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Wing's of the Wind

Enduring life without wings along with a dragon for a companion, the adventure takes flight!

Prologue - How We Met

The story I am telling you is unique and rare, one someone is sure to remember and pass down for the future. It is a tale of two partners in flight. My name is Vix and I am a halfbreed of winged demons and humans. A very odd combination if you ask me, however my parents weren't the type to have a care in the world when it came down to love. No one could separate the two but it was taboo to interlock different blood together that were not of the same. There are many races within my world and a huge variety of land everyone is fighting over. My parents decided to stay away from the commotion to try live happily.

In a land of forests among cliffs, we built our little home and I had grew wings! I couldn't help but try to fly with them, it was like an extension of my two arms but only from my back. Though these magnificent wings of mine always put me into trouble but knocking over items and hitting my father in the face. He began to help me how to fly. My father was a winged demon and my mother was the human, though their love story is quite cute of how they met.

My father spent months and a few years with me in teaching me tricks to use my wings before I began to pick myself off the ground. Finally at the age of ten, I started to soar the skies. Expanded wings of feathers would spread out as far as they could while they flapped my body higher above the grounds. I never felt so happy in my life. I had a home that was peaceful and filled of love from both of my parents with the encouragement to push myself further everyday to become who I was meant to be.

Though, this life did not last long as I hoped for... One evening there was a sunset sky filled of blood color and nature was quiet. My mother had a visitor come to our doorstep to demand her abilities be used by the villager's commander nearby. The village had grown over the years but began to grow even more with these so called "laws" being enforced among every creature for equality. They felt my mothers unique gift would advance their strengths and continued to bother her every month until they started to come with threats. She would always refuse.

This time her threat was for her to answer finally before the night moon had risen after sunset. She still refused and was almost attacked by the messenger until my father had come home to defend her. He warned for the messenger to leave or be killed. Even though he left, I felt like it wasn't going to be the last time I see him. Then suddenly, we were ambushed in our sleep.

I had been taken away from my family and imprisoned for months. My mother died of heart break from the rumors I've heard and my father vanished into thin air. I stayed in that prison for so long I could only wonder why they never came for me. It seemed I began to inherit my mothers unique gift in manipulating the air and winds to a point I used my wings to fight back. I would never do what they wanted and I became a threat to their new laws in the village. From just not becoming a pawn in their game they took the one thing that made me who I was, my wings...

I was tossed aside and abandoned into the wild to die from my condition. My heart was destroyed that rainy day and I wondered towards the mountains. Seemed like a good secluded environment to die in peace, perhaps the hungry creatures of the dark will decide to feed and put me out of my misery. Life was a small glimpse of hope for I thought maybe my parents would still come find me and rescue me but its been an entire year since that fateful night... still nothing to my last day of life. There was a cave I wondered upon. I crawled inside and curled into a ball by the rock wall. I stared out to the thundered sky from the cave and soon fell asleep...

Little did I know, a dream granted me a vision of life and hope. I was flying again! My body was healthy and my wings spread so far I felt the winds of the sky, oh what a feeling I've missed. Though these wings were not mine at all. They were beautiful and scaled of a white marble green. They glistened within the sunlight as I flew amongst the clouds once more. I felt blessed until my eyes blinked open to my reality.

A new beautiful day had shined through the cave opening and unto my body. I slowly sat up from the ground to notice a huge leaf of puddled clear water beside me. Where did this come from? Instead of playing it safe I bowed my head to drink the entire liquid, man was I ever thirsty! I felt some energy come into my system and crawled out the cave opening to see where I brought myself. From what I remember, there was a passage that lead here but I found myself literally high in a mountain cave with no passage!

I screamed and held for my dear life! Just how did I get here? Then came a sound from behind me. The hair on my neck was stiffed up and I slowly turned my head to look... to see bright green eyes stare into mine. Of course I screamed once more to almost fall to my death until this creature nabbed unto this wrecked clothing of mine and pulled me back with its mouth. Not sure what I was thinking then but I naturally wrapped my arms around its neck. Felt safer this way. I could hear the creature growl of assurance and heard a voice?

'What kind of stupid human would try fall to their death?'

I opened my eyes in surprise and sat away to look at this creature. It can talk? Its also a male too! "Y-you can speak?!" I stuttered with wide eyes.

The creature had made a growl of confusion within its chest and sat amongst its hind legs to stare at me, then it answered, 'Of course I can speak! I didn't know humans could speak in our tongue'.

"Our tongue?", now usually I should of been afraid but I couldn't help but be so curious of what this creature was. I was more amused I could talk to it!

'The tongue of dragons of course! We speak to each other this way' he explained himself as his head turned to the side and nodded towards another leaf of fruits laid out.

"Dragons?! I heard of you in my fathers stories but I never seen one in my life yet... You brought the water?" she asked in curiosity as she recognized the same leaf used for water beneath the fruit.

'Well I was taught to be nice and you looked like you haven't had any in days.' the young dragon male was in color of a green and white combination amongst his scales. Though his eyes could pierce anyone's heart with just a glance.

"Thank you..." I couldn't help but smile at this creature for its generosity.

Months had passed and turned into years. The dragon was named Argonian of his native language but I called him Argo. He was just like me and had no one or any family with him so I decided to stay with him. Seemed he enjoyed my company and was around my age in human years. We learned of each others history and personality to only grow more attached to the company. We became best friends. Life never comes with a plan but it would never send us unto a path of nowhere. This is the story of Argo and I...

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