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Do we really respect the skills of others or even out friends at least?
During this lock down, I discovered that I want to learn digital marketing in depth. It was quote unexpected as in the past, I had an urge to prepare only for semester exams or either GPAT(Pharmacy Exam).
I enrolled in digital marketing courses and started practising my skills and showcasing it among the public. But, very few acknowledged that their friend is trying to learn something else and so, I got support only from 2-3 people even after having 50+ contacts in WhatsApp. I think we need to realize the hard work and passion of our friends and relatives. Many just need one support to keep moving on.
I joined yuvawaaz to continue practising my writing skills and kept quality as my priority. I posted one post, they didn't like it but instead of keeping their points in a positive way they expressed it in an insulting manner.
I am much dissapinted

20 days ago

Self-Realization is the most important attitude that one can have within their souls! I have recently realized I am good at interacting with new people but lack the skills to develop a good bond with them. Each one of us is unique. Some take a few seconds to mingle with everyone and for few people, it takes years but still, they feel they have no one around who really will be with them for forever.
Let's talk about myself. I am an innocent girl. I make mistakes but don't have any intention of hurting anyone directly. I don't prefer to talk rudely with my friends or mentor, still, I couldn't perceive any kind of bond with them. I have only a few friends. One of them is really special for me but since lockdown, our friendship has been reduced to mere fights and misunderstandings. My family is there but they are not happy with my behaviour. The reason behind this is that I can't control when someone pokes me purposely.
Now, I realise when I am actually stressed my hobby is only with me.

27 Jun 2020 08:11

Can you write articles? Your posters are not good, don't make it by yourself!
I am working for these organizations for many days. If I make a mistake, it's their responsibility to correct me and help me to grow. But, in this world, people point at us directly among the whole group and give the opportunity to someone else. Why don't they understand there is nothing wrong in supporting each other rather than defaming. I really can't do anything but I want to convey through writing that let's not judge each other for a second and try to support each other and increase confidence of each other to bloom in our areas of Interest.

27 Jun 2020 08:01