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Down To Earth And Back Again

Series: The Adventures Of Cindy George

Chapter 5

Cindy went back to work the following week. To start with, it all seemed to be going well. Then reality came back to bite. Hard. The other world came to say hello. She got a dressing down. She had been a naughty girl, that was as good as what her boss said. She’d had too many days "off sick.” Someone had seen her with Fab. Thank you to whoever it was, she thought, as she defiantly walked out of the office.

She managed to avoid getting the sack, for the time being. Her boss told her that he was giving her a warning. She had better watch her step or she would be out before her temporary contract ended, which was only in a couple of weeks’ time. She smiled to herself. She was still going to have days off but would just be more discreet about it.

The following day was a case in point. The weather was good and, after her telling off, she was in no mood to rush back to the suffocating environment of the office. So she decided to try her luck and go to the park again. It was an early spring heatwave and lots of people were making the most of it.

When she arrived, she positioned herself in her usual spot. There were groups of students from the college down the road who had taken to coming here and she chatted with them. It added some fun to the day.

At about four, when people had started to go, she headed to the shops before whiling away some time in the cafe at the top of the high street. She had her favourite spot by the window and jealously guarded that space. She sat and drank a strawberry milkshake and watched the world go by.

Then she picked up a paper and flicked through it, smiling at the gossip and what some people found interesting. After she had finished at the cafe, she went back to the park for another hour.

The upshot was that her contract at work wasn’t renewed. She didn’t expect it to be, after her time off, her fight with the car park girl, and her warnings. They had her down as a trouble maker which, while not strictly untrue, missed the point somewhat. She wasn’t bothered. The job had been boring most of the time and they weren’t her sort of people. She decided that she wasn’t old enough to worry about things like work and job security. If she had, she would be at the start of the slippery slope to respectability, taking out a mortgage, like Ann, or going out with a bank manager. She couldn’t risk that. She was better off on the dole, living at home, like a lady of leisure. Or, at the very least, a playgirl of the highest order.

But her final pay packet was a good one, an occurrence which wasn’t before time. She decided to spend some of it on more clothes. You couldn’t have too many things to wear.

On her last day, she went home again by the clothes shop in town. She checked through the racks and sorted through stuff. There were all sorts of tops she liked, Ben Sherman and Brutus shirts, off the shoulder numbers, different colour vest tops. She also checked out the dresses and skirts. There was a black minidress that caught her eye. She tried it on and it was pretty much perfect. It would go just right with a pair of stilettos she had. She would wear it when she went out clubbing.

She also bought a blue gingham button-down and a polo shirt. They were perfect with a mini skirt and maybe some flat shoes. Both of them looked good when you had long hair like Cindy. For the polo, she chose a baby pink one with a white tip. Everyone said she looked good in pink.


When she arrived home, there were two postcards on the side. One was from Greg. He was in St Tropez. It was packed with tourists and everything he imagined it to be.

The other was from Fab. Or was it Fabian? Or Fabrizio? She never found out. He had sent his postcard from York. He said the band had a gig near there. "Yowza,” he wrote. "Hiya Cindy. Having a FAB time up here. Couple of decent gigs. Crowds have been small but what can you do? You must come to a gig soon.”

She put them down and smiled. Her boys. What would she do without them?


Then it was Friday night again. She got herself ready and went to The Ship. They were all there, Marie, Donna, and the rest of them and they were propping up the bar.

They ended up going on another pub crawl, flirting their way round every bar they came to. At the end of the night, they decided to head to a disco at The Bull. They waltzed down the main street as usual and it stood imposingly in front of them. It was a big old pub in the marketplace, a coaching Inn in centuries gone by. That's what Greg had said. Now it had a reputation as a den of iniquity. "No decent girl goes in The Bull,” Ann said to Cindy once. "All sorts goes on in there.” She was thinking this as they walked up to the door and was smiling to herself.

There was a queue. They stood and waited. In a few moments, it had gone down and they were in. They paid their money and went into the disco at the back.

It was packed in there. Solid. They went up to the bar and bought the drinks. Cindy knocked hers back. It was the mood she was in. The hot night and her newfound freedom and the adrenalin and the packed bar were enough to get her going. Donna was laughing. Let’s go and dance she said. They followed her.

They spent the rest of the night on the dancefloor. They could dance, that was one thing Cindy loved about these girls. They were party animals. Hooligans. Wild ones of the night. Beautiful troublemakers. She loved how quickly she had fitted into their scene after meeting up with them, carousing their way round the town's watering holes. She had drunk more vodka in the nights she had been with them than ever before. It fired her up, got her in the mood for anything.

They headed for the dancefloor and the soulful beat came through, those heavenly voices and strings and they were deep in her soul and she was lost in soul girl heaven. They moved their hips and arms and Cindy threw her long blonde hair around and the world was hers. She could do anything. She could be free and go wherever she wanted and live forever. They got into a sort of routine where they felt the moves instinctively, the more they got to know each other's ways of dancing. It carried on like this all night. She didn’t want anything more.


They ended up in the park. They hadn’t intended to do so. But, as they were coming off the dancefloor, Marie spotted something interesting. There were some stray wine bottles on a table that someone seemed to have missed, or forgotten about.

“They look just right for fitting in our handbags,” she said, laughing.

Naturally, they were in agreement. Some free alcohol was always worth having. So they stood round the table, laughing and joking, so no one could see what was happening behind them, while Marie made sure the bottles found their way into their bags. When she had finished, she joined them and they carried on having some fun. Then they discreetly left, picked up their handbags, and walked towards the door.

Cindy was on tenterhooks all the way out of the pub. She was looking round out of the corner of her eye. She was sure they were going to be stopped on the way out. But, miraculously, they weren’t. They just waltzed casually out into the street. No one asked them anything.

They burst out laughing when they got outside. Then they decided to head for the park to consume the wine. They made their way back up the high street, laughing and joking. There were a lot fewer people about than earlier, but those there were, were full of the joys of that time of night. They started talking to a group of boys who were hanging round the benches in the middle of the street and they said they’d join them. So they all headed up the street.

When they arrived at the park, the gates were locked. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Come on,” said Donna. “There must be a way in.”

“There will be,” said Marie. “They’re not stopping us.”

They walked round the park and found what looked like the beginning of a gap in the fence.

“We just need to make this wider,” said Cindy.

They pulled and the wooden fence, which as it had been there for a few years and was beginning to be rotten, came away quite easily. They pushed their way through. It was dark in there. There were no lights. But their eyes soon became accustomed.

They found a spot on the grass, under a tree, and opened the wine. They passed the bottles round, had a drink each, became friendly with the gang of boys. They stayed until it was becoming light. Then, when the wine was finished, they tossed the bottles into the bushes and headed home.

It wasn’t far for Cindy. She didn’t live far away. She walked up the street barefooted, her stilettoes in her hands. Tonight had turned out better than she had expected. It was one of those nights when everything had fitted together and blended into a moment that would long be remembered. She smiled to herself. There was no more work to go to, the days were going to be hot, the nights even hotter. She had a long hot summer ahead.


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