Rise Of The Scourge - The Adventures of Caegrin I

The Adventures of Caegrin I Caegrin hammered away endlessly on the sword. He thought something classic, and simple would be easier to do. Should be easier to do. But as many times as he tried forging the blade just right he failed. He would then toss it aside after inspecting it and start a new one. He didn't even have to wait for it to cool down to know it wouldn't meet his...Read On


Rise Of The Scourge - Prologue

The invasion begins...

Prologue Dimitri held his breath as he watched the dark phantom wrapped in a ragged cloak of an archmage fly overhead. He was sure Thael's invisibility cloak shrouded them from the spirit, but he dared not make a sound, even breathing, while the creature flew so close to them. Though the woods were thick where they ventured, the twisting grey-brown trees of the Shade Wood never seemed...Read On


Gambits - The Copper Knight III

The Copper Knight III Jorden wasted no time explaining everything, soon as Derren and the other present captains were in his office. Including himself, there were only four other captains present, all of them had some sort of blood stains seeping into their white cloaks. "The Baron made an all-out semi-coordinated attack against us," Jordan explained. "In the last hour alone we...Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook VII

The Iron Rook VII "The Baron is dead," Derren reported to Duncan in the councilors quarters, when he finally got in to see him. Present with him was Gerald, Mira was busy that morning. "Thanks to an anonymous man, we think someone who was close with him but betrayed him, we received his severed head. Afterward, we reclaimed the lost districts in the city and his rampant followers...Read On


Gambits - The Grey Bishop III

The Grey Bishop III Edward moved away the floor boards accessing his secret hiding spot, where he stored his most valuable stuff. He grabbed the small brown linen pouch and opened it to find four coppers. He punched the hard floor in rage; there had to be more. He couldn't get far with just this much when leaving the city right away. Desperately he dug through the dirt searching for...Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook VI

The Iron Rook VI For years Duncan had to contend with the thorns at court, threatening to prick him and the others with their poisoned tips and finish them off. The day they first arrived they had come with a small army, intent on overthrowing Duncan and doing to him what he did to the Riverlords. But Duncan managed to keep them at bay by closing the gates of the castle to them,...Read On


Gambits - The Grey Bishop II

"Gone, what do you mean gone?" Edward asked Madam Fiona. "I mean Lisa is gone darling, she'd been saving up for a time now." "I don't understand. I thought... I mean," he shook his head. "You thought she loved you? Come darling, you're smarter than that." The madam was right, he was smarter than that, he knew she didn't truly love him. But it was fun to play pretend for a time....Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook V

The Iron Rook V It all went according to plan, nearly everything to the detail, with every member of the Royal Guard under the influence of Sage Ordon. The secret coupe was done silently in the castle grounds, by the royal guards, the men Duncan had brought with him (Gerald too), and the Riverlords and their men. They overwhelmed the king's guard on duty that eve, all but one,...Read On


Gambits - The Copper Knight II

TheCopper Knight II Derren found himself at the Westcher for the second time within a fortnight. The first time was for William, and now William's house had been burned down, with two female corpses found inside the remains. They were blackened and charred, and entirely unidentifiable. Derren couldn't even tell they were female, not until the Grey Sage told him. The lanky old man...Read On


Gambits - The Grey Bishop I

A new piece is set on the board

The Grey Bishop I The Baron Delight, that’s what they were calling this little pink candy that Edward was selling in this winding alley for two coppers to anyone who wanted it. He pulled out one of Treat's from his sleeve and unwrapped it, holding it in his palm staring at the pink round candy. Just one of these would take away all his worries and make him feel better than a...Read On


Gambits - The Copper Knight I

A familiar face returns, see how his story began.

The Copper Knight I Derren watched helplessly as his father grew worse every day, now no longer able to leave his bed, he lay there getting sicker and sicker. When he came home after work he went to bed without a word or food, just collapsed on top of the straw bed. He slept for two days straight and then when he woke he was weak and could hardly move about, let alone work. Soon...Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook III

The Iron Rook III After the feast, everyone was shown to their sleeping quarters. Duncan couldn't help but notice that not only were his quarters in the castle much larger than his own back at his castle but much fancier as well. The frame for the bed was made from Rosewood and had lush dark-purple velvet curtains attached to the top with metal rings around them to slide easily. Had his...Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook II

TheIron Rook II It was several more years until the King and Queen had another child; and little over a year after that when the golden Sage Ordon returned to Castle Traeur, to see Duncan Whitetree. He had told him to take a small force of no more than twenty men, in addition to his chosen two other nobles to sit with him at the new court. After that Ordon had gone to the Riverlands,...Read On


Gambits - The Iron Rook I

The Iron Rook I "You want to assassinate the royal family?" Duncan repeated the elder Sage's words slowly; doubting every word. "I prefer to call it a silent coup, but yes." Sage Ordon replied with a calm smile. As if they were talking about taking a nice sail down the Riverlands, rather than a plot of high treason. The Sage had appeared at his castle, deep in the woods, entirely...Read On


Gambits - The Widower

Part 2 begins here

The Widower Katrina made it all the way home before falling apart. She shed her cloak, tossed the bloodied dagger aside, and leaned back against the door, struggling to breathe. Slowly she fell to the floor, then brought her knees up to her chest and buried her face in them and started sobbing. Her aunt eventually grew tired of it and came by to help her to the bathroom and clean her up....Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn XVIII

Every ending prompts new beginnings...

The White Pawn XVIII William sat down at the Sisters fountain, twirling the bronze Rook around in his fingers, today was the last day Jordon gave him to offer the proof he needed against Walden's innocence and to reopen the greater case at large. But it had no matter now; all his evidence was lost. The last of captain Gren's men who could provide accountable details about the night of...Read On


The White Pawn XVII

The Pawn XVII The Divine temple stood an enormous white structure, the mass of which was the center room of prayer: the Equiltarium. The arched entrance to the temple had no gates, a design intending to make it feel open to all. If, however, the great steps leading up to it didn't overly intimidate the worshipers; for the climb up them was tedious even for William himself. The roof of...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn XVI

The White Pawn XVI One week wasn't much time for William but he made a deal, and from what both the commander and Derren were telling him, this Baron, (self-named lord of crime) would need to be stopped soon. But he had a fading trail to follow first, after he took care of these killers in the shadows; then he would deal with the man trying to burn the world. Of course, none of this is...Read On


The White Pawn XV

The White Pawn XV A hard banging at the door interrupted Meradith while she was going over the seating arrangements for all the guests at the feast, for the fourth time that morning, for which William was grateful, he hadn't a mind for wedding plans. In fact, he didn't see the need for it to be so extravagant. He wasn't a lord or royal; though Katrina's family was wealthy, and friends with...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn XIV

The White Pawn XIV By some undignified luck, William and the wife had lost the men chasing them and lay hidden in a dark corner behind some boxes in a random back street. They had a nice head start as the men were still searching the house for the gold thinking it was still there. William had led them off the long roads of Wall Street and into a maze of back roads and nameless streets. "Who...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn XIII

The White Pawn XIII The late Walden Fen's house stood at the end of a row of houses each identical to one another. With only about 8 feet between them, the houses were made of a wooden framework with cob walls and clay thatched roofs. Walden's home lay at the north end of the line. William walked up to it and knocked. While waiting he glanced up at the sky, the sun was slowly setting off in...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn XII

The White Pawn XII "It's suspicious isn't it?" The cloaked stranger asked sitting down on the stool next to William at the bar. Their voice was muffled by something covering their mouth so he couldn't tell if it was male or female. He paid them little mind as it was, he was half drunk already and didn't intend to stop there. Katrina's aunt had come into the city at last and all they did...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn XI

The White Pawn XI William and Derren sat in a secluded back room at Niel’s tavern, away from prying eyes and ears. It was neither large nor small, with only one way in or out that leads into the back hall. Neil left them a small ale keg and William tossed him a silver bit. At first, he was alone, content to drink until he passed out until Derren finally caught up to him. He barely made...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn X

The White Pawn X "So what do I owe this unwanted visit, captains?" Commander Jorden asked, setting his quill down in the bottle of ink before sitting back. "Ser we need to speak with Captain Lewis Gren's men right away." William asserted. "How come I get the feeling you boys know something about his disappearance?" That caught William off guard, he didn't expect for Captain...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn IX

The White Pawn IX Madam Fiona was entertaining a couple of patrons when William found her. It took some effort to pull her away, and the men were not too pleased with it either. But after seeing the look on William's face, they backed down and moved on. He turned his attention to Madam Fiona. She was a shorter woman with light brown skin and long dark curls of hair. She put her hands on...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn VIII

The White Pawn VIII The wine cellar was so dimly lit that William could hardly see a few feet in front of his face; let alone the six men aside him. Derren had his eight best and most trusted men with him that night. Five of them were down there with him, and the other three were keeping an eye out on the entrance to the cellar door upstairs, to make sure no one but Gem and Lewis entered....Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn VII

One answer unlocks more questions.

The White Pawn VII William found Derren sitting on the steps to the Gods Temple waiting for him. He had asked Derren to wait after he saw him to the white Sages, but he only half expected him to do so. Especially after getting stitched up for hours by the sages, his stab wound to the side was the worst. He was lucky the blade missed his kidney by a hair width, or so the sages told him. ...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn VI

The White Pawn VI The next morning William finished his letter and sent it off with a courier before seeking out Captain Lewis. His search quickly led him to discover Captain Lewis Gren worked night patrols, he should have known that. He had a long boring day of patrolling Bulwark Street. Soon enough he pulled out the bronze Rook he had found placed next to Albert's corpse, and...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn V

The White Pawn V Albert's family was another dead end. It was time for him to start interrogating the guards now. It would be troublesome at the least. A good amount of the men were of his own regiment, he was disappointed in them, but they could be rounded up easy enough. The rest were men following under other captains, they might not listen to him as Percil was technically named acting...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn IV

The White Pawn IV Niels tavern was packed, more so then William had ever before seen it. All of the customers were men of the City Watch too. Neil was holding a special memorial for Albert there, with the drinks at half price. Of course, Neil neither knew nor cared the slightest about Albert, but Will had to hand it to him; he knew how to make the best of a bad situation. William was...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn III

The White Pawn III The Sky Cloaks were back to their routine duties when William returned to Bulwark Street. It was good to see them active, even if it was in such a groggy state as theirs. Whatever the hell compelled them to drink so much? He wondered. Back at the barracks, William found the avenue was open to all, Albert's body was gone, and the blood was being washed and scrubbed out...Read On


Gambits - The White Pawn II

The White Pawn II Lord Street: where the cobblestone ends and the marble walkway begins. To be sure there were always guards patrolling here . Did they see anything last night? William wondered. No, they were paid too well to notice anything outside this street. If a lady cried for help outside this district not a one of these guards would help. But if a poor looking man, or woman,...Read On


Gambits Part 1 - The White Pawn I

The First piece has been moved: The Game is on.

The White Pawn I Captain William Royce woke with a drum beating in his head. He found himself sprawled out on of the benches inside the, now empty, tavern. Save for the dim light from the oil lantern on the table before him, the place was dark: it was still night. From the looks of the tavern now there was no sign of a party that led to a violent brawl earlier. As a city guard, it was his job...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 10

The exotic new kid has arrived.

Chapter 10 Thomas took Luke's hand awkwardly and shook. "Hi," he managed to say "We were going to go to the dance but decided against it, we didn't feel like dressing up. So we stayed in and put on some Netflix. How was the dance?" "It was..." He was having trouble finding words. He felt sick; he needed to get out of there fast. "I-I uhh. Tell you later. Gotta get home, curfew, dad, kill...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 9

Sometimes it takes extremes to clear our vision and realize what we truly want

Chapter 9 The school was filled with green all over on Saint Patricks day. Students either with green clothes, green hair, or green anything really, wandered around the halls in festivity. No one was more festive than the twins Caleb and Liam, as Thomas learned the hard way when he forgot to wear green that day. They wore ceremonial kilts and had their faces painted green and carried,...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 8

Magic can't solve all your problems

Chapter 8 Thomas was the first person to arrive at the North Plaza Cinemas. He didn't know what movie they were going to watch, but it was Friday evening, and it got him out of the house. He went off the side to practice tricks on his board while waiting. Eventually, Miranda walked up to the entrance and stood around waiting. He rolled over to her, and she greeted him with a smile. ...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Thomas dragged himself home for the long walk after the psychotic little girl, and the mysterious hood figure vanished. Each step was getting more painful than the last the further he went, but he was almost home, for that he was grateful. Why the hell did she have to hit my legs too? He thought to himself. Why the hell did she attack me for that matter? Once home he warmed up...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The girls seemed to fight all the way through October. Thomas never figured out why but they made up at Halloween. Guess Miranda was right, girls just fight. Between classes, Thomas was heading to the vending machines until Kellen showed up and pulled him into a nearby empty classroom. He ducked low and told Thomas to do the same. "What's going on?" Thomas whispered as he...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 5

Party night, what could possibly go as planned?

Chapter 5 Saturday night at eight, Thomas sat in his room trying to convince himself not to go to the party. I said I'd be there, I have to go now... God, why did I say I'd go? Screw you peer pressure! His dad was downstairs watching TV, he would have to leap out the window and grab the tree branch. The rain had stopped several minutes ago, and the skies looked to be clearing. He opened...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Though the day started exciting it quickly become boring and average after the excitement from earlier that morning died down. Classes as always were mundane, and lunch was decent. After fifth period, Thomas went to his locker to put his books away, no homework, meant no extra weight load. That and for whatever reason it was school policy to leave your books in your locker unless...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 After the girls dropped him off at the bridge and Thomas walked the rest of the way home, he went to his room, to the Tome. It seemed to be calling to him, the thought scared him, though, and he turned away from retrieving it. Instead, he went into the kitchen, his dad was there staring into the fridge. Tony let out a sigh when he heard Thomas approach and said, "I'm out of beer."...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 2

Some friendships were destined

Chapter 2 Miranda woke to the beeping of a pulse monitor. She found herself in a hospital bed, her best friend Normia had a chair pulled up beside her and was sitting cross-legged texting on her phone. "What happened?" Miranda asked lightly. Normia looked up at her through opal green eyes and said, "Hey bitch." Miranda rolled her eyes and flipped Normia off. Normia put her phone down...Read On


The Tomes of Sunquir - Chapter 1

The beginning to a coming of age story

Chapter 1 The final bell rang and all of Mr. Green's sixth period history class was full. Of course by now all the students could think about was, "One more class left, and it's home free." But Mr. Green was a special teacher who could hold the student’s attention even in a mundane course like history. After typing some more things onto his computer, Mr. Green got up and began taking...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 7

The final chapter of the Devil Tower.

Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 7 With Volga's teleporting magic they managed to shorten their trip to the neighboring kingdom by weeks, but even on horseback the trek into the cold wintery lands took time. Finding warriors of reputable note were much harder than they anticipated, and it wasn't until late in the Fall Season did they catch their big break. In a windy town far north into...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 6

The final chapter of the Frigid Prince

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 6 "Enaguille... is that you?" Methais asked fearfully. The frigid prince doubled a look around him then asked, "Who the fuck else would I be?" The group relaxed, if only a little, and Methais said, "You uh..." "Man you look mad ugly right now," Yadriel said. Igor elbowed him in the gut. "What Yadriel means, I think, is that your um… appearance is so different...Read On


D.T - Prince Rugal: Chapter 3

The final chapter of the prince's tale.

Prince Rugal: Chapter 3 Ignoring the fact they were running through a small ocean of blood, which was now up to their ankles, Iris asked, "What are we going to do? Thrain is clearly too powerful for us to stop." "We have to do something," Rugal said frantically. "He betrayed us and can't get that wish; if he does, we lose our chance of getting our home and families back." As they reached...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 7

The final chapter of our sly theif

Irene the Sly: Chapter 7 "So we just going to ignore what happened at the hot springs?" Samhal whispered to Myre while they climbed the long spiraling stairs. "I don't know, I just got more important things to worry about right now," Myre said keeping her focus ahead of her. "Like what?" "Like that freckled red-haired whore who is trying to move in on my Caleb." "Oh my god not this...Read On


D.T - Prince Rugal: Chapter 2

Prince Rugal: Chapter 2 Beholden to their sights, Rugal and Iris found the next floor was a city taken from the pages of time. The buildings and streets were all cleaner than gems. Tall white spires stood out in the distance with large blank holes spinning around them as part of the design. Everything looked like it was made for people nearly twice the size of normal humans, (more around...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 6

Be wary the tales of others.

Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 6 "Look we don't know who tipped them off," Edmin said. "But Mavis warned us before the guards came busting down our door, we can't stay in Dorgal anymore; the council fears we will cause an insurrection." Kyra sighed deeply then asked, "And would that little news about the king’s bloodline still being alive, would that have anything to do with the city folk...Read On


D.T - Prince Rugal: Chapter 1

Prince Rugal: Chapter 1 Rugal woke up hearing the distant sounds of familiar voices. He opened his eyes slowly and saw two blurry faces in front of him, blinking slowly a few times, his eyes came into focus and he saw Veera and Iris starring down at him. "Rugal can you hear me?" Iris asked. "Are you alright?" Rugal managed a small smile and said, "A little water logged, but I'll live." He...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 6

Irene the Sly: Chapter 6 As they walked, Theo and Nethlen strode up between Irene and said, "So new girl, got any special talents?" "None that may be useful in here. No," she answered. "Oh, well our parents were fire dancers," Theo said. "Yea so we inherited some cool tricks," Nethlen continued for his brother. "Watch this." "Watch this." They both said at the same time. The twins...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 5

Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 5 During the long trip to Freymere Volga slowly figured out how to ride a horse decently enough. Half the time he couldn't even get the horse to move forward. The other times he would either veer it way off course and bump into Kyra's horse, or he would fall off. She would smirk or giggle every time he messed up but she would always stop to help him out again. ...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 9

The group finally falls apart, consumed by the madness at last.

Thrain and company: Chapter 9 Thrain woke shivering with cold and with the sensation of tiny needles jabbing into his face. He got up slowly and found himself in a dark and damp little cavern area, with the jagged little crystals forming small bedrocks above the pool of water around. "Good you're awake." A voice said from behind him. He turned and saw it was Garren who said that, and next...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 5

A cold chill is rising...

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 5 As the others rushed to aid their friend Enaguille began zapping their feet with his magic; encasing them up to the ankle with an ice bracer. They struggled to break their feet free but couldn't. Methais turned to Enaguille and shouted, "What the hell man? Igor is in there he needs our help!" "The only sound that travels in or out of that darkness is what the...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 5

Irene the Sly: Chapter 5 The next floor was just like the previous one but with more trees in it. Soon as they got up there they broke a hard right and hugged the wall going on until they were all out of breath. They stayed grouped together this time as Adelea said, "Alright everyone stay low and keep quiet, very quiet." They did as she said, but Samhal argued quietly, "Yeah for all the...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 8

Release the Krakken!

Thrain and company: Chapter 8 Arriving on the next floor, Rugal and Garren gently set down Iris and Veera and used their bags for makeshift pillows. Then, alongside everyone else, they sat down exhausted; ready to sleep right there. Thrain remained seated but looked around the floor they were on. It was dimly lit, but he could see that ahead lay some sort of dark chasm, almost like an...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 4

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 4 "You there stop," Enaguille called out to the knight. No response he kept on going with his whistling. "Borris of Jaer." Borris stopped after that and turned around slowly to face Enaguille and the others. After sizing them up, he grinned and said, "Heh, I have not used that name in some time." "So you're really him?" Borris smirked, "Aye I'm him. I certainly...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 4

To the city of Gold!

Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 4 There seems no better way to start off your morning than finding a beautiful naked woman passed out in the bed of your former master, at least not for Volga. "Somehow this doesn't surprise me," Volga said to himself. "Hey fox girl time to get up," Volga yelled at Kyra. She opened her eyes casually then let out a big yawn. Rising from the bed Kyra let what...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 4

The final group is formed at last.

Irene the Sly: Chapter 4 Irene didn't stop running until she was too tired to keep it up; even then she kept moving forward, too afraid to look behind her. She spent no time thinking about what the four different staircases at the end of the tower base floor led to; she just went up one and hoped for the best. * * * "You know I can't believe that out of all those merchants outside the...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 7

Arachnophobia here we come.

Thrain and company: Chapter 7 "Thrain, Thrain honey wake up. Come look at your newborn daughter." Thrain rolled in his bed and mumbled lightly, "Jessebelle?" "Yes dear, it's me. Now get up and say hello to our daughter Emily," Jessebelle said. Coming to his senses, Thrain snapped his eyes open and shot up. He looked around him; he was back in his room inside the morning keep, his...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 3

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 3 Stepping through the dark veil and coming into the tower Enaguille was riddled with disappointment. The base floor was an empty round room of light grey color. Going further into the empty floor, a voice blatantly spoke out behind him. "Well, this was disappointing. I sure thought there would be more in here." Enaguille turned around to see a small group of...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 6

Looking down is often bad for you.

Thrain and company: Chapter 6 Everyone was on full alert the second time they went up to that rocky floor: weapons drawn, steps shallow and prepared. Though they didn't find any demons right away, nor were there any within sight, they kept vigilant and prepared. When they felt safe enough, Thrain turned towards Lessa and Adelin and said in a quiet tone, "Alright Adelin your apprentice is up;...Read On


D.T - King Abaron: Chapter 3

The final Feature chapter for King Abaron.

King Abaron: Chapter 3 Abaron was bordering his limits of control and was ready to go berserk and tear Jeremia and Cecilo apart with his bare hands. Bethany was enraged too, but she managed to keep her composure better and wrapped her hand around Abaron's and squeezed strong, yet gently. Abaron managed to keep himself in check after that, but the fury was evident on his face none the less. So...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 3

Not all friends start out friendly.

Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 3 It was at least a couple hours later but much to his surprise Kyra had returned. She brought with her some medicine, needles, a spool of silk thread, a roll of linen gauze, and a few bottles of some sort of hard alcohol. "I'm not sure if I'm more surprised to see you or to see all the stuff you brought back with you," Volga said. Kyra shrugged and placed...Read On


D.T - King Abaron: Chapter 2

King Abaron: Chapter 2 Abaron and Bethany returned to the council room where all were quiet and waited for them. "Has anyone gotten any fresh ideas?" Abaron asked as he took his seat. "No sire, I'm afraid we were more concerned with the surprising action of your seventh son and what we should do about it?" Charles, the head war adviser, asked. "We shall take no action as where he is going...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 2

Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 2 For three days and three nights master Finuer remained in the library. Volga heard very little noises coming from the other side of the door, but now and again he would see strange lights emitting from under the doorway, flashing and weaving about. Volga always made sure to leave a tray of food and water by the library door in the morning after he woke up, and...Read On


D.T - Volga the Apprentice: Chapter 1

The newest and last protagonist of the book is here.

Volgathe Apprentice: Chapter 1 Volga sat quietly in the small study, pouring over the contents of the heavy bound leather book. He had been reading it slowly over the months, learning its great wealth of knowledge on magic. Most the magic he knew he learned from his master but for some of the more ancient and powerful magic's he was told to thoroughly read through some of the selected books...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 3

The young thief continues to the tower with her new companion.

Irene the Sly: Chapter 3 After a couple days of riding from the city, during one of their breaks, Kail finally asked Irene what she managed to steal from the vault. She said very little and handed him the bag. He first pulled out the rolled-up cloak and studied it carefully, "Well I will be damned they are certainly going to miss this piece," Kail said. "What is it?" Irene asked. Kail...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 5

The demons are here at last...

Thrain and company: Chapter 5 When the group awoke, they looked into their bags for breakfast, forgetting they ate the last of their food before sleeping. "Anyone else run out of food too?" Garren asked casually as he searched his bag. "Yea there is nothing to be found in my bag," Adelin said. Everyone else concurred. "We must have eaten the last of our rations at dinner," Thrain said...Read On


D.T - King Abaron: Chapter 1

King Abaron: Chapter 1 Abaron sat in his high chair waiting for the young squire of sir Jaime Patrov (the boy's name was 'Peter' if Abaron remembered correctly). Peter was a little older then Enaguille but with about as much experience as him though too. It was an ordeal for Abaron to find someone equal to Enaguilles' talents and age but he felt Peter would be a good opponent for his duel....Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 4

The company starts climbing the tower at last as Thrains history comes to light.

Thrain and company: Chapter 4 Cautiously Thrain and the others stepped through the dark veil covering the tower entrance. Beyond lay a massive round room, empty as far as they could see. The room was dim but lit with a strange natural light that seemed to emit from the walls and ceiling. When they saw, there was no one or nothing else around they moved forward, keeping talk to an...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 2

Several days after Enaguille was thrown into the dungeon he received his first visitor. He was excited at first expecting it to be his father, come to release him and congratulate him on his victory; instead it was Maester Leana. She was wrapped head to toe with thick clothes; the elder woman had a great issue dealing with the cold. He prefer to see his father but Maester Leana was to him...Read On


D.T - The Frigid Prince: Chapter 1

The story of the Icy prince begins.

The Frigid Prince: Chapter 1 North a few leagues from Galleic Hall, the great castle of the Tarrock family, was a small river stream descending from the northern mountain. The waters in the river were ice cold year round, which is why prince Enaguille loved it so. Whenever he was troubled he would go there, his brothers knew where to find him there easily and pick on him. But during the...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 2

Finding the torch inside the sewer entrance was more tedious than Irene expected but in good time she had it. Near it she found a pair of smooth feeling jagged rocks. She had a hunch of what they were and began to strike them together. In the pitch black she missed her first few strikes, feeling awkward for it even though it was just her around. But when she finally hit the small...Read On


D.T - Irene the Sly: chapter 1

A new heroine is introduced.

Irene the Sly: Chapter 1 The city of Ahnair, what was once the proud capitol of the Kantor kingdom has degraded into a run-down habitat for the citizens too poor to afford a move into the great new capitol city. As Kantor had for a long time been a poor kingdom; many of the homes and buildings of Ahnair were made with cheap and convenient materials; only a few noble houses or temples were...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 3

The group is formed at last and they head out to climb the tower.

Thrain and company: Chapter 3 Cambren took to a heavy knocking at the door and then pressed his ear gently to it to hear inside. From the other side he could hear the curses of a young woman as she had just been woken up and dressed to open the door. He pulled his ear away in time as it opened and Veera peeked her head out from the other side to see who it was. When she saw it was Cambren...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 2

Thrainand company: Chapter 2 Four leagues away from the Great Elm Gate lay a small ranger village called 'Timber Brook'. Inside the village was made purely of wood, no stone, metals or other materials were used in its constructions or designs. The small village has a famous tavern called 'Woodland Elixir', that is where Thrain sought out his next companion. As Thrain opened the doors to...Read On


D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 1

The quest to find the right group to climb the tower begins.

Thrain and company: Chapter 1 King Aldon sat in the quiet and empty library reading over a large book by candle light. Footsteps casually approached him and a voice asked, "You wanted to see me, my king?" The voice was Thrain, Aldon knew without having to turn from his book. Aldon finished whatever he was reading in silence then placed the golden ribbon, attached to the binding of the...Read On


Devil Tower - Prologue

All the rules change when the tower appears.

DEVIL TOWER Prologue What do you desire most in this world? " I wish to be a god. " Your wish is granted... * * * From out of the ground, it rose up in complete silence: The Dark Tower, so it was called then at first. It grew like nothing ever before, the ground did not quake, the winds did not howl at it's coming, it simply emerged in the dead of night; reaching high above...Read On


Elementals Chapter 20

The final chapter in the Elementals story.

Chapter Twenty Noah looked down at his map and sighed. “You know,” he said, “I don’t know if I am going the right way or not.” “And you’re asking me for directions?” Primordious asked. “Well I mean I never have been to Saeyune before, remember I went straight from Uryaen to Aeon Torris. Not many magicians do that you know. Still this map has none of the roads marked out on it; it’s...Read On


Elementals Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen Draco returned to the waiting room, exhausted and covered in sweat and some of his own blood. His battle with Noah was intense, it was easily the greatest obstacle he had to overcome yet. The fight may not have been as long as some of his previous fights, but it took everything out of him and he barely won. He knew at the end of the fight it was all or nothing and he...Read On


Elementals Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen Darwin Petral stood at the top of the small hill looking over his home town of Laudrin, enjoying the last of the summer air. Before long his two older sisters, Edwin and Lesa, had come up the hill to grab him for supper. He pleaded with them to stay and watch the setting sun before going home and they obliged in his wishes. Together they sat down on the grass on both sides...Read On


Elementals Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen The Exhibition matches were held in a completely other coliseum that was closed off to the public and only open this one time of year. All of the contestants, Noah included, were to be paired at random match ups everyone fighting up to five times a day. There was no telling how many fights you had so if Noah didn’t get in his five fights before too long he would be...Read On


Elementals Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen The boat was filled with passengers of all ages and from around the continent. In fact it was anything but luxury cruise, as the boat was so full that passengers had to share a room to two people per a unit. Although Noah found out sharing a room wasn't so bad, there was plenty of space inside the room and there were two separate beds. Noah put his key on a string and tied...Read On


Elementals Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen The next day Draco began traveling northwest to the capitol of Targoria. Since they had time before the tournament officially reset that year Lienna didn’t try and force Draco to ride on her back so that it would be faster. But she and Galrin stayed outside the whole trip; usually off doing their own thing but they always returned to Draco before he was going to sleep. It...Read On


Elementals Chapter 14

Draco advances with his plans to disassemble Ragnarock.

Chapter Fourteen The next morning when Draco woke up he saw Galrin and Lienna sitting around him, waiting for him to wake up. As soon as he started moving Galrin asked him impatiently, “How many more elementals do we have to capture?” Draco thought it over for a minute then said, “Spring is already upon us, meaning we don’t have much longer until the annual tournament which would be our...Read On


Elementals Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen The arena that Noah was competing in was filled with healthy green grass and small thorn plants combing the side walls. There were also dozens of stone structures placed around randomly and throughout many parts of the arena were small canals with a constant stream of water running through them. The Tri-elements Arena, this place was called. And now Noah knew exactly why....Read On


Elementals Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve Slowly Draco opened his eyes. He was staring at the moon, it was full, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight, only stars. He tried to get up fast, but fell back down and realized he was extremely dizzy. Trying again but much slowly he managed to stand on his feet though everything was spinning. Looking around he saw several small islands off across the waters around him,...Read On


Elementals Chapter 11

Draco arrives on Aeon Torris and sets out on his mission

Chapter Eleven Draco arrived at the docks of Aeon Toris early morning. He didn’t even wait for the boat to finish docking before taking off in flight with great speed. He flew to the nearest city from the docks, which was Zenan. The cold winter winds made his face a little numb but as soon as he landed he used a simple heat spell to warm himself back up as he wandered through the city...Read On


Elementals Chapter 10

Noah joins Astrid in the arena as a friendship kindles between them.

Chapter Ten Noah woke up just after sunrise and after his morning workout he had some time to think about if he would join that girl, Astrid, or not. After about an hour of thinking about it he consulted Primordious who said he should do what he feels is best. When the clock turned to eight Noah had decided he would at least follow through to see Astrid. He got the coliseum thirty...Read On


Elementals Chapter 9

Noah discovers more about Primordious and continues his arena battles.

Chapter Nine Noah traveled East in a weeklong trip moving as fast as he could to get close to the edge of the continent. When he got to the point where he could see the edge, where the land connected to the ocean, Primordious told him he was there. Noah got a short rest until three large storm wyverns approached from the distance. Noah flew up into the air moving around charging energy....Read On


Elementals Chapter 8

Draco arrives at the magical academy and begins his studies of the elements magic.

Chapter Eight When Draco arrived at the magical academy in Veleron he took one look around him and decided he didn’t like the place. But he kept to himself, as he and many other children all a year or two older than he was, toured around the school. A few of the children talked among themselves but most stayed quite through the whole tour. This was the first school Draco ever attended...Read On


Elementals Chapter 7

Noah enters the arena at last and faces the trials of combat.

Chapter Seven First thing in the morning Noah was off to the Arena. It had not seemed to change once since his time there when he was still a teenager. It took him several minutes to find the registration counter though. There were eight slots open for the arena that day, which was the standard amount of battles for the week day in Rozak cities arena. Entry fee was 20 crystals so he could...Read On


Elementals Chapter 6

A new protagonist emerges.

Draco stood on far end of the boat looking ahead to see if he could see Aeon Toris from afar. It was very early and the sun was still set, but Draco was always an early riser. He was a very young man, six years old, with short raven black hair that ran straight. He and his father were on a boat taking them from Saeyune to Aeon Toris and he was too young to remember his first visit there, so...Read On


Elementals Chapter 5

Noah travels to the city at last.

Chapter Five Before Noah could say anything more Primordious had already pulled him into the storm clouds and he was struggling to keep up. He couldn’t see even an inch in front of him; he tightened his grip on the Ethereal allowing it to guide him. From time to time he would encounter wet patches of the clouds and become soaked. Other times he would feel a discharge of static all around...Read On


Elementals Chapter 4

Noah continues his interaction with the elemental as his journey contunues.

Chapter Four Noah woke up feeling a thousand times better than he did before. He began to think everything that happened to him was all a strange dream; when he saw a card floating in the air slowly spinning around. He took the card and found an illustration of the lightning ethereal on one side. A moment later the voice spoke inside his head again, “I will keep a telepathic link open at...Read On


Elementals Chapter 3

Noah's Apprenticeship concludes and he sets out on his journey.

Chapter Three Outside the rain was pouring but Bran had taken Noah out there to practice magic spells anyways. He put up a stone arch with a wide ceiling over their heads so they didn’t get soaked while Noah practiced. Just ten yards in front of him was a stone statue that Bran had Noah practice trying to destroy with whatever spell he could think of. Naturally Noah used Lightning spells...Read On


Elementals Chapter 2

Noah's tutorship takes him to an arena to see the Elementals in action.

Chapter Two The trip to Rozak by foot took a couple weeks. From time to time on the way there Bran would quietly mutter to himself complaining about not having a horse or something, Noah couldn’t always make out what he was saying. Noah continued practicing to gather energy from around him and convert it into lightning. Bran told him it wasn’t necessary but he didn’t complain when it...Read On


Elementals Chapter 1

Noah's Apprenticeship continues.

Chapter One For two weeks straight Noah exercised his body and studied locations of known various Elementals in between things since Bran had little in terms of entertainment. Noah was also tasked with any and all chores but those didn’t take too long either. Soon enough though Bran had decided Noah was ready to start learning more advanced stuff. After his routine exercise and cleaning...Read On


Elementals Prologue

The start of a young aspiring magicians story.

Prologue In this world there are three great lands: Uryaen, Saeyune, and Aeon Toris. These lands are inhabited by humans and the mysterious and dangerous creatures known as Elementals. There is an old legend that before humans tamed these Elementals that the three lands were once one greater land. Though few know of this legend, and even fewer believe in it. There is another legend...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 1

The tale of a young man and his story in the afterlife.

Chapter One: The After Life “Ethan it’s already seven are you going to eat breakfast?” “I’ll pick something up at the cafeteria I still have some money left over from the movies,” Ethan yelled while rushing to pack his homework into his bag. “I told you not to stay out too late with that movie,” Ethan’s mom shouted up the stairs to him. Ethan slung his bag over his shoulder then...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 2

Chapter Two: The Battle Begins Ethan emerged from the portal outside of the mansion alone in a vast field of dry grass and tall wheat fields. He looked around glancing in every direction but didn’t see any sign of another phantom around, which disturbed him. As if his thoughts were being read, the caretaker’s voice sounded in Ethan’s head again saying, “The battle will begin in five...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 3

Chapter Three: The Next Day Ethan recovered from the shock of seeing his father on the scoreboard long enough to stagger out of the mansion. He bumped into several others on his way out and as soon as he got outside and shut the door behind him, he fell to his knees. Ethan was breathing heavily and fast, am I hyperventilating? Ethan thought to himself. Waves of heavy sadness and anger...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Picario When Ethan got into the first floor lounge it was practically empty. There were handfuls of other phantoms standing or sitting around in groups, but they barely made a dent in the massive sized lounge. Now that it wasn’t swarming with phantoms, Ethan realized just how big the room really was. He also noticed that there were three wide halls to the right of the stairs...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 5

The exploration of the mysterious mansion continues...

Chapter Five: Tour “Wait dragon?” Ethan said trying to hide the astonishment in his voice. “Yes” Picario said casually as he placed the posters down on the table. “I’ve had her for several years now, she cost me an arm and a leg but she’s just the most loveable pet there is. She’s also my best friend.” “So wait is it like a real dragon? I know I’ve seen some amazing stuff in the short...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Roommates Ethan had no time to admire the luxurious lobby of the 94th floor as he arrived there because Picario was already jogging off down the hall to the rooms section. Ethan jogged after him and quickly caught up. Picario said nothing during their jog and even shoved a couple people out of the way as he turned down the first corridor; Ethan had to apologize for him. ...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 7

A mysterious new threat reveals itself.

Chapter Seven: MalevolentSpirit After Ethan agreed to be Picario’s roommate, Picario transformed his bed into a bunk bed. It was the same proportions as the first but with a top part attached to it. The two of them then wrestled around for who would be on top bunk; but ultimately decided ‘first come, first serve’. Days passed by without the two of them fully realizing it, as they would...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 8

Halloween at the mansion is always a Treat.

Chapter Eight: Halloween “Wait, it’s already Halloween?” Ethan asked. “Yeah it’s the biggest time of the year for the mansion,” Picario said. “Practically every phantom shows up for the Halloween party on the 100th floor. It's fantastic!” “And the costume?” Ethan asked. “On Halloween we can buy special costumes that transform us into the monsters until Sunrise after Halloween, I always...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 9

Chapter Nine: Battle Games Sunday came by faster than Ethan anticipated and he almost forgot he was signed up for a mini game that day. Picario told Ethan that a portal will automatically manifest itself in front of him when it was time for him to enter the game. “How do I know when the portal will come though?” Ethan asked Picario. “You will get a note that you can’t miss five...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 10

Chapter Ten: Kelly’s Mansion Tour Ethan peeked his head around the corner and saw that the hall was empty. The neon lights in it were dim looked like the path could either end in two steps or go on for hours. Slowly Ethan walked down the hall keeping his eyes forward expecting someone to jump out in front of him at any moment. No one came into the open hall, Ethan turned behind him to see...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 11

A new sort of villain is revealed.

Chapter Eleven: Grand Tournament Round Two Ethan returned to his shared room with Picario and discovered that his box full of clothes was already placed inside their bedroom. While Ethan pulled out his clothes, Picario came into the bedroom and asked, “So how was your date?” Ethan kept his eyes on his task at hand and said, “First, it wasn’t a date, and second, do I detect a hint...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 12

The battle continues

Chapter Twelve: The Shadow Twins Ethan and Picario watched in amazement at the battle that erupted from below them. Marry was the first to strike with a bolt of powerful lightning. The twin’s barley dodged it but Mary kept them moving, rapidly throwing bolts of lightning at the twins who were beginning to separate further apart. As soon as the twins were in flanking position of Marry they...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 13

A deeper look into the history the characters.

Chapter Thirteen: Memories of Family Ethan waited until all of the bodies had disappeared from the cave before moving on. He wandered around the caverns for hours, maybe even days before finally finding a portal out of them. The portal took Ethan to a desolate swamp with patches of land and muddy water around it all. There was a light mist all around and the only other life Ethan could...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: The Network Marry came out of the tournament inside her room in the exact same spot she was in before entering the portal. She had grown accustomed to how the tournament portal worked after a long time. At one point, Marry made it her goal to see where every portal would take her on what level of the mansion or room. She discovered that the portals into the tournaments...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen: Marry Cromwell “Sabrina Cromwell, you stand accused of practicing witchcraft in broad daylight and in front of the general public, how do you plead?” Sabrina stood in front of the court with her head held high. She knew all of the jury; they were her neighbors, her friends. She had lived in Salem all her life and was a respected member of the community, and one of its...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 16

The conclusion the Marry's back story and more.

Chapter Sixteen: Suspicions Sabrina flinched in fear as the sword came down at her, but instead of cutting her down the blade sliced through her shackles. The rider then pulled back his hood and sheathed his sword. “Thomas!” Sabrina rejoiced. Thomas held out his hand saying, “Hurry now hop on; the both of you. We don’t have much time until they get here.” Sabrina took Thomas,’ hand and...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 17

A brief history of the Alaster family legacy.

Chapter Seventeen: Family Legacy Ethan took a sip of the tea Marry had prepared for both of them. It was delicious. “I didn’t know this place had tea.” Ethan said taking another sip from his cup. “It doesn’t.” Marry said. “I must gather the herbs myself from the living world, as long as I don’t take too much at a time no one notices at all.” Ethan took another sip of his tea and waited...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 18

It's Christmas at the mansion.

Chapter Eighteen: Christmas On Christmas day the mansion was transformed in a spectrum of colors that rose from the ground and covered the walls, ceiling and everything inside the mansion. Everything these colors of light washed over transformed its surface into something new entirely. The monotone walls changed into vibrant hues of red and green. Sparkling ornaments on diamond strings...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 19

New years comes and the festivities are extravagant.

Chapter Nineteen: New years On new years day Ethan stepped outside his room and walked to the lobby to find out the mansion had transformed again. But this time it was much more different than on Christmas. The lobby had grown 20 times in size, maybe more, and no longer had a pool or hot tubs; it was now like an open street in a massive city. Things were a little dark like it was night time...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 20

The boys undergo intense training.

Chapter Twenty: Marry Cromwells Room of Pain Inside Marry’s room Ethan and Picario sat down and drank the tea Marry offered them. She wasted no time getting to the point of why she asked them there. “I want the three of us to start working together as a team in the tournaments,” Marry said. Ethan and Picario looked at each other then back to Marry and Ethan said, “Marry it’s not that...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 21

A brief look into Davids side of the story.

Chapter Twenty-one: Wrath of the Puppet Master When Saturday came Ethan and Marry entered the grand tournament together. The portal on floor 99 took them to an expansive rocky mounts type of area. It was also filled with massive skeletons from enormous creatures, easily three times the size of a large elephant. The creature’s skeletons were long and wide and their spine resembled...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 22

Ethan's potential starts to reveal itself to him.

Chapter Twenty-two: Mind Games Marry didn’t know what happened to Ethan while he was gone, but when he returned to her room for more training he was more determined than she ever saw to become stronger. In the following weeks he became incredibly adept at anticipating Marry’s next attacks and avoiding it. But he made no real progress on his illusionary skills, until two months time when...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 23

A deeper look into the battlegrounds of the tournaments.

Chapter Twenty-three: The Museum of National History Ethan stood inside the weapons shop admiring all the different types of swords and knives there were. He hardly needed a new weapon now, but he decided maybe it couldn’t hurt to have something better. Part of him wanted to buy the coolest looking sword in the shop, but he was too proficient with knives so he instead bought another...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 24

People change, and not always for the better.

Chapter Twenty-four: Ethan Alaster the Nightmare King After leaving the museum Ethan tossed aside the clothes he was using for wraps and started rubbing the weird sap from the plant Merry gave him on his wound. Then he put on a new cloth to cover his wound that Marry also brought him. “So what this is the actual Washington D.C. in the living world?” Picario asked. “Yes.” Ethan said. ...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 25

The lost truth comes forth at last.

Chapter Twenty-five: Dark Truths It was four days since the Reapers tournament and Ethan had yet to go see his dad. He spent all that time just wandering around earth aimlessly. Finally he grew bored of that and decided to return to the mansion. Ethan went straight to his room when he got inside the mansion; it was empty again, no Picario. Ethan sighed sadly and lay down on his bed. He...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 26

The greatest tournament battle begins

Chapter Twenty-six: The God Tournament It had been several months since Ethan’s dad had moved on. Gradually Ethan had returned to his normal self but the tournaments were forever changed. With David gone there was a massive power vacuum in them that was constantly struggling to be filled. The tournaments became more chaotic then ever as the strongest competed for first place and those...Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 27

The God tournament ends and friends move on.

Chapter Twenty-seven: Farewell Marry and Picario quickly leapt to opposite sides as the Diablo raised his foot and tried smashing it down on them. A powerful gust of wind from the force of his stomp alone blew against Marry and Picario hard, kicking up dust in their eyes. The two squinted and then simultaneously took high to the sky. As they gained height the Diablo swung his fist at Picario....Read On


Phantom Wars Chapter 28

The final chapter to the first phantom wars novel.

Chapter Twenty-eight: A Sealed Fate Ethan seemed more angry than sad by Marry’s letter after he read it. He was so upset he stormed out of the mansion on his own. He came out of the mansion at his old neighborhood and walked straight to the park he had once spent an entire spring break at. The park was covered with snow that was all the way up to his shins. Ethan sat down in the snow...Read On