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Encounters - Prequel

A young wolf learns of a different way to fight

200 years, that's how long the war had been going on. In the dark of night 2 races were at war, fighting over land and honor for their people

On one side there was the vampires, a cursed race that could only wander the night and had to feed off the blood of humans. A race that lived, and died, by the law of the sword and would do all in their power to keep the vampire bloodlines safe and living till time itself ended. On the other side was the werewolves, creatures of rage and destruction of all in their path - human by day and wolf by the light of the moon - they were bound in blood and brotherhood to each other. Both sides saw the other as barbaric, evil and unworthy of the right to control the land of night, yet in secret, the councils of both races sent ambassadors to trade information and try to find a peaceful way to co-exist. That started 50 years ago after one battle had claimed not just wolves and vampires, but a small village of humans also.

Our story follows a young wolf named Micheal, who lost his father to battle, now stuck to his mother's side as she attends another council meeting.

The council argued and shouted like savages as Micheal sat outside the chamber and picked at his nails with his dagger. Holding the dagger up he picked his teeth and messed with his messy brown hair, it was short cut and neat but he let the top grow out so he could style it. His dark clothing was his way of being ignored by most people, no one noticed him in the corner wearing his dark jeans, black shirt and combat boots; he was even harder to notice when wearing his dark leather trench coat. In human years he was no more than 20 but he had been around for slightly longer than that due to only aging at a fraction of human years, something that annoyed him as he was called young by many other wolves despite his ability to floor most of them. The door swung open and his mother came storming out, followed closely by one of the council trying to speak to her.

"Listen to me please!" Said the councilman as Micheal jumped up, sheathed the dagger into his boot and ran to catch them up.

"No! No! You listen to me, David!" Screamed Micheal's mother. "I will not send him to combat, he is too young!"

Micheal sighed and shook his head, yet again his mother was arguing against him being sent up to fight in the war of night.

"Then I have another option, you cannot argue against the council much longer on this matter and we both know you do not want him sent up to fight," said the councilman, holding up his hands to calm her down. Micheal coughed and stepped up next to the councilman as the trio now carried on down the corridor.

"Do I get a say? I want to do something, not hide in this city for the next 40 years with you keeping me locked up!" Micheal yelled at his mother, causing her to stop and face him.

"You want to fight? You want to go die for glory?" She fixed him with a scowl as she spoke and stepped up to Micheal.

"No mother, I want to help end this war and bring peace!" Micheal snapped back and crossed his arms. "I cant hide here any longer, let me do my duty to our kind."

The councilman stepped swiftly between the two and held his arms out. "No, don't strike the boy, he means well and I may have a way we all get what we want," he said with a smile.

Micheal's mother didn't even realize she had raised her hand in anger to her son and merely turned away from them and began to walk away. "If you wish to leave so much, then go and do your father proud. He can look after you while I try and protect the honor of our family, that you clearly are eager to forget!" She cried as she turned into a room and slammed the door behind her.

The councilman led Micheal away and patted his shoulder. "She will not hate you for long my lad, she needs time to understand you are ready to do your own thing." He spoke softly as they found the main hall and sat to one side "I have a proposal for you young wolf, one to change how you can alter this war for the better."

Micheal grinned in anticipation of the old mans words. "Tell me, I'll do anything for the glory of wolves!" He was almost jumping out of his seat with eagerness.

"I lead the band of wolves that fight for peace, as your father did. He wanted you to follow him and I honor his request for me to train and guide you," the councilman handed Micheal a small piece of paper and smiled. "You can be a contact to the vampires, to help keep the war balanced and bring it to an end, to grant peace between us and the vampires. Will you join us?"

Micheal stood up an nodded holding the paper open, scribbled upon the paper was a short note -


Do not meet me as we agreed. We have been discovered. You must hide swiftly lest you are captured. 

Live safe and with honor.

Forever for peace,

Micheal looked up from the note as he placed it in his pocket. "My father died for this, and I will honor his work. Show me what I must do."

The old man smiled and grabbed Micheal's shoulders, then led him out of the hall to start his training for what lay ahead.....

To be continued in:
Encounters - The Dawn Of Deciet

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Copyright © all work is copyright of Ashley J Frost

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