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Fuel Season 2: Episode 2 – The Thawn Oberhauser Homecoming

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Thawn makes a grand return to Monday Night Fuel but not everyone is happy to see The Impaler...

The Formula-X Clubhouse is located at the Old Azania Airport, adjacent to the renovated section known as the Fuel Speedway. Like the Fuel Speedway, it also has a racetrack re-purposed from an old runway, dedicated to the training of the F-X racers.

14th of September – Season 2


As Thawn sat in his office, he contemplated the evening ahead. He'd made a decision not to appear on last week's episode anticipating that all eyes would be on the Crown. He'd been right except that it had been Amandla's Rebellion that was the talk of the episode rather than John Kloof's Coronation. Either way, Thawn wasn't going to have any of it. If he was going to return to Fuel, then he was going to do it in the biggest way possible. And for this, he needed to have all eyes on him.

While all his colleagues were aware of his so-called night job on Monday nights, Thawn tended not to talk about his racing life at work. That didn't stop some of his colleagues from chatting about it, like brothers Jeremiah and Zachariah (who amusingly had another brother not in business named Isaiah). Thawn met up with them in the break room which had a big screen mounted on the wall.

"What are you two watching?" asked Thawn as he got a cup of coffee.

"We're watching the Deputy Mayor call Fuel bull sh–"

"Zach," said Zach's older brother, "mind your tongue."

Thawn ignored the brothers and watched the TV where he saw the D.M. on a talk show on Top One telling the host that as a sport entertainment franchise, the showrunners should have autonomy on the outcome of the racers. All three businessmen were shocked when none other then the Formula-X Racing Club President, Terrance 'Moodswing' Moodley walked onto the talk show followed by his Vice President, Glenwood Jacobs who naturally contested the D.M.'s beliefs. As they went back and forth, the host got agitated until she eventually asked about the protesting and Mandla' s part in it.

It was at that point that the Deputy Mayor got defensive and claimed that despite appearing to be named after him, Amandla's Rebellion had nothing to do with Mandla. When the host asked why he appeared to be speaking on his son's behalf, the D.M. claimed that Mandla was training. It was at this point that the host asked why Mandla needed to train if sports entertainment was staged.

"Wow," said Zach. "It seems Moodswing just owned the Dee Em."

"Yeah," said Jeremiah, "just like Mandla owned you at the Scramble." The brothers laughed just like they did when Mandla had won the Crown from him. Ever confident, Thawn had done well to ignore the sniggering back then and continued to dominate. And he wasn't going to stop until he was back on top again.

"You two laugh it up. But tonight I'm making my return: my redebut if you will. Mark my words, gentlemen: tonight will mark my re-ascent to the top of the food chain."



By the time Thawn arrived at the Fuel Speedway, the fandom had already packed the Old Airport to capacity. The show hadn't started yet but it was about to. Thawn was currently waiting at the Clubhouse, having gotten special permission from the Club Committee but still needed to confirm final preparations. The Club Sectrary was there too.

"Okay Thawn, so here's what I got," said the young Colored woman. "At eight o'clock on the dot, the title sequence kicks in and then we play the music you requested–"

"Princes of the Universe, by Queen. I requested that song very specifically, Marion."

"Yeah, I know. The song from The Highlander ."

Thawn rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry, where's Ellie? Shouldn't the Committee Events Officer be organizing all of this."

"She's busy. On race night she's always busy. But rest assured, she was the one that put this plan together. We need only follow the plan."

"Well I sure as hell hope so. I want this to go perfectly. Now talk me through the rest." In reality, Ellie was only a year or two older than Marion but a little more mature. Part of Thawn commended Moodswing for giving youngsters straight out varsity a chance to gain experience. But another part wondered where on earth he found these people. After walking him through the rest of the plan, Thawn was satisfied and went outside to get in the bright white limousine parked on the clubhouse training track. As the Fuel intro music boomed, the limo started down the piece of asphalt that joined the training track to the Fuel Speedway. It was time.

As soon as the intro music ended, Queen boomed on the loud speakers,

"Here we are, born to be Kings. We're the princes of the universe..."

At first, the crowd wasn't sure what was going on. The white limo slowly made its way onto the racetrack, with the crowd beginning to stir, not sure who to expect but knowing that it was something worth anticipating. Thawn waited for the cue before showing himself. 

"I am immortal. I have inside me blood of kings, yeah, yeah. I have no rival..."

When the chorus hit, Thawn stood up through the sun roof and the crowd immediately began to boo loudly. But Thawn didn't care. This wasn't about them. It was about him. Thawn's smile broadened when he saw the balloons and confetti falling over the Fuel Speedway. 

The limo, as planned, did a slow lap around the O.G. section of the racetrack (the old oval-track) before coming to a stop in front of the grand stand. As Thawn got out of the limo, he continued to beam, despite the fandom persisting to boo because everything was going as planned meaning he would be at the centre of the middle-stage by the time the song ended. 

Indeed, the song ended just as Thawn hit centre stage. He managed to grab a microphone, prepared to address the crowd.  That was when everything went to crap...

"Buddy you're a boy, make a big noise, playing in the street, gonna be a big man some day..."

Thawn didn't know what the hell was going on. He had not asked for another classic Queen song to be played. But he knew this wasn't an administrative mistake when Longitude and Latitude came out of the front seat of his limo. They climbed onto the roof to the cheers of the crowd. While Latitude lead the crowd in singing "WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU, ROCK YOU", Longitude transported two buckets onto the roof. The brothers then dumped the contents all over the paint job, revealing the contents to be bright green slime. 

As the fandom continued to cheer, Thawn immediately climbed down from the middle-stage, eager to kill them for destroying the rental. He began chasing Latitude around the limo, clearly trying to make a game out of Thawn's pursuit. But just before Thawn could lay a hand on Latitude, Longitude had grabbed another bucket from somewhere and dunked it over his head. Now covered in green slime like the limo, Thawn began to scream in anger which only brought louder cheers out of the crowd. They had humiliated him... All of them! They had ruined his homecoming!



When Thawn stepped out of Moodswing's office, he was somehow angrier than when he went in. The Club President had just informed him that Longitude and Latitude would not be punished for what they did. "Good sports entertainment" was what Moodswing had called it. In fact, the only consolation for Thawn was that at least he wouldn't have to compete tonight which was actually a backhanded consolation prize. It would have been nice to take his frustration out on someone in a race. 

Instead, Thawn would have to hide out until his Taxify driver arrived since he couldn't very well take the limo home. He managed to find a good hiding place on the roof which was perfect because it also allowed him to look down on the racetrack and watch the last race of the night.

"What the hell are you doing up here?" 

Thawn was surprised to find Brenda Koek standing there. She didn't look at Thawn, instead staring off like a lost soul. "I'm avoiding further humiliation. Can't very well stand among my peers still cover in this green crap." He'd tried his best to wipe it off but his three-piece suit was stained and ruined.

"Yeah, sucks what happened. Believe me, I understand the need to hide from the world laughing at you." 

"Who the hell is laughing at you?" said Thawn rudely. 

"Haven't you seen what's been going in between Jim and me? He keeps flirting with me and kissing me and I can't stop him." 

Thawn rolled his eyes. "There are ways of dealing with guys like that. It tends to end with them fired." 

"I know that but here's the thing: I don't want him to stop. I like it. In fact, I think I like him and I don't want to. I mean, I know what he's about."

"Well I see why everyone's laughing at you," said Thawn insensitive as ever. "Stupidest problem I've ever heard." 

This time it was Brenda that rolled her eyes. "Unbelievable. You're right, I am stupid," she said, "for telling you any of this." 

"Yep. You should tell someone who cares." 

"Oh I will. But she only gets here at the end of the month." When Thawn gave her a confused look, Brenda explained how she made a deal with Penny last season while she was still Duchess of Drag to get Moodswing to lift the hiring freeze so she could get a new relay partner. 

" And?" said Thawn, waiting to hear the rest of it. "Who's your new partner?" 

"Someone more sensitive than you." Reaching a silent agreement, the two of them turned their attention to the feature race down below. The race was a relay race which pitted Formula-X King, John Kloof and Duke of Drag, Touch Mkhize (his opponent from last week) against Styles Sithole (Touch's PPV opponent) teaming with Mandla Xulu (Number One Claimant to the F-X Crown). Thawn was impressed by how Moodswing was not only building on the events of last week's episode but also developing not one but two rivalries heading towards Arbour Games. 

The race itself was thrilling as they got to see a taste of what's to come with Mandla and Styles showing that they were ready for their respective title shots. In the end though, it was King Kloof and the Duke that pulled out the win. As Thawn watched the F-X King and his partner for the night enter the Winner's Circle, he couldn't help but be jealous. Thawn wanted nothing more than to get that Crown back. But after tonight, there was one way he was considered the threat he was supposed to be. And that was all their fault. He was gonna make them pay. Come hell or high water, Longitude and Latitude were going to pay! 

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