When a sense awakened all the senses

I love your smell... not your fragrance ,  The smell of your skin The one that makes you who you are, The one that only pleases me,  The one that makes me excited  And that makes me crazy about you  ...Read On


Letter to my torturer

While death has, it seems, surprised you You seem to think that my life without you was in vain You'll be the one who never learned That my heart for you was brimming with hatred Even though the time in my skin has registered well For my beloved I was there faithful queen Your vile words and dark thoughts have cursed nothing Very comfortable the river of my life dripped without trouble If...Read On


Living without you

living without you   Learning to live without you,  You that I imagined so many times, You I dreamed of taking in my arms What will life be like without you?   Knowing that without you Life offers me no choice  That of having Faith What will life be like without you?   Hearing these mothers complain I would have given so much To have only one and please him What will life be...Read On


Never-ending end

You who left, think you've left me  You who inhabit my abyss and flow through my veins  Do you think it's over... Do you believe that by deaf, you will not hear me again Do you believe that by multiplying the conquests I would no longer exist What about your promises What about my weaknesses I am only a child without you but woman in your arms  You who left, think you've left me  You...Read On

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One step from angel to deamon

How can we forget our lost love? Why forget them? They are the ones who grew us up, they are the ones who destroyed us, they are also the ones who abandoned us in the countless shipwrecks of our hearts. Why chain ourselves to the risk of breaking every link with every sigh, every desire? They met, they loved each other from a distance, fled, got together, hugged each other, gave each...Read On

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Source Of Desire

Love without sake would make me sad, as your lips of crimson, spray wisteria, in a drunken orgy of courtesans, scented of opium and tea leaves, on a mountain-side, of Mt. Fuji, With almond-eyes and soft skin, under the shade of the cherry trees, exhilarating with your words, shivering with your caresses, drinking an inexhaustible source of desire. As mama-san jesters an amorous...Read On