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The Adventures of Loxy: The White Wolf

The Adventures of Loxy: The White Wolf

Foxy, Loxy, and Dean were three best friends and spent all their time together when they were little. Foxy had a soft red coat, Dean a curly cream colored coat, and Loxy had fur as white as the moon. They played the day away, everyday, without a single care in the world.

They had other friends, Torrey, the blackish red wolf, and Fiona, the small sandy brown wolf. They never stayed long, even though Torrey and Foxy grew up together. When Torrey left she told Loxy that Foxy had changed. She wasn't the wolf she used to be.

Fiona always wanted to play with them, but Foxy would then think up something mean to say. Fiona would cry and run away to comfort herself. Loxy didn't know what to do, but Foxy would call her away and she would follow. Fiona always followed them like a lifeline.

One day, the alpha of the pack came to assign each young wolf a pack and position. He walked up to Loxy's group. "Now which one of you shall be alpha?" Foxy jumped up in excitement.

"That would be me, Alpha!" She lowered her head in respect. He nodded and turned to Dean.

"Beta," he told her, and gave a glance at Loxy and Fiona. He turned away and went to the next group.

"Hey! What about my twin here?" Foxy called, using the old joke that she and Loxy were so inseparable, they had to be twins. Dean shrugged and walked off. Foxy grumbled and got in lead of her. Loxy looked at Foxy as she left.

"But I wanted to be Alpha too."

"So you would have a reason to talk to the alpha boy, Billy?" Fiona asked. Loxy nodded.

She sometimes slunk off, away from the pack to spend time with other friends she had: the fox, Vivian; the rabbit, Kelly; and the young alpha male, Billy, who was only a few years older. Foxy never approved of her running off like that, but Loxy didn't care much about it. She would just lay her head down and listen with a huff. When she finally finished, Loxy would be up and off again.

Fiona soon left. Her mother was transferred to another pack and fought to bring her daughter to a better pack because she and Loxy hadn't been assigned a proper position in theirs, and she won. Loxy was the only one to see her off. The alpha then came with a new wolf, a tall ash gray wolf. Her name was Lexi and she fit right in with the pack. She even stole Dean's beta position.

Loxy asked one day, what was her position? Lexi tilted her head to the side and replied with a snide bark, "Omega." Loxy's jaw dropped in shock.

'There's no way Foxy would allow this!' She ran off to find and ask her old friend, all the way hearing one of the elders call, "Oh Lexi, good I need your help." Loxy snarled at the name. Lexi had such an influence they forgot her name, Loxy. Finally the red fur came in sight.

"Foxy!" she called, and her 'twin' turned in acknowledgment. "Lexi was being so rude to me! She called me-" But Foxy had turned away to talk to someone else. "Foxy! I'm trying to tell you something important!"

Foxy said, "Excuse me a moment," to the other wolf. "Loxy, what has gotten into you? I swear, you're overreacting." Loxy growled under her breath, and trotted away. Then she just barely heard, "I don't know why I ever became her friend really." Loxy froze and let her heart sink. She had soft white fur, but her heart was black as night.

She turned around with snarling lips, her green eyes narrow, and fur ruffled up. "She'll regret that, she will always regret that." She bolted into the forest and kept running. She ran till all the anger, hurt, and rejection had seeped from her heart.

She turned to go back, but soon realized she had run too far away and didn't know where her pack was anymore. Fear filled her, but the stinging words kept her from taking a step back. She continued onwards alone, until fatigue forced her to stop.

She saw a pond and she trotted up to it. By then she couldn't sustain her own weight and collapsed at the edge if the pool.

Loxy drank a little before blacking out. She hoped her pack would find her, but she hoped even more that they wouldn't. She woke up well rested and shook herself off. She turned to leave but then...

"Leaving without a goodbye, I think not!" Loxy turned around in shock.

"Who's there?" She barked with an intensity she never knew she had. A frog then hopped onto her muzzle.

"Just a frog, and prince of this pond, of which you drank from before blacking out." The frog was a lovely shade of jade green with two golden strips running down his back. Loxy blushed, she forgot she had.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know... That is... I'm.... ugh." She laid down as if she was being scolded by her friends again. The frog prince frowned and hoped closer.

"Get up, I don't like the excessive bowing and stuff." Loxy looked at him confused and raised herself up. He then did a back flip off her nose and into the water. "I'm Cal, prince of this pond, and potential leader of all waterways in Story Brooke Grove!"

"Story Brooke Grove?" Loxy asked in wonder.

"The land all around us! You must have run a long, long way to not know what Story Brooke Grove is." Loxy nodded.

Everything was greens, blues, and purples at different shades and intensities. Ivy hung from trees and some dipped into pools of water, fairies illuminated the woods with their magic and the area buzzed with life. Flowers were in full bloom adding splotches of reds, oranges, and yellows throughout the area. Beyond the pool, Cal and Loxy stood at was a fairly large clearing with streams crossing through it, reflecting the blue sky above. Loxy stood in awe, taking in the whole scene.

Cal looked at her, speculating. "I never caught your name."

"Loxy, my name is Loxy. I'm an Omega apparently," she said with spite.

"Obviously not. No Omega would run so far away from a wolf pack. If they were close by, they would've found you by now."

Loxy laughed, it was nice to hear that.

"Ah, I finally got you to laugh! Okay, welcome dear Loxy. Please feel free to stay awhile. I'm sure King Fuzzy will set you up with a place to stay."

Loxy hesitated, the place was tempting, but did she really want to stay away from the pack? She took one step forward, the words still ringing in her head. She silenced them as she became a new wolf.

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