I L Y (Miss J)

Love for a friend who is so important to me.

I L Y She'll know if she reads this... I L Y Because you strum my heart strings I L Y Because you taught me more about myself I L Y Because you did not let me make a fool of myself I L Y Because of your smile so warmly given I L Y Because you provide inspiration I L Y Because you provoke my imagination I L Y Because you let my fantasy blend with yours I L Y ...Read On

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My Green-Eyed Temptress

...has eyes that mean so much to me.

My Green-Eyed Temptress Has eyes that are Bright Shining Alluring Inviting Mysterious Playful Vexing My green-eyed temptress has eyes that are Pools of love laced with golden glitter Pin pricks of desire boring into me Hints of passion yet to come Beacons of hope on a dark stormy night within my soul Transforming me Helping create a revival of passion within...Read On


Pastels In My Soul

These are a few things that bring color to my soul.

… that first lusty cry of a newborn … suckling sound of a nursing babe … first words spoken, first steps taken … eyes that laugh and bring boundless joy … first kiss gifted, first kiss savored … hands held within love’s first embrace … smiles that brighten a room and change a life … sounds of sweet laughter that float like blowing bubbles … feeling that first twinge of desire …...Read On


Who IS This Woman?

Wondering just WHO IS THIS WOMAN

Who Is This Woman … that lives a “world” away? Who is this woman … that can be so reserved? Who is this woman … that can seemingly be so mysterious? Who is this woman … and what does her heart seek? Who is this woman … I can almost feel? Who is this woman … that seems so steady and sure? Who is this woman … of my real daydreams? Who is this woman … that laughs at my...Read On


Won't You Please Touch Me?

I miss you, all of you.

Won't You Please Touch Me By Snoop Longing for that touch ... just some of the things I miss. I miss your ... Fingertip across my lips shushing me for a kiss ... A kiss so gentle it can barely be felt ... Hands, fingers cradling my face, turning it towards you for a kiss ... Soft squeeze on my arms, fingertip under my chin ... Wet kiss on my neck, soft breath on me ... ...Read On