization sinks into my consciousness. A merry song is softly playing somewhere from a piped in speaker, as if laughing at my expense. My feet carry me to a sacred place, looking for sanctuary. My eyes remain tightly shut as tears fall, both my hands clasped tightly together on bended knees in a corner. My heart and my soul are breaking,...Read On


Once Upon A Time

How do you know if it is love ... a love story.

The world where I live in is my imagination. Ever since I was a teenager, I always liked being alone lying on our house's rooftop covered by the tree branches. The swaying leaves gave me shade from the harsh burning rays of the sun while talking to my favorite tree and eating my manzanitas with the birds, or sleeping after all of my house chores was done. Hiding at the rooftop,...Read On



A fiber of connection from miles away...

  Our places on this earth are divided by oceans setting us apart from one continent to another. Several countries speaking several languages to understand each other. People with several cultures and beliefs. Different personalities and opinions. In this chaotic world we live in called real life we search for a place to escape from that reality. To be accepted as who or what we are. We...Read On


Sea Of Time

As we wander ...

Slowly the sun is setting on the horizon Ending another chaotic day of life While the moon rises on the other side Luminously glowing like a soft smile The howling winds strongly blow Encouraging rolling waves to form Bubbling foam comes up to the shore Washing all traces of prints in the sands Looking forlorn without the memories The sky turns to dusk with a golden hue Joined in the...Read On



One of many...

      My sister once asked me, in one of my vulnerable, a bottle of wine, state of mind. "Who will you choose, the one you love dearly or the one who loves you so much?" "The one who loves me so much." "Why?" "Because, if he already loves me. He will love me more when the times I have learned to love him too." "Are you sure?" "Yes, why? Who will you choose?" "Me? I will choose,...Read On


Forest Mist

behind the forest mist... living harmoniously together

Lush forest greenery Vines creeping over Under the big old trees Covered by the mystery Miles and miles of history Morning mist kisses the earth Dewdrops fell on fertile land Breeze caressing the leaves Freshwater falls and running wild Fishes dances into the river valley New plants begin to sprout Fruit bearing trees blooming Wild beast roams the mountain Gentle creatures grace...Read On


The Flower And The Bee

Spring is coming...

Come with me, my love. Your flower awaits. Let's wander In the anther and frolic In the sea of pollen. The time is fertile To taste the nectar Where the bees Collect the pollen Savoring the nectar That becomes the honey Stored in the honeycomb of the heart For the cold winds of winter....Read On


Stainless Steel Rain

Underneath the rain...

Life sometimes throws you a painful joke. You must laugh out loud to hide the tears. Some days, when the pain is too much to bear, tears uncontrollably overflow from your eyes. You can't hide it anymore from the brightly shining sun outside. Silent tears roll from your eyes. You want a garbled scream to be released with the utter pain. The agony that can only hide in the shower with...Read On


The Wall

This dark, icy cold place is suffocating me to death.

My closed fists keep banging on the wall. My lungs hurt so much from losing air. It's becoming hard to breathe. I never stop pounding even as I can see blood flow out from my bruised hands. My mind is in a panic and the fear starts to creep up through my whole body because I don't know how to swim and the wall is giving me no respite so I can get my breath. I have begun to feel weak...Read On



You're laughing at me ...

I know, I can feel it. I can almost hear your laughter as I slowly walk in the stationary section of my favorite bookstore this morning. The new arrival display of journals and notebooks, along with the colored pens. Itching my way to start browsing the section, touching the hardbound cover of the journal and feel every texture of every page. I thought to buy two sets, I choose the red for...Read On



Fly and be free!

She closes her eyes As tears fall down On her cheek Quietly She leaves this earth Not a word From her lips For her loved ones She left behind Everyone Who loves her Gather together On the ceremony With tearful eyes On her funeral Her cold lifeless Body laying On a pile of woods The fire Burning Her to ashes And from the ashes She is rising With her wings Spreading it wide To a new life...Read On


Challenge: Linda Ronstadt - RuNe

  The 29th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The whistling sounds and applause of thousands of excited audience members echo in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, while waiting for the performers. Silence follows as the singer slowly walks onto the center stage. As she looks at her audience the memory of her childhood starts flashing back. Her mathematician...Read On



The sands of time ... my crazy mind is thinking again

A crystal hourglass As the sands Flow inside makes That every second That every minute That every hour That every day Wasted precious time A measuring time By the hourglass, That contain tiny Grain of sands. Dictates your time Will have control Over your life What will happen If it runs Out on you? That you base Making a precious Life and dreams. Stopping the time As impossible as Sun...Read On



I am not mad... I am just hurting...

It was indeed A whirlwind between us  It's been so quick Like a tornado In just forty winks  It was gone Coming into my lonely life  When I was feeling vulnerable Made me laugh  Made it feel good to forget I was sad Then it all started  I felt unimportant  Unworthy That is how you have Made me feel About myself When all I want Is to be accepted And to be loved The love you declared...Read On


420 Minutes

It was a whirlwind between us that ended too soon...

The first time I meet you in a guitar store, strumming a Gibson Les Paul guitar I know you are the man I should be scared to get closer. My eyes behind my digital camera focus on your face while you are listening to the sound of the guitar. A penguin tattoo on your left tattoed hand stops playing, and you lift your head up to look in my direction as if you know that I am looking from behind...Read On



When I look into your eyes...

When I am not doing anything I look at your picture, and I think to myself, what it would be like to hold your face in my hands and kiss your lips, to touch your beard and trace your eyes with my fingertips. You have this innocent look of a little boy in your eyes that I so dearly love to look at. That naughty streak to explore is showing in your sparkling blue eyes. I wanted to know what...Read On


Solar System

I wonder how they talk...

  Another usual weekend morning in the family. The Sun was cooking breakfast, while her children were in the family room.   Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were noisily playing scrabble. Mars was doing his school homework and get confused about something, so he asked, "Earth why is it your lands are more fertile than mine?" Earth stopped her knitting and lifted her shoulder....Read On



Deceptive but with spellbinding beauty...

I am the devil in disguise In angel wings with a broken halo I'll walk to you as an angel Makes your life in chaos like hell I'll confuse your heart and mind That can make you wonder in doubt I'll glide around you gracefully Seduce you of ascending to heaven You can see me as an angel With the secret of devil's advocate You will want the angel you see Tempting you of the paradise in hell ...Read On


How Jealous I Am

My mind is just wandering...

How jealous I am of the sunshine That first sight you wake up with That your eyes sparkle with a smile That makes your cheeks glow That laugh lines on your face prominent How I wish to see you in the morning How jealous I am of the winds That you enjoy the feeling as it blows That touches your bearded face That glides along your cheeks to your lips That caress the hair from your skin How...Read On



It is really the chemistry...

It was all started with botany When they planted you Blooming to a tree Till you bear fruits It was still all botany When they harvest you Peel your skin Dried to be the beans Then it was chemistry When they turned you To beans Till you are roasted Still with chemistry When I grounded you Put you on a filter Pour the boiling water over you Patiently waiting Slowly drop by drop Until...Read On


Pornographic Mind

Those are not dirty thoughts...

The sensual rises of the morning sun Sensually shining down on fertile land Those are pornographic in my mind The erotic beams of the evening moon Erotically enchanting on a sleepless night Those are pornographic in my mind The sensual blows of the soft wind Sensually caressing my hot naked skin Those are pornographic in my mind The erotic sways of the cascading water Erotically...Read On


A Thousand Words

... blank pages doesn't mean silence.

A thousand words to say But nothing left my lips All words quietly stay only In my heart and mind   A thousand poems to write But nothing left my pen All poems quietly stay only In my heart and mind   A million reasons to love Just a fiber of connection Our hearts and souls unite In our hearts and minds   All are screaming for love The only feeling need showing A thousand...Read On



The dreamer in me ...

When I was a child, I enjoy running around the rice field, balancing on a very narrow mud road as I keep running fast chasing grasshoppers, butterfly, bumblebee or dragonfly. When I was not running, I enjoy catching dragonfly through their wings. I would put sewing tread on its tail and let them fly. I would imagine flying with them riding on their back while I would run fast. My mother...Read On



Reading a book from cover to cover....

  Seeing the cover of the book  Impressed by the title she read  As the top page introduce to her  The blushes and the shy smiles  Chapter by chapter of opening up  Reading her chocolates and roses  Getting closer and closer every day  Started with laughter and a touch  Excitement builds up as she licks  Her fingers to touch and caress  The turning page of her heart  To the new chapter of...Read On


Breakfast In Bed

With this morning, wishing so hard it is true

The smell of toasted garlic wakes me up Opening my eyes to the sound of your voice A country love song you are singing along A smile on my lips automatically alight my face Singing again while you cook in the kitchen As I stretch my naked body in bed you came in Holding a tray of my favorite breakfast in hand Coffee, orange juice, bacon, sunny side up, Fried rice with the toasted garlic on...Read On



As I listen to Leonard Cohen singing...

Thunder and lightning sharply strikes Like fireworks show display flashing Followed by more rumblings above Then it becomes as still as the night Clouds like dust surrounding the sky Only the sounds of an airplane engine Alight the darkness can be heard flying Then it becomes as still as the night Even the sounds of the leaves swaying From the trees make themselves known Blowing by...Read On


Changing Moods

Here I am again... talking to you.

You see how boring my life is? That I constantly seeking and bothering you? Yes, I don't have anyone to talk with, so please bear with me. Don't keep changing your moods for me. One minute you're all sunshine to me then turns to tears that drench me ... no, soaking me in tears! Nowadays you're all sunshine the whole day and at night turns to tears. That is good with my old age to cool...Read On


By The Harbor

... life sometimes

"At the bus station by the harbor, I'll wait for you there." he said She has been waiting for hours. Feeling sad, telling herself to wait for another hour. She will leave if he doesn't show up. The bus driver first saw her this afternoon. This is his last trip for the day. Her phone keeps ringing, 58 missed calls when she saw it. She calls back "Where are you? I have been waiting...Read On



when all of our attentions are ...

The sun is turning to dusk while sitting alone at the bus station. The truth is, I am waiting. Ding! Notification on my screen that makes me scurrying to look. Ding! Flashing messages from the unknown sender, makes my heart falter Ding! Grinning from ear to ear, this excites me. Ding! Nervously opening the unknown messages as I got shocked at what I've read. Ding! All...Read On



Others it may seems...

Smoking his favorite cigar while Drinking bourbon every night As he always plays the blues Sitting alone by the bar lounge Caressing every key of the piano As he always plays the blues He can't see women sit with him He can't hear audience applause As he always plays the blues Every couple are dancing Every music lover are singing As he always plays the blues His feelings are transparent...Read On



We are waiting all our life for something...

Waiting all of our life For the nights to come For the bus to arrive For the ferry boat to dock For the airplanes to fly All of this, we waited patiently But what we thought is our Last ride going home May take us to a new journey Meeting new people Seeing new places Learning new things A much better place to go With another bus to ride A much enjoyable ferry ride With someone special...Read On



One enchanting night...

  They are standing by the window wrapped in each others arms. Enjoying the view of the enchanting super blood blue moon, brightly shining in the starless night sky. Fireflies are like stars below. Flying around the lovers as they kiss, surrounded by the magical glow. Storm is brewing between the lovers as their kiss turns to one passionate kiss after another, ignites a fire within...Read On


The Autumn

Changing seasons...

On his morning walk into the woods He saw his bench  A girl sat alone on it Looking at nothingness. His heart felt heavy Taking a seat next to her He smiles and says hello And offers her his coffee jug Why is autumn sad? She says looking at the falling leaves He looks at the leaves blowing in the wind It is not sad It is the most colorful season Next to Spring Autumn is my favorite Except...Read On


Serial Killer

What's in their minds...

Inch by inch I will eat you, till your bones are showing. This will not be torture, you won't feel pain. This will be an easy death. Am I a serial killer? Want to know about me? Well I am the only one who can save you from falling off this tree, that you keep hanging from. Soon I will have wings to fly so I can keep on feeding from creatures, other than what I can eat out from you. I...Read On



keep on smiling...

The water is calmly flowing in one direction like a river. The storm from last night is now a drizzle. Everyone is having their hot coffee to stop the chill from the morning dew. She can smell their neighbor's breakfast, a toyo (dried fish) and garlic fried rice. Her mother is cooking their breakfast, an arroz caldo (rice porridge) with lots of fried garlic and hard boiled egg. Giving each...Read On



Looks could be deceiving...

Escaping away for dear life. He keeps looking back, checking if anyone is after him under this forest trees. The sun is blazing hot. Tired from escaping, he stops by a flowery rock to rest.  He sees one big flower enough to hide and walks towards it, while talking. "You're one big beautiful flower aren't you, very unique too. I bet you can hide me inside your petals" He gets inside...Read On


The Visitor

Often, we only want someone who will listen...

"You're early today, sweetheart," she said She didn't notice time passing by with him. He will kiss her hand before leaving.  The next day she waited ... Sitting in her usual seat with her coffee and donuts. She found him early one morning, licking her display glass window from then on they eat donuts together. She will talk and he will listen. She will be happy the whole day after he...Read On


Love Story


The hurts,  the words are blurry to read, and it takes long to finish a page,  but the never ending pain lingers.  The love,  the chapters come to an end unnoticed,  and the memories keep flashing back, but the never ending pain lingers.  The breaking,  the romance didn't make sense  and doubts starting to build a home,  but the never ending pain lingers.  The healing,  the never ending...Read On



Where do we go from here?

I want to fly somewhere. Where my heart will feel happy, and it will make another heart happy. I want to swim the deepest sea. Where my heart will feel like about to explode of too much happiness and will make someone heart explode because of too much happiness. I want to run into his arms. Where I can envelop in his loving arms, to feel the warmth of his body with mine. I want to dance...Read On


Sunflower Field

Dreaming sweet dreams...

At night when I close my eyes   Can see you are smiling at me   Placing a kiss on my forehead   "Sleep my sweet cinnamon girl   Dream sweet dreams of me in   Our wonderful never-neverland."   As my dreams take me away   To a blissful dream of you and me   In a sunflowers field of dreams   "Dream of me the way I want you   To see how we travel the road   Together in your sunflower field."  ...Read On



When everything is ... hoping...

I am drowning in my own tears, So hard to breathe My own tears taste like blood, Flowing from my heart I can't breathe, it feels like I'm suffocating I can only hold on, hug my pillow tight And slowly breathed in As the tears keep falling Flooding... Drowning me to the abyss of my own neverland  ...Read On



When you got lost in your own hell...

Thought words are lost with me forever,  The blackness I have felt made me numb.  Guiding me to stand on my own two feet,  Made me realize you never left by my side.  Making me find my words again to write,  Always my muse to inspire me to grow.  This made me whole again to be creative  And be free in loving life again with you.  The reason my world would stop if you go.  Giving up on...Read On



This sadden me to sing.... Confusing what is real ~ Chester Bennington

His music takes me to sleep When I am down and in pain He soothes the ache of despair With his words, in his music His shouts of anger Relieved me of mine Every anger he shouts Makes mine calm What a waste of a great life A great artist that helped me To survive my own battle With depression, that he can't Thinking of ending life The coward in me is afraid Asking myself is it really...Read On



Handle with care it says...

How can you handle it with care?  When you are flying with happiness  Felt like your feet are on the clouds  That you could reach the skies above  How can you handle it with care?  When you are swimming with roses  Felt like your body is floating on the sea  That you could walk above the ocean  How can you handle it with care?  When your only thoughts are yourself  Felt like you can...Read On


The Man In The Moon

Loving you from afar....

He used to look at me from the moon He got brave and came down for me And the sun started to shine on me He loves me to the moon and back He showered me with so much love And the flowers bloom around me He can make me smile without effort He can make me cry with happiness And the birds sing the happy tunes He is my dearest man in the moon He comes down from time to time And he is...Read On


The Doll

What the heart desires the most...

His last stop before the flight going home as he opens the door to the toy shop. "Miss, can you assist me?" asking a sales clerk he saw on the dolls section. "How old is your daughter, Sir?" The sales clerk replied "She is special and loves a huggable life size baby doll." He replied The clerk gave him what he needs, After he is satisfied, he hugged the toy and paid for it. At home ...Read On


Morning Coffee

My morning coffee date with you, my dear friend ... by virtual style

The sun shining through, Seated by the window, A cup of coffee in hand, And laptop at the table Waiting for each other Friends talk about the Weather and if their day is Going to be productive or How lazy it would be as if They could see each other Sharing secret recipes Sharing poems to write Sharing songs to sing Making jokes for fun All in for a morning laugh Having you as my friend...Read On



Not just a drink ...

Magic beans From whole to ground Brew or instant You turn me on Mocha Cappuccino Americano Espresso How I fall for you Every morning In between Even in the evening too I can have you Black or With cream or Sugar and cream Black or creamy Bitter or sweet Hot or cold I can have you    ...Read On



King kong was a daydreamer ~ Michael Haley

What is in her heart or What is going through in her crazy mind, Writing in runes, only she can understand.   She hated herself, It will put you to tears, Pity, what she doesn't need.   You don't know the half of it As she tortures herself to sleep How sick in the head, she is.   She is not physically in pain But her heart is howling pitifully, Her eyes generously in tears.   ...Read On



"Enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time." ~ Peter Townsend

Strong heart is beating in a harmony, Each movement set angelically with pride.   So subtle that it matches musically, To center stage exquisite form does glide On pointe, on tiptoe, swaying with the tune The wind caresses, gently singing free. So calm her soul, like summer days in June But every step is like a storm tossed sea Behind sweet lips and eyes, typhoons may hide, With calmness...Read On


Stormy Sea

You're playing tricks with my mind....

Whoosh! Whoosh! Sky rumbling with thunder and lightening! Waves shaking the ship, hard. "Sailor! What can you see up there?" "A lighthouse, Captain!" "A lighthouse!?! Are you sure?" "Aye! Captain!" "Are you really sure? Your hazy mind might be tricking you!" "Aye! Captain! I am very sure!" "How can it be? We are in the middle of the ocean, for crying out loud sailor!" "It's behind...Read On


Siren's Song

beyond the mist....

Of all nights, strong waves crashing into the rocks hiding the lighthouse tower. When she heard someone singing a despairing song. The voice gets louder, overpowering the sound of the waves. The waves started to calm, the mist subsides. A lady sitting by the rocks. Her long black hair, blowing by the winds. "I am waiting for you, my love. Come to me in this lonely sea by the moon." She...Read On


The Break Of Dawn

The dawn is coming ...

The moon is full tonight. Black clouds gathering above as the cold winds blowing outside. Chill runs through my body. Warm hand caressing my back, inviting me to curl up. Gathering me in his arms for a warm kiss on my head and hold me tight. His black wings enfold me.  "The dawn is coming; I have to leave soon." With regrets in his voice. Trying my best not to break down and cry, I wrap...Read On


Behind The Clouds

You shouldn't go out...

"Come with me, My Love." "Where to my lover in the mist?" "To a place where no one will bother us." The moon is full, covered by the black clouds. Darkness envelops the lovers as they walk hand in hand going to the center of the forest. Where they kissed amidst the chilling winds blowing, carrying the smell of roses.  When suddenly he howls in pain as if he is breaking, crushing bones...Read On



She's playing for Alan, cheers to his memories. The Magic Flute ~ Illustrated by Lee Zimmerman

Her lips wrap around the instrument giving life The flow of the music from her flute is playing The notes are like the air she needs to breathe Her finger tips softly caressing the keys The melody it produces lingers in her skin The same blood flowing within her veins Her hair swaying as she plays the flute The music is giving life to her burning soul The pleasure of watching her play the...Read On



When our gentle giant was fighting ...

Hades, my heart is breaking, looking at you like that. I'm afraid.  It's like deja vu. I've seen this happening when Margaux left us. Hades, don't worry too much, he was not mad at you for not coming inside as he commands. He shut the door because you still wanted to play in that blazing heat which is bad for you. He just left for work but he'll be back soon. He didn't talk to you before...Read On



When you have given a reasons to fight for your life...

Margaux! You've come back! I've missed you so! "I'm here to fetch you, Hades." What do you mean by fetching me? Where are we going? "For us to be together again." But I'm busy playing here with Patricia and Father. "You won't feel pain where we are going, Hades." Mother said she'd bring me to the hospital and the doctors there will make my pain go away. I'll be okay here, Margaux....Read On



In the dark when everything can happen in your imagination...

Alone again in this stone of a cell These four walls I called home Humidity is rising inside my room I am going out for a quick smoke My hiding place at the rooftop Where no one can see me in the dark The rain suddenly pouring hard Humid, no air, not even a breeze Still hot and yet it is raining hard Out of nowhere you appear to me In the dark as black as a raving crow Standing before...Read On



Everyone should experience falling in love...

Fools will see that she's crazy Her laying in the flowery bed Dancing like no one can see Wind blows caressing her skin Her hand reaching out to the sky Together with her feet raised up Waving like dancing with the clouds A sweet smile forming on her lips She would pick a flower Recite her mantra Asking the petals "He loves me, He loves me not." Again and again Up to the last petals ...Read On



This is for you my lovely Godchild Kisses...

She is happy with the nature around her. Blooming flowers make her smile. She always loves to play, dancing, laying on the bed of flowers, hands, and feet up. It calms her to be on them. "Why are you always lying on the grass?" They asked her "It's comforting to be lying on them. I can smell the earth." She would reply They wouldn't say a word about it aloud, but they would think of her...Read On


The Wish

If only wishes do come true...

She is walking by the beach and found a lamp, dusted it by rubbing the body thrice. When smoke comes out of it and appears a genie. "Thank you for getting me out of there. Three wishes will be granted to you." The genie graciously said. She looked at him and said, "You'll grant me wishes?" "Indeed my lady. State them, and I'll oblige." Bowing his head. "The wish is that to make me forget...Read On


Dark Angel

Your soul is mine!

I am your dark angel And companion for tonight. Putting on my make up And my red lipstick on. My lacy garter stockings up And the sexiest dress on.  I am ready for the night to Entertain your heart's desire. Choose the kind of poison For your own entertainment.  Tell me your most secret desire, Your want and needs, I would gladly serve them to you In a platter on your sit. I am here to make...Read On


Fallen Angel

I have to make my stay worth my time...

Face raised up to heaven,  Anguish in her heart.  She has to content herself  Looking up to heaven above. For she is now a fallen angel Where any place will be hell. As she bows down her head,  Tears fall from her eyes.  She is fallen, her black wings  Are the proof for that.  As black as the raven crow  With tarnish dark soul.  She is a fallen angel now. She shakes her head as her  Wings...Read On


Love Hurts

When you thought he is the one...

Kiera Knightley is singing Lost Stars in the background as she stuffs her mouth with a dozen of Krispy cream donuts till it chokes her while her eyes are pouring tears. "Why? Oh, why?" She said, garbled. Mouth still full of donuts. "What is wrong with me?" Coughing. Kiera still singing in the background. She grabs another, this time a bar of chocolate and stuffs the whole bar to her...Read On



When fear must conquer....

He is thinking ... "Jump high..." "Free falling..." The voice in his head said. "Trust me" "Close your eyes" "Spread your arms" "Now jump!" Taking a deep breath as he follows the voice talking in his head. Taking the flange. The winds hauling from where he is standing. He jumps off from the top of the rocky cliff to the ranging sea below. Waves smashing to the big rocks. Floating...Read On


The Moonshine

Let me tell you about the sun and my moon...

  The sun falls for you The moon falls for me It gets sad knowing The sun kisses you The moon knows the warmth The sun's presence beside you The cold it gives in her absence Knowing you'll wait for her coming Loving you is like going to the moon Knowing it's hard to breathe but Keeps going even without oxygen It's hard to breathe without you The sun rises for you The moon rises for me...Read On


Peter Pan

His writings take me to Neverland...

He is Peter Pan, visiting at night. Generously sharing magical time, Smiles with his beautiful stories, Laughter with his naughty poems, Tears with his soulful sonnets. He is a multi-talented artist. Gifted in his own chosen craft, His powerful voice for singing, His talented feet for dancing, His acting prowess on stage   He is intellectual, sweet and Kind, taking me to Neverland, Letting...Read On



If only...

Can't have you right now Occupied at the moment Trying to survive this life Dream keeps me awake Snakes whispering love Monsters dress as lamb Devil pretending angels Want to end this dreams Let me dream about you Freedom to spend time Sample your sweet lips Luxury of intimate touch Opportunity in your arms Let me do the dreaming Escaping my nightmares Make the day fun at least Put my...Read On



Twenty eight with you... Still remember...

When we used to date Strolling along Rizal Park, Not enough money for a Date in a fancy restaurant. Walking hand in hand Ending by Manila bay, Looking at the busy pier Where tanker ships docks. Taking our usual bench Only crackers for a snacks, While watching the waves With the beautiful sunset. Suddenly you told me, "When the time comes, I'll buy your favorite bag of Chocolates as my gift."...Read On


The Roses

You only see the beauty of a lie ...

Every Anniversary we had, Sending roses and cakes, Written greeting card with it, Beside an everyday kisses. Warm hugs when we sleep Of lovers afraid to be parted. Sincere I love yous are more than That of a million bunch of flowers. Sweetness soon fades away Lovely it may be, to be wilted soon Flowers are now given to cover a lie Enough to be doing again next year. The thought of...Read On



When I misses you and I'm blue ... I think of you

I want to memorize your smile Freeze them to a photo album Look at them when I misses you. I want to memorize your scent Freeze them to a perfumed bottle Smell them whenever I misses you. I want to memorize your touch Freeze them in every inches of my skin Play them whenever I misses you. I want to memorize your kisses Freeze them to the locket of my heart Feel them whenever I'm blue. I...Read On


My Other Side

When all I ever want ...

You are day, I am night You are sun, I am moon But I need you my other side, You light up my darkest times. You are winter, I am summer You are fall, I am spring But I feel you my other side, I'll warm your coldest moments. You are good, I am bad You are beauty, I am ugly But I want you my other side, You made me believe for more. You are heaven, I am hell You are an angel, I am the devil...Read On



Precious gift our heart desires...

On the eve of Christmas day, a mother just got home from working overtime at the factory to a simple house. The dark and the silence of the house welcomes her. She sets her tired ass on the hard wooden chair, raises her feet up on a box. Looking at the white school socks hanging by the window. The wind is blowing on the socks swaying like laundry hanging outside. She opens her bag to get...Read On



How magical everything down here...

We experience magic Everyday in our life Sunrises to the horizon Starting of a new day Moon shines with the Stars at night guiding us Winds blowing trees Swaying and dancing Thunder and lightening Strikes in the sky Rain falling from the sky Watering flowers and trees Flowers blooming and Fruits bearing trees Pregnant women giving Birth to healthy babies Doctors saving lives...Read On



Looking for something to hope for...

Is this a dream? Like you're on top of That rocky mountain Floating in the air Dancing aurora above. That feeling of  Light headedness Wanting to laugh Wanting to cry All at the same time. Is this nightmare? That feeling of angry Laughing at yourself on How stupid you feel. That feeling of crying Shouting to the world  How you hated yourself. That feeling of scared...Read On


Dead Twigs

When everything felt like closing on you....

Desperately watered you every day Singing to you some calming songs Talking to you, begging not to die Leaves keep falling out on you Starting to dried up and died on me Cried to sleep the whole day through Woke up and looking at you, still sad Said to myself your roots are still alive Have to save you, replant where you Might grow back to a new life Despite you're dead twigs now Replanted...Read On


I Love You

... when you thought you're numb from the pain

Kill me now or leave me be! What are you waiting for? Can't take this torturous Pain you're inflicting on me. Every slashing pain it reaches The core of my heart that I  Thought numb from feeling. Tired, so very very tired. Thought my heart turned to ice But every time you inflict pain I Can feel them slowly killing me. Tried to teach this...Read On


The Feast of All Saints

I was working late after celebrating the feast of all Saints.

Except for the guards at the lobby, I was the only one in the building working. All lights were off. The only lights are on my working area. Coffee at my side as I busied myself on the financial reports. They were needed within two days time for the stockholders meeting. All my attentions were focused on the white screen of the computer. When all of a sudden, it felt chilly and the scent...Read On


Much More

Kiss me kiss me in the morning... evening... daytime... kiss me, hold me, hug me sweetheart ...

Give me a kiss from my forehead to my toes The one that makes my heart constrict to pure bliss Those kisses that can make you cry with happiness  That deep feeling of belongingness with someone Give me a kiss from my lips to your tongue The one that makes me hungry for more Those kisses that can make you thirsty  That kissing is not enough to satisfy a need Give me a kiss that can weaken...Read On



Speak no evil .. Hear no evil ... See no evil ...

Dreaming again Black smokes taking shape Forming a tall man with  His black wings spreading out Heard terrorized screams Begging him to make it stop Found myself in his lap rocking Embracing me with his darkness Gone quiet for a while Hold on to him to protest but Thinking mind are not working Felt calmness in his darkness. Wanted to run and scape him Silently cried afraid to...Read On


The Painter

When all you can dream about is to paint using all the colors in the rainbow...

She is crying in the darkest corner of the park when a gentle hand lightly touches her sunflower colored tattooed shoulder. "What's troubling you child?" Came a soft voice. "I'm afraid." Deep anguish in her voice. "What are you afraid of?" Comforting voice, soothing her. "I will lose vibrant colors in my paintings. I will never be like Van Gogh anymore." Crying pitifully, declaring...Read On


The Hanging Tree

As the music played...

"Are you, are you Coming to the tree? They strung up a man They say who murdered three. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met at midnight In the hanging tree." ~ Jennifer Lawrence, soundtrack from  "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" One hand in her chin the other hand is touching a knife longingly, her forehead leans on the...Read On


The Secret

Your secrets are safe with me...

I will be your kept secret For the time you'll have with me For the naughty smiles you'll have For the happy song you'll sing For the poems you'll write You will be my kept secret For every heartbeats I feel For every tears my eyes shed For every smiles my lips made For every lonely nights I'll have You will secretly look into my eyes You will secretly hunger for my lips You...Read On



Play the guitar as I sing you a song...

Let me caress your shapely body Play my fingers to your edges Knows every parts of you. Let me learn how to play you Strums that strings of yours Flick that cords for you. Let's play music to the air Strumming you deep so the Music will play out from you. Let's hear that gentle sounds That echoes from your music As we play the cords of you. Let the symphony accompany...Read On



No flowers are growing in our garden...

I am replanting my basil for they are growing a lot and it smells so wonderful, so are my mint and aloe vera. Yes, herbs are all my plants, I can't seem to grow flowers in my garden. My husband gave me a rose garden, and it died on me because I didn't give them the attention they needed. He bought the sunflower plant for me to grow and I drown them because I lavishly gave them all of...Read On


Poetry Reading

When weekend is calling .... laundries forgotten

Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a phrase for you As you touch me with your hand Tracing every word within every curve. Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a stanza for you As you caress me with your lips Trailing every line within every slope. Lost in the valley of every word as I climb Every mountain within our own world And dive to the...Read On


Garden Of Eden

Freshly washed and ready to eat...

Looks fresh and beautiful Red and lusciously breathtaking That sweet aromatic scent That's very pleasing to my senses. I have to taste that skin How it would feel In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Richly scrumptious  That delicious juicy bite I have to taste that nectar How it would taste In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Succulently sweet flavor...Read On


The Waltz

Learning to move together with the music ...

We held each others hand, You held me close in your arms, The music played to start our decent, Where our two left feet take us. We sway familiarizing ourselves, We awkwardly acquainted with the flow, We glide learning step by step, As we have never tried dancing before. You started to confidently lead, You forgot our two left feet, You move briskly into the other side, As we have never...Read On


Red Lipstick

When in the dark ...

Dark outside Cold wind blowing, Howling dogs from afar. Dead silence. Scent of flowers Wrap around me. Goosebumps, as I felt Someone looking at me. Looking out, finding where. I saw your shadow In the dark walking Towards me. Stopping in front of me. Intently looking as You raised your hand. Wiping away the stain Of my fading lipstick. And you whispered "Red. I want ...Read On


Her Dance

Pare ko, this is how I picture you in my mind ...

He came early, talked to everyone he knew, danced with the girls he liked, even flirted with some. She arrived late in the evening and didn't know anyone around. Too shy to even start to talk with anyone, she just took a seat in the corner to watch. He, on the other hand, danced the night away, different girls in his arms and laughing with everyone. He then looked her way, gave her a smile...Read On


Forlorn Lover

Where promises are made to be broken ... a heart...

By the shore in the middle of the night, She always sit at the big rocks, Waiting for her lover to come,  Who promised to be there. By the shore in the middle of the night, She is always singing sad songs, That would make herself to tears, For the lover who never comes. By the shore in the middle of the night, She always looks up at the moon, Asking him of her heart's fears, For...Read On


Wednesday Morning

When the weather decided to have fun...

Stepping down from the bus, cool wind blows. Black clouds gathering above me. Whoosh Whoosh Strong cool winds blowing, making me force my walk forward as I fight with the current of the wind. "Go home." "I can't go back home, I have lots of things to do today at the office." Usually it only take me ten minutes to be in another bus station going to the office building and it took...Read On


Life is Wonderful

Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful...

His intention is to make me smile  And the song is really a happy one.  But when the song started to play  And the lyrics with the melody flows To my ears, it reaches to my heart. Tears started to flow freely from my eyes  And my heart is breaking. "Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle Ha la la la la la life is wonderful" What is wrong with...Read On


Dance With Me

I felt your touch, but your feelings they...

I felt your touch, But your feelings They were never the same. I seems to forgot, How it felt with Your warm embrace. So remind me again How it used to be Loving and warmth. Just this one song. Dance with me Like we used to do. Give me your hand. Place them where You used to loved them. I missed that touch. The feel of you palm That warms my heart. Ah, the lust it...Read On



Have you ever played on a seesaw?

Where you constantly goes  Up and down,  Up and down,  Up and down. It's when you are happy,  You'll definitely cry soon.  When you're up on your career,  You'll definitely take a slow down.  Life will come up of something That will pull you down. No other way but  Up and down,  Up and down, Up and down. It's like when you are drowning  But every time I am down there,  ...Read On



This is for you my dearest friend who happened to pass by my way...

Gloomy day again, A black cloudy Saturday afternoon For this old lady. You're a good friend and I thank you for the friendship, You have bestowed upon me When I needed it the most. Age really doesn't count For all I know you are Older than I am when It comes to maturity. You shine upon me When my days are really At the most melancholic  ...Read On


The Creep Named Rune

The creep that I am...

I choose to sit alone in the dark, Not for attention or pity. I choose to sit alone in the dark, Because I'm afraid of humans. I choose to sit alone in the dark, It is what unwanted like I do. Lurking only within The shadow of darkness, Where I would want to stay. I choose to crawl alone in the dark, To be undetected by anyone. I choose to crawl alone in the dark, Not to be hated...Read On



when someone you love ...

Where are you Margaux? Why are you gone when I got back, the night they separate us? I never saw you again on that awful night. You didn't even say goodbye or left a message. I am so painfully sad today. I am waiting here by the door everyday, in case you come back late at night. I can't eat and I can't even sleep. I cried myself to sleep and I would dream. I been dreaming about you this...Read On


Hades & Margaux

How I feel your pain...

"Hades" "Hades, you should eat. Come on, just a drink." "Hades, stop crying." "Hades, you need to sleep." "Hades! Get inside, it's raining." "Hades! Stop waiting for her, she is not coming back!" "Hades! You need to stop, doing this!" "Hades" "Come here." "A human hug for you my dear friend, hoping to ease your pain even a little." "I miss Margaux too, Hades. I know it hurts...Read On


Do You?

The first of many... It's just a thought...

Do you remember The first time you saw me? Your eyes looking at me My heart smiles with you. I still remember them. The first time I looked at you Your eyes are shining on me They are like sunshine. I felt I am the most beautiful girl. Most loved. Do you remember  Our first kiss? The first time you touched My lips with your lips? I still remember them. The first time I've kissed Your...Read On



The pleasure of exploring...

Craving for you, You mouth watering, So sinful thing. Yearning to taste you In my mouth Again and again. So many days wanting, Seeing you everywhere. My mind goes ballistic. The pleasure of exploring, Aching every minute. Needing to have you. Lusting thoughts of you, Just to have you For a quick taste. Greedily looking for you. Disgusted not being able to have you. Ravenousness to eat...Read On



Whenever I see a tree...

They say that a tree is magical. I didn't believe them. How can a tree be magical? I grew up with that tree. My mother water her when she was a twig, even put a brace when she needs them for she sways. How can a tree be magical? Every childhood days of my life I played around that tree. I climbed her, pick flowers on her, eat her fruits and even share her with birds. I sleeps in...Read On


When She Cries

There is always something behind the tears...

It's not always on a whim or just because she wants something or to be pitied. It doesn't mean a thing at all. She cries because happiness is too overwhelming. She cries because she yawns. She cries because the wind hurts her eyes. She cries because something touched her heart. She cries because the pain is too much to bear. She cries because she felt lost and alone. She even cries without...Read On



When you need peaceful quiet night...

This is the second night of your mood swings. I didn't say hello last night cause you are scaring me. My head was killing me and I don't want to talk to you scared. You are scaring me again tonight. This time, it's lashing out in my nerve. My brain is still like last night and you are not helping at all. What have I done this time? You were crying last night, no howling like in pain the...Read On



Would you believe me if I said ... I am in hell?

Spitting fire throwing at where I stand, sweat pouring like rain, blood boiling, skin burning but the burning flesh can't be the smell. I can feel it in my bones sinking in rendering me weak. Brain going to explode. My mind cursing, shouting for help, wildly screaming. Flashing lightning and a rumble of thunder shoots above. Yes, I am in hell right now but the Devil is not here. Somewhere...Read On



When you want something ...

Oooh you are here, at long last I have met you. Sitting cozy by yourself in the center of the hall as if you are a Hollywood celebrity A-list. Looking at you, wanting more to have you. I can't decide if to approach you or just stand beside you looking, checking if you are beautiful inside as you are outside. My hand wanted to touch you itching to feel how good you are, to read you and know...Read On



sometimes the strongest words that can hurt but want to hear ...

Venomous words  You spawned.. I want you, I need you, I love you. What I really need, It's you, who cares. It's you, who stays. It's you, who love. But I want,  Need and love  The poison you  Bite me with it... Cause you are  My Heart....Read On



of all the things that is happening...

You are in a dark mood again I see. Cool it down, where is that sunny you, I have been with all this time? A strong headed and always shines on whatever has everyone's telling. Down here, life goes on even in your darkest day. Dance to the tune you don't even like. Carefully walks on a thin line of consciousness. Curiously do new things. We can't only smile on whatever good that will strikes us....Read On



Everyday I am thankful ...

For the songs I've sang For the music I've listened For the poems I've loved For the stories I've read For the movies I've watched For the clouds that inspired me For the rain that covered my tears For the sun that smiled on me For the mountains I've climbed  For the wind that whispers to me For the flowers that blooms For the birds that sings For the fireflies that flies For...Read On



As I walk aimlessly ...

I found myself standing in front of you ... Again. Not thinking of what's going on behind  And just anticipating what's ahead. I reach out and open, What am I looking at? Goodies of healthy  Colors of greens, oranges, yellows But I am looking for something. Something that feels good, Mouth watering, sweets... Aaah sweets... Filled with hopes and dreams. That would...Read On



when fear visits...

Where are you? Don't put thoughts in my mind. Don't let me think on it. Don't let me swallow vile of ugly thoughts. Why are you doing this? Stop me from over thinking again. Stop me from self-pity. Stop me from inflicting self-pain. What are you doing? My mind is shouting. My heart is breaking. My eyes are tearing. Running ... Running ... Running ... Stop! Please! ... I'm tired....Read On



Looking up ... Thinking again...

At times like this  When the night time is long And the day time is short, You showed up. Whenever I look up  I see you. You are in my east side Shining so bright. Colorful, Blue and green hue Blinking,  hypnotizing me. They called you Venus, Godess of beauty. They are not mistaken. You are a beautiful  thing to look upon. Some nights  I can't find you. ...Read On



When Paris turned off its lights, the rest of the world turned them on.

I never knew you personally, All I know about you ... are  From the stories I've read, From the movies I've watched, But you have captured  My lonely romantic heart. You made me fall in love with you, From a far with your glittering smile, Watching you made people happy. You've been a symbol of love for me. Why the hate now? Is this how love and hate collide? I once heard a wise man say,...Read On


I am ...

just in case you are interested...

Who am I to you? That you would want  To know about me. I am no one! Stop assuming that  You knew all about me. I live from never land. A place where you would Not want to know. I have a complicated mind. A loss moral to find. A crazy life, I love. What I do is my business, You have no right to tell me Otherwise. If you...Read On


With You

Just thinking...

I love the smile on your face whenever you wake up in the morning with me. I love the way you occupy three fourths of the bed when you sleep with me and I am in your arms. I love when we shower together I'll scrub your back and you'll scrub mine. I love the sound of your voice when you sing your favorate songs to me. I love when we watch movies that I like and you'll sleep the...Read On



I just saw you tonight

Kissing a beautiful girl in your arms, You held her like a delicate flower. Even if I am standing in front of you. Am I really that easy to forget? It hurts, really really hurts. Breaking, looking at the two of you. Can't move, feeling numb. Can't speak, shouting in my mind. Can't cry, howling inside. My mind felt like going to explode, How can you do this to me? ...Read On


Can I?

I won't be expecting you tonight...

Can't concentrate on my reading,     Thinking what you're doing right now.   Are you enjoying the night with someone?   Are you thinking about me tonight?   Can't eat, I have no appetite   Even for a mouth watering food.   Are you eating well with someone?   Are you wishing for me tonight?   Can't sleep, my eyes are closed   But my mind wonders where you are.   Are...Read On



As I'm about to sleep... thinking comes knocking...

When insecurities happened ... You start asking You start questioning You start imagining You start doubting Things around you. A person spend time  to someone for the pleasure  of being with them. When doubts happened ... Time is ignored  Time is wasted When time spend Don't wallow it with Sadness and regrets, But treasure every second. Would you rather enjoy ...Read On



Now I know... What waiting means...

I used to look at my phone and  read all your messages for me ... Morning my Love! I miss you Mucco... How are you Sweetheart? Did you had a great day Baby? What did you have for lunch Honey? All the sweetness I could read  from you closing them with... Sweetest dreams Dearest. I love you Nutmeg! Such words that could make my day. Then one day... Messages seldom come. ...Read On



the saddest man...

Many times You made me laugh You made me cry You made me think of life as you saw it I wonder how can you be the clown Im laughing with and the guy I cried with all at the same time. You've been one of the hero  and the clown of my life. Thank you for the laugh and the tears. I'll surely miss you. Goodbye now. ~...Read On



I wish... I wish...

In the still of the night, As I lay down on my bed. Feels the blows of the wind, Hears the tick of the clock. Sleep took over, As I close my eyes. Feels your touch in my skin, Hears your voice in my ear. Is this Neverland? My mind wonders As I dream. Where I can be with you, Where all things possible....Read On



At two o'clock after midnight...

Hate it when silence comes, And memories of you envelope me. Need to hear from you, But the silence overwhelms me. Let me just be a memory- You might want to remember, You might want to forget. Leave if you must! Please leave now! ...Read On



The moon looks different ...

You look full tonight, bright but looks gloomy. An airplane passed you by, but it seems you didn't noticed. The wind feels chilly, it adds to your being gloomy. Dogs howling somewhere, it creeps me out. This should be the time where you'll be most merry, lots of stars should be with you tonight. Clouds starting to gather around you, they are in different shapes and sizes. I don't know if...Read On



Whenever I wanted to ...

As I turn my iPod on, set my earplug and put the volume to it's maximum. I grab the book in my bed and walk away from the room. I started walking, running and walking again. I'm lost listening to the music playing in my ears, a book in my hand not thinking just listening to the music and keep walking, running and walking again. Looking at my surroundings, people passed me by as if I...Read On



forgive me for praising my own kind...

Designed to be soft... Fighting to survive in this lifetime. Loves unconditionally without expectation. Willing to get pregnant with a child for nine months. Willing to endanger her life by giving birth. Surrendering her life for the one man. Designed to be needy... Her loved ones first in everything she does. Happy to have made you smile. A slave by choice for life. ...Read On



This I say... if I die... consider this as my last wish...

Don't touch my cold ugly body, I am dead. Burn my body to rest for I'll feel no pain anymore. Put my ashes in a jar to where I'll rest in peace. Give my ashes back to my family who loved me. Give my belongings to my family who'll remember me. Burn all the pictures that you still have of me with you. Delete all the memories you happened to remember. Forget I ever happened to...Read On



when the pain won't go away...

Just want to think happy thoughts  so I could fly back to Neverland. Just want to run away  where there's no rage or pain in my heart. " Coward ," you say? Just want to escape... Escape the pain, stop it from sinking to the very soul of my being. That all I think about is to self distract. If I stay and keep breathing,  all I want to do is cry, go self pity, sleep...Read On



There is always a rainbow after the rain....

I can see you are sad again... Why so dark a morning for me? I just saw your lovely smile a minute ago, and now you are starting to cover me again with your dark moods. Wasn't it your rage passed me by yesterday? I thought you would be happy now that you've released your rage. Ooooh ... you're crying, why? What happened now? What did I do, to cause you to cry again so hard? Today is...Read On


Melody, Memory.

You are the music that plays in my heart.

Whenever a song plays on the radio... I don't know why ... A tear falls down from my eyes, It hurts so much to continue listening, Your're the first person that comes to my mind. And if I sing along with it... I don't know why ... The memories of our happy days flashes back, Wished it will not be so painful to see you change, Wished your're still the man...Read On


Mucco Mucco

When you think I miss you ...

Everyday I've waited for you to call. You'll give me a ring to ... Wake me up. Make me smile. Read me a poem. Sing me a song. Tell me about your day. Watch me sleep. You'll give me a ring that says ... Missed me? Are you happy? Eat something nice? Had a great day? Missed you already even before you hit the end call and say ... I'll see you later. I love you. Honey, thank...Read On


Sweet Things

I melt with you ...

The first time I met you. I'm not even interested. You don't even look extraordinary. When I hold you in my hand, you melt. Giving me a yucky sticky feeling I don't like. But then I had a taste of you. I've licked my fingertips and it made me close my eyes. Tasted you in my mouth, gives me bittersweet emotions. Tears fall down in my eyes when I've open it. I am awakened to a new you....Read On


Simple Things

What i love... its been a minute since i last...

I’m a chocolate addict, my blood type is C. Love summer and the rain, the only season I have known. Love singing, even if singing doesn’t like me. Love reading poems and quotes, its like a lyric to a song I'm singing along. Love night time... hehehe... cause I’m insomniac, an old owl and to much light can hurt my eyes. I’m a coffee addict too, like I've said my blood type is C. ...Read On


Childish Things

when i was very very young then…

I thought the only music in this world was my Dad's Kiss with Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin's Queen, David Bowie's Police, his slow rock music and my Mom's nostalgic love songs. I thought my Dad is the handsomest and the coolest guy on earth (He still are ... by the way ;) ) I thought my Mom is wonder woman ... I never saw her get sick in my whole life ... had a job ... being our mother...Read On


Twenty Years

It’s just me... thinking.

I used to sleep close to your heart you held me tight, kissed my head goodnight. You said, "This is how I would have us sleep all of our nights." I stayed because I loved the sound of your heart beating while I slept. I would wake up and you would look at me and kiss me good morning. One night your hold on me loosened. No more good night kisses. No more...Read On

Stories collaborated with rune


Meg's New Sonnet

The odor of love fills the air

Her natural scent imbues him with a need, As blooming flowers in the fields of May Intoxicate his mind and heart, indeed, Refreshing, craving on a summer day. His natural scent creates a homey clime It make his body feel so safe and warm. Aromas linger from their pillow time At night, in dreams, she's safe within his arm.  Addictive passion rises to new heights. Fierce love, desires to...Read On


Meg's Sonnet

Love that helps us through this journey

The lovely sunrise each and every day The chirping birds that sing without a care The echoed laughs of children as they play The whispered words of lovers as they share The flowers grazing by our fingertips The bees that sip the dew without a fuss The wind caressing both our skin and lips Dramatic sunsets calling out to us A poem of love that trips upon the tongue Baroque adagios...Read On


Burnt Toast

The morning sun rises, In the horizon. Sit by the window, Looking outside. Birds chirping happy songs. Thinking if she is awake.   Images of her stretching, lazily in bed. A smile forming, on her sweet lips. As she opens her beautiful, brown eyes.   Start the day of her, morning routine. Prepares her coffee before, She carefully picks a dress. Humming as she gets ready. ...Read On


Zephyr's Breeze Dreaming

Crescent moon peeking through the starless summer night sky like an evil smile lurking upon lonely maiden sitting in the dark waiting for her lover to arrive Hearing a tingling in my ear of angels ringing bells on the window pane In conversation with god Beneath the moon pie As the teapot list to starboard with the flavors of love and the kisses that brew in conversation with god stirring...Read On