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C.S. Deuces - Canal Street Crime Syndicate

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The Shayne Lesley Blathers interview.

“Hi, this is Shayne Lesley Blathers, with The News-On-Novels, a fabricated news and fictitious character review. Today, we are chatting with some of the characters of a new novel that has been in the works for a while. However, just for you, we have the exclusive interviews. That’s right folks; will you actually get to meet the legendary literary characters of this novel. And, we are working hard to bring you even more of these exciting interviews with other characters from different stories and novels as well. And maybe, even some of the actual writers, if my producers can convince them to talk with me. Anyway, right now, it is time to meet some very interesting people. First, we have Ms. Keisha Antoinette Riggers.’

The camera focus widened as the camera slowly moved in front of the faces of the people in the small studio and stopped then focused in on Keisha’s face. Her brown eyes peered into the camera and widened, as if she was a deer stuck in oncoming headlights. A thick Creole dialect with a dash of educated refinement peppered her sultry alto voice.

“Hi, my name is Keisha.”

“So, you’re the female lead character of this novel. Tell us a little about the novel and yourself.”

“Well, Shayne, I’m one of the main characters in C. S. Deuces. It is a chronicle of the Canal Street Crime Syndicate’s rise to power. In this exciting story, you will be introduced to the lives of several characters, mainly mine. See, I’m Tyrell’s 29-year-old sister and business partner. I run the legal businesses we have established and handle the finances for C. S. Deuce, so, I’m very straightforward and blunt.”

Keisha stood, walked from her chair, and paced the room. As she talked, she flung her small hands thru the air to accentuate her points. The camera closely followed her every move as she paraded around the small studio. She grabbed a bottle of water the studio provided, looked at it, opened the cap, and took a loud sip.

“Ms. Riggers, there are rumors that you are a tough businesswoman and a deadly lover. Some people we interviewed described you as, and I quote, ‘tough, self-centered, arrogant, vain, conceited, calculating, deceitful, misleading, and bitchy.’ Is this true?”

“No, no, Shayne, I would say that only some of that is true but really. I’m an easy person to get along with except when I don’t get what I want. That is when I become more than bitchy. Then, I’m a diva. See I’m very intelligent and filthy rich. That’s why I act like an ice princess and tend to be standoffish with people. I don’t care what others think about my hard driving and cold attitude. See, as the matriarch of the family and Queen of the C. S. Deuces organization, I know my way is right and I will get what I want because I’M THE ONE IN CHARGE.”

Tyrell’s small eyes grew wide as quarters when he raised his bushy eyebrows then bolted from his chair and rushed towards Keisha. His eyes stared into the back of her head. His strong Creole accented baritone voice suddenly interrupted Keisha’s dialogue.

“Hey, wait one minute; I thought I was the boss.”

Tyrell stomped his black hiking boots, repeatedly as if they were on fire then balled his well-manicured hands up and pounded them against the side of his thick legs.

“You always gotta to run things. Just like when we was young. You always had to be the doctor.”

He folded his powerful arms across his massive chest, and poked his large lips out as if he was trying to kiss the world. His wrinkled face stared at Keisha as his small brown eyes narrowed under his wire-framed shades. Tyrell’s thick wide nostrils spread wide across his chocolate-skinned round face as he wagged his pudgy finger at Keisha then whined.

”Well, no, no, no, not this time, sister, I’m the boss of this here story. And if you don’t let me, then, then, I’ll TELL …”

The hem of Keisha’s hot pink silk dress fluttered in the air when she twirled around then stood and faced her antagonist. Without warning, her open hand swept through the air and landed hard on the side of Tyrell’s face. The sound traveled through the room and mixed with the laughter and taunts from the other characters. Keisha’s large eyes narrowed, searched the room, and silently shouted shut up with her intense stare. Silence rushed throughout the room as she placed her hands on her hips, pointed her finger, and verbally cut into Tyrell. Keisha moved her head rapidly while her brown eyes accentuated every syllable, and small hands put emphasis on every sentence.

“SHUT UP AND SIT YOUR ASS DOWN, BOY! Can’t you act civilized for one hour? How many times do I have to tell you not to interrupt me when I’m talking?”

Astonished by the volume of Keisha tirade and belittled because of her harsh words, Tyrell shamefacedly glanced at her eyes then rubbed his throbbing head and pulled the fabric of his jeans from between his butt cheeks. Despondent, Tyrell dropped his head and strolled slowly back to his chair. He dragged his boots over the mauve Berger carpet and mumbled under his breath.

“If I wasn’t scared of you, I would shoot you.”

Keisha ignored his comment and returned her attention to the interviewer.

“I’m sorry but he makes me so mad sometimes, I could just… OOO”

“That’s alright Ms Rigger. However, please watch the language. You know with the FCC and all; just be nice.”

“No problem, see I know that I’m an assertive character. That’s because I know what I want and need. I will guard my secrets closely, will trust no one, but will manipulate others to reveal their secrets and weaknesses and will play on their secret desires to attain my goals.”

Keisha looked at Scott then pointed her finger at her chair. He stood up, retrieved her chair, and brought it to her. Keisha sat down, crossed her shapely legs, and looked deeply into the interviewers eyes.

“However, I will listen to others views or ideas. I’m focused on running this empire while guiding my brother’s hostile take over and control of C. S. Deuces. However, I have a hard time trusting anyone because of a recent bad relationship. Through my wit and business expertise, which is my strength, I can find a way out of any situation.

I am an intelligent and talented dark chocolate-skinned woman that stands five-feet-six-inches tall and have a voluptuous body. My sensual mannerisms make my countless suitors’ mouths water with desire. I love pink, sing jazz and opera, write poetry, and try to cook but never can get the hang of it. I can be heterosexual or bisexual depending on the situation and suitor. I weight 130….”

Tyrell voice interrupted again.

“That’s a bold faced lie if you ever told one, Keisha. You know your fat ass weight every bit of 165 lbs. I saw the doctor’s report, remember.”

Keisha’s long thick eyelashes blinked rapidly and thin eyebrows rose and highlighted her high cheekbones. Her chubby nose flared and her white teeth retreated under a frown. Her professionally styled hair with red extensions, that matched her sheer sundress, swung through the air as she twirled around in the swivel seat. Her color coordinate fingernails dug into the leather arm of the chair as she stared at Tyrell. Keisha contained her fury and continued to talk.

“Because of my stupid and inept halfwit of a brother, I was forced to take control of his rise to power inside C. S. Deuces and handle my problems, myself. Both of these characteristic will prove very valuable later as my brother, a ruthless want-ta-be gangster named Tyrell BELEVEDERE Riggers, takes control of C. S. Deuces, and we develop it into a global crime network of drugs, sex, and murder.

Shayne interrupted Keisha as the camera focus shifted between Tyrell’s face and Shayne.

“Yes, fans; Tyrell is the 32-year-old New Orleans drug kingpin and the boss of C. S. Deuce.”

Tyrell abruptly bolted from his chair and ran around the small room. He waved his hands in the air and rapped badly.

“Yes, I’m the BOSS. I’m the KINGPIN OF THE HOOD. I’m one bad character so don’t get in my way because I’ll run you over and dance on your GRAVE.”

The room grew silent when Keisha flung a book off the table at Tyrell. He quickly returned to his seat.

“Okay, yeah, he is the BOSS, but he is just a SILENT…”

Keisha large eyes looked at Tyrell and she pointed her finger at him again then flung another book at him.

“Co-CEO of There-In-A-Hurry Import/ Export and the actual owner of On-The-Move Freight as well as the co-owner of Simone’s nightclub and event center. Tyrell is short. He stands only five feet eight inches tall and has a Napoleonic complex. He weighs 250 and sports a baldhead. He has small brown narrow eyes and a thick wide nose that flares when angry. He keeps his well-manicured nails short and thick bushy eyebrows neatly shaven so they don’t grow together. He has a pair of gold caps with C S on top and Deuces on bottom row of his teeth. Tyrell collects Rolex watches and antique cars, loves to wear expensive suits and urban attire. He has worked on restoring the same old truck for years.

Tyrell tries to be a hard driving cold boss and will fire or kill an incompetent or slow worker without a second thought. He demands perfection from himself and everyone around him and simply can’t stand slackers or whiners. However, he is not always straightforward and blunt like me. He’d rather face any situation or creature head-on with humor. Tyrell can find humor in any situation, but his leadership ability is his strength as he builds and expands our criminal enterprises.”

Keisha looked at the camera, leaned in close, and lowered her voice to a whisper as if she was revealing a secret.

“However, do not be fooled by the title because this adult urban chronicle is not just a fictitious story about crime, it's a story about ...”

She sat back up in the chair and looked at Shayne then batted her long eyelashes.

“Well, using real life urban characteristics and situations to bring out the appeal of the story. Drug stories are hard to tell without falling into the usual Afro-centric stereotypes. Therefore, he’s approaching it from a different angle. Although this does read like a crime novel, you will be surprised! It actually isn't a story about crime. C.S. Deuces is a complex story of drug dealing, murder, sex and intrigue and unexpected love. It’s quite an excitingly erotic urban experience.”

Shayne stood up and extended a hand towards Keisha. Keisha shook the hand and returned to stand beside Tyrell. He stood up and walked towards the interviewer as Shayne continued to talk.

‘Now folks, please remember because this story contains graphic violence, adult themes, and subjects, parental consent is strongly advised. This is a fictional series about events and people that do not existed. Any representation of an actual event, person is purely coincidental in nature. Okay when we come back, we will be talking with Mr. Tyrell Riggers, the infamous Boss of C. S. Deuces. First, here is a word from our sponsors.”

The camera slowly faded to a commercial as the sound of Keisha fussing at Tyrell echoed through the room. 

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