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Lowenna 2 : The Secrets Of Light And Darkness, Chapter 6

Lowenna survived the assassins attack and is now searching for somewhere to stay.

Chapter 6 the Dark District Inn

The sun was starting to get low, and Lowenna had finally obtained directions to another inn, hopefully, this time with an available room. She had tried two inns already, but they were full, and this one had a slightly foreboding name. Lowenna was determined to judge it on appearance and was eating an apple while en route feeling good in her new clothes and cape. 

Lowenna's good mood faded as she looked at the inn for the first time, the name now seemed to fit very well. “The Dark District Inn,” she said out loud as if to ask herself if it was even a place she wanted to stay, and found herself hesitating to enter. It was a large building the walls were all painted brown with streaks of what Lowenna hoped was mud running down them. Lowenna pulled down her hood and cautiously walked up the three steps and along the wooden walkway that surrounded the inn. She was trying not to get too close to the semi-conscious drunks or the skimpily dressed women whose outfits made Lowenna blush. The ladies had laughed at Lowenna as she passed them, but she didn't care she just needed somewhere to sleep. 

Lowenna pushed through the swinging door and looked around. The inside wasn’t much better than the outside. The tables were all painted black and stood on a sawdust-covered floor with a definite smell of urine, sick and stale beer. Several very drunk people were shouting, and someone got up off his table and punched someone else in the face for no reason that Lowenna could see.

Lowenna was about to leave when the man behind the bar shouted over to her, “come in love, or are we not good enough for your moon time activities.”

Lowenna didn’t want to stay, but this might be her only option for a roof over her head, so she walked up to the bar, “I need a room,” Lowenna said to him while trying not to look at the other customers.

“Of course, you do love, its two nars for every customer four if you want a bodyguard to wait outside the room for you and whoever to finish, but I will expect a free sample for my troubles.

Lowenna flushed with embarrassment and anger, “No I want a room to stay in for a whole moon, just me. To sleep in. Alone!”

“Oh, the man said,” looking a little embraced and disappointed. We don’t get many people off the street that wants to stay. We have a different arrangement with our patrons. I have a room, which isn’t used, you can rent that for… one dracnar per moon,” the man said obviously thinking of a price on the spot.

“Does it have a lock?” Lowenna asked, thinking maybe not having a roof would be better.

“Of course, it does, I’ll just need a few moments too, make the room up."

“Alright,” Lowenna said as she handed over one of the middle size coins from her purse, “I will pay per moon if that’s ok.”

“Of course,” the man said again, now smiling as he put the coin in his pocket.

“Do you serve a first or last meal?” Lowenna asked with a skeptical look.

The man behind the bar looked confused. “Err…No.” He finally replied, “I'm going to make your room up now.” He said as he left the bar.

Lowenna was hungry and tired. It felt so long since she had arrived in the city, even though it had only been one sun.

Another patron entered the bar, he was large, unshaven and wore a dirty black jacket Lowenna gave him a quick glance before returning her gaze back to the bar. The man stumbled over to Lowenna and gave her a quick nudge, “You are new here, how much for some private time with you?”

Lowenna didn’t know what to say, “I'm do not do anything like that.” She said trying to be polite but firm while trying to ignore the smell of rum on his breath.

“You're pretty, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement,” the man said before slipping his hand under Lowenna's cape and placed it on her bum.

Lowenna knocked his hand away and took a step back “GET AWAY FROM ME,” she shouted at the man, who now looked angry and embarrassed by this response.

The man grabbed Lowenna's wrist and pulled her in close, “what you going to do about it, whore? Maybe I'll just take what I want," he growled at her.

Lowenna stamped on his foot and then elbowed him in the face, forcing him to let go and take a step back. He growled again before Lowenna’s new boot hit him in the face.

The man groaned as he fell. He ended up sitting on the floor, shaking his head as he tried to regain his senses. “That’s what I’m going to do about it!” Lowenna said making sure everyone who was watching heard her before she swung her boot back to kick him again.

“ENOUGH!” A loud voice suddenly echoed. Lowenna stopped and turned to see a large orc walking towards her. He was the biggest orc she had ever seen, which meant he was larger than her friend Grilk. This was only the third Orc she had met. His skin was a very dark green, with the familiar yellow eyes, he was wearing Leather armour and had a metal band wrapped around his knuckles.

Lowenna suddenly felt like she had to explain, “He started it, he didn’t take no for an answer…”

“DON’T CARE!” the orc shouted at her. Lowenna didn’t move even when a glob of saliva hit her on the cheek. The orc walked over, and gave Lowenna a gentle push out of the way and grabbed the man by the scruff of his jacket and placed him on his feet. “You alright?” He asked the man who nodded. The orc then smiled before punching him in the stomach, leaving him gasping for breath as he fell to the floor again. “IF A GIRL SAYS NO, IT MEANS NO, ELSE YOU DEAL WITH ME!” he shouted making sure not only did everyone in the bar hear him but everyone outside and upstairs as well.

“Thank you Mr. Orc,” Lowenna said before remembering her orc friend Grilk hated being called Mr.

“My job is to protect girls. I did not do it for you.” The Orc said looking down at Lowenna, sneering.

Lowenna smiled, he reminded her of Grilk except his skin was darker. “Well still, thank you Mr…”

“Grongger, and not Mr. Grongger, Mr is a human expression. Orcs don't like being compared to humans. Humans are small and weak. Most are cowards, stupid and deceitful. Orcs are stronger, more powerful, brave and honest. I don’t like many humans. Grongger eyed up Lowenna again, “And I’m not sure I like you.”

The smile faded from Lowenna’s face. "Well at least he is honest," she thought.

"That’s fine Grongger. I don’t know you well enough to like you either.” She said and bowed slightly. This meant something to orcs. It had calmed Grilk down and hopefully would do the same to Grongger.

“See you stupid, do not even know what bow means,” Grongger said with an unpleasant look.

Lowenna didn’t say anything for a moment. He was right and now was waiting for her to say something, “My Friend Grilk showed me. I apologise if I upset you.”

“Grilk…” Grongger said while staring at Lowenna, “Me knew a Grilk once. He was a coward and left his lookout post, and lots of orcs died. He is a traitor, bounty on his head and to be put to death when found. He would be old now, if still alive.

“I’m sure it’s not the same Grilk,” Lowenna replied, the old orc had been a good friend and had been very brave and honourable, not a coward who would betray his fellow orcs.”

“Maybe, but Grilk not a familiar name, where you last see him?” Grongger inquired.

Lowenna had to think fast “Near the river Tyne, he was with a party of lawmen and adventures.” This was the truth, although Lowenna didn’t want to say he lived in Penbirth or that he was on his way back there.

Grongger looked thoughtful, “He would be stupid to stay in the area, but then he was never the smartest, I will have to check this out in a few moons.”

Lowenna felt terrible, if she had got her friend in trouble or killed, she would never forgive herself. “It was a long time ago,” Lowenna lied hoping to put Grongger off the idea, but he was no longer looking or listening to Lowenna, and he turned and walked away no longer paying her any attention.

“Your room is ready,” the man who had been standing behind the bar said surprising Lowenna, as he handed her a small brass key. “Through the door up both flights of steps last door on the right.” Lowenna took the key and nodded, “and if I find out you have had callers I’ll have Grongger throw you through the window.” He said with a smile.

Lowenna’s smile faded again, “If I get a caller I’ll through him throw the window,” she replied before she stormed off towards her room.

The stairs were old and wooden. Lowenna had only just made it up the first flight when a man left a room, tucking his shirt in, bumped into her. “Careful!” Lowenna said as the man carried on his way down the stairs, not giving her a glance.

“What are you doing outside of my room love?” Lowenna turned and looked into the open doorway to see a woman, who was not wearing much, walking towards her. “You wanna come in, have some fun.”

Lowenna blushed, “no I’m just on the way to my room,” she said.

“A new girl with a room you must have done something special to Miles, though he is a bit kinder to the beautiful young girls, and I’m sure he set a fair price for you. Not that I judge.”

“I don’t do that!” Lowenna said quickly, blushing again, not wanting this conversation to continue.

“Really? Well, I'm sure it won’t take long. If you're staying here, you can’t have a lot going for you and there isn’t much work out there for us single girls with nowhere to live. I'm sure once you get out there, men and women will all want a go on a sexy young girl like you.”

Lowenna felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment and anger. “Look whoever you are, I want you to leave me alone, I'm not interested in letting anyone, 'have a go.' I am nothing like you.”

The woman was quiet for a moment, eyeing Lowenna up, before smiling again. “You’re here aren't ya sweetie, very little money, no friends, no family, not many choices, nowhere to stay.” Lowenna remained silent. Tthe woman was right, but Lowenna wasn’t going to end up stuck in a seedy inn. “Look I was just trying to be neighbourly. I can introduce you to a few of my select clients, for a couple of nars.” The woman said still smiling.

“No thank you!” Lowenna frostily stated, before marching up the corridor towards the next set of steps.

“My names Darlene, think about my offer. It takes some time to build up loyal clients, and these aren’t too rough with new girls.” Lowenna didn’t reply she had decided to stay one moon and then get the hell out of this inn. This was not her world. She thought of herself as a warrior, a Lowenna, but nothing she had experienced since waking on a beach had prepared her for this kind of place.

Lowenna finally found her room. She had ignored the men who had all looked at her as she had passed them, and the topless woman who was smiling at her. She unlocked the door went inside and locked it behind her immediately. 

It was a small room. One decent size window, which Lowenna thought, would be easy for Grongger to throw someone through. A small bed was against the wall and a wobbly table with a chipped bowl full of water and a towel on it. Lowenna washed her hands and lifted up the towel to dry her hands, and instantly dropped it, as it had a huge brown stain on one side and Lowenna didn’t want to find out what it was.

She removed her boots, freeing her sore feet and placed a knife under the pillow. She then removed her cape and lay down on the bed. It wasn’t very comfortable, but better than sleeping outside she thought. Lowenna heard the rain start to pour, noisily hitting her window. She wasn’t going to stay another moon, not here. The only good thing was she doubted the lawmen would look for her here. It had been a long sun, she was hungry tired and hoped that the new sun would bring better fortunes.

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