Flash Fiction(1)



A true story about a weekend in Mexico with my forbidden lover

The sand was warm beneath their feet, and the water, though cool, reflected the heat from the day’s sun. They walked on the beach, late at night. The moon was setting, the stars were out. A white smudge, the bands of the milky way, stretched across the sky. Stars were in abundance, and the brighter ones, the ones that reflected the stories of past civilizations, were easy to spot. One,...Read On

Romance (1)


A Survivor's Tale

Inspired by my friend and her struggles.

He sat on top of her, legs and body raised just slightly above her hips, so as not to crush her with his weight. He was leaning forward, holding her arms over her head. She was afraid to look him in the eyes, her face red, eyes tearing up. “Please don’t”, she whimpered. It was barely audible. “Yes baby, please. It’s okay. It’s time. I love you.” “No, I can’t” “It’s nothing to...Read On