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I'm more of a verbal story teller than I am an author. My little fingers can't seem to keep up with my mind as I poke away at the key board. I do however enjoy reading many styles of writing. Humor is probably first on my list. It's much like music though, if your a true craftsman at your passion, I'm sure I'll enjoy your work. Please don't ridicule me for any miss spelled words you see coming off my key board. My best friend bought me an illuminated, silent key board, as I would stay up nights typing, and it kept him awake. It's the nicest key board I ever used, except the space bar sucks. Thats my excuse.

Bill Ott
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Lake Erie, Ohio, United States
I never keep my money in a bank, therefore I have no interest. I do enjoy the great outdoors in many ways. I enjoy a good challenge now and then. I enjoy my three sons, friends, and beer. Family reunions can be exillerating, and the game of Horseshoe's that comes before and after the food is always a challenge. I once threw 2 ringers on top of my Uncle Joe's 2 ringers to negate his, that was pretty cool. I enjoy talking to people, as every one I've ever met has inspirerd me in some way. I've been retired for 3 years or so, at the ripe age of 48, and I simply love it. I strickly come out of retirement for my friends and relatives only. Never charge them much, but it's great beer money!
Favorite Books:
Klondike Mike, is my all time favorite, but I only made it to the 4th chapter before I had to return it to the library, so they could return it to the other library. I could buy it new for $44.00, but I prefer to find it used some day.
Favorite Music:
Any group that actually compose's music, as oppossed to one that just makes noise.


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Topic: Do you get pleasure from reading your own writing?
Posted: 19 Dec 2012 05:31

This is a good question.

I certainly do enjoy reading my own work. Especially after some time has passed.
The more I cringe at the "not so good parts", the more I eventually learn.

Topic: My first ever newspaper interview mentions a very famous story site...
Posted: 23 Sep 2012 04:11

Congrats, DD. We're all soooooo proud of you. An interview like that is always a plus and, in your case, to have it appear somewhere other than the 'crime' section is very positive. :)


I certainly concurevil4
Nice work Jankowski. JFK, huh!

Topic: What do you think about erotica writing?
Posted: 26 Jul 2012 05:41

I choose the sexual fantasy genre because I have several fantasies that drive me wild and I figured; if they are driving me wild, hopefully
even a poorly written fantasy would drive all the sex crazed people out there wild as well. As long as I used clever cuss words and picked some sexy
characters names.
I thought; If my audience is half the pervert (pardon my choice of words) that I am, they would over look my poor grammar and just get caught up in my little sex crazed mind.
Boy did I learn a fast lesson.
I never even thought of describing my work as erotica, it was pure porn. I love writing on occasions, and in the erotica field, there is always something to talk about.

I think erotica is a great starting point for many writers, but only a select few have the talent needed to survive.
In most cases; in order to obtain that ever elusive "serious writer" status. Most must move on to the things we really wanted to write about in the first place.
All just my opinion.


Topic: What Would Your "Thing" Be?
Posted: 28 Jun 2012 02:18

I guess I would have to agree with several people above, like having my computer with me, as I write all my stories on it. However, I do write my poetry with pen and paper, then transfer it to the computer when I am satisfied with it. One comment that I don't agree with is the one about being awake. A number of stories and poems I have written, and which are the ones that come the most easily are the ones that I wake up with already fairly formed in my head. So I guess my "thing" would be to wake up with a new story in my head every few days.

How long would you be awake after you post these stories,

every few days?

Topic: Are you an "award-winning writer?" Apparently a number of us are...
Posted: 18 Jun 2012 05:00

I'm happy just to know many of you award winning authorsicon_smile

Topic: End of the Line
Posted: 06 Jun 2012 22:31

Who's Alan?
I guess I'll go to the back of the line, for loosin track.

Topic: End of the Line
Posted: 04 Jun 2012 08:02

You may be older and slower CK,
But I'm late again...

Topic: Goes into a bar
Posted: 01 Jun 2012 18:12

A duck goes into a bar, takes a stool, and the bartender says; What will you have little ducky?
The duck says; got any grapes? Bartender says; No duck, this is a bar, we serve beer, mixed drinks, that sorta thing. We don't have grapes. So the duck leaves.

Next day the duck comes back and the bartender says; What will it be duck? Got any grapes? Says the duck.
The bartender screams No duck head, I told you yesterday; we have no grapes, we sell beer and stuff.
If you come in here tomorrow asking for grapes, I'm gonna nail your little webbed feet to the floor.

The next day the duck sits and the bartender ask him; What will you have Daffy?
The duck ask: got any nails? The bartender near blows a gasket and yells "No"
So the duck says: got any grapes?

Topic: Why Do You Write?
Posted: 31 May 2012 02:58

I took up writing because I had no idea how to spell or use proper grammar.
Made sense to me, look how I turned outbook

Topic: How did you discover storiesspace.com?
Posted: 25 May 2012 08:50

Hey thanks DM,

But writing a story merely to get an Editors Pick seems a bit,,, well challenging.
As far as a golden star, I now think I'd like to have a silver one, or blue.

I agree with Bad Company on this one, Give me silver,, blue and gold...

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Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2021 00:20
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2020 00:20
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2019 00:30
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2018 00:30
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2017 00:30
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2016 00:30
Happy belated Bill, have a few on Ice awaiting your return. Hope you had a great day.
15 Jan 2015 06:39
14 Jan 2015 01:03
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2015 00:30

As the last grains of sand dwindle from the 2014 hourglass,
we ready ourselves to mark the end of another year.
Turning it over, the hourglass will once more be full, starting another year.
As we welcome in 2015 may you be blessed with peace,
good health and your heart over full with love.
30 Dec 2014 06:22
Three wishes for you this Christmas.

Your heart be filled with Love.
You enjoy Everlasting Happiness.

19 Dec 2014 07:20
Hey, Scootman, my profile is telling me it's your birthday today! Hope it's a great one!
14 Jan 2014 06:37
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
14 Jan 2014 00:30
Hey Scooter...heard we're supposed to have a lot of snow...here's an idea for ya' to try out...
02 Jan 2014 13:29
As we usher out the old and welcome in the new.
There is a certain wish, I wish for you.

May your mind be filled with inspiration and your heart be filled with love.
Thank You for a wonderful 2013.
30 Dec 2013 05:48
Hey Scooter...stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming New Year...

24 Dec 2013 23:46
24 Dec 2013 05:34
Wonderful to see you popping in again, Billy Boy.

18 Sep 2013 01:54
Nice to see you back Bill, My friends are my gold. Thanks for dropping by.

08 Jul 2013 05:13
15 Jan 2013 03:55
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