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Book 1 – Blood Is Thicker Than Water Chapter 2

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C.S. Deuces is a complex story of drug dealing, murder, sex and intrigue and unexpected love

Blood is thicker than water

Keisha’s large eyes watched his heart-shaped face. Del’s pudgy two-hundred and thirty pound body squeezed onto the seat. His bloodshot eyes clashed with the burgundy leather of her custom-painted hot pink 1997 Mercedes two-door convertible sports car. The 2-karat diamond encrusted tennis bracelet around her slender arm quivered and sparkled in the sunlight as the small car shifted under his weight. Keisha looked in the rear view mirror and released her tight grip on the steering wheel.

As she became lost in thought, Keisha drummed her fingertips against the burgundy leather padded steering wheel cover. Del caused constant problems for her because of his cheating and staying out at all hours of the night. Now, he had gotten on her last nerve. However, in spite of everything, for some strange reason she loved him. The sound of Del’s voice forced her mind to return to the present.

“Who’s looking for me?” Del questioned.

Keisha knew Del had no idea that his foolishness put his life in danger because he had been out all night with his crew. Her teary eyes examined his eyes as her brother’s words replayed in her head.

‘if you don’t handle this, I’m gonna kill him myself and if you get in the way, I’ll….’

Her lips pressed gently against his lips. Then, Keisha looked into his small blue-grey-eyes and informed him.

“Tyrell’s looking for you; he found out a few hours ago. Just a few minutes ago, Delores called and said he put a contract out on you. He is going to kill you. Now, get in the car because I’m not going to let anyone hurt my man.”

Not shocked by the news, Del closed the door, pulled the seat belt across his massive chest, and buckled it. Mentally, he patted himself on the back. He was proud of his game; he had Keisha under control. He married her three years ago but never was faithful. He stayed out all night and she never said a word. Now, she came to the rescue to save him from her own brother. Without warning, Keisha’s hand slapped the back of his head. His thick brown ponytail swept across his shoulder. Del swung his head around, peered into her eyes, and said.

“What the fuck! Keisha, why did you hit me?”

She looked at the wrinkle-lines in his forehead as he stared at her. Keisha removed her right hand off the steering wheel. Her fingers stroked his olive-colored cheek as she answered him.

“Cause, boo, you make me so mad sometimes, I could just kill you. Tyrell’s mad at you and now, y’all got me stuck in the middle. Why you have to act a fool all the time?”

Del removed Keisha’s hand from his face and answered her.

“Woman ain’t nobody scared of Tyrell. Remember, I introduced him to C.S. Deuces. Shit, if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be underboss today.”

Del stared into Keisha’s eyes and leaned toward her. He shoved his finger at her and lowered the volume of his bass voice when he said.

“Remember, I was the one who killed Bruno Machala so your brother, Mr. Tyrell Riggers, could take over the ninth ward. Besides, Keisha, I can handle mine.”

Del reclined the back of the seat, looked out the window, and closed his eyes. Keisha turned on the right blinker, changed lanes, and drove up the expressway ramp. The 2.3 liter supercharged engine of the brand new SLK 230 Kompressor came alive as she merged into traffic. Keisha continued her conversation with Del.

“I know, Boo. Still, I can’t believe you would do something like this. What’s wrong with you? Do you realize that Tyrell will kill you and me for this? I don’t care if you made Tyrell, you can’t go around disrespecting him like that. It just ain’t right.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she drove toward their home. Del retrieved a folded brown paper bag out of his shirt pocket. He removed a pencil-thick cigar and a small clear plastic sack. He stripped the cigarillo and poured the tobacco into the paper bag then said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, woman. I didn’t do anything stupid.”

Next, he plucked a few large green buds of marijuana from the sack, stuffed the sack into his shirt pocket, and separated the weed in the palm of his large hand. He looked at Keisha and added.

“I’m doing what it takes to survive.”

Carefully, he poured the loose weed into the cigarillo paper and continued to talk.

“Tyrell’s just blowing steam like he always does. He’s trying to look good for Tony and the rest of the bosses. This is all a part of the game, Keisha.”

His fingers slipped under the brown paper as he gently twirled it between his fingertips. He stopped and licked the exposed end of the paper then finished rolling it with his fingertips and said.

”Anyway, I got plans and by tomorrow, this will all be history.”

He rubbed his hand across her thigh then turned on the radio. He did know; he just didn’t want to tell her. Del knew he was greedy but he figured the world owed it to him. He was unfaithful because he loved women. Both of these bad character traits probably would cost him his life. Three miles later, they took the Paris Avenue exit and followed it to Harcourt Drive. Del lit the blunt and cracked the window. The wind coursed through the window and rushed through Keisha’s long hair throwing some of the long black strains across her face. She swept it away with her right hand and said.

“I don’t understand. You’ve done some mean things to me before but why this and why now? You’re putting us in danger. It is not as if we needed it. We control Mid City and Gentilly Terrace.”

She looked at Del as he acted as if he didn’t have a care in the world. For years, she thought that he cared about her. She said.

“Del, you’re just selfish and childish. Yeah, you and Tony controls C. S. Deuces and you might have made Tyrell. But, why treat him like this?”

When the cheating started, it really didn’t bother Keisha because she grew up knowing about her stepfather’s affairs. She remembered how in spite of the hurt and shame from his infidelity, her mother would just say, “Honey that’s just what men do. The most important thing is Carl keeps a roof over our head and food on the table.”

Nevertheless, men just don’t do this. They don’t try to destroy the brother of the one they’re married to. As they drove up the long drive to the stately four-bedroom house, Keisha said.

“Del, you know for yourself that Tyrell never did anything to the Family but good. You fools are rich and untouchable because of my brother. Then you go and diss him on his own turf. That’s just stupid, Del.”

Del poked the garage door opener out the window and pushed the button. Seconds later, Keisha parked the car in the garage. Del got out and walked into the house followed by Keisha, who pushed the button on the wall to close the garage door and thought to herself.

‘I can’t believe he wants to kill Tyrell.’

Del’s voice interrupted her thought when he replied.

“I’m going to watch some TV in the den. Fix me something to eat; I’m starving.”

He pulled his pants up on his waist and sauntered through the large kitchen towards the den. Keisha walked to the master bedroom, pulled off her shoes and slipped out of her sundress. After a long hard day of being in charge at work and her run-in with Tyrell, the touch of the silk negligee she selected soothed her nerves. As she slipped the robe over her shoulder, it made her feel uniquely girly. She put her makeup, lip-gloss, and most of the things from her purse into her makeup bag inside the medicine cabinet and washed her hands in the master bathroom sink.

Keisha wore glasses at the office and at home to read and to watch TV. She didn't need them, so she claimed, but in private, they were a constant presence. She retrieved them from the mission-style table in the hallway, placed them on her face, and checked her reflection in the large mirror and said to Del.

“Damn it, all that you can think about is Delbert Allen McGhee. You’re acting like nothing’s wrong. Everyone’s mad and you want to watch TV and eat. That should be the least of your worries.”

In the kitchen, Keisha retrieved a plate from the cabinet, placed it on the counter, and opened the refrigerator door. Maybe she could just persuade him to go away somewhere, like to New York, Paris, or Hong Kong. After placing two slices of bread on the plate, and a slice of deli cut ham on one slice, she dismissed the thought. She knew no matter where she sent Del, Tyrell would find him and when he did, Tyrell would kill him. Carefully, she smeared sandwich spread on the other slice of bread, added some lettuce, a slice of cheese, and poured a glass of beer.

She placed everything on a tray and carried it to the mahogany table in front of the white embroidered oversized couch in the den. As Del relaxed on the couch, Keisha strolled over to the mahogany roll top desk and took a seat in the white leather chair. She loved Del, but she had grown tried of his cheating. Now this problem with her brother could get both of them killed.

Keisha interlocked her fingers, twirled her thumbs, and leaned against the desk. Her eyes drilled invisible circles into his body as her mind worked feverishly on her plan. Forced into the middle of their fight, her only option was to resolve it herself. A tear flowed down the side of her cheek and she brushed it away with her fingertip.

Del leaned forward on the sofa, picked at the sandwich, and leafed through it. He wrinkled his face and asked.

“Woman, what in the hell is this? Where’s the rest of the fucking food?”

Keisha looked at Del and said.

“Del, you know Dr. Reed said you gotta go on a diet because of your weight.”

He slammed the plate down then pushed it away, sat back on the couch and crossed his legs.

“Shit, I ain’t going on no diet regardless of what you or that doctor says. A man got to die doing something and I’m going to die with a full stomach.”

At first, she didn’t have the nerve to do it. In spite of everything, she did care for him. She stayed with him regardless of the women and everything. Then, the beatings started and she refused to be anyone’s punching bag. After that, Tyrell told her that Del wanted to destroy him; but she still couldn’t do it.

Later, she viewed the recording at Tyrell’s office. Upon seeing and hearing the confession, she remembered not so accidently overhearing a conversation he had with one of his men. Del told him ’…since that punk’s turf brings in so much money, I want it for myself. The man has gotten too weak and has become a problem. I’m gonna take his ass out of the game a little at a time until I destroy him.’ Well, that evidence convinced her and really changed everything. Keisha said to Del.

“They’re saying that your crew beat up four of Tyrell’s men, took over one of his dope houses in the ninth ward, and dissed him at the meeting in front of everyone even the bosses.”

Del flicked through the channels on the television and said.

“Shit, woman, the motherfuckers deserved it. They got caught slipping, all drunk and flashing their cash everywhere. If I didn’t jack them fools, someone else would so why not me. You know the rules of the hood; game knows game. But, don’t worry; it’ll blow over.”

Keisha bolted from the chair as she stood to straightened her dress, and sat down again and said.

“Yeah it’ll blow over alright. Damn, we don’t even need the money. Every time Tyrell gets paid from any of his deeds, he makes sure we get paid more than enough gratitude.”

Keisha’s eyes glanced at Del as she repositioned her bottom in the chair and slammed her hand against the padded leather arm of the chair and said.

“Why are you trying to push my brother into a corner?”

He waved his hand through the air as if he swatted an annoying fly and replied.

“Look, I said don’t worry about it. Besides, it’s not like Tyrell lost any money. He makes millions everyday. His crew runs all of the ninth ward and most of Chalmette, anyway. So why can’t they share?”

Keisha stared at Del and said.

“I know my brother makes a lot of money and because of him so do we; but why would you do something as stupid as take over one of Tyrell’s dope houses?”

Del wrinkled his forehead, stared at Keisha, sat up on the couch, and pointed his finger at her and replied.

“Look bitch, I told ya fat ass not to get involved in my business with your brother years ago and I still mean it.”

Keisha braced herself in the chair and stared at Del. She thought about how she would work him. She would play with his emotions like a puppet on a string. She intended to get him furious enough to hit her a few times. Then, she planned to take the gun she stashed inside the drawer in the living room table, shoot him, cry self-defense, and collect the money from his life insurance policy she’d invested in when she married him. Keisha raised her hands to stop his words and said.

“Alright Del, you know that I am not gonna let you hurt my brother. So, what are you going to do, I mean how do we fix this thing between Tyrell and you?”

Del raised his head and looked into Keisha’s calculating eyes as she slowly got to her feet and approached the table and said.

“When I killed Bruno to make Tyrell underboss, you weren’t complaining then. FIX IT BY SHUTTING YOUR FUCKING MOUTH and letting me watch my show. I ain’t got long ‘fore I gotta go and make some mo’ money.”

Desperate, Keisha slapped Del hard on the face and walked to the bookcase. She had to get him to hit her before she could call the cops but Del wouldn’t take the bait. Therefore, Keisha took drastic measures and relied.

“I should’ve known a stupid ass bitch like you wouldn’t act right. I should’ve married someone who had the smarts to play this game out so Tyrell could become the only boss of New Orleans.”

Keisha flung some more degrading and crushing words at him as he continued watching the show.

“Del, you’re one stupid ass bitch. I can’t believe you graduated from college because you’re the stupidest motherfuckers I’ve ever seen in my fucking life.”

As she talked, he stared through her like she was an invisible piece of glass. Keisha grabbed three books from the shelf and pitched them one by one at the dead space beyond Del's head. Veins punctuated his thick neck as he shifted on the couch to avoid being hit. She could almost hear the heartbeat in his heavy breath. Then he grabbed the remote to the television and increased the volume on the television as she said.

“What kind of fool do you think Tyrell is anyway? He’s already onto your scheme, Del. You’re gonna get you and me killed.”

She had him right where she wanted. But, she needed him away from the television, out of the den, and closer to the living room. Keisha stormed to the front door, crossed her arms, and glared down the hall toward the den while yelling.

“Motherfucker, I’m through with your sorry ass. You’re the poster child for what a no-good man is like. I want out of this sham-ass marriage. Did you hear me, Delbert Allen McGhee? I want a fucking divorce. Now, get your good-for-nothing ass out of my house.”

Del continued to act as if Keisha’s cunning scheme wasn’t going to work. She’d screamed down the hall at him and said everything she could imagine to make him angry but he remained in the den on the couch watching television. Keisha yelled at Del again.

“I said I want your homosexual, good-for-nothing, cheating ass out of my house right now. I knew I never should’ve married you. Tyrell was right; you’re weak and stupid. You don’t care about anything but yourself. He said you were fucked in the ass too many times in prison. You ain’t got any balls left, BITCH. Now get your shit and get the fuck out of my house.”

Keisha turned and opened the front door so the neighbors would hear the fight. At that instant, her plan worked and Del bolted from the den. His muscular hand came down across her cheek and knocked her against the door. It slammed shut. Keisha collapsed and sobbed on the floor in a fetal position.

Keisha wrinkled her forehead, narrowed her eyes, and stared at him. However, she now had the bruises she needed. Del knelt down over her, shoved his large hand under her dress, and violated her. She tried to jerk away but Del held her shoulders so she couldn’t move.

As she grew up, her brother often punched and kicked her as they played football and tag. Then her stepfather made her do things. He came in drunk after being out all night with his friends and battered her helpless mother’s injured body in their bedroom. Next, he entered her room and raped her. At first, she struggled, scratched, clawed, and hoped he would stop his unwelcomed advances; but soon, she learned to surrender to the brutal molestations and escaped the abuse in her mind.

Keisha shook the cobwebs out of her head, sat up on the floor, looked at Del and said.

“Let me up off this floor, Del and get out before I call my brother and tell him you’re here.”

Del narrowed his already small eyes as stared at Keisha and said.

“Oh, you think Tyrell got enough heart to mess with me, huh, bitch?”

Del rubbed his hand down her thigh, clasped his left hand around her neck, and said.

“Well, Keisha, I tell you what. I should kill you and your brother.”

Del’s fingers squeezed Keisha’s neck. She gasped for air as he talked.

“But, I’m gonna kill Tyrell and make you watch him die. Then after he’s dead, I’m gonna turn your fine ass into one of my street hoes for the rest of your fucking life.”

He shook her and slammed her head against the wall. Instinctively, Keisha clawed at his face, but he punched her hard in the eye with his right fist then said.

“Keisha, I’ve grown tired of you; that’s why I started seeing other women. I thought black women loved to fuck. I guess you just don’t or you don’t know how to fuck, bitch.”

Del shoved her head hard against the door, pulled her head close to his lips, and kissed her on the cheek before he stood over her and said.

“For the whole three long years we’ve been married, you’ve been nothing but a whiny ass bitch. I’ve wanted to get rid of you for a while but I couldn’t.”

Del’s foot slammed into the side of Keisha rib cage and she moaned. Del laughed, looked down at her, and stepped back then added.

“Bitch! I needed you! You got brains. I needed you to work your magic and get my crew as big as your brother’s. Now my crew is stronger than his and we’re gonna take him out.”

Horrified by what she heard, for a moment, Keisha didn’t know what to think. Keisha stood up, turned around to face him and said.

“Look, you can beat me all you want; I can take whatever your bitch ass got. But, I’m telling you, you ain’t gonna kill my brother.”

Then Keisha remembered the game plan. She decided that the best way to do it was to kill Del in self-defense. Keisha knew that the police were going to question her, but if she did it right she wouldn’t go to jail for killing him.

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