Dancing In The Dark

Dancing in the dark is a whole new thing to me, Switching person to person, Going from A to B, The masquerade is haunted, Who knows what lies behind? The faces of your close friends, Or those of your close enemies? The twisting and the turning, The rising and the fall, The darkness is in corners, And creeping up the hall. We dance like we don't notice, We dance like we don't care, Yet...Read On


Fallen Angel

I used to be your angel, Your protector, Your friend, But now I am fallen, But not by my hand. You fell in love easily, You got hurt easily too, You questioned my friendship, And said I'd been untrue. You thought I'd betrayed you, I'd not said the truth, You thought I'd seen all, And let it pass blankly by. What you don't remember, Is the reasons I gave, Before this all happened, When we...Read On



I'm a little bit drunk now as I write this, But isn't it drunks that tell the truth? I hurt you before but didn't notice, Will this apology ring true? When I look at me, I see flaws everywhere I look, But when I look at you, You're flawless in my book. You tell me I need to see, In me what I see in you, But when all you see is flawless, How can you to yourself be true? Nothing lives up to...Read On


Puzzle Piece

I’m turning into a puzzle piece, A chess pawn, A token. I’m being used by the player, Find out information,  Feedback ASAP. The player that controls me,  Decides my fate,  Sacrifice me for the life of another? I’m controlled by their actions,  Not one player but two,  But what happened to my free will? I’ve turned into a puzzle piece,  A chess pawn,  A token. I’ve been used...Read On


Run Off My Feet

Over-worked, never paid

Busy today, Busy tomorrow, Not free all day, Same again tomorrow. I have essays to write, Rehearsals to go to, My schedule is tight, Feels like my life's through. I need to research, Develop my points, Be left in the lurch, Whilst a friend smokes a joint. There's other stuff to do, Tidy my room too, Make myself clean (oooh), Before I cause a coo. There are jobs to apply for, Or I'll face...Read On


Station Woman

The sadness in her eyes, Tell a thousand stories, Of a million lies. The hurt that she felt, That woman so weary, Doesn't show however hard you look. As she washes her hands the water runs clean, Though after all the deceit that she has befallen, It amazes. She only buys singles in stations, Because she never wants to go back, Back to where she's been. The station woman stands, Her...Read On


Tempus Fugit

Oh, how time flies

It has been one year to the day since you left us, You took your life and fled, You moved to somewhere better, I hope you're settled there instead. The people you left behind miss you, They shed a tear for you each day, Some aren't quite sure why you left them, But know for you that its better this way. But though I know it is a year, I cannot help but think, You serve to us as a reminder,...Read On


The Angel of Destruction

I am the Angel of Destruction. People don't like me, And with good reason, I mean, Who can blame them, When I take lives with the swipe of my hand? People have different names for me, Death, though they're wrong, Death just travels with me, My close companion, Though we're both just as bad as each other. People try to keep me at bay, With their smudge sticks, Keep the...Read On


Tourists At 12 O'Clock

Tourists here and tourists there, Looky here and see over there, Everywhere I place my feet, I stand among a sea, a fleet. I live in a tourist city, Destination: history, Where I go each day I find, Never go out peak tourist time. Left and right, In front, behind, Tourists queueing up in lines, What about the residents? Tourists all around you see, Twelve O'Clock one, two and three,...Read On