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Jenn's First Report - The Dirty Dozen

Jenn's First Report - The Dirty Dozen

Jenn recounts what she remembers to Dr Ingram with Dirk as support.

This is fiction, any similarities to any persons or groups in purely coincidental. All rights reserved.

As Dirk came into the laboratory Jenn was sitting on the bed with a glass of water. Dr Ingram was sitting on a chair next to her bed holding a clipboard. Jenn turned and looked up at Dirk, as their eyes met she shakily greeted him, "Hey Dirk, looks like you saved my life again."

"It's good to see you awake Jenn. We have been worried about you," Dirk replied as he moved into the room and sat on the edge of her bed.

Jenn placed the glass of water on the small table next to the bed and then reached for Dirk's hand. He accepted it and scooted closer to her, as he did Jenn leaned her shoulder into him and braced herself against his body. "Dirk, I just feel so stupid, so foolish.  I put everyone in danger. I fucked up Dirk, I don't know what I was thinking, I was so wrong, so stupid..." She trailed off at the end and buried her head into his shoulder and chest.

Dr Ingram shifted her weight in the chair and then spoke: "Dirk, I have been waiting to review what Jenn remembers from her ordeal. Thank you for joining us, she asked for you to be with her during this debrief. She is a very strong woman, and I am very impressed with her resilience. Jenn, please start with how you left the facility and continue until we brought you back."

"Thank you, Dr Ingram," Jenn almost whispered in response and then raised her head and voice back to a normal level, "What I can remember, is getting a letter handed to me from Mary. Mary Johnson, from Security. She worked outer patrol for the facility and I used to go with her, out on patrol at times, as we were friends prior to me joining the team. You know how I don't like to be cooped up in here all the time. Anyway, I opened the letter and it was from my brother, Andrew. It asked for me to meet him outside of the facility and that Mary would be able to take me to him. So I could know it was from him, it had a code sentence that only the two of us knew. We had made it up together as a proof of life, if either of us ever truly needed help from the other and needed confirmation that it was from one of us. That sentence was there! It was from him and he needed me to go to him, and I trusted Mary. So, I went with her.

I know I broke protocol. It was stupid, it was wrong. I know it! Andrew is all I have left of my family, I had not seen him for over two years, no word, no letters. I thought he may even be dead. Mary, was well, Mary. She told me that Andrew approached her in person at the perimeter, knew her by name. He was in uniform but said he could not come into the facility and needed Jenn to come out to him. To take her the letter and that Jenn would know it was him. So, right then, I broke protocol and went with Mary. Since I had gone with her on other patrols, it was easy for the two of us to go out to the inner perimeter and to the patrol vehicles. Mary said, that Andrew told her where to meet her and that it was outside the gates. I would have to ride in the trunk to get past the checkpoint without being seen. I just went along with her plan, the coded sentence was there from Andrew, it was him and he needed me. That's all I thought, and I just went along with Mary's direction.

When Mary opened the trunk and helped me out, there were a couple of men with her. Andrew was not one of them. Mary said that the men said that Andrew was close by, but for his safety, I needed to go with them to the secret location without Mary knowing where that was. So I got in the next vehicle with the two men. That was the last that I saw Mary.

I rode in the backseat of the vehicle, with one of the men on each side of me. It did feel strange, and I was getting more suspicious and asked them about Andrew. They told me to just wait until I met him in person and that I would be there soon. It did not feel right, so I asked if they would describe my brother to me. So I could have confidence that they actually knew him. They both did not answer my request. The one to my left took something out of his pocket, and the other suddenly grabbed me and forced my head toward his door and rolled me over his lap which shifted my body off the seat. The other stuck me with a needle - in my ass. I started to scream and even tried to fight. They shoved me down onto the floor of the vehicle. The one holding my head down and the other pulled my legs out and then folded them back to my ass pinning me to the floor face down. I could not do much with my hands but I tried to fight them and I kept screaming. I don't know how long I fought as I eventually passed out.

I woke up, tied up, sitting in a chair. I was blindfolded and gagged. The gag was not cloth, it was a padded bar between my teeth and secured behind my head. I felt humiliated. I was naked, tied to the chair, each hand to a chair arm and my legs to the chair legs. I was totally helpless!

At first, they did not ask me any questions. They just left me like that. In my mind, I just kept wondering what this meant for Andrew. He would never allow me to be treated like this. He must be dead and somehow they knew the secret code we made together. As far as the team, I knew I was fucked. I knew this was it, I was alone and would not be rescued. I broke protocol and now I was probably bait for a trap. I was such an idiot! I just felt so ashamed. I screamed through the thing in my mouth, just to get out my frustration and anger at myself. No one responded to me. I just felt alone and abandoned.

I don't know how long I was like that. I lost track of any way of discerning time. What did it matter anyway? I was screwed. Then other thoughts came into my mind. What were they going to do with me? I tried not to think about it. Being naked, I just felt so vulnerable, so exposed. I have had hostage training, even before I joined the team. I knew I needed to keep control, at least psychological control. I mean, physical control was totally gone!"

Jenn stopped there in her explanation. Dr Ingram had been patiently listening and had not interrupted. Jenn just stopped. And then she quietly asked, "Dirk, are you OK?"

Dirk was totally clenched up. Jenn could feel his body and his reaction to what she had been describing. It was due to this reason she had stopped her account. His breath was shallow and he was sweating profusely. His body temperature was rising and his face was red. Dr Ingram got out of her chair and came over to him and gently took his other hand, the one that was not being held by Jenn. Dr Ingram then sat next to him on the bed bracing her legs against the frame at the foot of the bed. She began to whisper into his ear. Her words were soft, soothing, and barely audible.

Jenn could not make out all that she was saying, just that she was talking into Dirk's ear. As she talked to Dirk, his breath became deeper and more relaxed. His body began to relax as well, the tenseness receding. Jenn felt his hand in hers relax its grip. Dr Ingram continued whispering in his ear. Jenn gently pulled herself away from Dirk's body. Dirk let her go, and his weight shifted over toward Dr Ingram. She was so much smaller than Dirk but she had positioned herself well with the bed frame as an anchor. Dr Ingram then used all her weight to push Dirk to lay back on the bed, all while she was still whispering into his ear.

Jenn moved off the bed and onto the chair where Dr Ingram had been sitting. Dirk was now laying on his side on the bed with Dr Ingram laying across his arm while still holding his hand. Dirk was still sweating heavily and his face was crimson. His body was more relaxed, but his face was still tense. A look of anger that was so disturbing that Jenn had to look away. She began to cry and say over and over again, "I am so sorry Dirk, I am sorry!"

Dirk's body started to tense again and his breath started to shorten to shallow breaths once more. Dr Ingram had to let go of Dirk's hand as his hands clenched into fists and all his muscles began to tighten again. Then Jenn heard Dirk's voice, "They will fucking pay!  fucking all of them!"

He just kept repeating it, he was not yelling, his voice was low and even. Dr Ingram was gently caressing Dirk's hair and talking louder into Dirk's ear. Jenn could now make out some of what she was saying. "They are gone Dirk, they are gone, the ones who did this are gone. They will never hurt anyone again. They are gone. Remember Dirk, remember the fire, remember the ashes, they are gone, Dirk. Gone to hell!"

Nat and Lilith suddenly rushed into the room. Nat embraced Jenn and then helped her up out of the chair. With Nat leading they left the room with Jenn leaning on Nat, her head sunk into her shoulder and chest as Jenn continued to sob.

Lilith went immediately to Dr Ingram, "What should I do Dr Ingram? How can I help?" As she looked at Dirk, she nearly lost her composure as he was so red and she could tell he was at a high fever with his faced twisted in hate. "Run a cloth under the cold water and then bring it over to me. Then get another one and hold it up against his head and then help me talk to Dirk. Tell him you are here and help him relax. Remind him that Jenn is safe now and that the ones who took her are gone. Anything you can remember from the rescue that he did or that Ray did, so he can remember that they are gone. That they will never hurt anyone else again!"

Lilith did as instructed and was soon holding the cold wet cloth over Dirk's forehead and talking to him gently, soothing him as she recounted what she remembered and all that they did to rescue Jenn. She was not sure how long she and Dr Ingram were there with Dirk, but in time his body relaxed again, his temperature dropped and he fell asleep on the bed.

Dr Ingram climbed off the bed and gave Lilith a light hug and asked her to stay with Dirk and to keep the cold cloth on his head and change it out until she was sure his skin was at a normal temperature. Dr Ingram then went to the phone and picked it up connecting to the control room for the float tanks. "Prepare Float Tank #1 with blackout protocols, I will let you know when I am finished with it." She then connected with Ray. "Ray, I need to meet you at Float Tank #1, we will be following blackout protocols. I will explain more when we are there."

A week later, Dirk was sitting with the boss in his office.  The boss was leaning back in his chair looking up at the ceiling. Dirk was sitting in his chair looking over a report. He then looked over at the boss and said, "You know boss, I know I probably need a little more time, but I'm getting itchy to go communicate my continued displeasure with some sons of bitches."

The boss looked over at Dirk and replied, "I'm sure that's true Dirk, and we will. When the time is right, and the enemy is not expecting it. We got lots to communicate."

"Fucking right boss, fucking a lot to communicate," Dirk added resolutely.


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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