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Blaze Whitlock Agent of Destiny

Blaze Whitlock has a chance at a better destiny

This story is a little different from a rich engagement. I tried some different concepts and character development. In what I feel is a solid effort let me know what you think of the concept.

Destiny is a bitch. You know the grand design, Gods plan, or fate in general sucks. Apply the grand design to humanity, and you end up with whole different order of haves and have nots. I was a have not. 

They named me Blaze Whitlock, a boy born with all the joy and hope in the world. A person born with homely looks and decent intelligence. Then my parents got into drugs and alcohol, and I acquired the cute nickname, "That little bastard".  The name followed me around for years, That little bastard should eat his vegetables, that little bastard should go to bed before the crack dealer comes over, we can't have the orgy unless that little bastard goes outside to play. Yes, my childhood was a magical time. 

My parents were digging their way to an early grave, and they brought a backhoe to do it.  Their friends were just as toxic as the substances they put in their bodies.  Three of the women gave me sex advice and a demonstration when I was six. Two of the men liked little boys in all the wrong ways. I made sure I was outside when they came over.  Six of them were drug dealers and threatened to kill me if my parents did not pay. Recently I have seen someone peeping in the windows. I am not sure if he is a friend of my parents.

They had their redeeming moments once in a while. Like the day they took me to the PNE in Vancouver where we lived. No, they were not turning over a new leaf. In the world of addicts, this is called guilt gifting. They bought me a bracelet, sent me into the park and went straight to the beer gardens. I was fourteen and old enough to be wandering around without being asked questions.

I saw the scariest roller coaster and waited in line. I waited all year to ride the Mad Dragon. Unfortunately, a serial killer, who had singled me out abducted me. So much for riding the Mad Dragon. To this day I won't touch the coaster with a ten-foot pole.

The papers had dubbed him the Dark Savior. His deal was to take children in homes with heavy substance abuse and hold them for three days. During that time he would watch the news. If the parents made a plea to save their lives, he would return them. If the parents failed to do this, they woke up to a coffin on their doorstep.

In my opinion, he looked like a dork. The Dark Saviour was nothing more than a balding man in his forties, with thick glasses, wearing a pastors habit, and a heavy iron cross around his neck.

He tied me up and stuffed me in the back of an old Volkswagon beetle. It looked like the dirt was holding it together. He patted my head. "You are in the hands of god dear child," he said. His voice was soothing and slimy at the same time.

I laughed, "No, I am in the hands of someone who is bat shit crazy."

He looked at me and smiled, "You are not afraid of me? I applaud your bravery. God will be pleased to receive your soul when you die."

He started the engine, and I knew I was going to die. My last adventure was driving around in the crazy mobile with the Dark Saviour, both figuratively and literally. Yay.

He took me to an abandoned industrial site. I think it used to be a welding shop. A heavy metallic scent entered my nostrils as we entered the building. He locked me in a small cell with a rather ripe mattress, pee bucket, and bible. Shocker.

Behind closed doors, the Dark Saviour got dorkier. He would sing hymns as he prepared a table with restraints. He tapped a needle appropriately named Angel Maker, and said a prayer over it. He even thanked God for the filth that came out of his ass. I know this because the cell was right next to the bathroom.

On the second day, he tapped the cage, "What is your name, child?"

"Blaze Whitlock."

He smiled. "Your bravery knows no bounds, Blaze. Perhaps you would like to be my apprentice. Think of the souls you could save." He had one of those maniacal smiles on his face.

"Why me?"

"The others screamed for their parents until they were released. You have put yourself into his hands and let them guide you. I cannot think of a better person to continue my work."

I was flattered it's not everyday a psychopath asks you to help him kill people. "I choose the kingdom of heaven. I am sure God will forgive me for turning your offer down to hang out with him."

The Dark Saviour smiled. "You must wait a little while longer to meet him. Tomorrow at five pm to be precise." The conversation ended there. He left me alone.

I was looking forward to dying. It was the real reason I was not afraid. Being second best to addictions day in and day out was taxing. I was tired of the unpredictable behavior, the weird visitors who tried to have their way with me, and the threats from dealers. Chances are I was not going to make it to adulthood anyway.

That night while the Dark Saviour slept, I got the strangest of visitors. A ball of light flew in through the ventilation duct. The soft glow illuminated the cell only. The blue flame eyes stared at me.

"Oh no the crazy is rubbing off on me. Go away you don't exist." It seemed like something reasonable to say at the time.

My opinion changed when the Dark Savior woke up and saw it. There was no hesitation on his part he fell to his knees hands clasped in piety. "You have come to congratulate me on my good works oh angel of the lord."

The light intensified at the Dark Saviors words, and its appearance became more flame-like. I could hear sirens, and for a moment, I had hope. It didn't last long the ball of light flew at me hitting me square in the chest. At first, nothing happened, and then I started to glow.

The Dark Saviors voice reached a feverish pitch. "God has chosen you to be his emissary all praise his benevolence," he said as he took his knees.

I remember the searing pain in the back of my skull, and my skin felt like a million needles were piercing me at once. The glow intensified as did the pain. An unseen force jerked me upright and pointed my head at the Dark Savior. A thunderous voice escaped my vocal cords echoing around the stone structure.

"Killer of children your reign of terror ends here. Your fate is to die by the hand of your intended victim. Feel my wrath."

Wow, this thing wasn't fucking around.

The police burst through the door guns raised, shouting at the top of their lungs. They had arrived just in time to watch me tear the door of the cell off its hinges, and grab the Dark Savior. There was a loud crack as my hands twisted the Dark Saviors head all the way around. I fell to the ground as the light vanished.

I awoke in a holding cell. I could hear radio chatter, the shuffling of feet. My head was pounding, and the smell of bad coffee and donuts made me feel sick.

"You must escape," a voice in my head said.

Okay, now I was panicking a little. "Its okay Blaze you are just recovering from being drugged."

"You were not drugged, foolish child. Now escape, you have the power to do so."

Whatever the presence was, it did not understand how difficult escaping would make my life.

"So we can spend all of our time running from the police?"

"When you say it like that escaping sounds silly."

"It's funny how logic pokes holes in poorly constructed arguments."

Where were my parents? They were at the booking desk. Mom got caught with a kilo of cocaine. The cocaine gave the police probable cause to search the house, where they found dad shooting up heroin. As you may have guessed they did not bother looking for me.

Mom saw me and shoved the officer aside. "Blaze it's me your mother, tell them we are good people. Tell them about the time we took you to the amusement park. Tell them how good we are to you. I can't go to jail."

The officer looked at me. "Is that true?"

I was laughing hard now. The voice got downright serious.

"Do not save them I can sense their wretchedness from here."

"Of course not. How do you think I wound up being taken by the Dark Saviour? I was wandering the PNE alone while they were drinking."

My father smacked the bars. "You little fucker we gave you a home..."

I got right up in his face. "No, you gave me a party house. I had to take care of me because you two couldn't stay sober for more than a few minutes. I hope I get to testify because I will make sure you spend the rest of your days sober, fighting for your life as I did."

Nothing would ever duplicate the satisfaction I felt in this moment. It was like finding a suitcase full of money.

The officer gave me a nod of approval. "I think I have heard enough."

My mother started screaming in rage and frustration thrashing about and two female officers came and subdued her.

My father just stared at me and said, "Sleep with one eye open Blaze, when I get out I am going to kill you for this betrayal." His voice was low and menacing. He started to convulse.

"Whoops," the officer said with a grin, "My taser must have malfunctioned. Take him away."

I decided this would be an excellent time to find out what was going on. "What's happening with me?"

The officer leaned in close. "Your secret is safe with us. We told the prosecutor you acted in self-defense. As for when you are getting out of here, child and family services should be here in a couple of hours," he whispered.

I had one more question. "Who was the Dark Savior?"

The officer looked around. "His real name was Desmond Prentiss. His father was a drunk and a pastor. He killed his mother and then himself in a murder-suicide." The officer walked away.

"You are most adept at getting information. I am glad I chose you now." The voice sounded pleased.

"Do you have a name?"

"You may call me Chiron. My real name is too long and unpronounceable for you."

I took a moment to breath deep. "Chiron am I the chosen one?"

Chiron's laughter filled my head it was loud and mocking. "Blaze, you are not the chosen one. Your destiny was at an end, even if you had survived, your life meant little to this world. You now have a chance to make a real difference with me."

My ego was a little bruised. "A simple no would have sufficed."

I got up to wash my face, looked in the mirror, and just about fell in shock. The hazel eyes were now predator yellow. The once bland brown hair was now a soft gold color, and the imperfections of my face were now gone.

"You changed me?" Chiron knew how to hurt a guy.

"You were hard to look at, to be honest. You needed to be more palatable for the work that lays ahead of us. You can speak to me with your mind, you know."

"I could have used that little tidbit sooner. I looked like a crazy person talking to no one like that." Chiron was getting on my nerves.

We didn't speak until the social worker came. Her name was Summer Collins. She carried herself with respect as she straightened the knee-length skirt under her before sitting. The brown eyes watched me closely as the officers escorted me to her. She adjusted her hair tie before speaking.

"You can trust her she will place you where you need to be," Chiron said.

I was a little lost. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I will explain everything later once we get out of here."

Summer brought me back to the present moment. "Blaze are you okay?" she asked.

I threw my hands wide and shrugged. "I don't know how I feel at the moment. I have lost everything in the last three days." I made a sad face.

She cocked her head to the side in sympathy. "Well Blaze, I have a temporary home lined up for you. Given your good grades, clean record, and cooperative attitude with the police, he was more than happy to take you on." She touched my hand in comfort.

I pretended to be shy. "Are you sure he wants me? Mom and dad didn't." For some reason, I thought it best to look weak and scared.

She got up and motioned me to follow her. "Don't worry Blaze he was quite happy to take on the person who ended the Dark Saviors reign of terror." She ruffled my hair with her hand.

I was silent in the car, giving Chiron time to fill me in.

"I serve the bigger picture of creation. My job is to push the world towards the best possible outcome for humanity. I do this by ensuring those with great destinies live to realize them. I am one of the few allowed to be here on earth."

I had to admit it sounded cool. "Can we unjoin?"

"To do so would kill you because your destiny was at an end. I do not want to look for another host. You have shown great potential already with a little training you could earn a better destiny."

Okay, now I was interested. "What's the catch?"

"The work is dangerous, and very few hosts live long enough to cross the finish line. Worry not though I am allowed to lend my power to you."

I think I had the gist of it. "What if I like working with you and would prefer to keep the job?"

"In all my years, I have never been asked that question. Should that time come, I will make the necessary inquiries. When we reach our destination, I will brief you on the task at hand, and your training will begin."

I was quite happy with the arrangement. "Sounds good."

Summer tapped me. "I am surprised you do not have any questions about the home you will be staying in. Most ask about their foster parents," she said.

I shook my head wordlessly. "As long as he does not drink or do drugs, and notices me I will be fine."

Summer liked my answer. "Your eyes are captivating I bet many a girl will fall under their spell. Do you wear contacts?" she asked, ruffling my hair once more.

"No, I don't."

She slowed and parked the car in front of an oriental style house. "Are you ready to start your new life, Blaze?" she asked.

I grinned, "More than you know Summer, more than you know."




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