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Kaitei Niou 6-7

Chapter 6

Araiso was quiet, thinking for a moment in the bathwater. Kasei had already backed up to be leaning against the bathroom door.

“Anyway you look at it, isn’t this like keeping a hostage?”

“Hostage?” Kasei looked over to the other. “You’re not a hostage if you’re staying by your will.”

“But I’m not!”

“You can go back any time.” Kasei said with an unbelievably straight face. “Just cause I have your mirror doesn’t mean you can’t return to the sea, right?”

All Araiso could do was look down in sadness. He got out after a few minutes more and dried himself off before redressing himself. Kasei gave him his shirt and then they quietly returned to Kasei’s room.

After Kasei had changed into some jogging pants and a loose tank, he set the mirror on the night stand and rolled into bed.

Araiso just stared at him, returned to his human form after he dried off.

A few moments of that uncomfortable stare and Kasei rolled to look at him, “What?” Araiso pointed at the bed. “What…? No, this is my bed!” Araiso rolled his eyes and reached for the mirror. Reflex action, Kasei was up and grabbed the other’s wrist. “Okay a deal. You don’t try to steal the mirror while I’m relaxing- and definitely when I’m asleep- and you can share the bed with me.”

Araiso pulled on the covers with his free hand.

Kasei groaned, glaring long and hard at the cyan eyes. “Fine. I’ll even share the stupid blankets.”

A happy smile from Araiso, and then a bit of pushing and shoving as they made room for each other in the bed. Once they were comfortable with their bodies, they both started trying to yank the blanket their own way.

Kasei groaned, holding firmly to his half, “This isn’t working.” Araiso glared back, yanking a bit on the blanket but Kasei held on firmly. “My bed, my blankets.” Araiso yanked on the blankets again with a frown. “I said-“ He shut up.

Araiso had shifted so close, his forehead was against Kasei’s collar, and even their knees touching.

Kasei held his breath for a moment, looking nervously to the other. Araiso just snuggled a bit into the mattress and closed his eyes, falling to sleep.

Dark brown eyes watched the other sleep for a while. At first, Kasei was just wondering why Araiso had gotten so close, and then he began to feel guilty. He was keeping a “child of the sea” against their will. Was he really being so cruel on purpose? No, he assured himself. He found the mirror with no owner in sight ten years prior. Anyone wouldn’t give it back after bonding with such a beautiful mirror for ten years.


Chapter 7

The following morning, Kasei woke up as late as usual.

After lighting a cigarette and making his way down to the kitchen, he stopped midway going up the stairs, then backed down them to the first floor. He turned his head, watching quietly the figure at the big window down the hall.

Kasei turned his head to the side, blowing out a stream of smoke, then walked down the hall. “Hey… Why ya crying?”

Araiso turned slowly to look at him. He shrugged, whipping off his eyes.

Kasei shrugged back, “…You looking at something sad?” He leaned over to look.

Araiso had been watching the neighbors and their children, a huge family of nearly twenty, playing in and around their two large swimming pools.

Kasei looked to Araiso, pursed his lips together and made that squeak sound. Araiso turned looking to him with a start. “You really miss the water huh?”

Araiso shook his head, smiling a bit, then pointed to the pools.

“Oh.. You want something to swim around in?”

He nodded.

Thinking a moment, Kasei walked down the hall and picked up the phone, dialing in a number.

“Yo, Daaku…” Kasei paused, turning away from Araiso and began to speak softer. “I need a favor… Uh-huh…” And then he couldn’t hear Kasei’s voice anymore.

That night after dinner, Kasei left with Araiso in his father’s car. With permission, of course.

After a bit, Kasei parked the car in a large empty parking lot. He got out with Araiso, locked the doors and headed to the large building in front of them.

“Come on, you’ll like this.” Kasei said, waving for the other to follow.

Not wanting to be left out into the dark, Araiso hurried after Kasei into the building. After he was in, Kasei locked the front door then wandered through the large lobby.

“This way,” he called.

Araiso followed after a moment, jogging to catch up.

Kasei opened a large door, leading in the other. He closed the door and then ran over to the wall and flicked a switch. A bunch of underwater lights lit up a filled large swimming pool in front of them. Kasei smiled, walking back over to a shocked Araiso.

“Soooo.” He crossed his arms, looking quite proud of himself. “What do ya think?”

Awestruck, Araiso looked to Kasei, then to the pool and then back to Kasei.

“Go ahead.”

Araiso waved his arms in the air looking happy. Without even undressing, he ran full speed to the pool and dove in with his arms above his head like a missile.

Kasei choked up laughing, pulling off his shirt. “Don’t hog it all!” He pulled off his shoes and socks, then ran at the pool. “Cannonball!” He shouted, getting into the traditional pose and held it well as he hit the water and sank to the bottom of the 20-foot pool.

When he opened his eyes, he gagged out air. Through the bubbles, Araiso had swam close to him to see if he was okay, their faces close.

Kasei gawked, not realizing until now how long and elegant Araiso’s fins and merman form was. Like a lover, Araiso cradled Kasei’s chin in his hands and went closer, kissing him gently on the lips.

At first, Kasei was stunned. Then he choked, pushing out the kiss after he felt Araiso push air into his lungs. Then he hurried up to the surface, gasping for air, holding his mouth covered.

Confused, Araiso came up beside him, slightly laughing. “What’s wrong? You were letting water into your lungs.”

Kasei slowly glared at him, spinning to not face the merman. “Yeah yeah… Thanks.”

Araiso swam over to look at Kasei’s face, “Don’t tell me you’ve never been kissed before?”

“Of course I’ve kissed before!”

Araiso didn’t say anything, just watching Kasei’s flustered angry face. “You have not.”

Hit with the direct bulls-eye, Kasei just pouted. He held his breath and sunk into the water with a red face.
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