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Gabriel, the Church Mouse

Gabriel, the Church Mouse

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Gabriel ... A mouse who lives in a church.

Gabriel was a church mouse. He lived in the old church of St. Mark's in a village in England.

His parents had died two years ago. It was tragic for Gabriel. He had been made an orphan by the church cat! Whiskers belonged to the vicar's wife. She had left the church door open one afternoon after she had been arranging the flowers on the altar. Most days she remembered to close it. She knew there were mice in the church, but they were God`s creatures and she felt quite happy to leave them alone. Of course Whiskers knew the mice were there. He could smell them! He often lingered by the church door, hoping to slip in unnoticed. And on the fateful day the vicar's wife forgot to close the door… Whiskers slipped inside. He smelt the mice as soon as he entered the church.

He slunk silently between the pews; right in front of him sat Gabriel's parents grooming each other, unaware that Whiskers was stalking them.

Whiskers sprang! He caught Gabriel's mother with one swipe and bit her cruelly. Gabriel's father sat numb with shock. Whiskers sprang again, He caught Gabriel’s father by the tail, and threw him up like a ball. The mouse landed upon his head. Gabriel`s father lay underneath the pew dying. After playing with their bodies for a while, Whiskers grew bored. It was time for his dinner. His tummy rumbled; it was fish tonight. He licked his lips, and made his way back to the open church door.

By the time Gabriel discovered his parents, it was too late to say goodbye. He cried and sat beside their bodies, alone in grief. Gabriel learnt to be on his guard when the vicar's wife was about in case she left the church door open. Time passed...

Gabriel was now over two years old. He was a very intelligent mouse, and read the bible when the opportunity arose. Sometimes a member of the congregation would leave the bible open. Then Gabriel seized his chance to read and learn. He particularly liked the story about the angel Gabriel coming to the shepherds.

It was the countdown to Christmas. The vicar and his wife decorated the church with holly. and brought in the Christmas tree which was enormous and decorated with gingerbread, and chocolate for the children. Each child who attended church would be given a treat from the tree on Christmas Eve.

Gabriel loved the church at this time of year. He would climb the Christmas tree and sniff the branches, delighting in the smell. It grew very cold; Gabriel climbed onto a sill in the church and peeped outside. The snowflakes fell very slowly at first, and then gradually they came thick and fast. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, the most magical night of the year.
The morning of Christmas Eve dawned. It was very cold and still snowing. Gabriel felt snug and warm, curled up in his little hole behind the radiator. Tonight, before the carol singing began, he would climb the pipes and ledges. There... He would sit and watch the service.

Peeping from his mouse hole, he saw the beautiful Christmas Tree, sparkling with decorations and fairy lights. The church had never looked so beautiful. To the side of the church the vicar had placed the Nativity Scene. Gabriel often slipped inside and sat looking at the baby Jesus in his crib. Because Gabriel read the bible and listened to the vicar's sermons he understood what the Nativity was...He looked on in awe at the symbol of the greatest story ever told. 

The day passed swiftly.... Many times the vicar and his wife entered the church, carefully closing the door! They knew Gabriel lived in the church, but as he never chewed the wires or made a mess, he was left in peace.

The snow fell thick and fast. Gabriel was suddenly alert! The church door opened very slowly. A child entered, her hair covered in snow. She was alone and not wearing a coat or hat. Very timidly she walked up to the Christmas tree, sat down beside it, and sobbed and sobbed. Gabriel watched her for a few minutes, wondering what to do. The child had not noticed him, because her head was buried in her hands, Gabriel knew he had to speak to her...

To Be Continued

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