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The Haunted Asylum

The Haunted Asylum

College Roommates Halloween surprise to never forget

This is roughly based off a true experience of a friend but fictionalized to share in public.

Katy was always bored. She came from a wealthy family with a lawyer father who had given her everything. Spoiled was an understatement.  She had been to every amusement park and had done every roller coaster and thrill ride in the country. She claimed there was nothing she had not tried that was exciting, including bungee jumps and zip lines across canyons and rivers. She had even parachuted from an airplane strapped to an expert skydiver (her father had insisted that for safety reasons) and she had not been disappointed in the free-fall or landing. But, she had "been there and done that" by age 20.

Katy was not much of a reader or academic as she preferred action and doing  She graduated from high school with above-average grades but did not go immediately to college as she wanted a gap year touring Europe. Yes, seeing it all with a backpack but in the finest hotels instead of youth hostels. Of course, she also had the best photo album of her adventures ever. Beautiful as she was, she was super intimidating to boys, as she was fearless and had done more adventures than any of them. This did not bother her in the least as she preferred her girlfriends' hobbies and her attractiveness was acknowledged by all her friends.

After seeing a promotion video for resort management as a major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she insisted that she needed to go there. That was for her! So here she was, a Sophomore at age 21 at UNLV, after enjoying her first year in the dorms.  This year, Katy insisted that she wanted a condo with a roommate. After all her adventures, she had never really had a best friend and she liked more room than what the dorms offered last year. The school had a special scholarship program that her mother had read about. A donor could sponsor a student providing for their room and board. And that is how Katy met Sally, her new roommate.

Sally was the quiet kind. Always in a book and an academic enthusiast, although she had to work hard for her straight A's. She had scored well on the ACT and SAT tests but came from a poor family, with an alcoholic father who could not pay for her college. Her first year all paid scholarship had been reduced to one that only covered tuition and she had to drop out for a year. That is until Katy's Mom sponsored her. Now, Sally was finally back as a Sophomore.

Due to Sally's introverted personality, she did not join Katy on all her exploits across campus experiencing all that there was to do. Instead, she claimed that she needed to study at the library or in the condo to keep her scholarship and stay focused on her passion, forensics, which requires a lot of chemistry and the hard sciences. Sally dreamed of getting her PhD and working in a laboratory for the FBI. Her favorite break from studying was watching all the CSI television shows and thanks to Netflix and Hulu and a big screen TV provided in Katy's one-bedroom condo, she could. Other than when the TV was on - it was as quiet as the library and Katy bragged it was soundproof. It was perfect for Sally and her studying.

All had gone quite well for both girls goals and their college experience up until Halloween time.

Katy was bored again. As much as she had "done it all", she had not had her fill of haunted houses. Katy had already gone once to the Haunted Asylum which was a fundraiser done yearly for the State Mental Hospital just outside of Las Vegas, which actually hosted it in an old building on the hospital grounds. It really was scary, and Katy could not get enough of the adrenalin rush it gave her.

On Friday night prior to Halloween Katy came up with a brilliant plan, unexpectedly for Sally it included her.

Katy's plan was to "treat" Sally to a visit to the Haunted Asylum. Sally knew that her room and board were donated by Katy's family and she did not want to lose her scholarship or her chance to continue her dream toward her PhD. So when Katy announced her request for Sally to join her for a Friday night surprise Halloween adventure, Sally did not know how to say no. And she didn't. Sally did not know what she was in for, as it was going to be a surprise of course.

"I have the best surprise for you - you are going to love it!" Katy exclaimed hardly containing her own excitement. "Are you ready?"  Katy could not do anything without several photos or short videos and leaned in for a selfie with Sally.

Sally was not really ready, but she was resigned to satisfying Katy and keep her scholarship and housing at all costs.  With a voice barely audible Sally breathed, "I'm ready."

"I'm going to blindfold you first," Katy said pulling out a soft beautiful scarf that she had bought in France. (Katy had the largest scarf collection that Sally had ever seen which cost more than all the clothes Sally had in her closet.) "We are going to take a ride in my car. This is going to be so fun!" announced Katy.

Almost in a trance, Sally turned around so Katy could tie the scarf over her eyes.  As with everything Katy did, she did it with enthusiasm and when she was done, Sally could not see a thing. That is until Sally was in the passenger seat of Katy's car after having walked from their condo, down the sidewalk, and into the parking lot. As Katy was about to start the car, she looked over at her blindfolded roommate and noticed that the scarf had actually slipped a little during the short journey.  

"Hey! Can you see? Katy inquired. 

"Not really," Sally lied, hoping to be able to keep the sliver of view she had from the now angled scarf over her eyes.

"Well, that won't do!  How will it be a surprise if you are peaking?  Here, turn toward the window and let me tighten it again." Sally's long black hair was slick and had been the reason for the scarf losing its grip on Sally's head. "Let's start all over again." With that, Katy reached into the glove compartment and pulled out an elastic hair tie and then untied the scarf. Handing the hair tie to Sally, she directed, "Here put your hair in a ponytail." Sally obeyed and next thing she knew she was completely in the dark again with the scarf tied snug behind her head above her ponytail and then tied again at the bottom of it to keep it from slipping. 

Sally thought to herself, Katy is an expert in surprises. Alone in the dark, she could feel her anxiety rising and her mind wondering what Katy might have planned for her. Sally's thoughts came crashing back to the sounds of traffic in her ears and her senses heightened as time seemed to go into slow motion headed into the unknown.

Unseen by Sally, Katy was all smiles. Her thoughts were all focused on what was ahead and she finally was not bored. Not at all!  They arrived at the parking lot of the State Mental Hospital closest to the Haunted Asylum entrance. Katy parked the car and came around to the passenger side to let Sally out. She took another photo of the two of them together on her phone.

"Are we there?" Sally said with less enthusiasm than Katy thought she should as she cautiously exited out of the car. 

"Yes! We are here! I'm going to give you a choice - do you want to take off the blindfold now or when we get up to the entrance?"  Sally could hear voices all over the parking lot and what sounded like a throng of people laughing and calling to each other.

"Entrance to what?" Sally responded nervously. 

"Exactly!" squealed Katy. "This is the surprise!"

"Let's get this over with" Sally sighed, "please take this off me now."

Not losing her enthusiasm, Katy freed Sally's vision and let her take in the scene. Although it was night and dark, the few lights in the parking lot illuminated the surroundings and with the decorations for the Haunted Asylum in place - it definitely looked spooky and worthy of a Halloween surprise. People had not noticed Sally or Katy as they were more interested to rush to the entrance of the spectacle and its growing long line.

Sally, when she realized where she took it all in. Her knees buckled and she had to catch herself against Katy's car. 

"Whoa, are you OK?" Katy said as she reached to help Sally with her balance.

Not wanting to admit to Katy how scared she felt, Sally weakly replied, "I'm OK - sorry, I guess its just my equilibrium being thrown off after wearing the blindfold. I thought I heard you talking about this place and you have been here before. Haunted Houses freak me out and I'm just a little surprised that you brought me here."

Katy was beaming with pride and feelings of success with her plan to make this a night her roommate would never forget. "Aren't you excited to go in?" Katy almost shouted taking another photo.

A tweak of revenge sparked in Sally, as a thought came into her mind. "You know Katy, I was just thinking that maybe I should give you a surprise to your surprise for me."

"What?" Katy replied, "A surprise to my surprise - what are you talking about?"

"You have been here before, I don't think it's fair that you should go back into it again the same as you did before. I think you need to experience it - similar to what I just did coming here - as a surprise!" explained Sally with a mischievous look on her face as she held up the French scarf.

"You mean go through it blindfolded?" Katy returned incredulously. 

"Exactly!" replied Sally with more energy than she had all night. She took her hair tie out and handed it to Katy, "Here put your hair up in a ponytail so I can tie this over your eyes."

The idea resonated in Katy and she felt her adrenalin rush and exclaimed. "Hell yeah!  Let's do this!" 

Sally tied the scarf firmly in place and said, "No peeking! I will guide you through and you have to promise to keep this on until we get back to the car." Sally then took Katy's cell phone and took more photos of them in the moment.

"Ok - let's go through the Haunted Asylum!  I promise not to spoil anything for you!" Sally whispered into Katy's ear - and she didn't.  Katy and Sally went through with screams of horror (mostly on Sally's part) and thrill (mostly on Katy's part.)  

When it was all done and the girls were walking back to the car, Katy couldn't keep her satisfaction from being validated and blurting out, "Wasn't that the best Halloween surprise you have ever had?" 

"Definitely!" affirmed Sally, "best night ever!"

As Sally removed Katy's blindfold, they both looked back at the Haunted Asylum, and Katy's smile was never bigger, "I love that place!  It was even better this second time!"  

Sally's smile was not much smaller but more in the shape of a smirk as she teased, "You belong here Katy!"  With that they both embraced and took another selfie.


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