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Stephen Elsden
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My Garage, Texas, United States
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04 Jun 2020 14:59
Favorite Authors:
Catlin Kiernan, Connie Willis, Niel Stephenson, L.A.Meyer (no not the vampire one, the Bloody Jack one), George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman series), Stieg Larsson and many more.
Favorite Movies:
Dragon Tattoo Trilogy (extended version)
Does have to add in 'Kick Ass' as to me it was much like Virgil's "Aeneid" with each and every contrived element put in the most perfect place.
Favourite TV Shows:
CSPAN when I used to watch TV.
Not entirely true.. has Netflix and did go all the way through 'Switched at Birth'. Thought it was a bit novel, but what would I know...
Favorite Music:
Artists... Laleh, Lorde and most anything Celtic women. Adds in Sade, Peggy Lee and Reina del Cid... (youtube artist).


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29 Jan 2016
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03 Jan 2018 (883 days ago)
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A Pair of Conniving Witches

"So let me get this straight. " Chole said looking over the forged documents. One had been recently printed in London, and looked new, but Cytheria had gone back two centuries to London to have it forged with the Royal Society's official script. The other was much older or looked much older. She had it written in the 10th Century. It was basically an additional letter to be added to...

Added 29 Mar 2016 | Category Fantasy | Votes 1 | Avg Score 4 | Views 661 | 3 Comments

From the Annals of Besh, Part IV

[[ Karla left early for the library the next morning as she wants to get this done. First though she orders a bouquet of yellow flowers that will be left at the hotel desk along with a note to Skoal telling him when he should pick her up. The rest of the morning she’ll skip over many years and will only copy the very last chapter in Besh’s book that will be translated to this.]] Chapter...

Added 28 Feb 2016 | Category Fantasy | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 493

From The Annals of Besh, Part III

[[Karla is back in the secure room of Szechenyi Library having again signed out The Annals of Besh. It would be nice if she could just photo copy the book, but rules are rules, so she goes about copying the pages she wants on her note pad, knowing the last section she wants from the book is going to have to wait till tomorrow because lunch lasted so long, but at least she has this before...

Added 23 Feb 2016 | Category Fantasy | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 539

From The Annals of Besh, Part II

[[ The next dayproceeds much like the last. Karla is picked up at her room and taken to the Library and dropped off. She signs out the same book and then spends the morning copying it verbatim, then meets her escort for a long lunch where they do a fast translation.]] Chapter 4. Escape and News of Isfahan's Fall (1387 AD). It has been past a month since my last writing as the moon is...

Added 21 Feb 2016 | Category Fantasy | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 527

From The Annals of Besh, Part I

[[ Karla picks up her elder escort in the common area of the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest after having spent the day upstairs carousing a very old obscure book missing its beginning. She’s copied verbatim the first part of the book, and will return the next day for more. Tonight she’ll sit in her hotel room with her escort and he’ll help her translate the older Vulgar Latin...

Added 19 Feb 2016 | Category Fantasy | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 512

The Next Duchess

THE NEXT DUCHESS   All is as you thought it would be sir and more. The Duke is most formidable. He is powerful and feared. Respect he commands well through design.  Vigilance is his strength. He’ll tolerate no slight towards his authority. His name he guards most jealously. An alliance of your house to his will prove most practical, The benefits I’m sure you’ll weigh. I’d dare sir if...

Added 05 Feb 2016 | Category Poetry | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 383 | 1 Comment

A Night Tone

A Night Tone She never comes where I am, I miss her if she does. In the darkness the clouds race. The moon makes for shadow. She never comes where I am, Would want her if I could. The winds cold, my hearts bare. And the night sets the tone. She never comes where I am, And I’ve searched most my life. She’s out there, she’s calling. I want to bring her home. She never...

Added 01 Feb 2016 | Category Poetry | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 666 | 4 Comments

A Blue Rose

A Blue Rose A blue rose reclined forlornly Among the flagstones in my garden Fragile and sad, caught in the cold A gift from a shadow A mystery who speaks to me If she found it or made it, she didn’t say She packed it most carefully Then tossed it high to the ether Over old rounded mountains Down to the sand hills below Where I caught it, I did Kept it safe ever since In my garden,...

Added 30 Jan 2016 | Category Poetry | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 615 | 2 Comments

Clousure Report (Lost Device/Sloan)

Closure Report (Lost Device/Sloan) Sep 2017/Karla/Archives (Filched Ear & the Lost Whistle, Resolved) At the time of Pinny’s birth it was said her mother was visited by three women (1) . One old, one middle aged and the last young. They claimed to be sisters. If that was true that would be very weird considering the age differences. But that is what was said. What else was said of the...

Added 29 Jan 2016 | Category Fantasy | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 484

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