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Fuel Season 2: Episode 6 – The Dollar Sign Girl

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

As Touch Mkhize faces Moodswing's wrath, Penny Potgieter looks to take advantage...

As President of the Formula-X Racing Club Committee, Terrance 'Mooswing' Moodley has the executive power to make autocratic decisions in favour or against any F-X racer.

12th of October – Season 2

She wanted more... and she knew she shouldn't. That was the thought going through Penny Potgieter's mind as she scrolled through the news feed on the Formulary. All any fan could talk about was Touch Mkhize. Whether they were talking about him as Duke of Drag; his talk show last week; what he said about the Club Committee on the show or Moodswing's apparent outrage, it was all about him and Penny couldn't stand it.

Back in May at the Formula-X Grand Prix, Touch had bested her and won her Duchess of Drag title (subsequently changing it's style back to 'Duke') and she hated him for it. It was the worst possible way to end such a successful season. Yet now, she found herself with an opportunity: a chance to right a wrong. But it would require walking down a devious line. But a part of her couldn't help it. That was the reason that one of her day job collegues called her Anakin Skywalker: because her greed for more power was on the verge of leading her to the dark side, yet also made her more powerful. It took her a while to realize that Anakin Skywalker was better known as Darth Vader.

Penny's devious idea had been given birth last week. Touching Base. That's where this had all started...



Touch hadn't wasted any time earning Moodswing's wrath as his opening line for the show sealed his fate. "My guest tonight is, well, it's the man that the F-X Racing Club Committee saw fit to give yet another opportunity to as a direct result of the ongoing protests by what is believed to be C.M.A. supporters in what is being called Amandla's Rebellion. This man is getting yet another title shot because the powers that be don't have the balls to tell my guest tonight that he has to go to the back of the line because he was defeated for the second pay-per-view in a row. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you at this time, your paper Number One Claimant, Mandla Xulu."

Mandla walked onto the stage with a smile, taking Touch's insults in his stride. "Wow. Is it me, or is our host tonight a little angry?"

"You're damn right I'm angry. But for the first time ever, it's not because I believe your Daddy put you where you are. It's because I believe you shouldn't be getting another shot at the title because people are complaining. And I believe that the people who could have done something about it, dropped the ball when they named you Number One Claimant again"

"Best be careful now, Touch. I wouldn't want you to be punished for what you're saying..."



That was where Penny's idea had been born. That was the reason that she was currently sitting in the waiting area of Moodswing's office, hours before Monday Night Fuel was set to go on the air. When Moodswing invited her in, he did it with a scowl he was struggling to hide. Clearly, he was still upset.

"Penny, you're here early. What can I do for you?"

Penny thought about how to approach this and decided that it was best to play the part: villain looking out for her own interests. She smiled. "It's about what I can do for you, Mister President. "I want to make you a proposal with the sole interest of making you a happy man by the end of the night."

"I'm flattered Penny," he said actually managing a smirk, "But I'm already married. And I'm your boss."

Penny refrained from laughing. "Not that kind of proposal. A business proposal. And perhaps I should be upfront and clear," she said leaning forward. "A business proposal designed to make Touch Mkhize suffer and remember this day as the day he learnt not to piss off Terrance 'Moodswing' Moodley."

This time Moodswing did smile. "Please, go on."



By the time the other racers had arrived and started setting up shop in the paddock, Penny's plan had already been set in motion. Now it was just time to wait for the fireworks to go off. While Penny waited by her vehicle, The Dollar Coin, for Touch to show up she listened in other racer's conversations including Darcy Stevens and Brenda Koek's

"I'm telling you, Brenda," said Stevie to a laughing Brenda. "It's not funny."

"Let me get this straight? This guy somehow managed to put something in your hair shampoo and that's why it's that colour?"

Indeed, Stevie's hair was bright red, like the colour of blood. "Yeah. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Stop laughing!"

"Okay, okay," said Brenda doing her best to muffle her laugh. "Tell me about the rest of this iceberg." Stevie explained that on top of the red hair dye in her shampoo, she was still getting the creepy chanting voice mail messages and also opened her door to a flaming bag of dog poop."

At this point, Brenda lost it and just burst out laughing. Admittedly, even Penny found this funny but she was too nervous to laugh. She listened to other conversations including Juan van Zonder talking to Styles Sithole about his Halloween plans and Mandla talking to Glen about having a preview of what a feature race would look like with the power boost button banned. But before Penny could hear Glen sanction Mandla's idea, Touch walked in and he looked angry. He marched over to Glen demanding answers only for Moodswing to approach him instead... it was time for the fireworks to begin.

"I don't care if you're Duke of Drag or Formula-X King, you do not march in here and demand answers!"

"Just tell me why, Moodswing? Why make this race and why only tell me literally an hour before the show?"

"Do you really not know?"

"What, because of what I said last week on my talk show? What, do you believe I was wrong?"

"I believe that you were ungrateful, for everything we've done for you." Moodswing corrected himself, "Everything have done for you."

"That doesn't give you the right to pass other racer's up for the Deputy Mayor's son!"

"It does give me the right, actually. It also gives me the right to cancel your talk show tonight."

"Wait, what!? You're making me defend my title and you're cancelling my show this week!?"

Penny swallowed hard. While getting a race against Touch for his title was her idea, getting his show cancelled this week was not. It appeared Moodswing was far angrier than she'd predicted. But it wasn't over.

"And that's not all. Your drag race for the title against Penny: that's the first race of the night." Moodswing then ended the conversation like a boss by simply walking away.

Penny had chills travelling down her spine from what she just heard. Her plan was in motion. While going on first wasn't part of the plan, she still had an advantage. After all, she'd been training on drag racing during her training session late last week specifically for tonight while Touch most likely hadn't been. How could he have been if he hadn't known about the race? That was the entire point of Penny's plan.

Right then, Touch looked across at her and seemingly figured that out. He marched over to her and stuck a finger in her face. "This was your idea, wasn't it?"

Penny decided to play hard and fast with the truth; get the mind games going. "I'm not the one that pissed him off, am I?"

"Oh no. You're just the hungry challenger; the cunning opportunist."

Penny squinted at him. "If there's something you want to say to me, Touch, don't hide behind big adjectives."

"I'm just wondering why you did this? Was it because you were jealous that by the end of November, I could potentially be Duke and King at the same time?"

Ironically, this has never occurred to Penny as a motive. But with Touch qualifying for the Hallow's Eve Number One Claim race last week, it was entirely possible for him to end up with both titles at the following P.P.V. "

"Or," said Touch continuing, "was it because of your greed? I know when you look out to that crowd, all you see is dollar signs. And that's the same reason you want my title so badly, isn't it? It's not about being the best, it's about wanting more than you currently have."

"Okay, enough with the pscyho-analysis, Touch. Tonight isn't about all that. It's about just one thing: your title."



Penny shot off her line as the race commenced. There was a quarter-mile of road between her and her goal and all she had to do was shift at the right times and the gold would be hers. But as she moved through her gears, she couldn't help but think about Touch's words. While she prided herself on not being like Thawn Oberhauser with his obsession with success in all things, she realized for the first time that perhaps she was something worse. Was it possible that Touch was right and even after getting his title, she'd still want more?

While the drag race was the fastest race in the series, it currently felt like the longest of them all. But Penny was centimeters ahead of Touch with the finish line approaching. With one more gear to shift into, Penny timed it perfectly, remembering her training from earlier in the week and crossed the line first. She'd done it! She regained her title which was once again the 'Duchess' of Drag title.

Penny was beaming from ear to ear as Moodswing personally came over with the golden helm and handed it to her. And while the look on her face suggested that she was as happy as can be, inside, it dawned on her that perhaps her collegue was right. She'd just executed an evil plan barely blinking, utterly emotionless. And worse, she'd enjoyed it. Perhaps she was turning into Darth Vader. Perhaps no power would ever be enough!

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