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Ermahgawd! My story is in the top 5 for the Your story competition from Writers Digest, Entry C:

Tis just a little flash fic piece but still! :D

26 Oct 2016 09:30

New book, Rise of the Scourge. Part one coming soon. 15 chapters following a few unlikely hero's, as destiny doesn't call on those who are best fit, it calls on those who act.

20 Aug 2016 07:58

Taking a creative break from writing Part 3 of Gambits. Part 2 will continue updating Monday & Friday until it's conclusion.

09 Jun 2016 18:16

Gambits Part 2: Following another player of the game, and the Gambit he controls, the story opens up to more perspectives as secrets are slowly revealed. But shadows begin to stir as a potential new player is thrust into the game.

~Coming in May

25 Apr 2016 08:14

Only a few more chapters left of Gambits Part 1. Part 2 is well under development and almost finished however I will be taking most of April off because I am moving and need the time lol.

Part 2 will feature new and old faces following a few new protagonists.

15 Mar 2016 13:04

Gambits Part 1 shall begin release next Friday, on the 15th. I'm aiming to release chapters every 4 days, the first part will consist of 18 chapters.

Part 1 Summary: While walking home late in the eve William Royce, captain of the city guards, discovers the corpse of his commander in what should be the safest street in the city. The only clue left behind is a bronze rook, placed amidst the commanders pool of blood.

During his investigation William discovers he's entered into a dangerous game, in which he is just a pawn, but while pawns can rise, so too can kings fall. And he is but one piece on the board.

09 Jan 2016 14:34

Whether you're a pawn, or a knight, you're just another piece on the board. ~ Gambits: Part 1 Coming Soon

07 Dec 2015 10:08

Inspiration starts the story but determination finishes it.

22 Nov 2015 14:17

The Tomes of Sunquir, a coming of age story in a modern day setting where ordinary people are granted magical powers through the mysterious Tomes, coming this week.

10 Nov 2015 16:43

Happy Halloween Everyone! Don't forget to sacrifice your candy to the great pumpkin else-wise the Spook Rift will remain open and it will be Halloween forever >

31 Oct 2015 10:15

Took me Three weeks to do that

19 Oct 2015 08:32

Hey everyone, finally got around to making a Facebook, though those Jerks gave me hell and made me change my name a trillion times. Anyways here it is feel free to throw tips or ideas at my face

02 Oct 2015 14:02

Hello everyone, I have a nifty little writers guide out on the resources for writers thread in the forum. So if you want some handy dandy pieces of writing candy check it out:

16 Sep 2015 14:33

The next piece I have coming out will be a filler piece to keep content coming while I take a break and begin work on my next major writing. Until then stay tuned and enjoy.

The Tomes of Sunquir, Magic in a world where it doesn't belong is a recipe for disaster.

Coming Soon.

15 Sep 2015 09:10

Hey everyone, just made a twitter account, follow me there to find the latest updates on my stories, and for some extra zany stuff

04 Sep 2015 16:08

Hello and thank you to all my readers that are enjoying my stories and I hope you do so with my future works as well. Devil Tower has at this point in the chapters essentially reached that dead zone for me when i was writing it so you'll notice a drop in quality on it and see that the chapters were...rushed. Which I apologize for nearing the end of writing it I was beyond burned out i was incinerated.
But back to the point, I learned a lot from writing Devil Tower and even in the end in my short comings I learned how to do things better and differently.

So onto my Second point, I am hard at work on another novel, which has been rewritten in the beginning so much again and again, but it just didn't feel right... until now.

I'll have a synopsis/summary out for the story later, and a title, as it's still being developed. However I may start another project between this one, when I get burned out on this and need a break, in order to keep the quality of my work steady.

30 Aug 2015 20:11

have some music erohbaddy

12 Aug 2015 12:07

Nothing like putting your sole focus into reading Game of Thrones

10 Aug 2015 19:16

Note to self reading Game of Thrones when having already watched the show is hard. least the first book. I'm not so sure about the others.

02 Aug 2015 22:46

screw time to sing-

"Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, way before Nervanna. There was U2, and Blondie, and music still on MTV. Her two kids in high-school they tell her she's uncool cause she's still preoccupied with 19, 19, 1985!"

29 Jul 2015 22:58

I did it at last, I finishing writing the dam book. just over 144K words total. Now all that's left is editing O_O

Thankfully only 10 chapters are left to edit.

19 Jul 2015 18:32

oh July the hottest month of them all. Cannot wait til fall.

06 Jul 2015 01:59

Update status go! Okay seriously though. posting to say the Devil Tower novel has caught up with all the other chapters I uploaded at once so the chapters will now be uploaded 1-2 times a week until the rest of the book is finished where I plan to upload numerous more (about 2-5 a week) each week until it's finished. As always thank you all for reading.

30 Jun 2015 23:41

That was a fun day at the river yesterday. Been way too many years since the last time I went. Still when it's about 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) out it's hard not to go :3

27 Jun 2015 16:27

Hahaha, you thought the Devil Tower was a myth? Well so did I!
That's a lie I'm sorry I knew it was coming I just didn't warn anyone because I wanted to be the one to climb to the top and make the wish. But I stubbed my toe on the entrance and just gave up after that. The only thing left now is to become the Batman and fight crime in Gotham city.

Wait whats that you say? There is no crime in Gotham no more? Pfft, I'll create my own crime wave which, is self sustaining, to fight. Why you ask?
Because I'm Batman!

24 Jun 2015 11:46

Alas the good news is here: I will start uploading chapters June 22 but naturally it will take some time before they get onto the site, even longer if I globbed up my grammar lol. I'll try to upload chapters as frequently as possible but not too much so that it overwhelms the wonderful admins here who have to read through other peoples stories too. These chapters will run about 6 pages average (or 3500 words) as the story features multiple protagonists. And because of time constraints I won't have a cover art for this novel.

Synopsis: In the fantasy world of Grimnar a dark tower rises from the ground; reaching the skies. It's doors open with the promise of a wish to the first person to reach the top. And as people flock to the tower and struggle to climb the world outside it begins to fall apart.

[The Devil Tower, where even the closest of friends may become the bitterest of rivals.]

06 Jun 2015 16:13

Jake the epic here with sort of a major update. Starting off I will say that I have finished writing out two major protagonists in the story; and I'm closing in fast on another one. For the sake of my sanity and for not creating a dull story a couple protagonists stories will be cut way shorter than originally anticipated. Lastly as I said before I prefer to have a story nearly 100% complete or 100% complete before uploading online but since it's been so long since my last story came out I plan to start the editing phase soon for the content I do have. This way I should be able to start releasing chapters later this month. I will make another post later on, (hopefully near the end of the week) with an official date and more details coming soon, thank you all for your patience.

01 Jun 2015 15:19

Jake the awesome here with more update: Well to start my earlier estimated time of completion for this to be possibly at the end of this month is now thrown out the window. To clarify I'm just over 100k words now and only about 1/3 of the way through. I'm sure come time to edit I will trim so much of the fat that is in the story but for now it's looking pretty bulky.
However I still estimate a June arrival for this novella. I can't say anything more right now without possible spoilers but I shall post more later on; so stay tuned.

20 May 2015 04:44

Jake the update here, coming in to post a minor update on D.T.(Devil Tower). This will be a dark set sort of story (Another one I know, when am I going to do something more happy?) with drama as a larger focus, with thriller tied in there too and a bit of horror. As always I try to make my stories with a little of everything so it won't be too bland. D.T will be more of a character development driven story of sorts, that explores the darker nature of people (to the best of my abilities at this time). Speaking optimistically I am aiming to have it completed and ready for upload by the end of the month or very early June.

03 May 2015 06:06

Moar update!: Well since it's been forever and I don't know how to check my old posts I may be repeating myself a bit. The next novel I have been working on is going well, it's titled 'Devil Tower" Or D.T for short. It will feature several protagonists and be a healthy lengthened story. I still have not gotten around to writing a synopsis out for it yet but I will aim for one when i get further along. As it stands now I'm roughly a third the way through I estimate, but the ball is rolling and further progress is coming.

25 Apr 2015 20:09