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Fuel Season 2: Episode 27 – Ride Together, Die Together

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

For the 1st time in the series, ride along with Longs and Lats as they get another shot at glory...

Sports Opera blends multiple genres together including action thriller which makes good use of car chases, foot chases and gun fights.

3rd of May – Season 2

Latitude was booking it, sprinting across the road, almost getting hit by a car. But he didn't care... he needed to get him back! The person who took him entered an apartment building across the street and was moving so fast he went right through a glass door. Finding himself trapped, the person bolted for the stairs and ran all the way up to the roof four stories up followed closely by Latitude. For a moment, Latitude thought he had the person cornered before they jumped off the roof, onto another roof.

Latitude followed them and continued to do so until they exited the building back onto the street. That's when hell seemingly broke loose and a yellow sedan came around the corner with a man on the roof holding on for dear life. The sedan then crashed into a parked car which sent the man on the roof flying.

"Longitude!" yelled Latitude to his brother who was still rolling on the ground from his fall. But Latitude's attention was diverted when the person he was chasing let go of his hostage and ran to the yellow sedan where his partner was waiting. It didn't take long for the car to straighten up and prepare to take off... and it was directly facing him! "Meridian!" Latitude then sprinted across the street and just managed to tackle Meridian out of the way when the yellow sedan disappeared into the sunrise. Latitude smiled at Meridian as he licked his face. "It's okay boy, you're safe now. Ncaah, good boy. Good boy."

Longitude had finally gotten back up and joined him, still clutching his neck. "Well, are you happy now? You got your damned dog back."

"You say that as if he's not your dog too. As if you and I didn't both raise him as kids."

"Yeah well, I'm not the one that gambled him away in an underground poker game."

"C'mon. I told them that I'd get them their money. And they're high school students, not mafia so I didn't think they'd stoop to this level. But I'll get them their money and make sure they don't come after Meridian again."

"And how are you going to get the money, huh, brother?"

"Easy," said Latitude, smiling. "You and I, brother, are going to win back our Relay Baron titles."



Longitude had always been the more serious of the two brothers. So he'd been the one to say that this was a bad idea. But as always, his younger brother had convinced him that it would be fun and he'd gone along with it. Last season had set the precedent that all the monarchs were treated like celebrities in the eight weeks leading to the Grand Prix called the 'highway to the Grand Prix'. As such, red carpets, 'paparazzi', photoshoots, advertisements, posters, and billboards had them all over it. But since Longitude and his brother weren't monarchs this time around, they didn't get to make the big entrance in the black Audi, but this didn't thwart Latitude in the slightest.

Armed with the idea of making an entrance as big as theirs, Longitude & Latitude rode their motorcycles right through the parking lot and over the red carpet into the building. Then, being careful not to run anyone over, navigated the concourse before riding right into the paddock all the while screaming for everyone to get the hell out the way! When they came to a stop next to their matching race cars, Longitude took off his helmet to reveal a smile and gave his brother a fist bump.

Glen was on top of them instantly. "What the hell have I told you two!? What did I say? Did you hear what I said? Because I did. You know why? Because I was standing there when I said it."

Latitude shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh you know: shocking the world, making heads turn?"

"That sort of thing," added Longitude playfully.

"You know very well that you can't do this."

"What?" said the brothers in unison, playfully.

"This, this!" said Glen, nearing the end of wit already. "Riding into the paddock, making a big entrance outside. I know what you're trying to do. Instant trending right? Well, you guys can rest easy knowing it's a job well done. You're trending. But that's the only good news, you hear me. The only good news. You two are bad news."

"Well it sucks that you think that because we need something from you," said Latitude in a charming tone."A title shot, right here tonight."

While Latitude continued to convince the Club Vice President to give them a shot at the titles, Longitude was looking over at John Kloof who was still on the phone. From what Longitude could tell, John was busy settling some kind of debt, saying that his bump in pay was going to allow him to get all the money back soon. "How much is the interest!?"

Remembering back to an article he read in the Formula-X newsletter, Longitude recalled that John had needed to raise money for his family only to be shoehorned into a 12 Rounds Derby for stakes which he then lost. Listening now, Longitude realized that he must have borrowed money to front his stake and was only now managing to pay it back now that he was a monarch. Thinking about this, Longitude was sad when Latitude playfully smacked him.

"Success," said Latitude. "We've got our title race. And it's first..."



Latitude had noticed that something was up with his older brother when he told him that he'd gotten the race but had left it alone. But now, as they stood in the pitlane having just spoken to their technical team, he was wondering what had gotten to his brother. But it looked like the agitated Longitude was going to tell him.

"I can't do this, brother." Longitude was about to leave when Latitude grabbed him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you talking about?"

"Why are we doing this, huh? Why are we trying to get our titles back?"

Latitude just looked at him. "Because we're the best relay team and you know it."

"Yeah, I do but the last time we had the gold we wasted it. We cared more about our crazy lifestyle and I'm done. I mean, you look at a guy like John Kloof and you see a man who needs that title and is treating that helmet like it's the gold that it is. We might be the best but let's face it, we don't deserve them."

When his brother tried to leave again, Latitude didn't try to stop him physically but rather with his words. "You're right Longs, you should know that that's on me." This stopped his brother in his tracks. "Between the two of us, I'm the one who likes living on the edge." Latitude then stepped towards his brother, eager to have him on his side. "So don't punish yourself because I like being a bad boy. You know that you should have that title on your head."

Longitude wasn't in the mood of having his little brother take all the blame. "It's not your fault, Lats. We're a team."

"And it's time that I start playing my part; pulling my weight. Now come on," he said putting his fist out. "We ride together..."

Longitude knew the response to their catchphrase. "...we die together." He then gave his brother a fist bump and put his helmet on. It was time to get to work and get their titles back."



Longitude watched Mandla in the pitlane on the other side of the racetrack as they both awaited their partners for the 18th lap. John Kloof was in the lead by a long shot but Longitude had faith in his brother. However, when John entered the pitlane, handing over his lead to Mandla, 'The Steamroller' did not move. He simply shook his head. This allowed Latitude to close the gap and enter the pit lane, handing over the proverbial baton to Longitude.

While Longitude did move, he did so hesitantly, not sure what the hell was going on with their opponents. However, John clearly wasn't about to forfeit the race and began chasing after Longitude, effectively taking Mandla's lap for him. Longitude managed to gather himself and hold onto the lead and hand it over to Latitude for the penultimate lap. Latitude didn't hesitate, clearly having meant what he said about taking their racing seriously from now on. Meanwhile, across the track, Mandla had actually climbed out of The Shosholoza and was making his way back to the paddock!

Latitude handed over the lead again as John continued for his third straight lap, once again chasing after Longitude but in vain as Longitude took the 20th Lap and won the race. While Latitude celebrated reluctantly, Longitude watched as an astonished John sat in The Big Boot not sure what the hell just happened. But Longitude knew what happened. Mandla had walked out on John Kloof for the second time!



When Latitude had handed his brother his title, he'd mentioned that he had an idea that was risky but something he felt would cement them as being serious this time around. When Longitude heard it out, he smiled and said that it was the kind of risk he liked. When Geeza Gabashe began the interview, Latitude hushed him and took the mic.

"Before we get started with this interview, Longitude and I have something to say to the live crowd, the folks at home, and the racers in the pit. We are not interested in cruising on by with these titles. We want our new reign to be remembered for being off the hook."

Not to be outdone and to show that they were on the same page, Longitude took the mic. "So what we’re proposing is that at the Formula-X Grand Prix, second of its kind, we have ourselves another 4-Way Relay Race." The words got a massive cheer from the crowd. Latitude 

The brothers gave each other another fist bump with smiles on their faces. Latitude knew, looking into his brother's eyes, that were truly in this together. Their catchphrase wasn't just words to them. They were in this until the very end. But before they got there, they'd have to pay off their debt (lest Meridian get kidnapped again) and then survive the Grand Prix first...

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