The wind howls And wraps around her heart It creeps and it prowls As it tears her apart She floats between reality and fantasy alike Her dreams are now just falling apart She clutches them tight Hoping the pain will soon depart He promised to protect her From things that crept in the night But He left her exposed And all alone in the dark She’s frightened and scared Left alone...Read On


I Wonder

If you didn’t know her   You’d never know   That her heart was broken   But to know her   To have her touch your life   Was magical   The pain in her heart   Shows deep in her eyes   They don’t shine with the same sparkle anymore   She smiles   So the hurt won’t show   But there’s a tenderness missing   She swallows her tears   And makes it through   Like every day she’s...Read On


If She Will Let Them

You sit there with your little boy smile, and play with her heart, thinking she will always be there. Tearing her in so many pieces, that she cries from the pain that rips through her heart. She had fire in her eyes, and a heart made of gold. She was kind and giving, warm and tender. You let her love you, only to make it a crime. Now she’s being punished, for nothing but loving you. ...Read On



The waves roll in  Hard and strong  They crash and roll  Over her tattered soul  She’s trapped in a riptide Spinning and churning  Pulling her helplessly down  To a Depth unknown  The struggle is real  The surface seems so near  She fights to rise above But the battle is too much alone The monsters glided in So smooth and sleek Full of grace and beauty  Appearing to be so meek  The...Read On


So, I'm Letting Go

I want you to understand, that I don’t want to lose you, but I just can’t keep holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be held. I’ve given everything I’ve had to give. I’ve been patient and willing, Kind and giving. I’ve fought and I’ve forgiven. You have touched my heart like no one has ever. I wish I could explain that but I don’t understand it myself. I know that you care ...Read On


The Light

She built the walls high Encased herself within  No one was getting though No way, No how  She doesn’t know how  Or even why  But he found the smallest crack  To let the light inside  A beacon of light Which softly shone  A light so bright  In her darkness alone The light made her wonder Yet still cower in fear  The soft ample glow  Made a tear appear  “What do you want?” “Why are you...Read On


The Little Black Book

The untold story....

His little black book A mystery to most One could take a look But never figure out the host To understand his madness  His scribblings and such You had to explore the brightness His mind often touched The entries were enigmas A code so well kept Like entry number 420 said, “@6pm Gibson Les Paul guitar” To the naked eye It didn’t mean much He was clever but shy Which was always my hunch...Read On


The Story of Us

He strolled into her life from out of the Blue One sweet drunken text later “Take my hand baby, I got enough love for two.” She took it and slowly two hands became one  A sassybunny with a cheeky grin She captured the heart of the man of Sin Always a picture from head to toe  Even her boots are off now, you know  He slapped her ass With a cheeky grin “Keep it up and you’ll get...Read On