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Dirk's Demons - Ash Blowing in the Wind

Dirk's Demons - Ash Blowing in the Wind

The Dirty Dozen plus One

This is fiction, any resemblance to real people or situations is purely coincidental.

Dirk sat uncomfortably outside of the boss' office.  Nat pretended to be busy with a report.  They both sat in their chairs in silence until Nat could not stay quiet any longer.  

"I don't think he is going to let you go Dirk.  We are all worried about her, but she broke all protocol and left the team.  It will be a trap, you know it will be.  Why even ask?  He is going to lose his cool, I don't think you have ever seen that Dirk.  I did once and I still have nightmares."  

"Is this your version of a pep talk Nat?  I'm not going to break protocol and go after her without the boss blessing off on it.  We can't leave her out there like that.  You saw the video footage didn't you?"  

"I did, I didn't want to but I did.  Fuck, I am going to have nightmares, more fucking nightmares Dirk.  Even with that in her mouth, she was screaming, I can still hear her Dirk.  We can't leave her like that.  Proof of life or not, we got to get her out of there now.  You're right Dirk, we have to go get her."  

"The boss has got to let me go, I got my own demons to show the sons of bitches behind this.  Besides, the only way past your nightmares is for us to get her back.  Deliver some of our own terror.  Even if we have to just put her to rest."  Dirk responded quietly.

The door of the inner office swung open and the boss stood there and there was something behind his eyes that Dirk had not noticed before.  It was not a good thing.  It was like a fire burning.  

"You waiting to see me?"  

"Yes, boss."  

"This may not be a good time Dirk.  I was about to go see Dr Ingram.  She is expecting me."  

"I can wait, Sir."  

"Might be a while, but you are welcome to wait in my office if you want.  Nat is probably not good company right now.  I made her watch the video, in case she ever has a dumb shit idea of breaking protocol and doing something like Jenn did."  

"Nat told me, but I don't know if giving her nightmares is the best medicine but you're the boss."  

The boss just looked at Dirk with that gaze, that new gaze that Dirk was not used to seeing in the boss' eyes.  

"I'll be back.  I will listen to your most likely impossible request then."  

With that, the boss left the office, as he did Dirk thought he looked older than he remembered.  Something about his shoulders and walk, like he was forcing himself forward and trying to keep up with his head.  

As the boss entered Dr Ingram's outer office he paused outside her door and then straightened up and knocked gently on her door.  It did not open, instead he heard her voice inviting him to come in.  He took a couple of long breaths then entered into her inner office.

"I don't know if this office is the best place to talk about this Ray.  I was just so shocked to get your call.  Thought it was best to wait until you got here.  So I could see you in person."  

"Thanks for taking my call, Cass.  We can't leave the facility for what I need to consult about."  

"You are going to think I am crazy Ray, but I suggest we go to the lab.  I reserved a float tank.  No one else will know you are in there with me.  It's secure and well, it will be like old times.  That is if you can trust me, Ray.  I have not seen you like this, well not for a long time anyway."  

The boss had not been called Ray for a while and that was probably the first time he called Dr Ingram, Cass, since, well, since she told him the divorce was final.   

"You're right Cass, I'm fucked up and I need you.  I need your, well, special consultation."  

Dr Ingram picked up the phone and spoke briefly to the attendant.  "I need privacy in float tank one.  Blackout protocols.  Yes, I will let you know when I'm finished."  


Dr Ingram and the boss returned from the lab.  There was something more steady in the boss' walk.  He tipped his head at Dr Ingram and then turned down the hallway alone to go back to his office and keep his appointment with Dirk.  


Dirk stood up as he entered.  The boss went to his chair and sat down.  Dirk remained standing.  

"Sir, I am aware of the stand-down order.  I am here, to well, ask for special consideration."  

The boss nodded, "please continue."  

Dirk talked fast and without pause.  He laid out his plan.  The boss remained attentive and when Dirk was finished, the boss turned his chair and then leaned back, staring up at his ceiling.   After a prolonged pause, the boss turned back to Dirk.  

"Is Lilith completely briefed and is she even volunteering for this Dirk?"  

"She is Sir, the only reason she is not here with me now, for this brief, is she told me there is no reason for both of us to be turned to ash if you freak out."  

"Freak out?  When have you ever seen me freak out Dirk?" The boss calmly replied.  

"Well Sir, I was just telling you what she said.  Shall we have Nat have her join us, Sir?"  

The boss got out of his chair and opened his door, "Nat, can you ask Lilith to come join us please."  

"Yes boss,  I'll get her right now," Nat replied as she immediately left the office.  

Leaving the door open, the boss returned to his chair.   "I do have two additional members who will be joining this operation."  the boss said, not looking at Dirk.

"Yes Sir, from our team Sir?"  

"Me, Dirk, I will be joining you and Lilith, the rest of the team will be read on and be a response force if this goes to shit.  Dr Ingram will also be joining us.  I am calling this Operation Musketeer.  You might not be old enough, but I'm talking "all for one and one for all."  Jenn may have fucked up but we're not leaving her out there blowing in the wind."  

"Dr Ingram will be going into the field with us Sir?"  

"Yes, Dirk, before she was the post-mission shrink, she was an operative.  One of the best Dirk, and for this to work out, we will need her.  I will need her, so I keep my shit together and only destroy what needs to be destroyed.  Hell will be going with us, Dirk.  Fucking hell and fire and brimstone.  They have it coming.  Even if Jenn is already dead, our displeasure will need to be communicated."  

"Yes, Sir.  I have a message for them too."  

Lilith and Nat came into the office and the boss motioned for Nat to close the door on her way back out.  

"Lilith, Dirk says you are all in for this cluster fuck, that right?"  

"That's right Sir, if there is going to be fucking with the ones who have Jenn, I volunteer to fuck them up,  They have it coming."  

"Someone told me, Lilith, that your name means something like Ghost in Hebrew, is that true?"  

"Yes Sir, it also means night monster.  It's from folklore that the first Lilith was made a demon for not obeying a man.  It's probably bullshit Sir, but as for me Sir, I do obey when I feel like it."  

"I'll remember that Lilith.  We are calling this Operation Musketeer."  replied the boss.

"Like - all for one and one for all?  Fuck yeah, Sir, I'm all in!" she responded excitedly.  

The boss had a smile on his face and the fire in his eyes was more dim, more of what Dirk was used to.  Operation Musketeer was a Go.  


Two weeks later, Dirk was looking through an observation cam into one of the lab recovery rooms.  Jenn was sedated on a bed but alive.  Dr Ingram was in with her.  Dirk looked at Dr Ingram with more respect than before.  In his mind, she was part of the team now, welcome in the field any time.  All future debriefs would be different.  She may still be a cold bitch, but he understood her better now.  The burden she carried and what she could do for others, especially the boss.  As Dirk watched, the boss entered the recovery room and greeted Dr Ingram.  That relationship was different as well.  Dirk had witnessed what was only rumored of what the boss was capable of.  Dirk was more convinced than ever that this was his family.  His fucked up family, but still where he belonged.   

Lilith came into the room with Dirk.  

"Jenn still sedated?" she asked.  

"She is, and her vitals are good but she is going to recover slowly, they really fucked her up psychologically."  

"Well, I'm sleeping better that they won't be fucking up anyone else, at least those bastards anyway.  My mind is still trying to make sense of what we just did.  That was real, wasn't it?  I mean, the boss wasn't kidding that he was bringing hell with him.  I'm not going to joke about things turning to ash if he gets pissed off.  My mind is blown, I mean I can't comprehend it all.  I might need one of those beds myself.  I reserved another float tank session in an hour, I love being in that thing.  Never been calmer than in there.  Better than being sedated"  

"You were awesome Lilith, I mean fucking awesome. You were a ghost, you got in there without being detected at all - you were our eyes.  We could not have done it without you.  Take as much time as you need.  That was some bad shit.  It's going to take some time for me too.  I do think Nat's nightmares will retreat, we got Jenn back alive.  We are whole again, at least we will be after some time."  

"You saved her life again. I love you like a brother Dirk.  I do.  I always want to be on your team.  Can I be your little sister Dirk?  I really need to belong, to be accepted, to be family.  I know you got your own demons and shit you are dealing with, but you are like my hero.  My big brother that I just need to see, to remind me things are going to be OK."  

"We are family Lilith, and you are my little sister, I will always have your back.  I will never leave you out blowing in the wind. Never." 

"Did you react the response force, just so all the team could have the victory of bringing Jenn home together?  I had the impression you and the boss had it, on your own."  

"Can little sisters keep secrets?  Cause, we are all needed Lilith, like you said, we're family.  Besides, I don't think any of us could have comforted Jenn better than Nat.  She needed that.  Fuck we all did.  We are whole again.  Jenn is home Lilith, we all are.  The Dirty Dozen - plus one."




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