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John......the Ghost chapter 3 by kscorn080 (pete)

Jimmy's parents meet John and Martha

John......the Ghost ch 3

Art, Sara and Jimmy went to church and afterward they went to Golden Corral for lunch. Jimmy was fidgeting and distracted during lunch and finally his Dad asked him what was bothering him.

Jimmy was silent for a moment and finally decided that the truth was the best way forward. "Daddy would you and Mom think I was fibbing if I told you I was talking to the ghosts in the Blake's house?"

Sara was silent, looking from Jimmy to her husband and back. She smiled. "Well, Jimmy would you think you were fibbing? Maybe stretching the truth a little bit? I know that you were over there for quite awhile just to be feeding the fish."

Art looks at Sara and winks. "I think Jimmy that you just might be a great fisherman, telling whoppers like that. Did these ghosts by any chance have names? How about your Mom and I going over there with you and meeting these ah ghosts. You think they might talk to us?"

Jimmy brightened at once, "That's a good idea Daddy, maybe they would like to come visit us. They seem like nice people, their names are John and Martha. I can go ask them to come and meet you."

As soon as they arrive at home, Jimmy ran over to the Blake's house and went in. He yells loudly, "HEY John." There was an immediate answer.

"My goodness Jimmy calm down, you yelled right in my ear. We have been sitting here thinking about what we could do this afternoon."

Jimmy excitedly tells John and Martha about his conversation with his parents. "Would you like to meet my parents?" 

Martha looks to John and says, "Let's walk back with Jimmy and meet his parents John. It will be nice to meet them."

Sara is looking out the window and tells Art, "Well dear, here he comes back and he is talking up a storm to somebody. Maybe we'll meet our first ghosts."

Jimmy holds the door open for a bit then closes it. His parents both standing with mouths open look from one to the other. Jimmy is showing his best manners proudly says, "John and Martha I would like you to meet my mother and father Sara and Art." There is silence for a heartbeat.

John clears his throat. "Ahem." Art steps back looking around suspiciously. Sara, smiling broadly, steps towards the voice, holding her hand out.

"Hello, John and Martha it is so nice to meet you after finding out we have been neighbors for so long."

Jimmy, seeing the awkwardness of the situation, quickly grabs a box of tissues and holds it out. "Here you go John, you and Martha can hold a tissue so we can see you."

Martha was laughing, "Thank you, Jimmy, that was very thoughtful. I was going to bring handkerchiefs for John and Me, but then thought people might get the wrong idea seeing two hankies following you around. "

Everyone laughed and Art asked. "John, do the Blakes know you are living with them? They have never said anything about ghosts."

John laughs, "We have been very careful Art and have managed to keep it a secret so far. Every once in a while we slip up. Once Martha sneezed right in front of them and she groaned when Mr. Blakes sat down on her. Needless to say when she groaned it didn't take long for him to jump up."

Martha giggled, "I don't know why I groaned because he just sank down through me. We thought about telling them about ourselves and then thought of the stigma when folks hear you have ghosts living with you."

Yes replied Sara, "First comes the ghost squad wanting to tear your house apart, then people think the house is haunted and you lose your friends. Your secret will be safe with us and you can visit anytime you like."

"That will be nice Sara. I don't cook anymore, so I can give you a lot of old recipes if you want them. When John and I were alive, we always had a huge garden and raised all of our own veggies."

"John's Father built the house the Blakes live in and it was out in the country at that time. John and I were married in that house.When we got sick with the fever, it took us both and there wasn't anybody to take over the place. Mr. Blakes father bought it for back taxes and their family has had it ever since."

Sara, Art and Jimmy sit listening and Jimmy asks, "John don't ghosts have to eat and sleep? "

John waves his tissue around. "Now Jimmy we would look funny walking around after a big dinner with our tummies full of chewed up food. Seriously though my good friend, we don't need food or drink. We don't need rest. Having good friends like you folks will keep us here for a long time. We may introduce you to our ghost friends from time to time."

Now my friends just think of this. Sometime, if you see someone talking seemingly to themselves, just remember Jimmy meeting John.....the Ghost. And if you should ever get the feeling that someone is there. It might be John or Martha. Try this, hold a tissue out and see if they take it. If they do, you might have a ghostly friend.

Thanks for reading. Shhhh Listen did you hear that.......

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