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Brian visits Eboney

Brian the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy 3618, also known as Brian, rolled onto his back and looked out the window. The sun was going down and it was time for him to go to work. He pushed off his blankets and sat up. He gave a huge yawn and stretched his arms to the sky.

On a magical board that hung on the wall beside his bed appeared the name and age of a girl who had lost her tooth. Her name was Eboney, and she was six years old.

This would be the third time he’d visited Eboney. He loved visiting her house because wonderful things happened when he was there. The last time he fell into a bowl on her bed that had something salty, buttery and delicious. He found out later it was called popcorn. 

The other Tooth Fairies were horrified when he told them what he had eaten. ‘Fairies did not do such things,’ they said waggling their fingers at him.

Brian leapt off the bed in excitement and pulled off his pyjamas and threw them on the bed. He pulled on his light brown shorts and fell onto the bed when he managed to put both legs into one side of his shorts.

With his short on, and one leg in each hole, he pulled on his red t-shirt, black socks, and sneaky red sneakers and ran his fingers through his curly brown hair.

Brian took down his black tooth fairy belt from the shelf and buckled it around his waist. On the belt we’re two black sacks, one small and one large. The small sack on the right side of his belt was where he would put the tooth, and the larger sack on the left side of his belt had a gold coin inside he would leave for Eboney.

With a hop skip and a jump, and a pinch of fairy magic, Brian left Fairyland and appeared over Eboney’s house.

Below him, Edgar the cat stood at the cat door and Brian decided to go for a ride on his back. In a shower of rainbow sparkles, he landed on Edgar’s back and held onto his fur as he went through the door. Brian used his fairy magic to keep the door open so he wouldn’t get knocked off. 

Once inside Brian flittered to the floor to stand in front of him. Edgar pushed at him with his nose and Brian laughed.

‘You’re such a good cat,’ said Brian rubbing the soft fur on Edgar’s nose. Edgar meowed in response.

A light went on in Eboney’s mum’s room and Brian disappeared under the table in the hallway.

Mum came out of her room shooed Edgar into the lounge room and closed the door.

‘Silly cat,’ muttered mum as she went back to bed and turned off the light.

Brian came out from under the table and crept towards Eboney’s bedroom door. He looked over his shoulder to make sure mum had stayed in bed. 

Once at the door he took to the air and landed on Eboney’s pillow next to her face. He couldn’t help but smile at her as she snored softly. Hugged tightly to her was her favourite toy; Mooky, a grey cow with dangly legs.

On a shelf next to the bed was a bowl. Curious Brian flew over to have a look. He landed on the side of the bowl and peered in at the long white stringy looking things. To his left one of the strings hung over the side of the bowl. He stared at it. Did people eat worms he wondered?

Maybe the other fairies were right and it wasn’t good to eat people things. Then from the bowl came a yummy smell. He flittered closer to the white string and pushed at it with the toe of his left sneaker. When it stuck to the end he shook his foot to get it off and fell into the bowl.


Brian fell into the sticky string face first. 

He sat in the bowl with a string stuck to his face and one on top of his head. He pulled the one off his face and sniffed at it. Unable to help himself he took a bite. ‘Mmmmm,’ he said. 'Noodles.'

He ate and slurped his way through the bowl until he had eaten what was left. Then he sat in the bottom of the bowl, his tummy big and round.


Brian put his hand over his mouth and his checks turned red.

He pushed himself to his feet. He had to go and get Eboney’s tooth before he was found there. He flapped his wings and gave a little jump.


He had made it half way up the side of the bowl before falling back to the bottom.

‘Flitter flutter,’ he muttered. He tried again.


He landed in the bottom of the bowl again.

‘Oh, fairy sparkles,’ groaned Brian. ‘I’ve eaten too much.’

He heard Eboney stir in her bed and held his breath. He waited. Listened. Then Eboney started to snore softly again.

Brian stood and looked up at the top of the bowl. He grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it down over his full belly.

He jumped and flapped his wings as hard as he could. His face turned red and his hands reached out for the edge of the bowl. With one hard flap, his grabbed the top of the bowl and pulled himself over the edge and fell onto the bed.

He then half hopped and half flew to the window sill at the head of Eboney’s bed because he knew Eboney always put her tooth in a little glass there. He scrambled up under the blind.


He hit his head on the glass and it started to rock back and forth. Inside, the tooth slipped from one side of the glass to the other. Brian wrapped his arms around the glass to stop it falling.

‘Oh dear,’ he muttered, ‘this is not going well.’

He took the tooth from the glass and used his fairy magic to make the tooth smaller and put it in the sack on the left side of his belt. From the other sack, he took a gold coin and gently placed it into the glass.


The coin slipped to the bottom of the glass. Brian used his magic to make the coin bigger.

Brian used his fairy magic to take him back to Fairyland. 

He stood in his room and rubbed his full tummy a minute before standing in front of the magic board next to his bed. Underneath the board a shelf appeared. On the shelf was a gold box. On the front of the gold box was a name; Eboney.

He removed the tooth from the sack and opened the gold box. Inside were two teeth. He placed the third tooth in the box with them and closed the lid. He stepped back from the shelf and it disappeared along with the box.

He was excited for his next trip to Eboney’s room. For now, his job was done for another night.



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