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I am the echo of a whisper, Of the wish that you set out, Once you breathed the words onto your lips.

"Death lies on her, like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field."
- William Shakespeare

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13 Apr 2021 13:13
Floral design 💐 Creative 🎨 Photographer 📷 Writer of poems ✒️ She who gardens 🌱 Lover of creatures large and small 🦎Digital Wallflower 🌸 Amateur Astrologer ✨
Favorite Books:
Liseys Story, Desperation, A Choir Of Ill Children, Lasher, The Disappearing Spoon
Favorite Authors:
Anne Rice, Stephen King, Laurell K Hamilton, Diana Gabladon
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Pretty easy to please. I really enjoy documentaries.
Favourite TV Shows:
Still pretty easy to please.
Favorite Music:
A like a little bit of everything, I just don’t really like fast music. Over a certain # of beats per minute bothers me.


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27 Dec 2020
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05 Apr 2021
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Topic: Poetry challenge: Use the last line first.
Posted: 04 Jan 2021 14:52

She shines her light
Upon the barren land
And brings new life
With her vernal command

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Break Down, Rise Up

I have broken myself down into my most basic parts. That which makes me up, that which tears me down. Solid and headstrong, for only I, know what's right. Prone to such weakness and indulgence even so,   For I want more than to survive.   To one end of nature, or the other end of nurture, And back again. The middle ground is a filament invisible, A tenuous thread that holds...

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So much has been lost.    All those words forgotten.  Naivetés long since burned away. Passions yet unlived,   Thirsts left unslaked.    And this hunger  That is never satisfied,  A perpetual bottomless ache.    So come to me,  In the small hours.   In all the places  Light can’t reach   Come to me darkly.  Call out to me  With your wickedness,   Patent black, just the way I like it....

Added 30 Jan 2021 | Category Poetry | Views 122 | 4 Comments

Whipped Dreams

Whipped dreams and sweet things,   What the way I look at you implies.   Envision me; a fantasy   In this moment... There are no goodbyes.   So meet me in my dreams, If that’s the only way. And I will give you the best of me, I swear it.   Meet me under the sky, Behind my eyes. Where it is dark and quiet, But alive...   With the perfect emotion,   And utter devotion, I will take you all the...

Added 24 Jan 2021 | Category Poetry | Views 116 | 3 Comments


I am, Missing you, like I’ve had you once before. Reaching out to feel, and felt something more. You must know that you are whom I adore. Compelled by a force that no one can see, Driven forward to hold onto dreams, Caring for someone who can’t be with me. Not understanding the feeling, but feeling too much. How I wish you knew how I longed for your touch. Aching and burning, this...

Added 17 Jan 2021 | Category Poetry | Views 138 | 3 Comments

Hope Fades To Acceptance

Every time that I seem to advance, I take one step forward, and two steps back.   Please hold my hand, I don't want to go it alone. I'm trying so hard-- Not to turn my back on the world. In the way that you have turned your back on me.   Maybe I am angry at you.   Maybe it shows.. Perhaps I don't really care.. That is a lie though, I suppose. There you go.   Still there but lost to me....

Added 13 Jan 2021 | Category Poetry | Views 138 | 3 Comments

Like A Feather Fallen

Separate from her comrades She cannot soar, like they do Cruely detached and condemned     To drift Inevitably toward   The darkness of the forest floor       Alone and cold     With bitter sickness   Filtering into damp decay   The leaf litter begins smothering     Precious light, away from her eyes       Awash in melancholy thought     Tendrils of chagrin     Drift through her psyche    ...

Added 04 Jan 2021 | Category Poetry | Views 203 | 3 Comments

Bel Esprit

To whom I call my dearest,   Beloved bel esprit.   So full of love and hope.   And the hope for love.      Love ,     I am truly enamored.   For even the passing thought,   Of your sweet kisses,   Puts me at peace.         Peaceful ,       Even as I yearn for you.   My heart, my spirit, my mind and body.   My very essence is electrified by.  Thoughts of us.     Us ,       We--fierce...

Added 31 Dec 2020 | Category Poetry | Views 184 | 2 Comments

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Son Of Mayhem And Diphtheria

As the chill of death came over me and me in my pj's of detox. In my gadabout as a social chameleon. Changing spots, and offering the pox. Honing my quill with a double edge samovar spewing my rot. Of ejaculations for madmen fools from my pen of a gothic persuasion. Dripping from my tongue to your lips in my loathsome hysteria. Feeling the flesh of night disassemble of digestible words for...

Added 17 Jan 2021 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 252 | 3 Comments

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Nice to see you, Rae. [bh]
25 Jan 2021 14:10
Good evening, Rae.
24 Jan 2021 17:00
15 Jan 2021 15:46
Welcome aboard
04 Jan 2021 11:21
Welcome to my circle of friends.
04 Jan 2021 06:29
03 Jan 2021 21:46
03 Jan 2021 21:44
"Now I can paint a beautiful picture
But you won't want to look into it
I can make beautiful music with ya
But you won't want to listen to it"
-Tech9 & Krizz Kaliko
03 Jan 2021 16:24
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