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Way to show your stuff, Andy Murray.

05 Aug 2012 08:18

My wife thinks writing is a sexual thing that I caught when I was growing up?

25 Jun 2012 23:56

I've lived on Lake Erie so long now, I could bottle and sell the stuff and no body would even notice...(:

27 May 2012 07:16


I'm gonna just keep writing about writing,

For lack of nothing better to write about, an to keep active

10 May 2012 19:43

The shot heard around the world. revisited and digitally enhanced by Louis Oosthuizen

all the way from South Africa. Did you train him Yasmin?

08 Apr 2012 12:16

Thanks Lisa, Yasmin, Alan and anyone else who works to make this a safe, fun place to hang, write, and read~

24 Dec 2011 09:31

I heard DirtyMartini on the radio. Guess I'm moving up in the world. Nice job Alan

09 Dec 2011 13:03

I wanna be; the greatest man that never wrote.. Some day(:

01 Dec 2011 19:01

Had a fine Thanksgiving and looking forward to a Happy New Year. Christmas might have to wait

26 Nov 2011 21:20

Are slowly giving us more power Gav, Or are our keyboards just working better!

24 Nov 2011 21:26

Wishing I was in Melbourne, the Presidents Cup is under way, down under!

17 Nov 2011 07:50

Another beautiful day. We haven't even had Indian Summer yet

15 Nov 2011 07:00

Wow,, what a pleasant bunch of new face's

26 Oct 2011 10:19

I guess Labor Day would be the next big holiday. Then back into the icy grips of winter

05 Jul 2011 13:22

Any women I love, I'll protect,,,thats a bunch of them....(:

05 Jul 2011 01:12

So far I'm glad I joined, but just what I need, one more site to keep track of

01 Jul 2011 03:17