Fear and Loathing in Oz - Chapter II

Things contintue to get weird

I must have passed out again. Either that, or what followed was too horrible to remember, which is my guess, seeing as my last memory is of a trio of the little fucks chasing after me waving cat fetuses impaled on tent stakes and turning the landscape into a bloody Jackson Pollack painting. I was sure that the little bastards had been smoking viagra laced crack and were going to violate me...Read On


When the Silence is Sound Enough

Taking a breather to let out the strangeness in my head. Welcome to my world.

I A layer of dust lay thick in a faintly glowing square. Her finger moved languidly over its surface leaving behind a scar of nebulous light in its wake, releasing a lusterless beacon into the cell-like room. The pale beam stabbed the floor, causing her to flinch at the sudden intrusion of daylight that brought temptation as well as a sense of disquiet. Already she could feel the lure...Read On


A Fair Exchange

A light hearted romp involving a rather naive young paladin.

Chastity gently pulled back on the reins, halting Stormcloud’s progress, a bewildered look upon her face. She could have sworn she’d passed through this meadow earlier. Unrolling her map, she studied it carefully, making note of the location of the river that passed through the Faerie Kingdom. According to Glint & Barnes, there should have been a bridge here and yet, obviously there was none....Read On

Flash Fiction(11)



“I’m ready,” Lucy whispered, her voice so soft that it was nearly drowned out by the breeze kissing the grass in the great meadow where she (with her feet pointing west) and Alice (hers pointing east) lay cheek to cheek. “Oh?” Alice asked, her eyes drawn to a cloud that closely resembled a sailing ship. “You’re not paying attention, are you?” Lucy accused, turning her face away,...Read On



Red. Blue. Red. Blue. Like gemstones, in this case sapphireand ruby, the lights sparkled rhythmically in the rearview mirror. It was almost hypnotic, save for the fact that it was hardly calming. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Two girls sitting in a car. Down below the night so grim. Like angels poised and prim.” Lucy did her best to keep her hands from shaking as she maneuvered her...Read On


Beauty and the Beast

“Tell me a story, Lucy,” Alice murmured, staring skyward, watching the clouds form dragons or, possibly, cats. “And give it a happy ending this time, please.” Lucy shrugged and lay down her pen aside, deep in thought as she plucked blades of grass from the summer lawn and twirled them between thumb and forefinger. “Would you like to hear of Goldilocks and the three bears?” “Anything,...Read On



“You’re being melodramatic, as usual,” she mused, tracing a jagged line across the table top with the tip of her nail. “You’re not listening,” Lucy spat, tears flowing down her face, the onion on the cutting board forgotten as she plunged the knife’s tip into the counter. “I just want you to shut up and listen for once, and not go hide in your books like you always do. Would it kill you to...Read On


Cherry Blossoms

Another puzzle to piece together

Frost coats the cherries, pulling them from swaying branches, clinging like sorrow. Just last spring soft pink petals fluttered like butterflies patterning the ground with poetry and prose. Hard to believe that, in my grandfather’s time, feminine shaped silhouettes of blood and ash marred the ground as the sky turned to blood above the cherished grove. Hard to believe that the deafening blast...Read On



Empirical audacity.Just a phrase, one she sketched in black, a blueprint for her meanderings; perhaps a puzzle piece to a much larger story, one that she’d yet to write. Black morphed to blue, then to red, sharply contrasting with the pale blue veins on her wrist. Sunlight snuck through the horizontal blinds, slicing her into segments as she swayed slowly, left to right, feet upon the...Read On

Editor's Pick


She spent all evening carefully sorting out the pieces. Border pieces went in one pile, sky blue in another, darker pieces in a third. Afterwards, content with her progress, she crawled into bed, clutching Rabbit, her one remainder of childhood, to her chest, and drifted off into an uneasy sleep. In the other room, the jigsaw shifted, pieces inching slowly from one pile to the...Read On


Turning Dolls

I spent the day turning each doll, each stuffed animal, on the shelf to face the wall. There’d been too many questions lately,questions I haven’t felt capable of answering. Each time I’ve looked up, they were still there, teetering like snow upon their lips, ready to cascade down in avalanchian proportions at any moment. So I turned them around, faced them towards the wall. One by one. It...Read On


The Simple Act of Taking a Bath

I giggled, staring across the water, the tips of mybrilliantly painted orange toes staring back at me, wiggling like little piggies. “Hi!” I waved at them, sliding further in to the almost too hot water with a sigh, my gaze moving up the eggshell tile to the plastered ceiling, willing myself to relax with only a cursory check to make sure that I was alone. Outside, a cat cried,...Read On


I Hadda Dream

This came to me at 3:30am and wouldn't let me sleep until i wrote it. We all have dreams.

I Hadda Dream  I hadda dream, baby girl, you an me, in the park. You had on the prettiest pink dress and ribbons in your hair. I was pushing you on the swing, and you was laughing, your feet just about to touch the clouds, the sun like a big ball of light up in the sky. Afterwards, we sat under a big old oak tree and had pb&j sammiches and Oreos and a big thermos of ice cold lemonade....Read On



How does Red feel? Like another night of dark dreams, fighting through shadows that resemble fists. There are times when I grow tired of this and think, but only for a moment, that it would be so easy to open my veins and finally be free of them. Then, the thought is gone and with eyes shut tight, I try to remember which is the dream and which is the waking moment and sometimes I remember....Read On


Recommended Read


Stalingrad, December 25, 1942. Winter blankets everything, turning the landscape bizarrely beautiful. If you look carefully, you can make out shapes under the hoarfrost and snow. Burned out tanks and piles of brick and steel that were once buildings litter the frozen battlefield that was once home to over 400,000 Russian men, women, and children. Now the corpses outnumber the living. You can...Read On


Editor's Pick

Wonderland - Lucy's Tale: Chapter One

Two troubled girls enter into a passionate friendship.

An introduction to the reader. This is something I have been working on for a while. It was actually written quite quickly (in the space of 30 days) and then put aside to be polished, a process that has gone much more slowly. I think it needed a home before I was ready to finish it, and this site feels like that home. Funny, but a week ago, before I knew of the existence of Stories Space I had...Read On


Wonderland - Lucy's Tale: Chapter Two

The story continues - Alert: suicide scene and the mention of sex.

The end came quickly. In looking back, the signs are obvious to my adult self. Not to the 16 year old teenager that I had become. Junior year. So many possibilities were flowering open. I’d discovered boys, at least in theory, the year before. Alice had been kissed for the first time but I was slow to follow her example. Of course she’d taken on the role of cheerleader while I was more at...Read On


Wonderland - Lucy's Tale: Chapter Three

The story continues, love slowly blossoms, foreshadowing of things to come.

Funny thing. After all these years after revealing my secrets to Alice, I had forgotten one of hers, the very first one. Oh, I suppose it’s only natural. After all, we’d never spoken of it again, never even mentioned it. And yet, had I been a better friend, I would have recalled her whispered admission to me. "Sometimes, I think they might be real outside of my dreams." One thing...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Four

The girls are pulled into the world of brutal nightmares.

I awoke with my heart beating like a trapped dove, holding onto her as she shook and cried, sleep still claiming her. I could feel her own heart pounding as she began to thrash in my embrace, crying out so loudly that I was afraid she’d wake my father. Unsure of what to do, I tried shaking her awake and then, remembering a scene from a movie, slapping her cheeks until finally her eyes...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Five

Lucy's friends pay a visit.

And so, I had finally discovered the truth about Alice’s dreams. Neither of us wished to talk about what had happened, and yet how could we not? Eventually, haltingly, she told me that sometimes they weren’t as bad, that sometimes just the man in the hat was present and that often times he was sweet and others he was cruel and that as she got older, they’d gotten worse. Sometimes she found...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Six

Friction arises in the form of the Princess.

It all started innocently enough, wandering through Macy’s, looking at dresses that were far too expensive and sophisticated for us to even consider. "You should try it on, Luce," she urged me, stopping in front of a cocktail dress that a 16-year-old girl had no right to own. "You’d look stunning in it." She was right in a way. It was something a movie star would wear, glittering red upon...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Seven

Lucy's concocts a desperate plan and Alice's dreams pull in a surpise guest.

It was all so familiar. She was dressed as before as was I. Shadows flitted about the countryside and through the woods, and the breeze was chill upon our cheeks. We trod the path, ignoring the signs warning of danger. It was as if we’d forgotten what had happened the last time, what would happen if we continued on. In the back of my head I knew we should turn back, but I was powerless to...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Eight

The calm before the storm.

After that night, things were different between us for a while. Of course, her parent’s weren’t content with my promise that it wouldn’t happen again and my trip to the emergency room turned into a three day stay for observation, complete with IV drip that contained a handful of medications meant to keep me calm and help me sleep. The bottom line is I drifted in and out of reality for...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Nine

Lucy and Alice take the other fork.

Much had changed this time in Alice’s nightmare world. We both recognized the setting, and yet both of us were aware that something wasn’t quite right. Oh, the changes were subtle and had we not walked this path so many times before, we might not have noticed them, but they were there. The color of the sky was a little off, for one, and the sounds seemed muted. Ominous shadows still lurked at...Read On


Wonderland: Lucy's Tale - Chapter Ten

The Final Chapter in Lucy's version of Events.

I awoke suddenly, a weight upon my back, pressing me down, my face pushed so deeply into my pillow that I had to fight for every breath. A vice like grip upon the back of my neck held me still. I tried to scream, but the sound was muffled, so instead I fought, hoping to free myself from my unknown assailant. He was too strong, but the desperation of terror kept me going longer than I would...Read On


Wonderland: Alice's Tale - Chapter Eleven (One)

In which Alice recalls her memories of meeting Lucy.

My life was curiously empty before meeting Lucy, that summer’s day so long ago. It was my birthday, of which I was only allowed one a year, and unique because of that, as well as it being the one day upon which my un-birthday did not fall. Summer was in full bloom, golden sweet and flower scented, and the sky had chosen to be a particularly vibrant shade of blue that day. It was a day upon...Read On


Wonderland: Alice's Tale - Chapter Twelve (Two)

Alice confronts the Queen

As it turned out, I was right. Suicide wasn’t a thing you heard about much, at least not in our quiet little town. It was something that happened far away, something distant and unfathomable. And yet, that morning it had struck home with terrible precision, taking Lucy’s mother with a finality that left everyone stunned and gasping for breath. I had a hard time understanding what happened....Read On

Micro Fiction(1)

Recommended Read

The Fixer Upper

“I feel useless.” “You’re not.” “It doesn’t matter. That’s how I feel .” I wish I was a bicycle. Silly, I know, but think of it. Throw me in the back of the car and take me down to the shop and… “Twenty dollars, she’ll be good as new.” Liar. We tried that. Once you’re broken, no matter how much tinkering, you’re never quite right. The wheel wobbles just a bit. The brake rubs....Read On




His name was Robert. He’d just gotten out of prison on parole after doing 6 years time. While he’d been there he’d had his throat cut. He showed me the scar. Sometimes you just have a feel for when someone is scamming you. His story rang true. He was hanging out at a Chevron station on Saturday night because the shelter wouldn’t have a place from him until Monday. “I’m trying to do the...Read On


Therapy Homework Assignment #1: Feelings

In which an aspiring youngish writer is denied cake by fascists.

“What did you learn from this?” My therapist talking. She thinks that there are lessons in everything. My answer? “Next time, cut vertically, not horizontally. Also, white wine goes much better with sleeping pills than red.” I’m planning on working this into a comedy routine. I think I have a future. I’m supposed to be writing about my feelings . I made the mistake of telling her I’m...Read On



Growing Pains

I need to fall Scrape my knees Skin my palms Let me You need to learn to watch And we both know how hard it is When I keep falling over and over and… Smack Face down on the concrete Lip bloody and tears threatening Gritting my teeth as I get back up Again and again It’s called muscle memory Soon, I won’t have to think about it I will simply stand up Catch my breath...Read On


One in Six

Dealing with my darker demons.

One in six Every two minutes (not that I keep track) Counting out the time, alarm set on my cell phone to remind me that For one hundred and nineteen seconds I am safe That I can breathe easy knowing that someone else took the bullet for me this time Guilt and relief digging their claws into my brain Three Two One Is it my turn to keep another sister safe from harm? To be romanced behind...Read On


Precious Things

For Xuani, Ash, and Hiram Lawrence Jr.

I had her name traced above my heart Cupped my belly, feeling the spark Within, I felt the beat of life, the echo of her cry Her breath a butterfly Brushing the cobwebs from the grave with her wing Oh you precious thing And she, oh she had his name tattooed on her wrist Delicate letters, a secret script A reminder of what is precious, and what is not And hearing that, I...Read On



I wrote this for another site, but here seems to be a better home for it.

Cold stark black and white and absent of any gray The edges are no longer blurred and I am as cold as death What I wouldn’t do to feel warm again, to feel safe? My dreams are full of images, too fast to catch hold of Painful flashes of unfocused memory, police lights on the blackest of nights In my chest a frightened bird, trapped, trying to tear me from my sleepless sleep A clenched hand...Read On

Romance (1)


A perfect Sky

A road trip to SF in the 60's becomes something else

It had been a perfect day. Raindrops had been misting out of the April sky for hours, long enough for the squeaky scrape of windscreen wipers to become just another part of the aural landscape. In his rearview mirror, Topeka had become nothing more then a gray smudge on the horizon, another in a long line of cities through which he’d passed on his way west as he barreled along the...Read On



Cloud Cuckoo Land

Carousel spinning round and round Painted horses guard the killing ground Houdini’s ghost lends a helping hand Save your prayers for Superman Charcoal skies and hornet’s nests Soldiers dressed in their Sunday best Behind them plays a marching band Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land   Mirrors reflect a blood red sea The lion tamer sips his tea Ribbon dancers comes undone Burning under...Read On