Flash Fiction(1)


The Exotic Display

Our family was finally getting our long awaited vacation to celebrate my sixteenth year. We were headed to the first artificial planet built after the Great Collapse. I had been teased by the digital brochure and tour videos since I was young enough to remember. But I would finally get my chance to see some of the rarest and most exotic species the galaxy has to offer. There's one in...Read On

Micro Fiction(5)


Fantastic Revelation

Wind thrashed through my hair. The currents lifting us. The glistening scales rubbed through my pants as I sat upon the saddle. I was finally free of man's expectations and exhortations. Flames seered through the bite of winter, and we flew onward. There our destiny awaited and nothing meant more, except the bond we shared. We are one, and as one we are many. From here to eternity, Man...Read On



“Your kind ain't welcome here, boy!” The man yelled as the sawed-off thundered it's deadly symphony. The dual one ounce slugs mushroomed into the young man's chest and sent him to the ground with a thump. Flesh congealing whole, body transmogrifying. The creatures clothes stretched and tore in multiple places. A blood curdling howl escaping wildly. Twelve gauge shells fell clumsily. The...Read On



A quick snap followed by “here you're first.” An object of power in his hand. Raise. CLICK! He sat the object whirling in the center of the table. At her direction. Halt. Raise. CLICK! Back in the center and I gave it a spin. Halt. Raise. CLICK! Both of us were sweating buckets and again it whirled round and round. Halt. Raise. CLICK! It warbled off balance like a merry-go-round. Halt....Read On



The faint trail of an essence. Certain fragrances had the ability to envelope the mind in chimera and deep desires. Leading to a search. A patient search where one's quarry could always sense the nearing danger but couldn't materialize the threat into a tangible reality. It would become an escalating game of cat and mouse. A lust exploding. A discharge of tension, the climax a victory. What...Read On



Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. By the trillions we rushed from our hold below their world. A gate stood wide and a slide we would find. Another cavity to fill until it was time. Pump. Swirl. Pump. Swirl. Diameters fall and pressures rise, uncompressed I go. The pipe shrinks faster as a brilliant flash starts to build. A poppet to slow and explode in a spray. My world turns to flames. A loud screech...Read On




R.I.P. Shadow (You will always be loved and missed)

The door has been opened, just for me.  A fuzzy blur chased right up a tree. Oh boy, I'm finally free. I breeze through the trees. A quick stop, to destroy a flea. A stern voice of trouble, surely it isn't for me. Oh boy, I'm still free. Look another fuzzy goes up a tree. He's exhausted at last but I'm still gonna flee. Just a little more while I'm still free. A look...Read On